Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i am finished with the scarf for my friend, chaz. her birthday was a little bit ago and jill and i went in on the yarn for me to knit her a fabulous scarf. i think i did just that, if i do say so myself.

the pattern was free and man oh man was it fun! i think pairing it with the malabrigo chunky was perfect. it's sturdy enough a yarn to keep shape, but soft enough to want to wear constantly. i will probably wear it once tonight to give it some of my energy before gifting it to chaz.

i'll be finishing jill's shrug next. it is thin yarn (fingering weight), like the blanket, being knit on tiny needles (us 1's) and i needed a quick break from tiny yarn and toothpick needles. after the shrug i would love to crank out another scarf as well as this hat for jill's sister, darcy. i think she'll like both.

both yarns for the scarf and hat are chunky so they should go quickly. because after that, i MUST get working on the dress i'm knitting to wear to friends weddings this summer!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

a friend asked

i hadn't realized i never shared the beautiful kitchen table with you all until monika asked to see it fully. oops!

so, here we go...

the table with the flying piggie chandelier. i am so in love with our table it is not even funny.

we've had several dinners with friends around it. played mahjong with the neighbor who made it and his partner. sat and played on the computer...it just is a joy to get to see every single day!

as for the piggies, i was searching online for a silly chandelier for our hall when i found them. i knew they were far too big for hall, but we were in need for a new light fixture for over the table and it just seemed like the no brainer. i love the piggies! the light they emit is just a warm glow and their whimsy is the perfect way to keep the kitchen lively and fun.

the downstairs bathroom is the next major reno i have in mind, but that won't be for a little while. until then i'm searching for deals on tile, vessel sinks, old tables/dressers...

so there you go, monika, our kitchen table in all its glory!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

what's this? knitting?!

I started my friend's birthday scarf yesterday at work. Man, am I in love with both pattern AND yarn!! I can see women in my family (both sides) wanting one for themselves.

Ladies, tell me what color!

This pattern has to be one of the most fun ones I've ever knit. The yarn is Malabrigo Chunky which is soft and luxurious and like butter in my hands (although with less mess).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


sometimes you have to take advantage of the days you are given. today was just that type of day for us. the house got picked up and dusted this morning, while it was still chilly and grey outside. but just as the weather reporters predicted, it was sunny and lovely by this afternoon. kevin took josie on a walk while i finished getting cleaned up myself. we ate leftover baked penne with shrimp and scallops for lunch, i gorged on the leftover broccoli. and then we walked over to the garden center to get seeds.

we were lucky enough to get over to the center while there was still a few asparagus crowns left. we put our five into the bag and wandered the rows a bit more. we asked about broccoli starts and were told to keep on checking back in the next week or so. we picked up some seeds, though. butter lettuce, romaine, corn, red onion, spinach, and some cat grass kevin says he will grow for the duo. we'll see.

anyway, as i was putting the receipt in the pile to file, i got to thinking how for just a little bit more than $20.00 we will have vegetables for a good portion of the summer (hopefully our success last year was not a fluke). we are going to also plant potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and zuchinni.

it's a gift, being able to grow our own food.

different shades of clean

we're having a friend over for dinner tonight. black bean chili (mom, dad it's in the slow cooker book you got us two years ago, page 110). last night i said to kevin as we were hanging out that we could clean in the morning. his response, "well, it shouldn't be too bad, i did it on saturday." i know he vacuumed on saturday, but other than that...

there is clutter (i swear we both are culprits, but i'm also pretty sure the clutter starts reproducing when we aren't looking). there is dust. there is fur.

i am up and have started the procedures. dust cloth in hand, i've whisked through the house, touching every surface to releave it from the dust that had accummulated. sadly, this brought on a runny nose (darn those allergies). i currently have one 'helper' with me in the form of chloe. she flits from room to room with me, chirping the whole time.

i have just over an hour before i have to start constructing the chili. enough time to clean both bathrooms really well. joy...

i think i'll leave vacuuming for kev.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

thanks babies

I am a lucky woman. Not only did I meet and marry someone who I truly love with everything I have, but together we get to share our home and lives with three of the most special animals.

Take this very instant. I am sitting in my beautiful kitchen, listening to Coldplay, with Simon on my lap as we wait for Kevin to come home with dinner. He just pressed his head up into my face, getting a squished kiss from me, holding his it there for quite a bit of time before laying down with his front paws just barely on the edge of the table.

Josie was standing at alert, knowing that soon she'll hear the sound of the car pulling into the drive. Now she's lowered her head and just keeping us company.

Chloe had been up here with us too, but is now off on some adventure.

All three give me something uniquely their own, and even though I can't put what that something is in words, but I feel it. I know that most of the eyes around here know exactly what that feeling is.

I know I am lucky and say thanks babies. I love all of you!!

i post that

so yeah, i post that i am back and ready to write and then go quiet again...what's with that? well, i was in vegas for a shoe show. it was...fine. that's about all i can write. you know the creed, happens in vegas...

the entire time i didn't sleep all that well. i would close my eyes and see the flashing lights of the casino downstairs. the last night was one of the better nights sleep i got, but nothing, NOTHING beats having your cats snuggled up next to you, purring you to sleep. she's trying to work her magic right now, but since i'm sitting upright and beginning my wait for my ride to work...

i got a ton done on the blanket i am making for my soon to be born nephew. i worked so fast and furiously that i actually got a rub burn on my finger. today, i wear a band-aid and continue the quest to get this blankie done.

kev was busy when i was away. although he had time for the occasional text messages which made me feel loved and missed. i'm looking forward to tuesday and wednesday, as i have those two days off this week. some time to reconnect with the fam.

okay, going to go get my lunch packed up and ready to go, as well as all the knitting supplies i will need for my day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the blog

when i started blogging a few years ago my intention was to have a place where my family could go to check in. then, i started really enjoying the whole sharing my life's stories with people i don't even know (well, at least not in person). and finally i got quiet.

i think it started being hard for me to write because i was not sharing some very personal things here. my life has continued, things have gotten better and i am starting to feel the pangs of missing my friends.

so, to write...to speak...to sing.