Wednesday, September 22, 2004

damn construction

For the past few weeks we have had builders across the street pounding and sawing and yelling as they build two houses on one lot. Not the perfect world, but at least there will be houses there that will hopefully increase our property value so that when we sell in a few years this house will pay off.

Once that construction is done though there may be one more they work on this year (although I am praying for the rain to come early so they have to wait until next year).

Okay, another annoyance:
The fact that I asked my dear, darling husband last night to take my bowl to the kitchen with his before he came to'll never guess I'm sure! They are still in the damn family room where they were when he said "okay" to taking care of them. WHY does he not listen to me? Or why is it he doesn't follow through?

okay, done bitching...for now.