Wednesday, January 13, 2010

full of good

work today was pretty fantastic. i got to look at fall 2011 dansko styles. fun stuff coming in ladies and gents! fun stuff indeed.

had lunch bought for us by our new rep. the cajun catfish po-boy at bridgeport was amazing!! holy moly so damn good.

got back to the office and took care of the things my boss asked me to, setting up meetings for next week to talk about advertising, writing checks, etc. helped the associate who was working the sales floor downstairs from the office rearrange and break down a ton of extra boxes we never seem to need.

am home now and am listening to a playlist of music i made called "busy". all songs are upbeat and motivating. of course sitting here writing isn't what i was intending to be motivated to do. the laundry calls and some dishes need to be washed by hand (pots and pans).

but even in those chores we love to hate...there is joy.

Friday, January 08, 2010

a conversation

my boss came by the store i was working at yesterday and actually sat and chatted with me for a while. it was a painfully slow day at the store so i was happy for the conversation.

he said to me, "you shouldn't complain about your have it really good."

my reply to him was that i KNOW i have a good life and i try not to take it for granted. (for the record, i wasn't complaining about my life when he said that). he smiled at me, almost beamed, and said, "good. it's good you know this. not enough people with good lives know this."

it got me to thinking about the life i live. it is a good one. i might even say it is great.

i am thankful that i have a great boss, who is always challenging me. i am grateful i have an amazing family, which always supports me and my ideas. i am honored to have such fabulous friends, who are there to lend a hand when needed. and my husband...i can't imagine what i did to get so lucky to have met and married kevin. but i am thankful indeed!

what is something (or who is someone) you are thankful for?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

the one where i reign victorious

i had sent a message to a friend yesterday about the damn dishwasher and the wiring and the errors of my ways. she called saying, "i am pretty sure we can fix that." and we were off to the races. she was ready to come over on new years day, but sadly the home depot was closed and we had to get wire.

so we settled for yesterday. she picked up a few supplies on her way over and we met at the house. it took us just around two hours, including a trip to the deep hole to get a hose extension. it seems that where the water goes into the dishwasher is in a different location than our former one making the 72" hose (which is the longest dishwasher hose they make, i've searched) too short. nothing a trip to the deep hole couldn't fix.

came home, she climbed under the sink and bam, we were in business. shoved the machine under the counter (okay, nudged it under making sure it was level and not kinking any wires or hoses), flipped the breaker back on (saying a little prayer) and we had lights!!

we filled it before we went to dinner. tanya had to get home, but we'll do dinner sometime soon (with her husband even!). when we arrived home we put the soap in and ran it. we purposely did not clean the dishes before putting them in (you know the wash before you wash). we had some tomato cream sauce that had baked into the pan a bit...gone. every last bit of it! and we didn't even use the pre-treat option!!!

it feels good to have it done.

Friday, January 01, 2010

it'd be done by now

i must admit that i am disappointed that i can not install the dishwasher myself. i am waving my white flag and kicking my own ass because i didn't shell out the money to have it professionally done. kev said it right this morning as i was admonishing myself to him, we make a good team. this was one of those shopping trips it would have been a good idea to have the whole team there, but because i had my parents in and we were wanting to do things...i am disappointed in my half of the team. she should have waited for her rational half to be able to go to the deep hole.

i feel like i was duped, in a way. just the way jim said it wasn't a difficult thing to do, playing to the ego of my home improvement self. surely it will cost us more now to set up an installation...and there will be rewiring needing to happen (don't ask, please).

i will be calling in the morning and discussing the fact that i need someone to take care of it for me, someone who knows what they are doing. and i will tell jim that in the future he should suggest people really do pay the extra $100...of course i have to wonder if he gets some kind of kick back if people have to arrange after delivery installation. i am sure it will cost more than the original $99.99 if you had it installed upon delivery. disappointing because he seemed like a likable kind of guy.

so i am on dish duty until it gets taken care of. my penance, if you will.