Saturday, January 31, 2004

mmmmmm, bagel with strawberry preserves!!!

Boy there is nothing better than a bagel in the morning with strawberry preserves on one half and peanut butter on the other. Pair that with a Stumptown latte and you have breakfast!

On the Josie report, we got a new lead for her. It's called a Halti. It has saved our walks from becoming a pain in the neck chore to something we really enjoy!! She was a tugger, she'd pull so hard on her leash that with her regular collar she'd nearly choke herself. Our arms also got very tired too. So, Naomi suggested we try a Halti. It's like walking a different dog!!! If she starts to walk too fast her head gets pulled around so she is facing us essentially. The lead, as the picture showed, goes over her nose and behind her ears. The lead hooks under her chin, which is a nicer place to pull on. I can't wait to get out there with her for a nice long walk!!! Kev did take her out yesterday and said she was a dream. She also got to play with some neighborhood dogs! It's interesting to see her with other dogs. She generally is quite cautious in the beginning, hackles raised, barking ensues, but after sniffing she settles down (unless the other dogs come too close to Kevin or I and then she starts barking again). However, she doesn't do this with Huskies. We're thinking she had been exposed to them before? She's a nut.

Well, as I have said in the past, my latte is getting cold and that is not a good thing. Since I can't type efficiently with one hand I bid you all adieu!!

Friday, January 30, 2004

the elephants above

i am sitting at my desk at work, updating the inventory on the laptop. i am baffled by the sounds coming from our upstairs neighbors. i thought they were some computer business or something like that, so why does it sound like there are gymnastics going on above my head? i'm going to ask the people when they come down for their next smoke break. i swear they smoke at least every half hour. ugh!!!

it's been a better day today at work, busier than the two previous. this makes me happy. and tomorrow is my "friday" so my weekend begins soon. we have plans to tackle the paperwork and get things filed.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

been thinking

so a good friend of mine has been picking my brain and venting a bit about things that are happening, or not happening I should say, in her relationship. It got me to thinking about what I have with Kev. He's a good man, cares for others, loves me to no end and I really wouldn't want to be without him in my life. Sure we've had some troubles, but that comes with any relationship. You simply work through those and move on.

Many women have the issue that their partners are not romantic enough for their taste (with a few exceptions to that rule, I swear Mark should start his own business in teaching men how to woo their women, Jill is one lucky girl!!). I have come to the realization that women, generally speaking, want their mates to want to do the grand things for them. For instance, a woman would love her husband/boyfriend to plan a nice evening for an upcoming Hallmark holiday. She discusses this with said mate to which they reply, "why do I have to plan it?" At this point the woman is getting a bit hurt that her mate wouldn't instantly say, "I've already gotten that taken care of. Don't worry your pretty little head." She continues to say things like, "No, really I want you to make plans." Now, what she really wants is for him to want to make the plans, the plans are truly irrelevant at this point. So, women, instead of making yourselves nutty about it think about the little things he already does for you. Kev picks up things at the grocery store that I haven't even asked for, yet really really like. It's a little thing, but it means that he was thinking of me while shopping. Sure I wish he'd surprise me with a grand gesture, but that's not his style. He thinks, "I be Shannon would really like some _____" and he picks it up.

Know that even if they don't do what we would want to have done for us that they still do love us.


That's what time my darling husband came to bed "last night." He chalked it up to too much Coca-cola, but when you are still drinking the stuff at 10:30 at night...he should know when to say when. I will have to get a coffee today I am sure. I'm down to the decaf I'd gotten for my Dad when they were here for Xmas. That ain't going to cut it today!! Especially because I have an order that came in yesterday that I have to get put away. I started yesterday, but was wearing a wool sweater and started to overheat. Today I have dressed in layers so that won't be an issue.

Just so you all don't think that I am married to the biggest bum on the face of the earth, he has been applying for work with various employers. It's just I don't like to write about it all that much. I want to wait until he's got a job to write anything.

Had a fabulous girls day on Sunday with two women I have met since moving here. Naomi and Marcy are so damn funny!! I really can't tell you all how wonderful it is to have met some bright women since moving here. I love knowing that Jill and Chaz (both whom I've known a long time) are only a phone call away. But it's nice meeting new people that I really click with. Both Naomi and Marcy have met Jill (not Chaz yet) and really like her, as she does them.

We are going to Marcy and Chucks for the Super Bowl, which I honestly wanted to boycott this year due to the ad from not being shown, but it's more than watching (because who really watches?). It's a social event, getting together with friends...etc. Plus Auntie Marcy said that Josie could come along!!! I am thrilled that I can take her with us because I can focus my attentions on her and not the game.

Okay, that should satisfy you all for a while. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

really, look at this

This is something my sister alerted me to. If the only thing you do is watch it that is good enough for me. If you feel compelled to email CBS even better. Over 250,000 people have emailed in the four days it's been on's site. Be one of those.

If you don't agree, that's fine, but this is my blog and I post things I believe in. It is a crime what CBS is doing and we as a people need to make them hear our voice.

Okay, off the soap box now...

Sunday, January 25, 2004

top ten ways to...

...get rid of or ignore one boring bus buddy.

10. Stare blankly out into space while interjecting a few words here and there.*

9. Leave one headphone in the ear that is furthest from him and just nod along with things he says.

8. Talk nonstop about your pets to the point that you sound manic and you see sweat start beading up on his head.*

7. Ask him what book he's reading and then ask him if you can see it, throw it out the window.

6. When he calls his wife make comments like, "hang up the phone baby, you don't want to talk to her."

5. Pray that another more interesting friend gets on the bus at the same time as you so that you may sit with them.

4. When that friend DOES ride with you have such odd conversations that it makes your "buddy" nervous to the point of squirming and ask if he is scared.* (you must clue the friend in on the situation, they are more likely to go along with your plan then)

3. Carry a ton of extra bags (filled with tissue paper but act as though they weigh a ton) and shrug at him saying that you'll have to sit somewhere else with all your packages tonight.

2. Get on the bus with your headset on, and DON'T take it off when you sit down.

1. Look at him square in the eye and tell him it's over that you can no longer make the attempt to find him interesting anymore.

*things I have attempted but didn't work. Anyone have any ideas? If they are good, I'll share them with the blog group...

Saturday, January 24, 2004

school of ROCK!!!

Kev and I had a date last night. Yes, with each other! We went to a local theater called the Bagdad (it serves beer and pizza, nice combo for movie watching). We saw The School of Rock. It was a funny movie. Jack Black makes me giggle, although not as much as the guy sitting behind us who laughed at just about every non funny moment of the movie as well as the really funny. And his laugh wasn't a funny laugh...

Today I have a busy day at work scheduled. I am not sure if there will be a ton of customers, but I have things to organize and reprice. I hope to be a bit busier, customer wise, than yesterday. Although we did get 13 cartons of shoes (144 pairs to be exact) delivered yesterday. So Ahmed and I busted our butts and got it all put away. He and I truly make a damn good team! I was telling Kev that Ahmed started telling me "the plan" of how we were going to tackle all the boxes and I finished telling him. We don't even have to speak half the time.

Tomorrow I have a packed day as well. I am meeting Ahmed's friend who loaned us the laptop so we can tweek it a little bit. Then I have a hair appointment...ahhhh. Then I am picking up Marcy and Naomi (two fab girls I have met since living here who I don't believe I never knew) and we are having a girls afternoon. Lunch and a movie.

I will spend time with the fam too (Kev and the furkids), but that will probably be after the movie and much on Monday. I am hoping the weather cooperates so that we can take Josie to the great dog park. I want to try to get pictures of her out there.

Okay, latte is once again getting cold. And nobody should have to drink a cold latte!!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

shoe heaven

I met with my favorite rep last night from one of the lines we carry. Ahmed and I spent roughly an hour looking at the styles for next fall. Some were very cute while I thought others lacked. We will order a little bit of everything, and a ton of others.

Missed AI last night, oh well. I did get to see Sam get fired on The Apprentice (wahhaaaahaaaahaaaaaaa). He was nuts.

I am tired and cannot think. Kev came to bed late, I think Josie started barking around that time too, and then Simon is gonig to drive to me to distraction with the constant knocking things over and pulling my hair as he walks across my pillow in the morning. I love the cat, but something has to stop. I think what really gets me is that after he eats he usually climbs back in bed with Kev and snuggles up until who knows. I just want to sleep until I can no longer...I guess that is what the weekends are for, but I find myself getting woken up by them then too. I tried to convince Kev that since I wake up early every other morning during the week he should get up and feed them Sunday and Monday so I can have a lie in. We'll see what he does this weekend.

Having a girls weekend with Naomi and Marcy. We are going to go see a silly movie and have dinner afterwards. I am also getting my hair cut on Sunday too. It should prove to be a nice day overall.

Okay, must get to the rituals of getting ready for work.

Keep sending job stuff you find for Kev!! Everything helps.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

i think my head will explode!!

We are gluttons, we are once again getting sucked into the beast that is American Idol. Boy there are some sad people out there who think they are (to use a way outdated phrase) all that and a bag of chips. It is an evening of covering our ears, covering Josie and Simon's ears (Chloe is the only smart one in the family as she is sleeping in the kitchen on her chair), and just feeling all around uncomfortable at times. Yet, we still tune in and watch the damn show.

But now onto better things...

Sunday and Monday were fun. We took Josie to a huge dog park that is only about 20 minutes away. It's 2.5 acres all fenced in so that the dogs can run and play with each other as their owners, I use the term loosly, can stand around and chat or walk the perimeter of the park. She had a good time, although she didn't bond with any of the other dogs (except the little corgi that was orange and waddled like Simon). I think she actually thought the corgi was Simon for a minute. It was quite cute really. She growls at other dogs but not the corgi. She just wanted to play with him.

Today at work was fast. I had much paperwork to get caught up with and my inventory is updated on my computer.

Well, the singers keep getting worse and worse, I must go!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2004

why is it...

...that when you are in the shower or otherwise indisposed you have the best ideas come to you only to forget them by the time you get to a piece of paper and a pen?

...that when you are trying to eat healthy everyone around you keeps saying things like "oh, one little _____ won't hurt you?"

...that Simon won't let me sleep past 6:30 (when he now starts waking me up)?

...that Josie's bed has magic powers and as soon as she sits down in it she is down for the count?

...that when I am at work my cell phone rings but rarely rings when I am off?

...that when I am having a cruddy day at work my favorite customers all come in and make it better?

...that I can talk for hours with strangers about what funny and interesting things my animals have done?

...that coffee tastes the best in the morning?

...that when we are motivated there is nothing that can stop us, but once that motivation is gone you couldn't get us to do squat? (the universal we)

...that I always have to be nice? (I know, it's in my nature!)

Friday, January 16, 2004

it's my thursday

So, as my work week is Tues-Sat today is only my Thursday. Not bad though, the week has gone by rather quickly.

Yesterday the electrician came around and fiddled with things in our breaker box, tightened this fixed that and sadly the flicker has not left the building. He suggested that if what he has done has not fixed it that our next step is to call PGE (our provider). Kev was supposed to yesterday, but I don't think he did. I will leave him a note to do so today. Robert (the electrician) said that if it did turn out to be PGE's problem that we can send them the bill for what we had done. I'd love that!!!

My work has a laptop now! It is basically my inventory, photoshop, and what I will create (a data base of our customers so that we know what they buy so when they come in wanting more yet can't remember the names of the styles we have them listed). First things first though. I have one style listed in the inventory and want to learn how to add pages so I can do the entire line from Dansko and then add the other brands. It will take time, but I love having it! It travels with me to and from work everyday, but it is heavy!!! I need to take some extra empty discs in today so that I may load some pictures on it for the ad I have to come up with for a flier for two of Ahmed's kids taekwondo (sp)competition.

Well, my latte is getting cold and my egg sandwich is getting soggy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

my dog the burper

So, every morning my dear little Josie consumes her food in about a minute. After I give her her food I will go to the computer to check the weather, email, etc. She will come to the cave and sit down next to me when she is done, wanting to be pat and loved on. The very first time she did this (when we first got her) I noticed that, well, I burped her. Every morning now she comes to be burped!! Kev said he gave it a try last night after she ate her supper and was stunned by the fact that he did in fact burp her! She gets a funny little look on her face when she burps. Kind of a thank you look. Maybe this is why she is so calm, she doesn't have gas?!

Well, that's all I can muster up this morning. I have eaten a bowl of cereal, but I think I will have a piece of toast as well. Trying to get that balanced meal in...


Monday, January 12, 2004

Making my Daddy proud!

Well, I finally called an electrician. Our house has felt like a disco lately, lights (every one in the house) flickering for a couple months now. Some days are better than others, and then there are days where the power has cut out and reset clocks and our dvd/transformer. We decided we should call the man who did the inspection on the house, Paul, since he did a great job with the inspection. Plus he said if there was ever anything we needed we should call. I called and they led me to Doug. I called and have an appointment set up for them to come look at everything on Thursday!!! Dad, I told you we would take care of it!!! I am quite proud of myself really.

It has also been a day of purging. I went through my closet and got rid of things that don't fit anymore, are not in the regular rotation, or are just old and worn looking. I rearranged the room, moved the bed and what not, and then had Kev go through his drawers. It feels great!!! Our friends are going to come for dinner tonight and Marcy is going to go through the bags to see if there is anything she or her sister would use. Nothing that is worn out is there, that usually gets tossed. I have pulled a few things that I know she would like, but I figured she might want to look through the other bags too. I even got rid of shoes!!! Big thing for me to purge. Four pairs are gone.

Well, I must go figure out what I am making with the lasagna tonight.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

fat and sassy!!

We just finished up with dinner, Penne pasta with alfredo sauce. YUM! We pulled Josie's bed to the cave so she could lay down with us instead of being back in the bedroom alone. Well, usually we have to push her nose out of our trays as we eat until she lies down and leaves us alone. This time, she didn't even get up, slept in her bed the entire time we ate. I gave her love and kisses and praise for leaving us alone.

Today was the second time I went to the Gresham, Oregon PetCo to help with Second Chance Companions. We had five big dogs and two puppies. Two of the dogs had much interest made in them, one even was getting a house visit as we were closing up for the day. I hope that Silence (she's the one on the visit) gets a forever home!! The couple had been there last month with their dog getting things and the woman fell for Si. Today they were back and as soon as I saw the man I knew he was Toby's daddy! I asked, "you're Toby's dad, right?" Everyone was quite surprised that I remembered his dogs name, but that is just how I am! They took her home and I have an email out to Karen (who fosters many of the dogs) wanting to know how it went.

I am sure my family thinks I have completely lost my mind with the whole dog thing, but it's just so wonderful having Josie as a member of the family.

Tomorrow we have a few things to do, like calling an electrician to come out and help us figure out what is going on with the lights. The entire house flickers. Sometimes it is horrible while other times it doesn't do it at all.

Simpsons are on so I am out!

Saturday, January 10, 2004

ahhh saturday!

well, my work week is almost over. tee hee. should i feel silly saying that? especially since it was exactly (including today) two days and 4.5 hours long? i could get used to really short weeks. actually i am looking forward to life returning to normal, but for me that would be a bit more than the weather calming down so i could get to work for my full week. kev would be back in the work force and hopefully by next week he will be getting an offer from a place. but again, as i have said in the past, i don't want to jynx it so i shall stop writing about it.

it stayed above freezing here last night so more and more of the ice and "snow" have melted overnight!! it's supposed to get to roughly 45 today!!

boy, i feel as though i am a bit boring this morning. maybe it is because instead of the alarm i woke to one orange cat working solo this morning. simon did his best to wake me and i did my best to be quiet enough for josie to not hear me and get me with that nose!! actually i should thank my little furry alarm clock because the power went out about 2.5 hours before my alarm was supposed to be and when i looked at the clock when simon started his routine it was flashing.

well, i have to go get ready for work. we are hoping kev can get the car out of the ice and snow today so he can do some grocery shopping and we can really get our lives mobile again...keep your fingers crossed.

okay, last little addition to this...i am watching the news, thankfully it is back on regular news rather than "storm watch" still. after this storm we have heard that there is the potential for floods, if the ice and "snow" melt fast enough. well, on the news the guy is standing at a home depot where they are "selling sand bags for just 12 cents a peice and i've been told that in just a little while a large dump truck of sand will be here and that will be free for the taking." i just get the feeling of overreaction, i don't know...

Thursday, January 08, 2004

i made it!

The bus ride this morning was rather uneventful (the way I like them), but the one home was a bit nerve racking. The buses all have chains on their rear tires to give them better traction, well there were several times that they didn't really do much as we were trying to assend a couple of smallish hills. And then one slipped and was just flapping in the breeze (very loudly smacking into the bus with each rotation of the wheel). I told the driver that I appreciated his job and him for doing it.

Got the coolest email ever today! Made me feel very cool indeed. A woman in London reads my blog and thought she'd send me an email telling me that she has been enjoying it. So, a shout out to Wendy in the UK!!

Now, if only some of my friends here in the states would let me know (other than Kerri and my family) what they think...oh pipe dreams.

I am home in the warmth of my house and need sustenance from a short day at work (I think I was there a whole 4.5 hours today).

Hey, let me know how you found my blog (if you aren't a friend who I emailed begging to read it). Address is at the top.


Well, I am supposed to be going in to work today. I have not spoken to Ahmed yet this morning, but yesterday he was set on opening the shop. I guess 0-3 people in? I am a bit nervous about getting on the bus today (both ways). The major street we live off of has not even been plowed. This city is not prepared for what nature has handed it. Personally, I think they should have plans set for these types of weather events. This city does not use salt (which would have the snow and ice melted on all the streets) they use sand (which sort of slides around on top of the ice making it slicker). The local news channels have been reporting on it non-stop, just about 24 hours straight, for the past few days. It's getting old. Yes, it's cold, it's snowy and icy, WE KNOW!!! All we need are the regular weather updates we get throughout the day. I understand wanting to beef it up a bit in the morning as people are deciding if they are heading to work or not, but ALL DAY of reports on the weather!?!?

So, I need your prayers as I make my treck into the city (assuming Ahmed is still going to make me go in). I will call him to verify that he does still want me there, but I'm sure he will.

More later...

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

figured it out

So, not only was blogger being funny for me but now I have figured out the photo mystery. I guess that the host I was using no longer allows people to link their photos in such things as blogs, emails, etc. As Kev said while leaving the room, WHAT'S THE POINT OF IT THEN!?!?

The link to the geocities site is this. If that doesn't work cut and copy this link to your address bar...

You will be able to see pictures I have posted there.


blogger is acting up

So the post with my geocities site (if you all can see it) isn't supposed to be there anymore. I deleted it yesterday and it still is there when I check the blog. I have started a web "page" through geocities, but I may be finding another host because their template is really hard to use (maybe they make it hard for you when it is free but when you pay it gets way easier!!?

We have day two of snow and ice, which makes me think that I will be getting another snow day. Although I am going to wait until 8:30 and then I will call Ahmed and find out if I'm supposed to go in...can we say doubtful. The mall that is only a few blocks away has closed. I can't see us being open if the mall is closed.

If that is the case and I am staying home once more I think I want to try to use my time better. Maybe do a little vacuuming, finish up the laundry, dust, etc. I did read The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood yesteray. I love that book. I have never seen the movie, nor do I think I will. I like the way the scenes play out in my mind and would be sad to see them do it wrong. :)

Okay, going to go eat some breakfast and get a latte (I drink them even when they are decaf!!).

Maybe I'll post later. I am going to poke around online for more photo sites to use. Since you all probably can't see my photos anymore.


Tuesday, January 06, 2004

snow day!!!

I just got off the phone with Ahmed who says when he answers, "are you on your way to work?" I simply laugh and tell him that I am calling to get his verdict. He then says that I should go which I reply, "what did you say? I get a snow day?!" And he laughs saying that is exactly what he said.

Josie has been out twice, although she was not so thrilled the first time out. But seeing as she only did #2 at that time and it'd been since the night before that she did #1 I knew that when she was smelling around the house it was time to go potty. Actually if you ask her if she has to go potty she will get excited and give you a look that says yes.

Joy, I know you are all excited about the intricate details of my dog's potty situation...

I am still not sure why the photos are acting goofy, I checked and could open one more of the three I posted, but the third is still acting stoopid. I am going to go put on my flannel pants!!

Monday, January 05, 2004

about the pics

I guess I only get 5mgb a day (I swear I have uploaded more than one picture at a time before). Kev says for you all to keep checking back, something about people downloading or whatever...

keep trying!! They are worth it.

dog bed

Well, yesterday we decided we needed to get Josie a bed. She was trying to use the sofa for a little while, and we knew we needed to nip that one in the bud. So, we went to CostCo and got her a bed. She does get to use it.

We also went to our friends house to have a play date with Edgar. The seemed to have a good time, what do you think?

It is soooo cold here today. I think it is only in the 20s!! It's like we are back in Kansas. I am guessing that the only reason we go outside today is to let the dog out, take out the trash and recycling and bring the bins back in once the trash is collected. I took Josie out once, and the trash to the curb, it's Kev's turn to take her out again and bring in the bins!!

I have laundry going and tlc on the tv. I think I may go make another latte!!

Peace out!

Sunday, January 04, 2004

quick addition

My friend Kerri sent me this. I have signed, will you?


It is Sunday, which is like my Saturday. It is 7:28 in the morning. I am awake. I'm not sure how I came to be except all I remember is having a dream I was drinking orange soda in the back seat of our car with our former neighbor Kerri, Kevin was driving and I'm not sure who was in the passenger seat. Then I realized I had to pee (in the dream which always is an indication you have to in real life). Before I could get up on my own though I had a cat jump onto my dresser and play with something that I was sure I'd hidden so he could not play with it. I stood up, tossed him down and laid back down. Now I knew that when I got up I would surly have to feed our menagerie. Then that same cat decided to jump on the bed, which is something you feel since he weighs approx. 16lbs. He walked across my pillow, pulling my hair and then went and curled up with Kev. This is not the norm and I thought to myself, "wow, I am getting a moments peace from the critters on what is my Saturday morning." But then the pesky bladder reared it's head again and I knew I couldn't stay in my warm cozy bed any longer. As soon as I stood up the critters all came to life. Josie, with her cold wet nose, excited that I am awake is just a ball of waggingness (yes, I make up words when awake at 7:30 in the morning on my day off). Her entire body wags when she is excited. She's always excited in the morning. Simon jumps down from the bed with an audible thud as he lands and a little tiny meow, so small for such a large cat. I feed the beasts, use the loo, and go back to bed. Josie finishs her breakfast in her usual breakneck speed and I can hear the clicking of her nails as she makes her way to the computer (that is usually where I am after I feed her during my work week). Realizing I am not there she makes her way to the back of the house and peaks in the sewing room, although I should really let myself call it the cats' room. She looks around in there, because there are so many places I could hide...yeah right, and then she sees me in bed. I know I have to get up again to let her outside so she can do her business. I grab my robe, because when I was feeding them I noticed there was an ever so light dusting of what the people here would call snow. I lay down the ground rules "we are going out, you are doing your peep and/or poop and we are inside fast." She follows them. She is a good dog. So, why, you ask am I still awake? Because my body won't let me go back to bed. Now that the critters are all fed they are back in their respective beds I am wide awake. My eyes just pop back open. I have heard that you should get up when your body tells you, and if it is 7:10 in the morning on your day off, so be it. We have a play date set up with our friends and their dog Edgar later. I hope Josie gets as excited as I am.

Maybe I'll go lie down on the couch and check my eyelids for light leaks.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

and the winner is...

me!! I was 100% correct, we got zero snow last night!! I figured that we wouldn't, I'd hoped we would, but knew that it was not in our forcast (even though the forcasters forcast that forcast).

I am getting ready for work, although today is a bit different than normal days. I have new student orientation at the culinary school up the road from the store. We go ever 6 weeks to show the "kids" what they should wear on their feet. Some walk on by and think that they would never be caught dead in clogs, while others ask questions and stop by the shop later. This is my second orientation. I have everything ready at the shop and Kevin will have to wake up early to take me. Which he should have remembered as he was drinking his beer and staying up until 2:30/3? I did remind him that he was getting up early when he came to bed (although I'm sad that I was wakened so I could remind him).

So, my latte is getting cold and as much as I love updating the blog I love warm coffee even more. So that is that. Chaio!

Friday, January 02, 2004

bored bored bored

Thought I would do some stocking of shelves at work, but I have run out of energy. So instead I update the blog for the second time in one day!!! The weatherman is calling for more snow tonight and into tomorrow. I don't see it happening, just because he is calling for it. Since they didn't see this front coming through (the one that dumped a fair amount of the white stuff on us yesterday) I am not sure I trust what they say. :)

I am trying to think of anything I have not told you all, my dear readers.

Nothing is coming to mind at the moment. And I am expecting a friend to drop by the store anytime now. She is in from Urbana, IL. We are sad that she is not here anymore and we are plotting ways to make her come back here. She says it is the plan, but not until she is finished with Grad school, in 3.5 years!!! Well, the woman does have to do what she has to do.

Linsel just walked in (a friend) latah!!

let it snow

you know how the rest of the song goes. it was a winter wonderland yesterday! the entire city pretty much shut down (although it was already since it was new years day). i had been hoping for more of the white stuff overnight, but no such luck. i had visions of ahmed calling me and telling me that i needent come in. oh well, such is life.

happy new year! i hope everyone was safe this year. we ended up going to dinner, out for one drink and then over to jill and mark's to ring in the new year. at about 12:07 we hit the road. when we got home the cats were both alive and some of our things were scattered in the living room. it's funny, josie has not yet destroyed anything (the clogs are not destroyed, only altered) she just pulls things to the floor.

the girl came in right after 5 so i could leave a little early (yea!!!). by the time mark had showered though all we had time for was catching the street car and heading for sushi. i did manage to have a drink with my friend tanya who is visiting from urbana, il.

and then the snow came. and it was snow!! none of the crunchy white stuff that we have had years past, but full on snow. great packing snow! we played and played with josie (who adores the snow) and of course didn't get any pictures. we took the camera, kev just forgot to take any.

well, the shower is calling and i must get a latte in me before heading out to work today. maybe he'll tell me to close early...(wishful thinking)