Wednesday, December 31, 2003

new years eve

well, it is upon us once more, we will be ringing in the new year with friends and sushi. actually dinner will happen much earlier than midnight, but we will still toast to the new year. i have told a couple of people that i am open until 6 and now i have been told i should close between 4:30 and 5. one person has come back already and the other told me she'd be here after 5, when she gets off work. i can only hope that she gets off work early too...

we are having the great debate of going home after dinner to ring in the new year with the critters, or to go to a party that people we don't know are hosting. i vote home, just to make sure that the dog is going to be okay. i think people in our hood will be setting off fireworks and i know that josie is scared by them. i just worry that she will get scared and hurt herself or the cats. kev doesn't think she'll do anything, and he doesn't think that the neighbors will really be out...i've heard them out already and i've seen josie's reaction. but as kev says, "we'll see."

i think i may just go outside and scrub off the holiday greetings on our window here at the shop. or just sit here and figure out what the plans are for after work (now that i get to leave a little early-i give the girl 15 minutes after 5 and then i leave her a note!). i know that mark and i will most likely be meeting for a drink, and then to dinner...

happy new year to all my devoted readers! i know there are millions.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

dog park

Yesterday was the first day we took Josie out to a huge dog park that is a little of a car ride away from our house. She was excited to get into the car, as she's not gotten to go for a ride for some time, but when we got to the park I thought she was going to jump through the door itself!! I have never seen her so excited (except for when Kev and I have both been gone and we come home at the same time). There was one other dog there, who almost peed on my leg...hmmm? She was a bit growly in the beginning, but soon she and Frisbie were tearing after each other and were in heaven. She wore herself out running the entire park, which is about the size of a football field I would say. The greatest thing about it is that it is fully fenced!! I see us going there much during the summer!! As it was it was very muddy and she got herself a bath when we got home.

The cats are doing well, starting to play a bit with each other out in the living room. They hadn't for a while because everytime they would start something the dog would join them wanting to play as well. The trio is quite the funny one!!

Work was amazingly busy the past few days (I took Christmas through yesterday off). I have much paper work to get caught up with, which I have not even started. I had quite a bit of shipping to do today as well. It is nice though, I work two days, have one off (New Years Day we're closed) and then work two days with two days off after that. Not too shabby a schedule. I will probably take the end of month papers home with me tomorrow so I can get them done for the 2nd.

Well, I should go and email people their tracking numbers for their clogs...

Monday, December 29, 2003

before i start hearing it from the friends...

I have been lax because I had family in town. Now that they have all gone back to their homes *sniff* I can pick it back up again. We had such a fun time with everyone here. It allowed me to cook for many people, one of my favorite things, as well as introducing some of my family to some of my friends here.

We went last night to see Somethings Gotta Give. Very funny movie, although it did drag at certain parts. The cast was perfect for it though! Then went to Portland City Grill afterwards for Happy Hour. That place has some of the best little nibblies ever. We met our friends, Chuck and Marcy there so they could meet my parents.

We ended up having battery issues with the car. As in it died when we were trying to get my parents back to their hotel the other night. This is where living next to a mechanic comes in handy. We are going to have to talk with Jaun to see if our battery held a charge or if we need to get a new one. He told us to keep the one he put in our car, but we just feel like we shouldn't take advantage of him. I don't know...

It snowed last night. I got up to feed the animals (yes at 7:30 which is the latest Simon and Josie will allow me to sleep on the weekends) and take Josie out and low and behold there was white on the ground!! Josie was not too sure as to what it was and why she should have to go out to do her business in it and tried to turn around and come back in, but I didn't let her until she'd gone. Which was the fastest I've seen her go!! Usually she likes to dawdle out there and we'll let her run around by herself (she's gotten good at letting us go back inside while she figures out where she wants to go) and then she'll come tearing around the house and onto the deck when she's done.

Mundane, yes, but you all ask for it (at least that is what Kev tells me from his conversations from various friends).

More when there is more excitment in our lives!

Friday, December 26, 2003

ahhhhh, it's done

Well, dinner was a success. We had brisket, Mom's holiday potatoes, green beans with toasted almond slivers and herbed corn. It was quite tasty.

It has been such a nice visit. And the great thing is that I have then next four days off still!! Julianne and David head out tonight for LA and my parents are here until the 29th. We are planning on a day of shopping today and then who knows. I think Dad and I are going to take the bus home when done, since 6 won't fit in the Honda!!

Josie was a super star and didn't beg at dinner, she cuddled with my sister and was basically just a great dog!! I keep saying it, but it bears repeating. We lucked out with her, she's a gem!!!

She must have known I am typing about her because sghe is trying oty wh help me abd climb in my lap,.

artgghghkhyju; o'u

Monday, December 22, 2003

following orders/requests

So, I got the email, "more pictures please" from my friend Kerri in OK. She just updated her blog so I thought I should update mine.

We have had a great first three weeks with Josie. We have been reminded why we wanted a dog that was at least two years old, when visiting friends homes with puppies. They are cute, but look at this face. She and I were having a little play time when her Dad was still in bed. She was so happy and full of puppy goodness without the destruction and sharp puppy teeth!!

Simon and Chloe even hang out with her now. I'm not fond of the shot of me, but in the other one we took just after this it looks as though I am strangling poor Josie. I'm not, I was just trying to get her to look at the camera.

And you have all heard how much she loves her dad. She likes napping with him, sitting next to him while he's on the computer, or just being near him. Although right now she is perfectly content to chew on some rawhide. Not my first choice of chew toys, but Kev got her some when I wasn't looking.

We gave dear Josie a bath yesterday and sadly didn't get any "wet" shots of her with her fur sticking out in all directions (quite cute really). And I didn't think she could get any shinier than she was already like this shot with Marcy. But when I got home last night she was gleaming...again sorry that I don't have the shot to compare. We will be recharging the camera today since we have family arriving tomorrow.

Well, I think I have dried too many eyes out now. I heard that I have quite the following of readers. I only know of a handful of people so if any of you wanted to let me know what you think...the address is as the top of the blog.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

the sunday before christmas

and all through my house there were creatures stiring,
and boy there better not be any mouse.

One Chloe, one Simon, one Josie all rose.
One Shannon sat typing as Kevin still dozed.

The tree was lit, the presents not wrapped.
We really want the critters to help us with that.

As the days drew nearer for family to come.
All Shannon could think of was what she'd not done.

To vacuum, to dust, to pick up the clutter.
Don't forget to get steel wool and a yellow dobie scrubber.

Taper candles for the table an air freshener for the car.
If this house is it's cleanest she'll be such a star.

And so she sat thinking and dreaming of cleaning.
And knew that she'd get everything beautiful and gleaming.

Just where is the energy, where is motivation?
In the kitchen she can make her latte creation.

So off she goes with such a clatter,
or great another thing for her to pick up later.

To all that don't get to come to our home,
we wish you all well and will see you when you roam.

For anytime any of you wish to come see,
we'll be here with a sofa on which you can sleep.

Just call ahead to make the reservations,
we'd hate for you to come while we're on vacation.

Happy holidays to everyone this cool December morn.
We'll think of you all on Christmas without the creamed corn.

(I guess Mom couldn't find any this year.)

Love you all!

Friday, December 19, 2003

we have a tree!

Kevin went yesterday to the Lents Little League (Lents is the park near us-huge with a large baseball park plus much more) tree lot and got us a tree. It is a nice little tree, very full and round, almost shaped like Simon!! We hung the lights, the garland, and all our plastic ormanments I have gotten every year of my life. It is such a cute tree!! The kids, thus far, have left it pretty much alone. We believe that if you allow them to investigate while you are putting the tree together they will not be as curious later. In years past this rule has worked for us, but this is our first real tree...

Work picked up today, YEA! Yesterday was about mind numbing. We are going to see The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) tomorrow with some friends. It should be....long. I am excited to see it, but not as excited as two of the people I am going with. Chuck and I are in the same boat as we didn't read the books. But Marcy and Kevin are nuts about it all (where do you think I got the LOTR from?).

I don't like candy anymore, I've decided. We have gotten candy from just about every manufacturer we carry. My teeth feel hairy, my stomach wants nothing to do with anything sweet again for a little while, and just the thought of it makes me feel funky.
Crap!! I forgot to call my Grandma Sam (Dad, send me a reminder so I do it tomorrow morning, will you?) to tell her we got the chocolate pecan pies for Xmas dinner. I still have nothing but Mom's Holiday Potatoes on the menu. I have to figure out what to buy at the store on Monday. Maybe we'll just eat a ton of potatoes!! :) No, I'll make something good, I promise.

So it's like this, I'm outta here!!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

josie likes to chew

Well, you guessed it, Josie has decided that a pair of my clogs made a tasty treat. Luckily Kevin caught her and gave her all kinds of hell AND the clogs were not that damaged. She also likes a pillow I made out of an old button up shirt of Kevins. Not sure why, but she takes it out to the front room, tosses it up in the air and then after a while becomes bored with it. We are trying to curb this obsession.

Her true colors are showing and although we don't like what we are seeing surface we are in love with her and are willing to work with it. We will be making something to block the kitchen doorway that is not a baby gate, she jumps over that (and we are worried she will hurt herself at some point.

Kevin just got our tree, I hear it is not super tall, but it's taller than our 4' tree we usually have. That one is at the store in the window. It's the perfect height in the window on the table.

Okay, I'm rambling about nothing too exciting and I must go.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

too many chocolate clogs

My gem of a boss has brought in these little Swiss chocolate clogs he got for his birthday and while I am thrilled he has opted to share with me I am sad that they are here making my willpower get worked overtime. They are just sooooo yummy and smooth and they melt in your mouth, sigh.

Okay, what interesting news do I have? The dog is still the cutest dog I have ever known. I did go on Sunday to help out with Second Chance Companions. They are who we got Josie from. I sat with three dogs (I only had to hold one) for four hours and tried to convince passersby that they wanted to give one of them a home. One did get placed that day and I hope that they decided to keep him. SCC does a trial adoption, where they hold your $ until you give them the go ahead to cash the check. So, if it doesn't work out then they will take the dog back so they can find a forever home. It was a fun day, tiring, but fun. I am going to help once a month on the second Sunday.

We are going to go get our tree tonight come hell or high water!! It was a dry day today and so we need to take advantage of the situation. I didn't want to get a tree in the rain and have it drip all over my house. As it is we will probably be battling the cats and Josie to keep it upright. Wish us luck.

Well, it is now just about 4:00 and so I have two hours left. It is not a busy holiday season for us which makes me a bit nervous and sad.

So, visit, buy shoes and be happy!! :)

Love you friends.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


With the holidays rapidly approaching I have neglected my blog. I know that Russ is probably checking when he wakes and before he goes to bed to see if I have done any updating everyday since last Friday!!

We have "fixed" the fence in back so that Josie can be let out without being on her leash. She can no longer get into the neighbor's yard, nor can their dog get into ours!! YEA!!

We have started the cleaning process so that when my family is here next week they are not disgusted by what pigs we are (oink). Actually it's not that bad, but there are a few areas that got a little *forgotten* that need some special attention. The fridge is so darn clean now it is almost a little frightening.

Work has been busy! I can tell the last minute rush of shoppers have started to panic. I have many shoes waiting to be picked up by UPS already and expect to have more by the time they get here this afternoon.

It is already almost 1:00 and I am finally just putting my lunch in the microwave. Anyone who takes their lunch to work I have found these Betty Crocker things that are quite good and not much $$. They are Bowl Appetit. I am hooked on the garlic parmesan pasta!

Okay, micro is ringing so latah!

Friday, December 12, 2003

what a voice!!

We went last night to the show and I am here to tell you he's got a set of pipes!! The sound at the venue is great and the band played without any effort. You could tell all of them were having a great time on stage, which is always a plus in my book.

Rufus even mentioned the clogs he bought...but I whooped before he was done speaking so all I heard was, "I just got these clogs today..."

We did leave a little early, as I had to work and Josie needed to potty. We also have a party we are going to this evening so I didn't want two late nights in a row. I figured that they were free tickets so to leave with probably just a few songs left it wouldn't be a crime (I'm sure Kerri you would think differently).

Well, must get things ready for my favorite UPS driver...

Thursday, December 11, 2003

boy howdy!!

So if yesterdays blog entry left you wanting more be glad you checked back today!!

What a day at work. It's been fabulous. One of my favorite customers came in and while she was here Rufus Wainwright came in and bought three pairs of clogs. I acted all cool, but let him know I knew who he was, and he ended up asking if I wanted to be put on the list plus one for the show tonight. I said, "wow, that would be really cool. Thanks." While he was here he got a bazillion phone calls and during one he said, "I'm at this really cool clog shop. The girl here is really nice..." I kid you not Russ and Kerri!!!

So, we are going to a show tonight. Anyone who is not sure who he is can find a couple of songs here.

The show is at the Aladdin Theater. I am excited about seeing some music!! I know my friend Linsel will be jealous!! :) tee hee.

Okay, I'm out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

woo hoo

nothing thrilling to report on, but when i got home kev was talking with russ who was asking if i'd updated the blog yet and if i had to please not spoil it. i don't think i had and even if i had kev doesn't read this thing and has no idea as to what i put in it, unless i tell him which i don't usually because i think he finds it rather boring really.

i just ate a burrito made with black beans and kidney beans. it was good but a bit small. maybe i'll make some nachos to fill my tummy (see, i told you nothing thrilling to report on).

chloe is sitting on the computer desk watching josie who is laying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs that lead into the cave. simon has found a lap and is sleeping, kev is on the sofa in the living room doing crossword puzzles. i am putting off working on a canvas i told a friend i'd have pieced together for him by friday. it will be done by then. actually you all should check out craig's site. he's got some beautiful photos of portland in his gallery.

okay, speaking of craig i am now feeling guilty and will take my mike's hard lemonade back to the sewing room to start the process of piecing (is that spelled right? it looks all kinds of wrong) together craig's canvas.

hi to mom and dad who just got home from pennsylvania where they moved my grandma into an assisted living program. i'll talk to you two soon...

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

take two...

I tried to post this last night. I had it all typed out and hit post & publish. Then it got sucked into the void of "cannot show this page."

Josie has a friend! We took her over last night to meet our friends yellow lab, Edgar. At first I must admit I was a bit worried. She was carrying on, growling, hackles raised, teeth bared...but then something happened and after a bit more sniffing of each other they were off. They ran around the backyard at top speed for what felt like hours, really it was probably at about 15 minute spurts.

Jess and I then took the kids on a long walk, over a mile!! They did quite well, although they are both pullers on the leash. Josie and I and Kevin are working on this. We ran into two large dogs, and Josie was a superstar! No growling, no barking, not a peep out of my girl. She usually would be a bit growly, but with her pal Edgar acting like such a star she had to fall in line. I praised her and praised her and praised her!!

I may be going this weekend to help Karen, Josie's foster mom, with showing some dogs at PetCo on Sunday. I want to meet the woman who kept such good care of my little girl and help her find forever homes for the others that are in her care. This way she can adopt more and save them too.

Must go, have to go to work early today to do inventory and place a massive order today. It never stops!

Sunday, December 07, 2003


We just got back from taking Josie on a 45 minute walk. She did okay, but we do have to work on her socialization with other dogs. She tends to bark at them and growl a bit. It's fine if they are on a leash, but when they come up on her she's not fond of it. We think she tried to nip one dog in it's butt as it barreled up on her. My sister said that her dog, Oscar, tends to be like that when on his leash, but when at the dog park and everyone is off leash he calms down and plays. She thought it had something to do with being protective. Sounds about right to me.

Chloe is coming out more and more. In fact she's been sleeping on the sofa in the living room lately. She gets chirpy and weird when Josie noses around, which makes Josie jump back, but everyone seems happy. Josie's tail is constantly wagging when her cats are around.

We had a dead mouse. The house is a bit stinky now and we are trying to get rid of the odor asap. Kev says he can't smell it, but he also doesn't have the keenest sense of smell. I, on the other hand, have a very "touchy" olfactory system and feel as though it is starting to consume the rest of the house. Kevin located the source the other day and has gotten rid of it, but the smell lingers. Wish us luck as we take on this challenge.

So, today is my sister's birthday! Happy Birthday, Julianne!!! I spoke with her earlier and didn't realize the date. Now she says I'm fired. I feel so badly about it! We'll have to do something big to make it up to her.

We are going to go get some fabric and stuffing so I can make Josie a bed. I have the fabric for the top, but not anything that will work on the bottom. I am also hoping that Fabric Depot has some big pillow forms. I think they do. I am going to make a coordinating pillow for the chair in the living room, where her bed will reside. She sleeps on an old blanket that is too small for the beds and she loves it. I am going to wash it for her today. She drops fur like no other!! And we thought the cats shed.

Well, popcorn has just been brought in so I must go.

Friday, December 05, 2003


It has come. Today has been raining almost constantly. Not complaining, just informing.

Kev said that the crew was all sleeping when I just spoke to him a minute ago. Until Josie heard his voice and they I could hear her following him. She hangs on his every move. I really feel she thinks the sun raises and sets on him!!!

She is an escape artiste though. She doesn't like the whole getting gated into the kitchen thing so we must come up with a better solution. I really don't want her to have the run of the house while we're gone. At least not until she's used to the idea. I have no clue how she'll react to Kev's absense once he finds work.

Speaking of finding work, that is going well. Has some prospects, but don't want to jynx so I will wait until he is hired on somewhere to say anything.

Last night at work we had an open house. One of my favorite reps showed up and gave a presentation about the history of his company. It was great to see him all of 12 hours he was in town!! He's back through next week so we can do dinner then. We had a great time, drank some wine, ate some cheese, sold some clogs. Much different thing when you can drink wine while selling!!

Tonight we are going to have a low key night at home. I was invited to go to Pioneer Square (basically a full city block downtown that events are held at) to have some beer with some girl friends, but since I have been a bit icky in the health arena I figured I'd wait until I was 100% before doing any of that.

It will be me, Kev and the fur kids for an evening of Scrabble? Haven't brought that idea up yet. I am hoping for burritos though!! We got the chicken and way too many beans when we went shopping on Monday so we gotta make them...

Well, getting ready to close up shop (in 45 minutes) so I should go fill some clog racks.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

a bit better

Well, after coming home early on Tuesday and not going in yesterday I am up and ready to go to work. My throat hurt so much those two days that I could barely speak. It isn't 100% today, but we are having an open house at work and I have to be there. It does feel better though and my body doesn't ache anymore.

Kev took Josie on a loooong walk yesterday at Forrest Park (over by where we used to live). She did really well. Came home and pretty much slept all night. Although everytime Kev gets up to get or do something she is up in a flash following him. It's quite funny! I joke with Kev about it all the time and all he does is laugh and hug her. I think he likes having her hang on his every move. Simon still is hanging out with us, after keeping a low profile since the chase. He didn't come out much on Tuesday but has increased his time out of the sewing room each day. Now he wanders whenever he wants. This makes me the most happy, but I'll be happiest when Chloe is with us too.

Josie does hang out with me in the morning though, and when I leave she whines a bit. It makes me feel like she does like me!!! Simon pretty much hangs on my lap whenever he is out. YEA!

Well, I am off to do my hair!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

throat sooo sore...

Since I only got one day off this weekend I have not allowed my body to fully recover from feeling icky. Yesterday I thought I was going to be fine, throat was feeling better, body not aching. Then I woke up today. My throat hurts with each time I swallow and my body wants to just be wrapped up in the blankets back in bed. I may have to talk to Ahmed about leaving early today. We'll see if he has things to do this afternoon, if not he may have to be closing for me.

My day off with Josie was great though. She joined us on several of our errands, all revolving around her (okay just PetCo was for her and the bank was for us). She and I went for a walk, while her Dad stayed home and put away the groceries. We actually left her for the first time today. We got a baby gate from friends and gated her in the kitchen. She just hung out, but was so excited when we got home. She is a funny girl. She wakes up with me, let's me take her out and feed her (which she doesn't gobble up in one sitting) and then she'll hang with me for a while, but it's back to the bedroom to her bed by Kevin. She is a daddy's girl!!

Last night we did have a chase happen. She decided that Simon's fast movement was something she should investigate and Simon didn't agree. Hence, he took off running (a bit freaked out) and she ran in persuit of him (thinking he was playing). I yelled for her to leave him, and after a couple of times she did.

Jill was over to watch KU basketball. It was a bit nerve wracking at times, but they pulled it out!

As many times before, I must finish getting ready for work. Ugh...