Monday, September 28, 2009

the type of people we live near

we went to get in our car yesterday morning. i noticed something on the roof. at first glance it looked like a dead bird. at second glance we realized it was just a dead birds head.

sent text to neighbors: "tell your cats thanks for the gift of the bird head on our car"

sign on porch when we returned from the coast:


Have you seen our beloved Chirpie?
Our parapelegic daughter's bird Chirpie escaped last night.
Last seen flying into a tree at (intersection where i live).
My wife gave Chirpie to my daughter last Christmas. An allergic
reaction to the bird killed her mom and now all little Collette has is
Chirpie. She hasn't stopped crying since last night.
Have you seen Chirpie?
Bob (and a fake number)"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the quiet of morning

there is something lovely about the quiet of this house before everyone is up and going. chloe sits next to me on the couch. if i'm lucky, she sometimes sits on my lap. simon, kev and josie are all still in the bedroom snoozing. if i go in there, i can hear the symphony of their breath. it's a lovely sound.

today is a rainy morning. the kind that makes you wish you didn't have to go into work, rather you'd love to just sleep in, waking when you want instead of with an alarm.

i'm working at the new store today. and for the first time since training the newbie, i've got someone working with me for a few hours. i just hope it proves to be a good idea to have someone with me for a few hours in the middle of the day. i have projects already figured out in case it is slow.

jill came over last night. it was rather impromptu (which is often the case). we had a lovely dinner, shared a nice bottle of wine, and watched project runway. spending time chatting and just being with each other in the same space. i'm a lucky girl.

tonight, i'm not sure what it holds. i know kev is talking of meeting a friend for a movie (kung fu, so i may pass) but i don't know what i want to do. should i text some knittah friends to come over and knit? maybe that's not a bad idea...the texts shall begin once i am at work (and after i make sure that kev is going to the movie and hasn't decided he wants to hang with me instead...which would be fine by me, too).

what are you doing tonight?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

and breathe

i am finally getting to sit for a little bit today. it's nice.

so, what's been going on? you wonder. well, work. and life.

i've not caught myself thinking about writing as much lately. sometimes i get an idea running through my head, but more times than not i forget it by the time i get to sit in front of my computer. and then i get sucked into other things that obviously are more demanding of my attention. but when i get a quiet moment, when i am alone upstairs, my muse sometimes visits.

sadly, now is not one of those times. i just wanted to pop in and say hello. hope all is going well with you all. will write when i can and when i have things to say.

until then, be well.