Wednesday, August 31, 2005

got 'em!

I got my shoes today. You remember the ones, the Merrells I pictured a few days ago? They are sooooo damn comfortable! They will be perfect for my trip. And now, my trip shopping is complete.

When Val, my UPS driver, walked in I almost gave her a hug and a kiss. She's pretty darn cute so... :) She laughed, handed me the box and told me I better open them to show her since I was so excited. She, and the customer I was helping when they arrived, liked them.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

the joy of friends

So after feeling like a drowned rat I began feeling achey and kind of fuzzy in my brain. I was chatting with my dear friend Amanda who told me to get some "emer'gen-C" in me soon. I told her I didn't have any and didn't know where to pick some up downtown.

Moments ago I am on the phone with a very excited customer. I am having to feign excitement myself...hard to do when feeling as I am. I look up and see my dear Amanda parking her car in front of my store. She walks in briskly and hands me two packets of, you guessed it, Emrg'en-C! I'm at a loss for words...

Friends like her come into your life and if you are lucky, you realize it and you hold onto them! I've realized it for sure!!! She's an amazing woman whom I feel lucky to have gotten to meet.

three drowned rats

Well, yesterday was Monday, aka Hikeday. We knew that we would be seeing some rain, or at least drizzle, so we left the camera at home. Don't want to destroy our favorite toy!

We get to Angel's Rest (it's the 1500' gain in elevation, 5 miles round trip loop we take) and start starts to rain. We hang out under the trees for a while with the thought it would stop soon. A few minutes later it did and we pressed on. It drizzled off and on for the entire hike. We got almost to the top and decided that we were going to turn around, I know, why turn around when almost there? I was hungry, had to pee, Kev was done too. Plus we'd been to the top of Angel's Rest a dozen times and didn't fancy getting stuck up there if it possibly rained again.

On our way down we spoke of Gumby (Kevin's...ahem...Nitendog), who we'd left at home. She's really too small yet to enjoy the hikes...LOL

We were very close to the end when the sky opened up and took a large dump on our heads. Prior to leaving the house I told Kev to grab himself a dry tee shirt. I had a jacket on and it kept my tank rather dry. He was glad we had thought to bring it along. We were soaked through just about. Josie ran to the car, the button to unlock the car on Kev's key chain was not working all that well and instead of unlocking the door with the key and clicking the button inside, he kept jamming on the key chain button. Joy. Finally, it worked and he flung open Josie's door. Josie, pack and all, jumped into the car and shook. I ran around to the passenger side and jumped in myself, thoroughly wet. The tank did stay somewhat dry, but my yoga pants didn't fare so well. :)

Needless to say, we had a blast!!! The temperature was perfect and even the drizzle (before the sky opened up) felt great on our hike down. Josie had a blast and is now sacked out on the rug in the living room.

We have just returned from having a late lunch and I'm already in my pj's. No going anywhere tonight for me!!! I might just turn off my phone too...nah... :)

Can we say in bed by 9:00?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

why i like blogger

I recently got an email from all may remember the other blog I had kept up. I had made the switch a while ago because at the time Blogger hadn't had the option of inserting pictures into ones blog. Anyway, I digress...

Back to the email. It said that because I hadn't written any posts (it had been one month) they would be deleting my blog (which you can all see they really haven't). I decided I really didn't care if they got rid of it because I can do everything I want and more here at Blogger. However, you will notice in my posts from the past there was a long time where I didn't post here at my original Blogger blog. Did they send me an email saying they were going to cancel and delete me?!? NOOOooooo.

So thank you Blogger people. Now, could you do one more thing for me...could you make it so more than one reader can get the email alert that I've updated. It seems as though my family would like to be able to see when I've written an entry without having to remember to check in on their own.


Kerri and Adrianne,

I am sad to say we really don't have anything in the works about Phoenix as of this date. We do have many friends and family members who live in that area now and would like to get there to visit you all at some point, but we really have no clue when that is going to be. Trust me, if we are coming, you two will be some of the first people to know! :)

As for trips we do have two coming up. Well, I have one and Kevin has one.

In September I am heading down to L.A. to visit Julianne. She emailed asking if she sent me a ticket would I come visit while her boyfriend is out of town. I said YES! The 23-25th I'll be living it up, playing with Oscar (the dog), doing as much yoga as possible, possibly even going to a spin class, and just spending time with Julianne.

In November Kev is heading to Kansas. It seems as though WEEN is playing in Lawrence at "the Granada, which is the first place Russ and I saw them...I have to go." So he will be heading out that last Monday of November, going to the show that night, crashing at Russ's house, getting up and following the band to Omaha, watching the show there with Russ, crashing somewhere in NE and then back to Russ's on Wednesday. He'll be back here on Thursday. I seriously doubt he's going to do much more than drink a lot of beer, play a lot of Stree Fighter, and just hang out with his best friend. He really misses Russ (as I'm sure Russ misses him) so this is going to be a wonderful trip for the two of them.

That's it for the trips we have planned though. After a certain time of the year, I don't/can't travel because of working retail. We have unofficial blackout dates when I have to be at the store.

But trust me, if we are heading to a town where we have friends or family, we'll let you know. :)

Love you,


Saturday, August 27, 2005


Jennifer tagged me to write my top five idiosyncrasies...shit, did I spell that right?

Okay, so here they are in no particular order.

1. I really truly love the way new shower curtains smell. I blame Jill really. I hadn't even given them a second thought until we lived together and got one. She just stood in the bathroom sniffing. I asked her what she was doing and she told me...I then could be found in the bathroom with her. Showers, for that first week, took forever.

2. I set out my outfit for the next day, every night. I sometimes even put what jewelry I am going to wear with it. I try to arrange it so that the first item I put on is on top and the last on bottom. So, from top to bottom today's outfit was laid out like this:

tank top
tee shirt

3. For breakfast every morning (just about) I have either two pieces of toast or a bagel. On one piece I will smear a bit of peanut butter and on the other I melt a piece of colby cheese. I must eat the peanut butter piece first. I finish it up with the latte. I never start drinking the latte until I am done with the toast/bagel.

4. I can not leave zits, bumps, scabs...etc alone. When my dear husband gets one (zit) on his face...everything. in. my. power. to not reach over and mess with it. I will say to him, "you know, that thing is ripe for the popping" and he just tells me "NO!" I have something on my chin that is just driving me crazy today. Must. resist. urge. to. pick.

5. I can't help but take photos of myself when I am having a damn good hair day. I feel I have perfected the art of the flattering self portrait. I...well, you tell me...

And now to see who my next "victims" will be...

Tanya, Amanda, Dad if any of you are up for it. :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

sorry kids

Well, because of the latest round of comment spammers I have taken a step to try to keep them from continuing. I am sorry to have to make you take the extra step if you want to comment, but I'm sick of the spam in my comments.

how cute are these?

Originally uploaded by chlortence.

I decided that I really didn't fancy dragging my heavy and dirty and big trainers down to L.A. with me next month so when I was visiting with my Merrell dealer on Tuesday I had her show me these. I couldn't resist...

I think they are going to be the perfect shoe for going to the gym to possibly go to a spinning class as well as the dog park and the bike rides and ...

They'll be here on Wednesday next week.

yoga arms return

Wow, my shoulders are feeling it today. So many Chaturangas into Up Dog...all because Jill kept muttering the word under her breath. :) Nah, not really. But still, we did this during every sun sallutation we did on Wednesday.

Last night I did a whole lot of nothing. I chatting with Reagan. I chatted with my sister. I chatted with Reagan again.

Josie and I will go on a nice walk tonight. Kev got home and asked if we did anything. I could instantly feel his disappointment when I told him we hadn't. I was still reeling from the 2.7 miles Jill and I had walked the night before. I mapquested it last night with Reagan. She was all, "you did that AFTER yoga?!?" :) We kind of had to really. I mean I suppose we could have called Mark to come get us, but we were already walking...

Okay, this is a random entry and if I had files, I'd file it there...

peace out.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

zen of the mosquito

Jill and I arrive to Diana's (actually Jill got there first since I had these two wishy washy customers who couldn't make up their minds...mother and daughter and the daughter looked B.O.R.E.D.) So I arrive and they are waiting for me. I shake off the feelings I was still harboring from the women and proceeded to change.

Lawrence, Diana's boyfriend, joined us. The four of us walk up to Mt. Tabor where we found a nice grassy area to practice. The breeze is nice, the sun is setting, and the mostquitos have come out to feast. There is something to be said about the practice of yoga outside with the intermitent sounds of *slap* *whack* and *arg!* At one point Lawrence decided he needed to really make his point and called Diana over to look at the seven, yes count them SEVEN, mosquitos having a fiesta on his leg while we were in extended side angle, going up to half moon. We all decided together to walk back to their house and finish up with some head and hand stands.

Our butts were kicked. But not just by the practice. Afterwards Kevin was planning on picking us up, however we all decided that no dinner and Jill and I would just take the bus to her house and Kev would pick me up there. Diana and Lawrence had some things to work through, and since we didn't want to inconvenience them the bus was it. We caught the first bus, no problem. The second bus...well, problem. It seemed as though we had just missed it according to the random movements and shoutings going on across the street (a woman was making a motion as though the bus had just come and gone). We decided to walk the bus route in hopes of catching it along the way. We never did catch that bus...

50 some odd blocks later, we arrive at Jill's. Today...I am pooped and happy my friend Shannon has had to back out of our Thursday night walk/hikes. I have already informed Josie our walk this evening would depend on how Mamma was feeling but she shouldn't count on it. :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

it's about time

Originally uploaded by chlortence.
So last night Kev got home. I had arranged myself on the sofa in a similar position to the one I was in prior to him leaving for work. He fell for it and thought I hadn't gotten off my duff all night. He made some snarky comment and proceeded to walk down the hallway and into the kitchen for a beer.

I got up after he hadn't said anything for a little while and stood in the doorway of the kitchen that looks into the hall. I flipped on the light and just looked at him. He kept asking "what? what?" and then he saw just WHAT I was meaning. We laughed quite heartily.

He really likes it. He also thinks the bedroom needs to change colors now too. It's so similar to the hall, but the hall almost looks more pinky undertones and the bedroom has a grey/purple tinge to it. They DON'T look good together at all. Mom, got the color names and have gone to Ralph Lauren and Glidden to see them. Very pretty! Will have to go pick up some chips and see which ones look best in the bedroom. I'll let you know which color we choose.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


After speaking with Mom this afternoon I got it into my head to go ahead and paint the hallway today. Some may remember the saga, for those of you who do not (and because it was all written at a different blog site which has been deleted) I will give you a brief recap.

We painted our front room red: We loved the idea of a warm and inviting living room. We LOVE the red room. The red is the perfect red and from what Jill says red is the hardest color to choose and get right the first try. Some come out to pink, others too orange. The one we chose is the perfect blue red with a hint of orange in all the right spots.

After going dramatic in the living room we decided to go equally dramatic in our kitchen and painted it a burnt sienna.

We love this color as well. It is lively and invigorating and makes us plain happy every time we walk into the kitchen.

My original thought for the hall was to go with a deep mustard, almost Moroccan in feel. I went to the store, got the chips, came home and picked the one we both felt would work. I painted the hallway while Kev and our friend Bob who was in town for work played video games. I hated it instantly! It looked primary yellow against the red and made our once "grown up" living room feel like we were in a Kindercare. Not going for that feeling we decided to paint out the hall white as we painted the bathroom.

While we like the bathroom being white the hall, no, not so much. When my parents were here this Spring we dragged them (kicking and screaming of course) to the Deep Hole to pick out colors for the hall. We found a wonderful color called Parchment by Ralph Lauren. It has say since May at the end of the hall, waiting to be put on the walls.

Today, was the day. I've only gotten the first coat up and NO, I have no pictures yet (nor do I have photographic evidence of the yellow...and Bob, Kevin and myself are the only living souls who have ever seen it). I will be finishing up here in about an hour, must let the first coat have a chance to dry.

Mom, BEST COLOR EVER!!!! We will be painting all the trim a stark white and it is going to be sooooooo wonderful!!! I'm thinking, however, the bedroom color needs to be changed. You want to bop over to the Deep Hole and find pretty blue chips for me Mom? :)

I guess that ended up being a big of a "waffle" as my South African friend would say. Oops...

Saturday, August 20, 2005

triple 12 oz me baby

I went for it. I couldn't resist. It would have been futile for me to even try. The triple 12 oz latte, she tastes good. Everyone has given me sympathy and all I want is to feel like I slept for a good 10 hours. :) No, I do appreciate the sympathy.

On my way to the bus I stopped and chatted with the teenager who lives next door to us (in the opposite direction of the crazy people). I asked if she'd heard the commotion and she said that she had and she called the police. She was worried about the two little girls who live at the crazy people's house. I was pretty impressed that she would call the cops. I mean, most teens, don't want to "get involved" in things that don't directly effect them...perhaps a really bad generalization, perhaps not.

I told her I'd called as well. I'm glad she's my neighbor.

i'm am not even kidding

Last night we had a bit of excitement around the neighborhood (give you a guess at which neighbors). At about 11:00 the house across the street (where the two had been in front of yelling at each other [whom I'd assumed were yelling at my next door neighbor but now am thinking differently]), anyway a man and a woman started just screaming at each other. She was so loud but we couldn't really make out any of what they were screaming about. It stopped after a little, but I was this close to calling the cops.

But wait, the saga continues!

At 1:00 they started up again. This time there was a loud bang (not a gun shot, but possible someone being slammed up against something) as well as her saying "just leave me alone." This time, I called. I am through with that shit. These are the people we've been nice to and allowed them to borrow our lawnmower because it's the neighborly thing to do. It stopped last night.

I allowed myself to get freaked out because the cops rolled up (two cars, three dudes) and came to our house to ask which house it was. You can't see our front stoop from anywhere but the window in their garage (which Kev and I'd seen a light on just moments before the cops showed up). So with my wild imagination I had concocted this whole scenario where they saw me motion towards their house and they come to retaliate. I didn't sleep for shit last night. I am sooooo damn tired right now I think I may have to opt for MANY coffees today. At least at 3 I have a coworker coming in (not the flake, she called this week to ask if she could NOT work the last two Saturdays because her boyfriend...yadda yadda yadda. I told her that was fine). But there is a girl coming from our outlet who will be working downtown once a week. I just hope she can make it, she didn't call which was what she was supposed to do yesterday if she couldn't rearrange her schedule.

Okay, I ramble now. I need to shower, eat and consume MUCH coffee.

Friday, August 19, 2005

the simpsons....

I had a cat named Snowball...
She died!She died!
Mom said she was sleeping...
She lied!She lied!
Why oh why is my cat dead?
Couldn't that Chrysler hit me instead?

Lisa, the smartest Simpson of the family, always names her cats Snowball...not sure why, but she is now on Snowball II...or maybe three?

One of my favorite Simpsons moments...I just had Reagan send me an email telling me her phone died while we were chatting (yeah, cuz her not being on the other line was a little difficult for me to detect...LOL). The subject of the email was "it died" and this poem came to mind.

Is it bad that so many moments of my life have links to random Simpsons quotes?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

the people we know

We bring certain people into our lives when we need them. We may not realize at the time of our meeting that we do, in fact, need them, but soon realize that that need is there.

One of my closest friends, I've never met. Her name is Reagan. She is my rock when I need someone to lean on and an ear to bend (a different ear than the ears I have here in town). She's amazing. She's whip smart. She's my friend. She's always there for me, and I for her. I've gotten calls in the middle of the night because a rogue possum has had the nerve to come into her garage and she needed someone to "talk her down" from her major freak out. She's gotten calls because I'm just need someone to talk to about things that are way bigger than I am and it freaks me out. And sometimes, she's on the phone with me while I'm finding those things...

We've never met in person but we are hoping to remedy that at some point in the close future.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Usually on Wednesdays Jill and I board the #15 bus and head over to Diana's for yoga. Today Diana is out of town so I will be going home to practice alone (unless I speak with Jill and we decide to get together). Although it will prove to be tricky with the 70 lb dog and the 18 lb cat trying to get into the act...

Anyway, at the end of the practice we go to a resting place called
Savasana. As we lay there reflecting on our practice Diana will calmly talk our minds to a restful place as well. She starts at the feet and works her way up our bodies talking about relaxing and letting go of any tensions we still may feel. This takes me back to a time when I was little.

I couldn't sleep. I would be restless and sleepless. Dad would come in and do the "relaxation thing" to help me calm down and find peace in my mind. I realize now he was beginning me on my journey into the world of yoga. He would calmly speak of my breathing and slowing it down to a quiet place. The he would tell me to relax my feet, legs, etc...until I felt so calm and quiet that I honestly felt like I couldn't move a muscle. I'd try, but nothing would move. I'd finally drift off to sleep as Dad's voice would sooth me.

I still yearn for a recording of my Dad doing the "relaxation thing."

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Growing up my Mom used to make hardboiled eggs every so often. So we wouldn't get confused and grab a non boiled one instead and make a mess she used to write "HB" on the ones she'd boiled. My sister and I would lovingly sing "HB!" every time we would open the fridge and see them sitting there looking at us. To this day I can't have a hardboiled egg without singing "HB!"

Lunch today consisted guessed it...all together..."HB!!!" It reminded me that I used to HATE the hardened yolks, but now will suffer through them because I know that it is that part that is healthiest for you.

Monday, August 15, 2005

no hiking for us today

It is again a very hot day in the Pacific NW. We've gotten up, cleaned the hell out of the house and have decided it may not be a good day to take our black dog out on a hike. It was only supposed to get up to the mid 80s, but on our porch our Frogmometer reads 102. I don't think it's really that hot, but it's pretty damn hot again.

Kev's just finishing up the vacuuming and afterward I am going to suggest we grab a light bite to eat (once he's showered...). Chloe is off hiding somewhere, not the vacuums biggest fan. Simon has already gotten his butt vac'd (yes, he LOVES the vacuum). Josie, is camped out by my feet. She and Chloe think Simon is nuts-o for enjoying the vacuum (aka the beast).

I ran around with Jill and her mom, Kay, yesterday. We had such a nice time. We went down to the Woodburn outlet mall for a few hours (which proved to be a lucrative choice) before hitting the Nordstrom Rack at Clackamas (also, treated us all well). I think I may just have everything a girl could need for a trip down to LA to see her sister at the end of next month. I know, it's ridiculous how much thought I put into what I want to wear and take with me on these trips, but seriously I enjoy figuring it all out AND it helps me not over pack in the end. As it is, this trip I will be taking the most shoes ever and it's the shortest trip I'll have taken...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

i'd have taken needy

The time is 5:59...I've got my keys in my hand, sunglasses on my head, I'm heading to lock up...the door flies open.

"We made it!"

I think to myself (yeah, made it with ONE FLIPPING MINUTE LEFT)..."yes, you did."

The two women proceed to keep me there until 6:45!!! Luckily Kev had come and picked me up so no long bus ride. They did apologize for keeping me there so late, but honestly, just leaving faster would have been nicer. I think I would have taken needy over that today. :)

Sorry, just in a shitty mood tonight. Although Kev and I did go to the Delta for dinner...oooooh, I hurt! BBQ pork po boy, dressed. I HURT!!!!!!

do you know?

Do you have any idea how annoying it is when you know you have had a conversation with someone and you are counting on them following through and coming into work only to have them not show up and deny having the original conversation in the first place? I know, Dad, separate realities...

thirteen times!

Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but it seems that lately when I get ready in the morning I change my outfit many, many times. I'm not trying to wear everything in my closet (which honestly, isn't all that much) in one day. Maybe I feel as though there is something lacking in there and I need to go shopping? Hmmm, I likes this idea. :)

Actually I am planning a day of running around with Jill and Kay tomorrow. We are going to meet early for breakfast (with groggy men in tow) and then the three of us are going to jump in my car and head for the hills...or the outlet mall, which really isn't anywhere near any hills.

Tops, I need tops. And bottoms, one can never have too many bottoms (the way that sounds...oooooweeee!). I'm perfectly happy with my shoe collection, kind of. However even if I wasn't, I'd have to only buy something from my store. If I can't wear it to work I try not to have it...yeah, right. LOL

Work will hopefully whiz by today. Yesterday it seemed as though time stood still. I think it's cuz I had tentative plans to meet Amanda out for a drink, which turned into a raincheck, which morphed into me stopping at Kiley and Shannon's house to meet their new kitten. He's really cute. Grey, white belly...big eyes and uber pink nose. Vladimir, the king cat of their house, didn't seem too bothered by the little beast. We will see how he is doing later today when I call to check in.

Okay, wish me quickness, wish me sanity, wish me NO NEEDY CUSTOMERS!!! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

bekah flipping RAWKS

I've been battling how to list my friends blogs in my sidebar (as Bek has told me it is called)...Dad, let me get this under my belt a little before you have me help you figure it out for your blog.

Well, as you can see, under my profile is a list of peeps i adore!!!!

She's #1 on that list! :)

a'ight, i'm out...

my challenge to you

Do you find yourself thinking about things that you wish could have happened differently in your life? You know, playing the game of "what if"?

Do this, write what it is you miss, why you miss it and what you have learned from it.


I always ponder what life would have been like had I actually applied myself to playing the piano. What did I miss out on? Did I miss out on anything? What did I learn from being the sloth that I was about practicing? Did I only want to play because my big sister, whom I idolized, was playing? Was the desire to play because our mom played when she was our age?

I learned to enjoy music and enjoy doing things, even though playing music wasn't as enjoyable to me as it is for many others...yes, I do still envy friends who can pick up an instrument and just play, but then I remember there are things I can do better than they and the fact they can bring music into my life and I can live vicariously through their hands is fine enough by me.


So many people I know long for loves of the past. I suggest they take a look at why they loved this person, what happened to make the time with the person end and what did they learned from that particular individual. Did they learn to love with all their heart, making it possible to love the person they are with now more completely? Did they learn to trust again after they thought it was never possible? Did they learn that love is an amazing thing, when it is with the person they were "meant" to be with? It's a writing I've's a healing thing. I suggest you try, if you have those ghosts...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a good read

Although I agree with my friend Kerri that Dooce is a good read, I am all kinds of about Mir!

Her post she titled Ghost Days is amazingly true! Everyone who ever had feelings of "what did I miss out on" whether it be about past relationships, past jobs, anything in the past will understand every single word she wrote....

Sunday, August 07, 2005

top ten

Every so often I will be listening to a song and I can't help it but feel all kinds of emotions. Some songs give me goose bumps, others make me want to cry, and still others make me want to stand up and shake my booty like it's never been shaken before.

Here are my top ten (at this moment) songs that make me just plain old feel.

1. Video-India.Arie
2. Waltz #2-Elliot Smith
3. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye-David Gray
4. Dry the Rain-Beta Band
5. Fix You-Coldplay
6. Let Go-Frou Frou
7. New Slang-The Shins
8. Long Time Gone-Dixie Chicks
9. Seven Nation Army-The White Stripes
10. The Balrney Stone-Ween

Saturday, August 06, 2005

man, had to open that can

I got a post from a member of my animal group asking if the group was interesting at all or ever had interesting conversations that she was bored and didn't anyone have a cat to chat about (among other rather rude and snotty 17 year old types of things). I sent her an email saying that if she felt the group wasn't to her liking there were several other groups online she could go join. She replied that she didn't know who I was to tell her to move on and that she was going to stay...yadda yadda yadda. Totally rude. Members emailed me asking who she was (when she joined a couple of months ago she never introduced herself to the group so when this email came through many had no clue who she was). I told them she was someone who apparentally felt that we were boring.

I booted her rude butt and then sent her an email telling her she needed to find some manners. I told her I did have the power to tell her to move on and I did have the power to see that she moved on. I know, I know someone will say "you should have done x, y and z" and explained and been more understanding, but honestly, I have no time for rude 17 year olds who think they can be disrespectful of the members of my list. It's ridiculous, I know, but's not like Kev doesn't have his online nerds he "hangs" with at the Ween Forum!!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

it's damn hot

I think today is the hottest day of the summer here. Supposedly got up to 100. I just saw a girl walk past my store with argyle socks on her arms like sleeves (with the toes cut out for her hands....kind of like leg warmers for your arms). WHY?!?! IT'S HOT!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

about being married to kevin

9 years ago I met Kevin. Actually it was about 9 years and one month by now, but who's counting? I saw him across the table during a meeting at my new job. I'd only been there a few weeks, he'd been there a month. His first thought of me was, "damn, she asks a lot of questions." And my first thought about him was, "he's really cute, but so not my type." 9 years later we are still together and have been married for five of those years.

We don't agree on certain things in life. I don't understand his obsession with video games (although I understand they are an outlet for him much as sewing is an outlet for me I just don't understand why one would do something that doesn't produce anything but sore thumbs and dry eyes). He has no clue as to why I obsess about clothing I am either going to wear the next day or the next month (but he offers cute suggestions for shoes every once in a while).

We joke that we really don't feel like marriage is work for us. The thing is, it doesn't feel like work. Sure we have our moments of annoyance (as in, why in the hell doesn't he put his damn cereal bowls in the dishwasher, or even the sink? Why must he leave them on the computer desk?) and he probably is driven crazy by my shoes that are left out (I try to keep them picked up and those that I adore and don't want to donate to Josie as a chew toy I do keep put in their boxes...btw she's not eaten a pair of shoes in a long time...knock on wood).

I know he was annoyed when I insisted that we buy an entire fresh pineapple. He said, "I don't really like pineapple. Are you really going to want to eat that entire thing by yourself?" I have been making a dent and honestly, he likes fresh pineapple much more than that stuff in a can.

But the greatest thing is, we can appreciate our differences. We get pissed off at each other and we tell each other WHY. We don't really scream, but we can always tell when the other is annoyed. In the past I've had to tell him to speak his thoughts because I wasn't hearing his mind. Now, he will tell me without being prompted. I think this is a huge step for us. I love not having to try to read his mind nor ask him to share what he's thinking.

I am rather proud of us and our relationship. We once had someone who was checking out our purchases at Cost Co say, "you two seem like you have a lot of fun together." We looked at each other and started laughing...he was right, we do have a lot of fun together. That's what it is all about.


yoga at mt tabor

I spoke with Jill last night and suggested we talk with Diana about taking our yoga practice up to Mt. Tabor this week. She said she'd already been thinking that (gee, ya think we are friends?). I called Diana and left a message saying we thought that and figured we should take advantage of the sun while we still have it. It's starting to get lighter earlier again. :( I didn't hear back from Ms. D so I assume it is a go. I just have to take the #17 to the #70 and get the car from Kev. Then I have to come home, feed everyone and then go over to Diana's. She said it only takes 5 minutes to get to her house from mine. Then she added she liked living only 5 minutes away from me. I like it too. :)

Well, it's off to put my face on before heading to work. I had this brilliant idea of something to write about last night when I was heading to bed and instead of writing the general idea down I thought I'd remember....nope.

Monday, August 01, 2005

what's that in the sky?

Could it truly be? CLOUDS!!! What a glorious site to see...

We slept in late today. Kev got up to feed everyone (I didn't actually hear him but when I got up to go to the bathroom before going back to bed I noticed Chloe had food in her bowl and nobody did the "she's up, we eat" dance). I slept in. And not "in" as in I got up at 7:30 as opposed to my normal waking time of 7:00. I slept until 10:00!!! Kev did too (although that's not a surprise or hard to imagine I am sure). We were rudely awoken by people doing work on the street in front of our house. How DARE they work on a Monday morning!! :)

It feels good to have gotten to sleep in (honestly, I didn't even wake up when Simon decided to tap dance on my head, which he does EVERY morning). We are planning on going somewhere to get our hike on, but we don't want to drive to much. I'm thinking over the the NW so we can hike Forest Park, but not the normal entrance we ALWAYS do. I want something new.

Oh, and we have decided to continue with our Monday weigh in rituals because even though we haven't gained any weight back and our new, smaller sized clothes still fit really well, we are starting to feel slightly mushy. By weighing ourselves we are hoping we will create the atmosphere of not allowing ourselves to become doughy again. :) So far I have butt kicking yoga on Wednesdays to take care of that feeling!!! My arms are now just feeling normal again. LOL