Wednesday, November 28, 2007

knitted things

Yesterday was a good day. Work went by, at times it felt quick, at others more slowly. The boys came by the shop I was working at so we could all three chat about things. We like to have these meetings more often, and actually at the office, but with us having to cover shifts on the floor it's been hard to manage.

The two of them left at around 5:00 last night. I stuck out my tongue and told them to think of me at 6:30 when I was getting to leave. They both smiled...

I drove over to Twisted. Knit night with someone I met online through the lovely world of the blog. Cari was exactly as I imagined her. Welcoming, kind, knitting beautiful things that sprout from her mind. Ahhh, to be that kind of knitter. Me, I was working on yet another hat. And while knitting it I realized that I needed to make another certain someone a hat for his first birthday. What is it with me and hats all of a sudden?!

Anyway, I drove around the block like five times looking for this place. Once I found it I was immediately welcomed into the group of women who were there already. Helen, Lorajean, Kaarin, Cari, and C/Katie (a very sweet girl who none of us knew). Then again, I only knew Cari through her blog...wild.

I got quite a bit done on the hat I had taken with me. I also may or may not have purchased some of Helen and Lorajean's beautiful sock yarn (which Cari suggested I use to make a hat for that certain baby in my life because it's washable and durable). The yarn is beautiful. Of course no photos yet...I love the colorway, though. Nest is its name.

At some point I'd love to be the knitter who logs everything she does. You know, with start and finish dates, yarn used, etc. Until that time, I will continue making hats and dreaming up other things.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

things are looking up

Okay, not that things were bad or anything. I'm just doing inventory and my neck no longer wants to hold my head straight, or move it left or right. It only wants to allow my head to fall back, looking up. You see, we have the clogs on tall shoe racks that hold 8 pairs vertically and 4 pairs across. On top of those racks are shelves where we keep about a stack of 7 boxes high by...I can't even begin to think how many wide. I took it upon myself yesterday to start the inventory because the person we fired the day before turkey day, wasn't removing or adding things correctly to our inventory list on the computer. It's a bit archaic, our system, but it works (if the kids do it right).

I will go and finish the style I started yesterday, today. Then...then I get to meet someone tonight! I'm pretty excited. I'm going to Twisted for knit night. I've only ever gone to a knit night once before and that was 100% on my own. I didn't know a soul there. Yeah, notice I only went once. :) That first time was fun, but the store (which is still my favorite) is way over in NE Portland and I, at the time, lived way out in SE Portland. Anyway, I got the invite to meet up, Kev will be home in time to feed the crew, I've got a fuzzy pink hat on the I'm goin'!

I only hope that today zips by as quickly as the majority of yesterday did.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

other peoples conversations

Once a week I ride the bus downtown to work. I do not have my zune on (somewhere in the move I misplaced my ear buds...bah!). I get to hear the conversations around me.

Something that astounds me (although Charles tells me I shouldn't be so surprised by people) is the level of intimate details people will go into while talking (loudly) with their friends on the bus. They are not telling the story to their friend, they are telling it to the rest of us, really. Looking and waiting for a response. Sometimes they get one, from others. I never react, externally.

Kev says I do this, too. I am pretty sure I do, but I don't swear loudly, talk of sex, or anything that would leave others feeling icked out. I talk about hikes, dinner, lame-o stuff. And I think about why I feel the need to share things. The interesting thing? I've kind of stopped lately. Maybe I get things out on the blog and I don't feel the need? Maybe he and I don't go places as much together (grocery stores tend to be my place of choice...not buses).

So, are we all slightly exhibitionists? Do we like the attention? If so, what kind of attention are we bringing to ourselves with the conversations we have for those others?

By spouting off obscenity after obscenity the attention is one of pity. Why we've turned into big mouthed heathens is beyond me. Humans have devolved (many, not all).

It's a shame, really. I mean look at todays kids. They are either lazy, loud mouthed, and rude. OR they are super active, but self absorbed. I am sure there are some that have been raised by parents who take pride in teaching their children right and not so right. I get to see kids in the stores every so often. I am sure there are parents who think their kids are the best, most polite, and truly mindful. I'm here to tell them, they sometimes need to take off those rose colored glasses. Sometimes, though, there are kids who rock my world. They are kind, generous, endearing, aware that the world does not revolve around them. They say thank you. They pick up after themselves (because their parents are picking up the things they try on).

Kids, learn from observation as well as our words. Praise them when they do well. Talk to them when they are needing guidance. Don't ignore them.

Wow, tangent much?

Friday, November 23, 2007


That was the word for yesterday. We had a couple of friends by earlier in the day to watch the second half of the Packers/Lions game before they scooted home to eat and we sat down at our own table. Just the two of us. It was quite lovely. We did not over consume, which can be hard at this time of year. I decided to load up my plate with the green beans with toasted almonds first and then see what else would fit.

We did have two other friends make it by for the pie. They were in awe of the fact that I made three pies, for just the four of us. I told them that really I had thought more people would be coming by for pie, but it turned out to not be so. No biggie. Just means more pie for me. I mean us. :)

I should say the Shoo Fly Pie, perfect.

Kev and Kendra and Merek all loved the cheese cake. The apple pie, good, but not the house favorite. I think next time I need to slice my apples thinner instead of just into 8 slices per apple (like the recipe called for).

I am working downtown today. I've surprised a couple of my regulars by being here. It's been a fun day. I've got less than an hour left on the clock before heading home and getting a turkey sandwich. Yes, turkey for lunch AND dinner. And you know what? I had pie for breakfast!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

do you realize?

It's an amazing thing that the shoo fly pie did not get sliced into last night?! Can I start my dinner with dessert? And then my main course be cheese cake. Ending with a bit of apple crumb?

No, I didn't think that would work. :) Although I am an adult and can make my own choices. And the turkey, potatoes, green beans, stuffing (well, not the stuffing) all sound too good to pass up.

I'd like to say happy day to everyone who reads these simple words. I know I don't post things that are earth shattering, but that's okay. I like living a life that is calm and not too chaotic. Man, I should really go knock on some wood right about now...

Happy day everyone!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

three kinds of pie

Yep, today is the day before turkey day. For me, the day serves as a reminder to be kinder to my humans. Be appreciative of the life I get to live. And live each day to its fullest.

Today, I am making three glorious kinds of pies. I love baking pies. The first to be made was the Shoo Fly Pie. This recipe is from my late Grandma, Margaret Fink. I remember sneaking pieces with my Grandpa when nobody was around (it was either the pie, or the crullers). It is a pie with molasses (special molasses from Allentown, PA), among other ingredients. If it is made correctly (and I am hoping this one turns out well) you will have three distinct layers. The bottom is molasses that settled out from the mixture. It's a bit gooey, not runny. The middle layer is almost like coffee cake. The top is the crumb topping...oh the crumb topping. If it is made incorrectly, they all kind of run together with no distinction. Not the pie I remember.

The second I made was an Apple Crumb Pie (my Mom's recipe). I made my wedges of apple a little bit chunkier than normal, sprinkled cinnamon sugar over them before covering it all with crumb, there it is again! If Kevin remembers, he will stop and get vanilla ice cream to have with it. If not, then plain it is...and there ain't nothing wrong with plain apple pie.

The third is currently in the oven and that is Cheese Cake. With almond extract instead of vanilla. It gives it a lovely flavor. I failed to get any topping for it, though. I thought about making a crumb topping with the leftover graham crackers, but I think I need a crumb topping free dessert. But man...crumb topping.

Tomorrow, we'll see who makes it by to share.

Friday, November 16, 2007

i almost forgot

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

i had to honk three times

Okay, so I didn't actually honk the horn three times, only two. But there was a third incident that a honking would have been appropriate.

I want Jen to rule the world soon. Because when she does, the idiot drivers who will look at you as they blow through a stop sign (when you have none), the morons who see you coming, but turn ever so slowly in front of you anyway, and just about everyone else who annoys me on the road...will not be given a license.

It's raining here (no surprise, I am sure) and grey. I am working at my old store. I am hoping that some of my regulars come in today and are surprised. It's always fun when one of them come in. I get hugs. Is it odd that women who come into the shoe store (whom I've not seen for some time) will hug me? Or is it a testament to the kind of person I am?

I have an interview this morning. At least I hope I do. Yesterday I had two people lined up to come in. One showed. No call from the second. Annoyance, for sure. The one that did show up yesterday has experience. This is not a bad thing. It may have been a while since she sold shoes, but she seemed to have a certain passion about them (but not bordering on crazy obsession). We've gotten quite a few resumes in response to the ad on criagslist, but none jump out and grab me. Four, intrigue me. Two will be interviewed, one a no show and the fourth had a non-working number so I emailed her and I've not heard back. Although I'll have to have Charles check the machine at the office today.

I hope the rains stop a bit so I can get to my bus shelter. After that, it can rain again. I love having a shelter at the stop I wait at now. The old stop, at our old house, didn't and I'd get on the bus looking like a drowned rat. I never really carry an umbrella unless it's pouring outside. We don't get too much pouring here. And true Oregonians, don't carry umbrellas. We wear rain gear instead. Um, yeah...maybe it's the transplants that don't use umbrellas? I don't know.

I don't have anything currently on the needles (knitting, that is) but I did finish myself a really cute hat. I used Karabella Aurora, Cascade 220, and Lannet superwash. Brown, blue, green, respectively. I was going to take some shots last night, but didn't. Have no other excuse than I just plain did not take any. I will take some and post them soon, though. I might even tell you what I did (pattern wise). It turned out really cute, although Kev's got his eyes on it. I knew I should have gone with pink instead of green for the top!!!

Okay, must gather my things and head to the bus stop soon. Keep fingers crossed that my favorite coffee shop is in fact open today!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

how short is short?

For a while now I've felt as though my hair was not fitting my personality anymore. Sure, it was fun (and I like to think that I'm fun as well), but there was too much futzing that had to happen. I made the appointment a couple of weeks before. The entire time spent thinking of how I wanted Suzette to cut it. All I could come up with was drastic. I showed up a few minutes early and as luck would have it, she'd finished with her previous client a bit early. She and I sat and flipped through her hair books, looking for anything that jumped at us. She found a couple. I found a few. I looked at her and knew she had a cut in mind. I told her that she was free to do what she saw fit. I'm not sorry I did that. I'm even contemplating shorter next time.


It's a windy day here in Portland. It will make waiting for the bus interesting and cold. I am heading downtown to make my statement in a identity theft attempt (I'd had a post up, but then took it down...I felt it was better to not have it out there for some reason).

Kev and Reggie are up in Seattle, heading home today. They went up yesterday to see Ween play last night. I'm sure they had a great time. I'm sure I'll hear all about it over sushi tonight. Reggie heads out tomorrow for Spokane and is back on Sunday before he heads back to Jersey on Monday. Kev's had a great time with his friend visiting.

Nothing fabulous and fun to post. Although I did get my hair cut...

Pictures will follow later today.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

in the moment

He was washing windows. He was up four stories. His safety harness/rope snapped. He fell four stories and landed on his head. His motor skills were taken from him. His mind still worked. He has had to learn how to walk all over again.

Never would I have hoped anything like this on anyone, even a jerk of an ex-husband of my dear friend.

Live life in the moment. Take nothing for granted. Tell those you love that you love them. Rinse and repeat.

Mind, blown.

Friday, November 09, 2007

best gift ever

So Kevin's birthday is coming up on the 17th. I had an idea of what I wanted to get for him, but I needed help. Today the throng of us went to SE Hawthorne and met up at the store I work at (the five of them: Kev, Catherine, Mamasita, Daddy Walter and Reggie took the car while I biked). Earlier I'd enlisted the help of Daddy Walter. HE would be the only person for this particular job.

We were all standing around the store, a few of them were trying on clogs and asking me questions. They all continued chatting, looking and trying. I looked across as Walter, this was our time. I told the gang that Walter and I had something to do, but we'd be back shortly.

Kev and Reggie went to the CD Game Exchange to look around at what they had to offer (not much of anything because both were empty handed when they came back to the store).

Catherine and Mamasita had walked up the road a bit to a resale shop (nothing appealed to them, either).

Walter and I went into the destination, looked at many beautiful things, picked out exactly the right one and hightailed it back to my work. I called the boys and the girls under the guise that we'd needed to meet up for lunch.

Sitting behind me was the first part of Kev's gift. A stand. Something that would be an important part of the real gift, which was hiding behind the counter...

The look on his face was perfect. He instantly started playing a little in the store and beamed.

Needless to say, I feel as though this is the best possible gift for me to give to him. The gift of music. The gift of creativity. The gift of that smile.

It sounds amazing, even though he's "not that good" according to him. He's taught himself. He can play recognizable tunes. He is better than he knows...

Monday, November 05, 2007

the sun will come out, tomorrow

Okay, now that I have most of you singing that damn song in your heads from Annie...(myself included in that group).

My Mamasita-in-law, her husband and Kev's sister get here TOMORROW! I can't believe how fast time sometimes feels like it's passing. When you were a kid, didn't time stand still? Didn't a day sometimes feel like it took weeks? Doesn't it still, sometimes? Today will go slowly because it's the last day before they get here. It's law. The final full day before something fun and amazing will happen, always takes five days to pass.

I have dinner all mapped out for tomorrow night. I'm making lasagna. I still have to get veggies tomorrow after I go into the office for a few hours. That's easy though, since there is a grocery store up the block from the office. Must remember to take market bag. Must also remember to take picture of market bag to share with knitter friends.

Tonight I will get home from work (I'm excited to be working downtown) and I will finish cleaning. Kev vacuumed on Saturday evening and it still looks good. I just have a few things to pick up, nothing major. Also, I need to make Catherine's bed downstairs. I will use the flannels for her since the basement isn't heated by the furnace, but a cadet heater (which honestly, warms the room faster than any old air vent would!).

Also must put an extra blanket on Mamasita and Daddy Walters bed upstairs. When we told them what we dropped the heat to overnight...yeah, they'll need blankets (and we'll probably turn the heat up overnight while they are in town).

I just am so darned excited to see family! I couldn't have been more lucky. I adore my in-laws! Adore! Crap, must get things for Margaritas tomorrow! Note to self...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

frustration and love

I got home this evening to Kevin being in a funky mood. His business trip to Cali (where he left on a Monday afternoon and got back the next night) was pretty good. He left it feeling pretty upbeat. There were only a few speakers he could tell were not thrilled with the topic they were given (he's pretty sure they didn't get to pick what they would speak about). But all in all he felt good.

So we got to have Wednesday off together (YEA!) and we ran around doing errands, buying groceries, the necessities. He went in for a couple of hours to straighten up the office and give the guys stuff to do in preparation for the district and the area managers' visit. The last time they came through town they failed to get to his store. He was promised "We will DEFINITELY stop by on Friday!"

You can guess where this is going, I am sure. So he's annoyed, pissed off really, that they didn't have the decency to even call to say they were not going to make it. They made it to all the other stores in the area.

Now, for the love:

During my yoga practice tonight (sigh) I started thinking (I know, should have been emptying my mind) about all the love I have felt among my friends when it comes to Josie. Almost every friend I've spoken to starts the conversation with "how's Josie doing?" I can not tell you how warm it makes me feel. She is still doing well (knock on wood). Her skin improves each day. Her goofy butt is wigglier and wigglier every time we come home. We're going to hold off the meds until she possibly has another seizure. I'm hoping that the allergy was the culprit. I'm not holding my breath, but I am hopeful. And full of thanks. You are all inspirational to me. Live life to the tune of our loved ones. Think of others first. Put love out there and you get it back, ten fold at least.

Namaste dear friends.