Friday, October 31, 2003


We are heading to St. Louis tomorrow. We hadn't planned on going, with Kev's job situation and all, but a good buddy of his offered to help us get there (we will be paying him back!!!). I am now expecting a call from the moms (in 3-2-1). We know what you all will say, and you are right, but in our defense life is short. We are only going for three days, and yes we think it is worth it.

I am sorry we didn't tell you on the phone, but we just decided in the last couple of weeks. Please, don't be upset and know that Kev's got something lined up for when we get back (at least that's his story).

I will report back when we get back.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

cold has come to the Pac NW

It is true, winter has just about begun. The cold is here and the rains are on their way. We failed to get the eaves done, but the lawn was mowed one last time. I cleaned the heck out of the house, which shouldn't have to happen since I have a stay at home husband right now, but...

It is quite sweet actually, all of Kev's buddies are sending him job sites and postings and keeping tabs on his "search." He did apply online to a place the other day. He said he is going to call this place where our buddy Chris Zumo works (Chris called last night to check to see if Kev had called yet). He works for Volkswagon. Not sure what exactly he does, something with calling people who owe on their cars...but it is work and $$. Kev said he'd call at the beginning of next week. Anything would be good now. We are doing fine, moms, so don't worry. It just is getting a bit old walking in the door to computer games and basketball. I am trying to not be resentful, but it's rearing its head.

I am just finishing up at work, a whole 45 minutes to go before I get picked up. The bus is wearing me out. My bus buddy talks a lot (MORE than me and louder, too) and quite honestly is a bit boring. I really don't care what type of fish he or his wife is going to be cooking, and if I have to hear one more story of him shipping things at work (he works for a postal annex place) I am going to scream. I know, I am such a peaceful girl and this doesn't sound like me, but I'm done.

I think the time change/darker earlier thing is taking it's toll on me this year. I'm just a touch crankier these days. I should calm down soon, but for now I feel like being snotty. Just like allowing yourself to be depressed, I think you should allow yourself to be grumpy. It's theraputic (sp).

Okay, going now. bye

Monday, October 27, 2003

what fun we had

Well, my day with Jill and Chaz was fabulous!! We had such a great time. Breakfast was wonderful, and the shopping proved to be lucrative for us all. It was a day of gift certificate shopping for me. Not totally, but mostly. The weather was almost hot, okay not almost it was darn hot!!! It was near 80!! Today is going to be close to the same, with the sun out as well, so we are really going to paint our little hearts out and get the eaves done.

I am hungry and need a latte so I am going. Short and sweet. At least I have written something for all my die hard fans. :)

Saturday, October 25, 2003

yea, saturday!!!

I have had such a busy work week!! Today alone there was never a dull moment and rarely a time where I did not have people in the store with me. I had to call Ahmed a couple of times to come help me. And, even though at 3:00 I felt as though time was standing still, looking back it seems now to have flown.

So, this past week. Let's see.

Wednesday: nothing exciting to report.

Thursday: alot of the same as Wednesday.

Friday: went to a birthday party for our friends, Marcy and Jason (they share a birthday so had a joint party). It was a wild night, as most of the people invited are still college students. Did it make me (us) feel old, you ask? When the drinking games ensued, yes, yes I did (Kev actually played a hand). We were out a bit later last night than I would usually like to be on a "school" night, but I did survive today.

Saturday: I worked my bootay off and Kev cleaned the heck out of the house. It was nice and clean when I walked in the door. It was a gorgeous day today. A slight chill to the air, bright sun in the sky, and...that's all I can think of. I have now finished eating dinner (yummm, bowl night) and watching the World Series. I know dear Jill is probably crying in her beer (or did she say they bought wine) due to the Yankees's loss.

*Remember kids, set those clocks back tonight before bed!*

Sunday: Jill, Chaz and I are running around doing the fun things three young women do on a day where none of us work. We have not had a day off all together in such a long time!!! I am expecting to have a fabulous time, I would expect no less really. We are meeting for breakfast (thanks Mamasita Peggy for my birthday$$ so I can have b-fast with my girls) and getting an early start of being together.

Okay, so I'm going to go obsess on what to wear tomorrow.

Sorry it's been so darn long again...I know, you've heard it before.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

ahhhhh, work

Yesterday was so nice to see the girls. We went to Washington Sqauare Mall and walked around. I tried to spend my Gap gift certificate my sister sent for my birthday, but no luck. I think that this Sunday will be different. You see, this weekend Jill and Chaslyn and I are going for a girls day out. We are all looking forward to it! It's been so long since the last girls day that I can't remember when it was.

Today at work has blown by! It helps that I started with the funniest ladies this morning! They just stopped back by with another woman who is with them (for a work convention). Boy, I have laughed both times they have been in today. I told them they had to come by towards 6 to make me laugh some more before I had to head home. One of them mentioned happy hour... I love work when I have great customers in. Very rarely I get real pieces of work in (am I tempting fate?!?!) that are so unhappy with life that they have to take it out on everyone around them. But that is usually few and far between.

Most of you know now that Kev's no longer with Enterprise. I back his choice 100% and am not worried of him finding work. He is quite marketable and I know that whatever job he wants and applies for will be his. That being said, he has been enjoying his time off. I have left him chore lists occasionally, but he's done quite a bit around the house on his own. I am hoping that since today is oddly beautiful (70's and sunny) that he is painting the eaves. I can not promise you that he has, but we can all hope.

Well dear readers, I am going to take my leave. I have some work to do, as it is my Monday and I have paperwork from the weekend to catch up on. I will post more as more happens.

Monday, October 20, 2003

our thrilling weekend

Okay, now that I have your attention...

Saturday night, our friends Joe and Chaz come for dinner. Lasagna is really good, wine is tasty, salad- out of this world. You ask, "can a salad really be that good?" To which I answer, "Yes." I don't know what Chaz did, but she makes a mean salad!! We watched A Mighty Wind afterwards. One of the funniest movies I have ever seen!!! Russ, you should really give it a try. I know you didn't like Waiting for Guffman, but Wind is funnier!!!!! Everyone, rent this movie now!!!

Sunday, was not all that thrilling, I did get Kev to go with me to a fabric store. I had to get some things for a pillow I am making for a wedding. So, I did finish that pillow yesterday. Boy howdy it is beautiful, if I do say so myself. I took it with me to Jill's, but that comes after the haircuts...

I got my hair cut and it looks FABULOUS!! I have found a new hairsylist (actually Jill found her and shared). I looked at myself in Suzette's mirror and thought that I actually looked like a grown up woman. And it didn't feel like the wrong hair style on me. It used to be, with my former stylist, that she'd put so much goop in my hair I'd get a headache. With Suzette I can not wash it the next day and it still looks great. She's from the school of thought that less is more. I love her!!!

After Jill got her hair cut (yes, appointments on the same day) Kev and I went to her and Mark's apartment and drank nice wine and ate cold pizza. Both were quite lovely. I took my latest creation to show my dear friend and get feedback from her. Jill loved the pillow. She said if the recipients did not like it or appreciate it that she would give it a good home. I guess that means she really was impressed with it. After the wedding I will post a picture of it. I don't think the bride or groom read the blog, but you can never be too careful. (I guess they know what they are getting now, if they do read it, but they have no idea how absolutely beautiful it is!!!)

Today is Monday and I am going to meet the girls from the apartments. I have not seen Kerry or Betsy in a long time!! It is going to be so nice to see them. I am going to pick them (with Manny-Kerry's baby) up and we are going to go out to a mall. Oooooh ahhhhh! It's a nice place to walk around and not get rained on. Which rain is in the forcast so it's a good thing we're going there. Plus, it won't be as busy today with the kids back in school.

Well, on that note I must go take a shower and then clean out the trunk. I have to make space for Manny's pram.

Bye for now...

Friday, October 17, 2003


I think I may have frightened some customers today. It did not stop them from buying, but it did leave them wondering who in the world they just purchased their new clogs from. I had too much caffiene and my first customer was a wacky woman whom, I think, rubbed off on me. She is the nicest woman, just a little off her rocker at times.

My bus ride home was quite interesting. I have a bus buddy, Bill. He's a nice enough guy, but not someone I would say, invite over for dinner. I also have met a guy, Matthew, through a friend of mine. He sometimes rides the bus at the same time as me in the evening. Tonight was one of those evenings. Matthew and I share the same energy and work well with each other. Bill was a bit frightened (he did admit this to me at one point). I assured poor Bill that it was the Coca-cola I had just finished drinking, but I don't think he believed me. I usually don't have the evil caffiene after 1:30 at the latest. At 5:45 I was drinking my last sip from the bottle. Buzz, buzz, buzz. You all think I talk fast when I am not hopped up on a caffiene high...boy howdy I was talking almost as fast as my sister (Love you Julianne!!!).

I am waiting for Kev to get home with dinner and the ingredients for the lasagna I am making for our dinner tomorrow night with Joe and Chaz. We hung out with Chaz on Tuesday for the ol' birthday and invited them to come see the house. The last time they both were here we were in the middle of painting and there was no furniture.

Today I left Kev a grocery list. At 5:45 he called my cell telling me he hadn't gone yet that he was still hanging with Chuck. To which I replied, "you might want to leave now since I'm not going with you when you do go." I really don't want to cook two dinners tonight, so let's hope there is still a rotisserie chicken left.

Okay, must go relax. I am starting to type as fast as I was talking on the bus and that scares me just a tad.


Wednesday, October 15, 2003


So, as most of my friends know, yesterday was my birthday. It started out as a regular day like any other. I got up, took a shower, ate breakfast and went to work. Then I got the wild hair to go out for a drink with friends after work. It was a great evening and everyone had a fabulous time, especially this birthday girl. It wasn't so much that I drank a lot, because in the scheme of things I had very little and was sober when we headed home, I just went to bed too late last night!!! When we got home I was antsy and stayed up puttering around the house. Not really doing anything productive, just staying awake because I could.

It's made for a tired day at work, but luckily time has not stood still, rather it's zipped by and I have less than an hour and a half before I get to head home and see...

our new sliding door!!! (I was going to be incredibly cool and load a picture, but all of that is saved on my computer at home and I can't remember how to get to my picture hosting site from anywhere else) Kev sent me a picture of it all installed and finished. I can hardly wait to see it and to open it with the greatest of ease.

As it is right now, I am planning on going home and collapsing onto one of the couchs and not moving until it's time to collapse on the bed. I will probably change into my pj's as soon as I walk through the door. I am hoping Kev has kept up on laundry, as he promised he would, but we'll see.

Okay, now that I have "wasted" some time I should go clean up my desk. I come in on Tuesdays (I know today is Wednesday, just hang in there...I do have a point) and it is so clean. By Wednesday it's got a few more things piled on it and by Friday you can forget about actually seeing the top of it. Once Saturday rolls around I know I have to leave it clean for my co-worker so I clean it up. Actually that is a bit of a streching of the truth...I tend to clean it up as I go throughout the week. But as it stands right now, mess.

Now, I bid you all adieu.

Monday, October 13, 2003

tee hee

Finally my friend Kerri updated her blog. I was just getting ready to update mine, thought I'd cruise by her address and see if I could indeed give her a lump of trouble here. Nope, she's too fast...

Kevin and I just got back from an afternoon of mild running around. We are now home and preparing ourselves to do some home stuff. Mainly clean the place and discuss when we should really paint the one tall wall that remains purple in our cave. Do we think the family room and hall need some type of molding around the ceiling? What kind of repair we'll have to do when the guys are done installing the sliding doors on Wednesday? The list goes on.

I have made one new pillow for the blue sofa and have another in the works. It's softer and squishier than the ones that came with it, and it is a nice cream fabric that has quilted diamonds on it (Don't worry Mom, the cover comes off so I can wash it!!).

Okay, going to head out.

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!


Friday, October 10, 2003


Woke up, got out of comb across my head though. Went to the kitchen to grab a cup and found ants in my kitchen!!! To quote my dear friend, Megan, crapdammit!!! They were along on teh floor at the edge by the current "sliding" door. I killed the lot of them (yes, as in dead) and used Windex to clean the area. I don't know if the ammonia will make it so the new ones can't follow the sweet, sweet trail the now deceased ones left, but I'll give it a try.

Work has been zooming by this week! I have been asked out for girls night, but not sure I am feeling like it. All I can say is, we'll see how I am feeling tonight after work. I guess Naomi and some of her girlies are meeting downtown at a bar and then going to a movie, which I had already told her I wouldn't go to (not that I don't want to see the movie, nor is it that I don't want to spend time with the girls- it's just that I have a long bus ride home from downtown and I am lame).

Listening to Katie on Today gooshing all over George Cloony. Kind of sickening, actually.

I got word from Dad today that Mom got to hang with Hazel again!! She and their cat have not been able to be in contact with each other as Mom's immune system has been getting stronger. They went to the doctor's yesterday and her levels are where they were hoping they would be at this time and now Mom does not have to go in every week, just every other. As soon as they got home Mom called Hazel, and within a few minutes of coaxing Hazel came to her for the much needed lap time/snuggle. YEA!!! She was told that it will take about a month for her to feel back to her regular strength, but I see Mom squashing that and feeling like herself sooner than that. I don't know why, perhaps it is because she is the woman who, on her first day home, vacuumed. I know it was to make sure that her environment was clean and bacteria free, but still...she vacuumed!! :)

Okay, must go and fix me some lunch to take with me.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

sliding door

Our new door arrived yesterday! It will get installed next week, although I wish it were sooner. I am hoping that all goes smoothly and there are no glitches, but I doubt that will be the case. They are going to have to cut some of the siding and change the way the door sits in the room a bit. As it is right now the old door sits in a little recess that is about 3 inches deep. When they are done it will be flush with the walls. I think, ulitmately, it will look better to have it flush. The door is soooo pretty!!! It's white, with panes and I can't wait to have it installed. To be able to open a door with one finger, rather than your entire body weight...ahhhhh.

I just got done reading my friend's blog...Kerri. She mentioned being sad when I don't post as often as I once did. I will try to post more often, but she don't post everyday either!! Yes, missy, I'm talkin' about you!!!! :)

My parents have informed me that they will stay at a hotel when they are here in December. This will make life less stressful for them, and most likely for us as well. I'm not sure what arrangements Mom made with the Holiday Inn Express that is just a hop skip and a jump away, but it's all taken care of. It will probably be best for everyone, and since we are going to rent a mini-van while they are here we can be the shuttle. We can get Dad put on the contract so he can be the shuttle driver between the two places too, if he wants. It is his vacation, so maybe we will take on that responsibility!!

The rains may have come home to roost. Which makes me a bit sad, because we were hoping to get the eaves painted before they started. I'm thinking there will be a break in the rain this next week, so we can get it done. There are some projects inside so we can just do those while the days are grey and rainy outside.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the rain. It is quite cleansing and rejuvinating. Our lawn is even coming back to life. So I guess we may have to mow it again before winter.

Okay, that's it, I'm done for today. That satisfy you Kerri and Russ?!?

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

really, it's been that long?!

I didn't realize I had not done any updating. Sorry Russ!!

We went to Seattle this weekend to visit some of our friends. Their daughter, Vivian, is the perfect child! She and Kevin had a great time playing with Mr. Potato Head among other various toys. She is just smitten with Kev!! I know how she feels.

I have huge projects for myself at work. I must reorganize the stock room to get ready for Christmas goods. I am hopefully going to get Kevin to help some evening when we are closed. It will just be easier if there are no customers in the store when redoing everything back there!! We have a ton of old styles that just need to go away.

I have designed my closet, I want to have shoe cubbies instead of the boxes that I bring them home in. This way I can see everything in the morning and I don't have to open every box (yes, I do have them labeled, duh!!). I also think we may need to do some decorative painting/glazing on one of the walls in the bedroom as well.

Okay, I'm at work so I do need to go, but I did want to tell you all that we are still alive and kicking here in the PAC NW.

Oh, and Mom's doing great!! Her energy is getting greater and greater. She's been cleaning almost like she was before this all started. :)

Thanks to those who sent cards adn what-not when she was in the hospital.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

no chain link

At least those were the words uttered by Kevin. I am inclined to agree, as I really don't like chain link. I just am at a loss figuring out how we will tell Juan. We want to be good neighbors and have a great relationship with him, but we do enjoy our privacy in the backyard. I was thinking we could tell him we like the wood fences better and were planning on putting one up next spring, but who knows.

Have had some fabulous conversations via email at work with a customer. She ordered a couple of pairs of clogs to be shipped to her in Canada and we got to talking yesterday when she placed the order over the phone. Just an hour ago she emailed me about their new kitten that they had to pts(put to sleep) last night due to a fatal virus kittens sometimes get (maybe something similar to distemper). I was honored that she would know she could write me about it. I emailed her back telling her just that.

It's been a slow day at Ye' Olde Clog Shoppe. I still have boxes that I need to get unpacked, but every time I try to people come in. It's not a shopping day though and usually I come back up front answer a question or two and they leave. Ah well, the world of retail is a fickle one indeed. I have to say though that the day has been zipping by. I will soon be heading home to try out another new recipe.

Last night's "Spicy Beef Salad" left a little to be desired. The beef, although Kev put it in the marinade before I got home (late once more) didn't have the kick either of us thought it would. Tonight we have a "Tequila Chicken Fettuccine." We'll see. Don't know how the two flavors will taste together, but we are up for new things!!

So, upon ending todays installment I will send out this...

I have not gotten one real email since Saturday the 27th!!! I know you all get a look into "our world" because of this blog, but I have not heard what is going on with all my friends in too long!!!

Hello, anyone there?!!?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Nothing too exciting

So I ended up writing up orders and doing some tedious paperwork last night. I know, "one shouldn't bring home work" but I have not been able to get these things done at work and I needed to get them done.

Kev called me a couple of times last night when the band was playing two of the songs I had hoped they'd play Monday night. Jerk. :) He had a great time, although I have not spoken to him much about it...unless I spoke in my sleep last night (a possibility).

We are going to head up to Seattle this weekend. We have not seen our friends Darrel and Megan and their little girl, Vivian, in over a year and a half. They bought a house 1 1/2 years ago and had been on us to get there so we could help with various projects, but it couldn't happen until this weekend. I am also going to visit Ahmed's friend's clog shop there too. I know, it's work, but I want to see the place I call every so often. I also heard that Viv is in her gold, metallic clogs I sent at the beginning of summer. I will have to take loads of pictures!!!

I am quite excited about December, I know it is a ways away, but the fact that my family is coming for Christmas is just wonderful. I have been testing recipes to make while they are here. I know I will be making clam chowder!!! I tried it this past weekend and even though Kev was skeptical when I told him I was going to make it, he loved it!! He even went so far as to buy a can of chowder just in case it was horrible. That can is still in our cabinet! Homemade cheesy crescent rolls too, not sure if they will be part of the menu, or if I will find another roll recipe I like better. I know, it's only October, but anyone who knows me knows I like to plan in advance. I am my mother's daughter!!!

Talked with Juan, our neighbor, last night. We talked a bit about spliting the cost of a chain link fence to run between our properties. I told him I'd talk to Kev and let him know. We had been wanting to put up a privacy fence, but teh more I started thinking, the more I thought we could maybe plant some trees like the ones that are sheilding us in the front, from his driveway. I will have to talk to our landscaper (our friend who owned his own landscape business in Eugene, OR a little while ago before moving to Portland). He said he'd help-for food. He suggested trade, I suggested feeding him. He liked the idea. I am sure I mentioned him and our deal before, but just a quick refresher.

Okay, going to finish my coffee and get my things together so I can head out to the bus in 40 minutes.

I know, excitment abounds.