Sunday, April 30, 2006

i'm sure i'll be hearing

Kev hasn't spoken with his buddies lately, but if I don't post soon, I'm sure I'll be hearing, "Tell Shannon she needs to update more often." Yeah, well, sometimes life happens and you just don't think about the blog.

Last night I met my dear friend Jenn (she's the knitting friend) for drinks after work. We chatted about all kinds of things. Then, she took me to the pottery studio where she's taking classes. She's a very experienced potter, but will take classes so she can make things and fire them since she doesn't have a kiln set up right now at her house. She's looking to make her basement into her studio in the future, but for now, she'll just take workshops and use their kilns.

After we went there and pulled some of her vases that had been bisqued and put them into her locker so she could go glaze them today, we went back to her house and watched silly tv and chatted even more. She gave me an amazing mug she'd made for me, well, it was the one she was thinking of me while she glazed it, but she gave me the choice of it or a few others. I chose it. (I was going to put up a shot of it, but the camera is full of a video of Chloe being nuts this morning). Jenn then took me home where I found Kev online playing some computer game that he'd been playing all night when I called to check in (not in the sense of "I have to check in because it's the rules" but more in the "I'm going to call him and bug him because I know he's playing that damn game and when he hears my voice he dies" sense).

Today was a lovely day starting with a haircut with Jill and then we went to the new DSW (that's Designer Shoe Warehouse) where she got a great pair of avocado and orange wedge T-strap sandals and some Teva flip flops and I got an amazing pair of navy blue wedges. We left there and picked Kev up from work. He and I then zipped home so we could change and meet Shannon and Kiley out for sushi. Yum!

Now we're sitting around (we already took Josie to the park and ran like crazy people while she would zip between the two of us) and that is the plan for the night!

Happy weekend, all!

Friday, April 28, 2006

quite possible

I am quite possibly married to the most amazing person in the world. When I told Kev of the phone call I received two days ago he said, "I forbid you to talk to him again." and then proceeded to giggle in that great way he does. Then he said, "No, I'm glad that you have found out your friend's family is fine." He knows that Jeremy was my first boyfriend, so don't get all "you need to tell him he was more...etc"

I decided tonight (rather the beer I had after a shit ass day at work decided) to call Jeremy so we could chat without a #15 bus driving by every ten minutes. We spoke for two and a half hours.

I found out his sister is doing very well (last I'd known she'd had a brain tumor) and living back in New Orleans with her boyfriend. She's now about 25 years old. That just seems odd to me.

I found out that his cousin is also living back in N.O. but has gotten himself an addiction that makes me sad (I won't go into it here as it's not any of your business).

I found out that his aunt had to relocate because she lost everything she owned, but she was doing well all things considered.

He told me that they talked about me and my contacting him to find out about them over Easter. I think that possibly is what prompted him to call me. I'm glad he did. It was easy, like talking to a really great friend. I had him laughing a good amount (which of course made me laugh) and he thanked me. We spoke of our lives and how happy we are having found the people in this world we were meant to be with.

He said he think Kev sounds like a really great person, to which I told him he was correct. I actually think that the two would really get along well. Not that anyone is taking any Florida/Oregon vacations, but still.

We vowed to keep in touch, we'll see if it happens.

I just am happy that along the journey of life that lead me to where I am today, I got to know him.

Kev and I chatted about the conversation for a little while after he got home. He listened, laughed, and made my heart sing, like he always does.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

voice from the past, kind of

So after Hurricane Katrina I did a little sleuthing (I swear, I need to be a detective for real) and found the address of my first boyfriend, Jeremy. His cousin lived in New Orleans (last I knew) and I wanted to find out if he was okay. I wrote a letter and included my email address, phone number, and street address. About a month or so later I got an email from him saying I had found him. We emailed back and forth (yes, Kevin was aware of the whole operation from the minute I even thought about trying to find him and find out if his family was okay) and then suddenly he was gone again. *poof* out of my life once more. I had hoped we would be able to catch up and I'd be able to find out about his life. I'd learned that he is married, living in Florida, and they have a basset hound named Beauregard (sp). I learned his family was fine and that he was going to have talk with them to see if they would mind him passing along their information. That was the last I had heard.

Yesterday I was getting ready to head up to the yarn shop to get more yarn for the pockets and I saw I'd missed a call. Area code 850. Hmmm, figured it probably wasn't a wrong number and after doing a reverse phone search I saw it was a Florida phone number. I looked at my coworker and said, "the only person I know of in Florida is Jeremy..." As I was leaving, the phone buzzed again, same number.

I answer, knowing who it is before I even get "hello" off of my tongue. It was him. His voice sounded so deep and grown up. I mean he is 31, but still, he'll always be the 15 year old I dated back a million years ago. We chatted briefly, but since I had to go back to work quickly I couldn't really chat long. We discussed talking again over tea.

When Kev got home he seemed happy to know that I had heard from him and found out about Brad, Nancy and his sister Allison. All had been affected by the hurricane. I can't wait to chat again when I can hear him, instead of when I'm standing by a bus stop outside the yarn store.

I still can't get over him sounding like a man.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

and the training continues and other randomness

So I am still training our newest employee. She's doing really well and slowly picking up the fact that since we don't work commission sales (yipee!) she doesn't have to pounce on people as they enter the store. A simple "Hello!" from across the store works. We packed her brain with much information yesterday and will do so again today. I'm pretty excited about her enthusiasm about the store.

In other news...crap, don't really have any other news to share. Kev had his buddies Chuck and Jason over last night to watch playoff basketball. I knit (oh the horror!) and hung out with them for a while before retiring to the bedroom to read Real Simple. I miss that magazine, but I don't know if I miss it enough to resubscribe to it again. I was given a little thrill when I saw one of their helpful hints was already something I do. You totally want to know what that hint is now, don't you?

The folks at RS will offer up "Double-Duty Household Items" as a regular feature. They take things that are really used for other purposes around your house and give you suggestions of how you can repurpose them. The one which I do is use the magnetic clip as a recipe holder. I stick it to my stove hood so that the recipe card is always at eye level and not getting all schmutzed up (although secretly I love it when recipes show their age and use). One tip I thought I would probably use was color coding my keys with fingernail polish. My work key and house key both fit into each others locks (risque!). They look identical, both gold in color, etc. So this would really help me stop trying to use my house key at work and vice versa.

I'm also intrigued by the detergent packets. "Cot'n Wash Dropps are dissolvable, organic and premeasured for both standard and high-efficiency machines." I like the thought of less waste (those plastic bottles that the detergent comes in are really hard to clean out for recycling) as well as less heft to have to lug home from the grocery store. You order these bad boys online and boom, they show up. The only draw back, the cost per load. The are $10.50 for only 20 loads worth...

In this particular issue several women over 100 years old were interviewed. They offered their advice to a good life. One woman said in her list "dogs deserve to be spoiled." I think I'm in love...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

and charles arrives at work

I was standing there yesterday chatting with a customer about the beautiful day and how I was sad because I wasn't getting to take full advantage of it (you know, being my day off and I was at work and all) and in walked Charles. I looked at him with expecting eyes and he asked, "You really want me to stay?" To which I replied, "Yes, thank you."

I then went and got my eyes examined. Woo, that was fun. I've never had them dilated before, but figured it would be a good idea to have my eye health checked fully (especially since Macular Degeneration runs in my family). She noticed I have a hole in one of my eyes (not sure the part she said it was mind was thinking "hole, a hole? that can't be good!"). She also said something about there being something next to my macula, but not close enough to worry her that it is MD or will turn into MD in the near future. I, however, freaked out a bit (internally) and am now convinced in my adult life I, too, will lose my eye sight (as my Grandma Sam has). I'm trying not to think of it, but still...freaky!

Anyway, so on the bus I go, all dilated and blind. There were some rather annoying riders on this particular bus. When did it become a beauty parlor? One girl was getting a weave put in her hair, and the one doing the weave kept yelling at her son, "JEREMY! STOP!" I'm not sure what he was doing, but according to her it was "gross". I didn't want to stick around and find out.

I get home and Kev is lounging on the couch. He'd just gotten back from taking Josie to the Powell Butte for a nice little walk. She looks happy, although not 100% worn out. We discuss the need for getting food in the house, propane for the grill, and making a CostCo run for the essentials. It was actually the quietest we've ever seen CostCo. Boggled our minds.

And now I sit, waiting to go catch my bus in for my regular work week. I'm going to forget that the little bit of yesterday there even happened so that my mind doesn't have me thinking it is the next day already, like last week.

Monday, April 24, 2006

hey thanks!

Thanks to those who responded either via the comments or by sending me an email. I know now that it's not rude to knit in front of friends whom you feel are like family, except for him. I think that it boils down to this. He is the consumate host. By me knitting or doing other things he feels as though he's not entertaining enough and I'm bored of him. However, when the game gets turned on or some movie I am not interested in, I see no harm what so ever in me picking up my knitting. I mean, it's kind of rude to assume I would want to watch the game and I would never suggest that the boys turn it off...

I'm at work. It is Monday. I am sad. I will hopefully get to leave early today, but I'm not counting on it. I think the trial that my coworker is a juror for is one where the guy killed his wife with her sewing scissors. I can totally understand his desire for beer afterwards, but still hope that he comes in to let me leave early. That is how self centered I am.

I just realized that the skirt I wore to work today has a lovely grease stain on it from dinner last night. What, I didn't get dressed dressed until we were heading to dinner at the Delta. So I was clean...until I slopped some of the dressing from my fried chicken po-boy all over my lap. Oops. I completely forgot that I had until I just looked down and saw the evidence again. Urgh.

Okay, must go actually do work now. I have much to ship off to their new homes!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

hypothetically speaking

Say you are getting together for a nice, impromptu, evening with friends. They are making lovely drinks and you are all sitting around chatting away. Is it inappropriate for one of the people to, say, pull out her knitting and knit away while chatting? Her full attention is being given to the conversation because the knitting she is doing is not a labor intensive pattern that requires counting and such. Just knit a row, purl a row...easy basics. Is it offensive? Just wondering...

a moment of silence please.

Maddie had to be put to sleep two days ago. Her body just wasn't strong enough for the fight it was going to have to make to stay alive. She had a great life on this earth living with Ahmed. He treated her like his own baby. She will be missed by everyone who had the chance to meet her. As I've said before, I am not a small dog fan, but this one was different. She came in here and wrapped us all around her little paws. She was spunky and fun and full of energy. Sadly her body just gave out. At this moment, he says he will never let another dog in his life. I hope that he rethinks that position at some point because he has a lot of love to give and any animal would be lucky to be in his family.

Rest in peace little Maddie and Godspeed on your trip across the Rainbow Bridge...

excuse me while I go cry for the loss of my littlest friend.

Friday, April 21, 2006

where i want to curse and swear a lot.

So this morning my coworker (the one who is at jury duty) stopped by. I could tell he was going into the trial, due to his button up look. He mentioned that he thought the trial would be done today so that I didn't have to come in on Monday. (jinx) He stopped by this evening and told me that it wasn't done so I need to come in. He proceeded to say that he thought it would be done on Monday. (jinx) When I said, "So then you are coming in when done on Monday?" he joked about going and getting a beer instead. I expressed my need to NOT work all day on Monday because I've not had a day off with Kev in almost three weeks. He then said something about after this trial is done, he can't wait to tell me about it because it's a really strange case (hence the desire to drink beer). I told him that even though I'm sure he was going to feel the desire to drink that he not and wait until he gets home...after coming in and finishing the day.

I'm tired. I'm sick and tired of working. I know, I have it easy. My job is great and I enjoy what I do. BUT I've had a taste of what it's like to have Thursdays away from the shop (remember last month?) and I have grown accustomed to four days on the floor. So this two six day work weeks in a row, sucks! I want Thursdays back...NOWWWWW!

Okay, going to go grab the laptop and work on a few things for family and friends.

Thanks for listening internet.

the week that was never ending

This week has taken a full year to pass. I suppose working on Monday (one of my normal days off) has screwed with me. I have been a day ahead of myself all week. All day yesterday I was convinced that it was Friday. Imagine my dismay when I realized each time I had that thought that no, it was only Thursday.

I am training today again so the time will go quickly today. This is a beautiful thing. I just hope that tomorrow can pass quickly as well so I can get to Sunday, my ONLY DAY OFF AGAIN this week. Stoopid jury duty...

All I am saying is that if this goes on one more Monday, I will not be the one working. I have had to reschedule my tattoo appointment three times now, once due to Naomi being out of town, once due to me being sicker than I've been in a while and this last time because of my coworker and his getting called to be a juror.

Not to exciting of a post, but better than nothing, eh?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

it's done!!!

So, I am smitten with Crazy Aunt Purl. She had a pattern for the perfect evening pouch/bag. I've, for quite some time, dreamt of a great little wrist bag that is just big enough for my phone, keys, lip stuff...then I stumbled upon her site. OMG!!!

I'm done, it's done, I'm happy!

I used chunky Icelandic yarn from Blue Moon. #13 needles. Followed her pattern to the letter (if you want to see the pattern as she wrote it, it's in her archives from March). It's all felted and gorgeous. I can't even tell you that the next girls day out (which will be Sunday the 30th) I am thinking I'll be taking this instead of some huge bag!


blah blah and more blah

The sun is shining. People are smiling. Life is good.

I got home last night and Kev and I ran around Target looking at random things we don't really need. Got batteries for things that have been waiting patiently to come back to life. Two of the items didn't make it. Simon's laser pointer (dammit) and a calculator. The clock is now telling us what time it is. I'm bummed about the other two things not working though. Not sure why they aren't. Got the right batteries...ah well.

We laughed at the clothing that they are now selling for dogs. Joked about getting a jaunty denim jacket for Simon. Something tells me that even though this is the cat that will do just about anything for us, he'd draw the line at a jaunty denim jacket. But man, in my mind...he's damn cute in it!

We had a giggle at the hanger that said the pants were 34/34 (Kev's size). He held them up and said, "I could make the work place capri in style?" They were really 34/30. I vetoed that idea promptly.

Walking towards the undies Kev almost had a melt down and was going to meet me upstairs. I didn't get the ones he suggested, although might have to go back without him sometime.

We then hit the grocery store on our way home to get him some Mac-n-Cheese for dinner. I wasn't hungry still from lunch (had the best burger ever!!) so I didn't eat anything last night. Of course as I was getting ready for bed I was a bit hungry. Didn't eat though.

Yeah, so that is the excitement of our life...woot.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

just when i thought it was safe...

I got an email from a friend in Ohio. I am smitten with one of her five dogs (well, she says she has four and is only fostering the fifth, yeah...right). She sends me a series of photos. Each is cuter than the one before. I don't think I've loved Ruffie Roo as much as I do today, having seen this:

The cat is Lucy. Apparentally this cat will sit on any of the dogs that will let her and bathe them to her heart is content. Ruffian is her favorite though...

Monday, April 17, 2006

random bits and bobs

Well, got word from my boss's wife that Maddie seems to be doing a bit better. She'll be going to the vets during the day and then home at night for the week so that the doctors can figure out exactly what is going on. I have no clue, other than it appeared she was going through kidney failure. For a dog of 8 months old it is odd. We'll see what they end up figuring out. Thanks for the vibes and thoughts!

I am sitting here waiting to go catch the bus. On a Monday. Chas has jury duty and I'm the only person who could cover. I asked him if he was turned down if he was planning on coming to work and got the following response, "Oh, um, well, I could come say hi to you." Yeah, I was thinking that as you were saying hi to me you could say hi to customers as they came in the shop as I left...

I know he just covered a half day for me while I was sick, but...since he didn't offer to switch days, I would just as soon have him come in if he's not selected to finish the rest of his normal day. Yeah, I'm a bitch and am ungrateful. Sue me.

Poor Josie hasn't been out on a real hike in quite some time. What am I saying? Poor US!!! All three of us. I don't think we'd go huge hike today, even if I wasn't working, but we'd get her out for sure! She's just about to bust out of her skin she's got so much energy. I am hoping that if I don't get to go home today at an early time that Kev will take her somewhere after he is done with whatever he is doing today at 11:00.

I finished yet another knitting project. No pics yet. It's a small, short, thin pink springtime scarf. For those days that you are chilled, but don't want to put on a sweater or your winter scarf. It's kind of like a necklace. I've had it on since I finished it last night. Now I've got some super secret project I'm working on. :) I can't wait to be done with it (I hope it works when all is said and done).

Okay, no more.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

again, good thoughts needed for a puppy

You all might remember me mentioning Maddie, my boss's Pomeranian. Well, she's been ill and I just got word that the vets are saying she's going through kidney failure. She was bought at a pet store (NOT where you should buy your animals...if not adopting go to a REPUTIBLE breeder whom you have researched and are comfortable with). My friend Reagan, says genetics are to play in most cases, especially in puppies. Since Maddie was most likely from a BYB (backyard breeder) this is probably what is causing it.

Please hold her in your thoughts and send her the healing mojo. I only hope they caught it in time, can alter her diet and get her on meds fast enough!

This is going to kill Ahmed if it kills her...

Friday, April 14, 2006

barry white called, and wants his voice back

I am laughing because I have surprised many a person by actually being me on the phone. Meaning, they call, ask for me and don't believe it when I say that is who is speaking. My voice, deep and sultry right now. Nothing like my normal voice (which is so high pitched and annoying...HA!).

I can't tell you how much better I feel. Okay, I can, but won't bore you with the details. I got invited over for egg dying tonight at my friend Shannon's house. I don't think I'll go, simply because even though I feel a million times better, I don't want to push myself. However, if Kev is home sick still (yup, you guessed it...he got it) I might go for a little while. Cabin fever is huge for me and even though I'm away from the "cabin" now, it still takes over when I get home. Something about not being able to leave for three days makes me crazy.

It's cold and raining here today. Which is being kind of helpful since I have an ad to build for next week and since I'm not getting Thursday off to work on it...and I don't want to work from home (I am salaried so not getting paid for time I work at home ain't cool).

Speaking of which, I better start figuring out what I am going to do for this ad. I think I might have something brewing in my brain...just have to tap into it while it's fresh!

I'm out!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

wishing for my hat

Well, I've made it to work. I've gotten a warm pumpkin muffin (the first thing I've craved and eaten and had taste really good) and a chai (not so good actually). I think I might go next door and get a ruby red grapefruit juice. That sounds refreshing.

I wish I would have brought my orange hat. For some reason, it's the only way I can get warm, if I put a hat on my head. I know that is where you lose the majority of your heat so it makes sense, BUT what is weird is my hands are ice blocks until I put on the hat and then they are warm and toasty. That is what I wonder about.

Okay, I'm yawning and feeling sluggish. Must go get some juice.

relax, no ice cream

Hey all. Don't worry about the craving and the actual eating of ice cream because I only got to the craving part. I know that ice cream and nasty snot stuff don't go hand in hand. I just was craving something smooth that I didn't have to chew that was cool. I ended up eating part of a peanut butter and jelly. Not quite as satisfying, but it gave me protein. I must say, I'm still not really hungry and am having Gatoraide for breakfast.

I am feeling much better and thank you all for the well wishes. Work will possibly still not be all that fun today, but...I will go in for the full day. I only have to work three days this week and next week I have to work on Monday. Ugh. Stoopid jury duty (my Monday guy). However, we hired someone yesterday to work Sunday/Monday so this will eventually free up my Thursdays again. The guy who was working those two days will just have to work one downtown. This makes me ecstatic!

Well, I'm going to go put on a bit of makeup so that my customers today don't think I'm the walking dead like they did yesterday. YAWN! I could still be in bed and that would make me happy...ah well.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

craving of the ice cream

I am sooooo craving vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and caramel. I have no clue as to why, but man, it sounds so yummy to me! I don't think Kev will go for it though, at least not for dinner. Rats.

He came home early because he was not feeling all that great, but he doesn't feel as I did by this time on the first day I was feeling icky. I'm feeling a bit better now but sadly I have nothing new in my brain to put into words here. Other than, I sooooo want ice cream!!!

not really ready

But in I go. My coughing fits have slowed down and become a little less frequent, although tell that to my stomach muscles which ache with each one. My nose is dripping a little more, which I suppose is better than being all stuffed up and inside. My body still aches, I'm guessing it's all the coughing I've been doing that has left me feeling like crap.

I am hoping that when I go in, Ahmed will take one look at me and tell me he'll be back later to close for me. He's already opening for me, although I am ready to go in at my normal time and would rather just get in there and start getting this day over with.

Better go grab tp for the ride in (yeah, that fancy pants tissues, only the best for us!).

Ugh, someone kill me. Or call my boss and tell him I'm dying.

Monday, April 10, 2006

sick of being sick

Saturday night we headed out to see our friends new house, about 45 minutes away. We had a lovely evening and all three of the dogs behaved quite well (yep, Josie got to go with). On our drive home I noticed that my sinuses were a bit off and I was feeling a little tickle in my throat.

I've not been out of bed for more than 20 minutes since that night. I'm achy and hot and cold and feeling like a mac truck has rolled over me many, many times.

I've called off of work for tomorrow already, but am planning on being back there on Wednesday. You know, it sucks being sick. You can't go to knit parties, get work done on your tattoo, sit up for more than 20 minutes at a time...ugh.

Friday, April 07, 2006

i swear, it's just a smidge of knit talk

So, here she is. My "damn scarf". I can officially give Kev his back... (CO 31, k2, p2 ribbing, end on a k2, p1, aka known as the "mistake" pattern)

This is the yarn I purchased from Kristin. Perhaps I've mentioned her here before? Funny since even though I've never met her (or many other of you, and you all know who you are) I feel a friendship has been kindled. I'd like to knit with her circle sometime in my life, and since my parents live in that general area, something tells me that might just happen.

Meanwhile, tonight I was planning on weeding the front lawn tonight after getting home. Yeah, I know we probably should have done it prior to all the seed we laid down. (Have I told you about the thermostat?) Anyway, by the time I got home tonight it had chilled down considerably since today's high of 70. And now that I've gotten in, fed everyone, loaded the picture up Iand played with it and others in photoshop) and started posting here, I've given up on the idea of actually changing and going outside. Yeah, something tells me you are all behind me 100%. (except for those of you who don't and then you can all be quiet)

I must figure out dinner and am hoping to get a chance to chat with my friend, Reagan, in Ohio. She called me this morning just as I was going into Coffee Plant to get a latte. We made tentative plans to chat tonight, but sadly she's not answering either of her phones. Since it's already 10:20 there and she works crazy ass hours, she might actually be in bed. (yeah, I'm not really betting on that though)

Okay, Simon is trying to get my attention about something.

the reflective qualities of glass

I love working downtown. There are funny people to watch at just about any given time. Take, for instance, Mr. Gel (hair so done it seems as though there is no getting it to move, even with the strongest water pressure). He just walked in front of my store. Looked to his left, into the glass windows of the shop. Proceeded to suck in his gut and give himself the thumbs up look. Yeah, does Mr. Gel not think that windows are WINDOWS? I mean, really, does he not see me seeing him looking at himself with those come hither eyes? I can guarantee he did not look at me like that, because I'm sitting behind the counter and he had already walked past me.

Don't say, "he probably didn't see you sitting there..." They sometimes do see me looking at them and will either smile big or look embarassed.

People do this type of preening in my window all the time. Women and men will walk by, look at themselves in the reflection in the window and fluff hair, pick crap out of their teeth, and now, suck in their guts. I'm willing to bet that as soon as Mr. Gel walked on by, the gut relaxed again and he'll have to do it all over when he sees himself in the next big picture window he passes.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

root toot toot

I look at the new programmable thermostat and say to myself, "there is no way I am going to do that tonight."

Yeah, that didn't work. I am so proud of myself. You see, we had gone to Home Deephole to buy some grass seed and what not. We had been speaking of wanting a digital thermostat that we could program to turn itself lower at night and when we are gone to work. Done and done. It runs on batteries, so I suppose we'll have to keep an eye on it, and get rechargable batteries.

I think Kev might have felt a bit overwhelmed at the idea of switching our old, mercury bubble, thermostat (anyone know where to take that to dispose of?). And taking stuff apart and putting it back together has always been my way of life (right Dad?)..hence we get me doing it tonight. It's just wonderful already. And I can totally tell a difference. It's on, but not as long each time. Sigh.

I haven't told him yet, since he's still at work and it's right around the end of the busy dinner rush. I think I'm going to wait and see if he notices. He's missed things before so we'll see.

Of course, tomorrow is supposed to be up to 70. :) Ah well, such is life.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

diggity dog listener

So I've noticed lately that Josie (the diggity dawg) is avoiding her fish oil pills we give her with breakfast and dinner.

I think I'm going to listen to her and stop giving them to her for a while. I mean, what if (and this is out on a limb here) what if she has developed an allergy to them? These are a different brand than the ones we used to get (and can't find at Cost Co anymore).

The reason I say "listen to her" is because I've not in the past and have ended up cleaning up a mess in the end. You see, she didn't want to eat dinner. I tempted her into it, hand feeding her whole dinner to her. Well, you get the picture.

Just thinking on it.

please, don't break the glass

I'm sitting here calmly at work. All of a sudden I hear this guy freaking out about someone being "effing dead" (although he used the real words). A larger girl grabbed ahold of him and wouldn't let him go, until a thin male friend came to help her. Now they are leaning against the window (which I am praying does not break).

Move along kids...just called Clean and Safe. Joy. I didn't ask them to send anyone, as they have started to calm down and are trying to move on. Again, joy...

I love working downtown, however it seems that there are more and more street kids making downtown not quite as welcoming as it once was. This makes me sad because I really love that downtown Portland has visitors feeling like they are not in a huge, overwhelming city (this goes for my own feelings as well). Now, I just keep an eye on those kids, as they really haven't moved along as far or as fast as I'd like them to.

whole lotta nothin'

I don't think enough of you were hoping for drizzle for us. Nothing yesterday. Today, it might happen...we'll see.

I got off the bus last night to find Kev walking to the car. I call out to him and ask where he's headed. He laughs and says the store to get things to make dinner...oh and that Chuck is coming over. YEA! I haven't seen Chuck in ages (his hair is even now a different style, that's how long it's been).

Tonight I have yoga with Diana and Jill. This makes me happy. I attended a class on Sunday with a dear friend. While I felt great afterwards, it was not a mind freeing class, as yoga often is for me. I kept thinking about things. I think having mirrors along two walls (even though it was really great to see myself in headstand) as well as the doors/windows that were street level so everyone passing could peek in was a bit too much for me. I'm used to a quiet room with candles, music and two of my favorite women. I just didn't "feel" the instructor. Although my body did get worked out.

I am almost done with my Damn scarf, Electric Youth Blue. IT IS SO DAMN PRETTY! I can hardly wait to post pics. (shove it, Russ) I've already got my next project all lined up as well. I tend to do that, start a project and then find the yarn for the next project. Of course it makes it harder to not set project A down and pick up project B, but I don't allow myself to do that. I must finish what I start before I can start anything else. Simple as that. The customer that brought me some black yarn was in this past week. She is going to bring me more, but we'll see when and what. I loved the first batch she gave me. I used one to make a thin scarf/lariat that I ended up giving to Diana. I gave the other to a fellow knitter who needed black yarn but couldn't find any at any of the shops.

Okay, latte is getting cold and I have to gather my lunch items before heading to the bus. I am hoping for a busy day so that time passes quickly. I do have a futures order to write up, joy, but that won't take all that long.

I'm out.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

keep yer fingers crossed

Spring is definitely on its way! The sun is peaking out right now, but I'm sure it will make way for drizzle. Drizzle is what we need. Yesterday I was content. I was sitting on the sofa in the living room, soaking up a few of the rays that were still out (after the drizzle had let up). I was knitting up a storm. This scarf, going to be gorgeous!!! It's really doing beautiful things (I'll get pictures up as soon as it is done, which should be in the next day or so...hopefully).

Kev had been playing Tetris on his DS and then he decided it was time to work on the front lawn. I asked if he wanted help, he said that he was fine if I wanted to continue knitting (yea!). After he'd been out there for a while I figured I'd see how he was doing. Yeah, that ended up with a trip to the Home Deephole to get lawn seed and peat moss (among other goodies). We have now laid down good dirt, seed and peat moss. We over-seeded with the hopes of getting a really lush lawn.

There is a house up the street that Kev is envious of. Their lawn is spectacular. I keep telling him if he sees the guy (or gal) out working, he should totally go talk with them. Same area, same dirt. It'd be nice to see what they did to make their plot so much prettier than everyone else's. :)

See, that's just how exciting our world is these days. Whole lot of knitting (yes Russ, it sucks for you all who could not give a care about knitting, but it is MY blog). Whole lot of DS playing (I'm sooooo not writing about it unless it's me playing it). And after yesterday, a whole lot of yard word (which was riveting, no?).

So those are the words I choose to write today. Nothing thrilling, but it clues you into what we did this weekend.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

let's hear it for the horns

I am used to hearing (and feeling) the bass of random music streaming from cars as they pass in front of the store. It's not a very nice thing, to actually feel the bass from a passing car. Just a second ago, another loud musical car passed by. This time, big band-y. No bass (yes!) but the horn section.

With the sun shining as it is, it seemed right. It made me smile.

flashes of brilliance

So yesterday Kev and I were speaking on the phone, I was at work he was heading to work. We spoke of Simon and how much we seriously dislike him in the morning. Now, don't get all up in arms about that statement. He's a heathen in the morning. Yesterday he started in at 5:50 for breakfast, which is always served promptly at 7:00. He walks on us, cries as if he's dying of starvation, he clacks the blinds (both above us and across the room), he tries to get under my night stand to play with electrical cords...I could go on but I think you get the picture.

We've tried locking him out of the room. He just shakes the door. We've tried wedging something against the door so it can't move, he gets it moving, and then it hits the item we've wedged, making even more noise.

We were almost out of ideas until Kev said something about wishing he had a glass (of bucket) of water to throw on him. Then it hit me...the spray bottle for when I iron!!! Grabbed it last night and this morning, beautiful. Got to actually squirt the little bugger three times and the rest of the times just brandishing the bottle made him run.

Sweet relief!!! :)