Monday, December 31, 2007

the best of nights

Sitting here, dinner prep done so that when our friends and Kevin are all here I can begin cooking. A simple chicken with penne and red sauce with steamed broccoli and wheat rolls on the side. I am doing a bit of adding to the jarred sauce. It's a red pepper and garlic sauce, but I'm adding sauteed mushrooms (white and portabello).

Since I decided to play it smart and clean right after I got home, I now have the time to sit and reflect.

2007 was a great year, indeed. We made some amazing friends. We bought this incredible house. We have done wonderful things.

I am looking forward to ringing in the new year with our friends tonight. We met them through mutual friends. We hit it off slowly. Jess and I would only see each other at our friend Jenn's randomly. Then one of the times we swapped numbers. It's all just fit into place. Erik, Jess and Kev are my game nerds. I love them all.

When we first moved to Portland Kevin said the one thing he missed was friends that made him laugh. I had my two closest girl friends here. He had me. I did my best to make him laugh, but I could see that he was lonely for his pals. It broke my heart.

Since then we've met some amazing people and my heart is full. We miss our dear ones who live all over this country, but we are happy we've made the family we have here.

It makes sense to ring in the new year with new(ish) friends.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

how could i have forgotten?

So there I was, Christmas morning, making the baked eggs with herbs. Chazzie was standing with me, the boys were in the basement looking at the new Xbox 360. All of a sudden Chaz goes nuts saying, "OH MY GOD!!! IT'S SNOWING!!" And sure enough, it was. Big beautiful flakes.

The three of them and Josie ventured out into it, while I finished making our breakfast. It was beautiful to see. Josie was in heaven.

Sadly, it did not stick around more than a few hours. But we did have a partially white Christmas...

Now, it's back to the grind. Although this weekend, Saturday, is the last day I am actually scheduled on the floor to work. After the beginning of the year I will be around for people who are sick, but I'll be able to go and change out windows and be creative and get things taken care of! Ads will be beautiful. Windows, fantastic. Web site, updated.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the day as it was

We woke up around 8:00 yesterday (well, Kev got up a bit earlier to feed everyone...first present of the day for me). When he was done taking Josie potty he came back to the bedroom and asked if I wanted to go open presents. I answered with the need for a cup of coffee first. He laughed and said his mom always said that. I knew I loved her!

We gathered our gifts in front of us and took turns opening. We are quite civilized around this house. We loved everything we received. Thank you all!

I have to say, though, my favorite gift was from Kev. He knows me well.

The chicken's head bobs up and down with the seconds. It's beautiful. I love the sound of the ticking clock. I'm in love with it. The hardest part now, is figuring out where to place it so I can enjoy it. He had thought the guest room, but honestly, I don't go in there all that often...oh crap, I mean Chloe's room!!! Thank goddess she can't read.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday and it continues through the coming year. We got glorious news this morning. Remember the whole prosecuting thing? You know, I had the post up then took it down? Guy trying to steal Daddy Walter's identity? Yeah, he plead guilty so we don't have to go to trial!!! Merry Christmas to us!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

tis the season, i suppose

I had a guy in last night. He gave me the sob story of some guy stealing his wallet while he was at the atm getting money for his cab ride to work.

It would have sounded okay, except two things:

1. the guy said he had a $5.00 bill in his wallet, had gotten out $60.00 and was going to give him the 5 when he snatched the wallet away (the same wallet the 5 was in). He then told me he had hte 5 still. Ummm, wasn't that IN the wallet that was just snatched?

2. he was taking a cab from downtown out to Hillsboro. Yeah, that's just kind of dumb when the Max (train) takes you where he was heading.

So no, I did not give him money for his alleged cab ride out there.

Today I had some rather smelly guy come in, ask for some tape, and proceeded to wrap the packing tape around his lighter. I am always polite. Until they start being rude. Shook the guy's hand. He starts trying to dig his fingernails into my hand. I snatch it away (careful to not break any skin on his dirty nails) and tell him that's enough, he can leave.

I had a customer in the store who said I was nicer than what she'd be. She'd have told him to take the tape and leave. Or not have given him the tape. I dunno, I didn't figure he'd attempt to scratch me.

He kept asking when we were closing, etc. I told him later on. Not giving him specifics.

Tis the season for the wackadoodles to come out.

you really want to know?

Josie. My re-decorating dog. I made the bed, went to eat breakfast and when I headed into the bedroom to get my shoes...

She loves to play with pillows. She's been known to toss the pillows around that are on the sofas as well. If you can imagine, a big black diggity dog nestled into the nest created by her. Sadly she was not laying there when I came into the room. It would have been great to get before, during and after shots.

Wow, today is the day before Xmas. I can hardly believe it! Last night I was prepared to finish cleaning up a kitchen I'd left a mess last night (I know, should clean as I go, the same day I make the mess...). I walked in just as Kevin was finishing up. Thank you again, my dear husband.

We laid low last night. It felt great to put on our pj's and read. I even organized and rewrote some of my favorite recipes in my recipe box. Some of them were so hard to read that I decided it was time.

I go into work today from 10-4. Then I grab a bus to our friends house where we are having dinner. Kev will have the car again and will meet us after he closes (which is sadly at 8, having him arrive closer to 9). They are fine with him coming late, and there will be plenty of food. Knowing us, we'll probably put a plate together for him so all he has to do is warm it up.

I must remember the beans...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

the whole way home

Yesterday Kev called to ask if he could use the car today. Thursdays are my yoga day, but he assured me he'd be home with plenty of time before I had to go. I told him no problem (I feel guilty that I have it all the time) that I would ride my bike to the office and catch a bus downtown to send off some holiday gifts.

I am home now, with plenty of time. The exciting thing?! I did NOT get off my bike once. I only stopped at the signs/lights. I rode up the whole hill that is towards the end of my journey. It's the first time I've made it up without having to stop. OH YEAH!!!

So I will go pick up Jill and we will head to yoga and we will celebrate tomorrow, the shortest day of the year (yeah, we're a day early).

Happy days to you all! Retail may kill me.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

anything but

I am sitting here at my desk (you know, that one I call the writing desk) and beside me is a box of envelopes that need to be addressed. There is a green pen (how festive) and an address book as well. I have familial envelopes all addressed and am working towards the friends (or family I have chosen). It's been tough, getting it all together. I wrote the letter a few weeks ago, but we didn't have a chance to get the paper until sometime last week (?). I have 50 envelopes. That's it. I may end up posting the letter here so that those who don't get it can read it and shake their heads at my writing.

Of course what do I chose to do instead of addressing those envelopes? Everything. I have spoken to my parents this morning (as is our normal Sunday morning routine when I remember it truly is Sunday). I have eaten breakfast (you can't expect a girl to do such a daunting task on an empty stomach). I am on my second cup of coffee (the first is only the teaser, I get going after the second). I've picked up some clutter (cuz I can't work with clutter). I've gathered things to wrap presents (well, it does have to be done and there is no time like today). I've smiled at Simon (because I can't seem to look at him without a smile on my face...except at 7:30 in the morning when he's stomping on my head).

So yeah, how's your morning going?

Friday, December 14, 2007


My day, not going exactly to plan. I had thought I'd have a full day to work in the office. I went in around 9:00. Got a call immediately from an employee saying she'd eaten some bad salad dressing and was in the bathroom all night. I am working today.

Thankfully I brought my laptop with me and can work on the ads I have to build. Although working the floor while trying to be creative can be a bit tough. If she's feeling better later today, she's coming in. If not, I have another gal coming in around 4:15.

It's days like today that...I don't know. That keeps me entertained? That makes me crazy? That allows me to practice flexibility?

Yoga last night was exactly what I needed in order to face today. Sometimes, it's just like that. We were reminded that next weeks practice we'll be celebrating the winter solstice. This means, days will start to get longer again. This brings me joy. This winter has been a tough one. I have a hard time waking up and getting going. I've heard that from many of my friends. I long for the sun, although it's been around a bit more this year than years past.

Anyway, wanna hear the fun from last night?

I go to bed around 10:30. I'm all snuggled in and sleeping. At midnight Josie starts pacing between the bedroom and the back door. Kev is still up, but in the basement and doesn't hear her nails on the hardwoods. I get up, ask Kev to take her out because I'm in that sweet spot of being able to fall back asleep and we now have to go back out with her so she doesn't eat the rotting pumpkins from Halloween.

At 2:00 she's doing it again. I get up this time.

At 4:00? You guessed it, again. Kev gets her this time.

I am pretty sure she did it another time and I got up, but honestly it's all a blur.

Each time, she wants to go eat the rotten gourd. Of course this makes her have to GO. I'm wishing Kev would have put them in the compost, but it's almost ready and we're not supposed to open it too often.

So add the lack of sleep in there and you get this post, a bunch of rambling.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

how do you address?

So I'm sitting here at my lovely (and newly cleaned off) writing desk. No, not really a professional writer, but I sit here and write this stuff so I call it a writing desk. Anyway, here I am addressing our holiday letter envelopes, avoiding having to clean the bathrooms (I've done everything from start laundry to pulling out a few dead plants in the garden). And I'm stumped.

One of Kev's aunts has divorced. She's got custody of the two boys. Do I address it to say The Smiths*? Or Jane and the boys?

I'm at a loss.

*some names have been changed

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Yesterday Kev was supposed to get the car. Then, yesterday, I got a call from a friend wondering if I'd like to come over to her house to watch Love Actually and have dinner. So yesterday, I called Kev before he left for work (many hours before) to see if he'd mind if I, once again, got the car.

I had a lovely time at my friends house. The movie was sweet. A holiday tradition in her house. I think I know what to buy her for Xmas. :)

And so yesterday, as I was walking home from the bus stop, before getting in the car and going to my friends house, I called Kev and asked him what he'd say if I told him he'd get to have the car today. He said he'd cry tears of joy. Smart ass.

Because you see, today, today I am riding my bike to work. Now, I've done this before so it's no big deal, right? Wrong. Today I'm riding to the second furthest store from where I live. At least I think it is. Maybe downtown is the second furthest. But yeah, it's about 3 miles from home. I'm riding with a coworker (who is jazzed that I agreed to her idea of riding in together).

And it's already too late to say no because Kev's left...with the car.

Monday, December 10, 2007

i don't know much...

...but I know I love you-oooo.

Got that damn song stuck in my head yesterday. Kev's fault, really. He was singing something in the voice of Aaron Neville (well, it sounded like he was trying to impersonate him) and I had to go and call him Aaron. Which, of course, lead (led?) him to sing Aaron's big hit with Linda.

The post from the 9th? Yeah, don't know who or what posted that.

Interesting thing happened this morning...

I turned on the computer, was beginning the reading of the blogs. Had the first opened. Did not click anything else, went to the kitchen to plunge the french press and make my toast. Came back out to the second blog I normally read, already up on my screen. No cats were around...

So "o-dpm"? I have no clue. I really have no idea.

Friday, December 07, 2007

mmmmm, prescription food

Well, the appointment went well yesterday (yeah, I just hit publish this morning because I forgot to yesterday). Josie is going to go on prescription food for a few months to see if she's allergic to something that she'd been eating. This means? NO treats. NO sticks. NO nothing except the food and her peep pills.

We'll see how easy it is for Kev to remember he can't share tomatoes with her anymore (she LOVES the ends of the tomatoes).

She, of course, is currently back in bed with Pops after going out by herself to do her biddness. And dammit if I couldn't give her a piece of chicken jerky as a reward....just love. She seems to do well with just love as a reward (for now).

Thursday, December 06, 2007

dogs don't chew

I was in the bathroom this morning. Josie busted through. I figured she had to poop so I came out and followed her. She went into the guest room (aka Chloe's room) and started sniffing something on the ground. I called her off of it. She'd gotten sick. Her entire breakfast.

It's a good thing we have a vet appointment today at 4:50. She's not had any more seizure activity (touch wood and thank the powers above), but her skin has not cleared up. We were supposed to get her in to see the vet right after she finished her last dose of pills. That was Thanksgiving. Yeah, we've been a bit crazed ever since. We gave her a bath the other night and saw a very red and very raw spot on her back. Up until then we'd not really seen any spots. But that was all we needed to see.

I called, the appointment has been made. I'm curious as to what they will suggest this time. We've attempted three times with antibiotics (first time a week on them, second, two weeks and third...go on and guess. Yep, three weeks of them). We've gotten shampoo. Granted we did not bathe her the three times a week we were told to (seriously have you attempted to bathe our dog?!?). I kind of think that that is going to be the thing we have to do, though. I don't know why I get that feeling.

So now she's back in bed with Pops and Simon. Chloe and I are hanging out in the living room with our littlest Xmas tree all lit up.

We'll hope that Dr. H has some other magic up her sleeve to make Josie more comfortable.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

objects of desire

For the past two years my dear friend Jenn has held a ceramics sale at her house a few weeks prior to Christmas. There are four people who sell their wares. Jenn and Meghan have JaM, their line they do together. Dave and Isabelle each work solo.

Last year I went and helped Isabelle arrange her items and she gifted me a most wonderful mug. It fits perfectly in my hand and allows the easiest of drinking as the curve of the lip follows the curves of my mouth while I take a sip.

After she'd left that evening I pulled aside one of her amazing vases. It had been singing my name saying that I should give it to Jill and Mark. They love it as much as I knew they would.

This year we did not take our check book. It was a hard choice, but we've got a new budget and beautiful objects sometimes have to wait. I did not get to help set up this year, either.

Kev and I stopped by on Sunday. Things were not as plentiful as Saturday morning, when the sale started, but there were beautiful objects abound. I stopped in to chat with Isabelle as she worked on settling the money.

She asked if there were things I would be buying. I told her we'd just come to see what beautiful things they had all created this year, with the new mortgage we're not spending too much excess money. She looked at me squarely in the eye and told me to go pick something of hers out. I had already seen the object of my desire and shown Kev. He was a bit surprised that I did not bring any money to the sale.

The kindness overwhelmed me a bit. Here was this artist who wants to make money on the sale of her goods, giving me this glorious bowl. It was a salt firing, so all the speckles and color come from the salt. Every time I walk through the kitchen, I look at it and smile.

Of course I helped her load her tiny car with the work of hers that did not sell. It was the very least I could do to show my appreciation (aside from thanking her profusely and hugging her, which I did both many times).

The color of the mug is a little off. I took two photos, one with and one without flash. Obviously I had to jigger the flash photo a bit.

It is times like that night that make me remember the basic kindness of other humans (or at least the other humans I choose to surround myself with). It makes me thankful that I've got such amazing friends.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

an idea only to entertain

So I did get some feedback about the idea of not sending out cards. I know that it was only an idea and that on Thursday Kev and I, during our foray into the world of errands, will get some holiday stationary, envelopes and stamps. We will make sure we have ink for the printer and the letter will go out. I got inspired after reading Mir's site yesterday. She loathes those holiday letters. She finds them boastful and pretentious. So she, being newly married, decided to tell it like it is. She wrote two versions of the letter. One was veto'd. I liked that version best. :)

So I decided to write a letter. Keep it simple, funny (hopefully), and quick (when have those of you who know me known me to be quick?!?).

If you don't know me, but you want a copy of the letter, tell me and I'll email it to you. Yeah, stamps are for those who I know? I'm cheap? We've got a crazy new mortgage? Our list is already as long as my arm?

Okay, I'm at work and I'd so be fired if I got busted posting the my blog (okay, maybe not really). Although I did just post to the clog blog.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

to card or not to card, that is the question

I'm having issues. To send a holiday card this year via snail mail, or not. The majority of me is saying not to, send an email. But the etiquette fairy is telling me that it's not appropriate. However, here is my case:

1. no paper to go into landfills or be recycled (which is a good thing, but think of all the emissions made when recycling)

2. no crazy amount of money spent on cards or stamps (our list is a rather large one)

3. no having to buy printer paper that is fun and sweet (and then setting up the printer for just those dimensions)

4. just a holiday letter in email form.

So, vote on it (and if I could figure out how to insert one of those voting things, I would)...

to card or not to card?

really? it's sunday?

I am so confused when it comes to what day of the week it is. You see, working retail has not afforded me the luxury of being able to have set days off. Well, lately. There once was a time I had Sundays and Mondays off and it was bliss. Kev had Mondays and Tuesdays off then. We'd hike on Mondays, making them OUR day. We'd turn off the phones, take Josie hiking, just spend the day with one another. It was really blissful (perhaps I mentioned that earlier?).

But the beast that is retail (and new jobs...not recently new, but newish) makes it impossible for the two of us to have those Mondays back. He has three days to pick from, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. In any configuration. So he either has split days off (Sun/Wed or Sun/Thurs), or have Wednesdays and Thursdays. He doesn't want to work the entire weekend, when most of his friends have off. So he chose Sun/Wed as his days off (have I lost you yet?).

Wanting to have a day with him and a day with friends, I decided to take those days off as well. I am not enjoying split days off. I must admit. But here is the dilemma. I either give up my solo day with Kev (Wednesday) and take Sun/Mon again OR I give up my one day that I can do something with friends (Sunday) and take Wed/Thurs. I don't want to not be there two days of the week. Sundays are not for working. Sundays are also not for hiking, though. Too many people out on the trails.

How I long for the Monday hikes...

But tomorrow I work. Tomorrow Kevin works. Tomorrow Josie sits at home. So today I will enjoy my day at home solo (yes, I know Kev should have off, but he's got to work 6 days a week during the holidays).