Thursday, October 29, 2009

a post of eclectic

i am looking forward to what today holds. i will be zipping between stores a bit, but also going to ellington to look at the purses again. i went last week, but honestly didn't get to dig in the bags and really inspect them as i would have liked. my rep is a lovely woman, but it was hard to really play when she was there. don't know why that was. ah well, at least their store is open weekly and i can go anytime i want. :)

the dog is driving me batshit crazy. she will guard her breakfast for a while before finally settling down and eating it. she acts as though i am the meanest person in the world when i make her go out to potty before she's eaten. she tucks her tail a little and acts like i'm scolding her. i try to keep my voice upbeat and free of the annoyance i am feeling, but somehow she knows.

for some reason simon allowed us to sleep until the alarm sounded this morning. not sure what's up with that cat. he hasn't used his voice much at all today. not that i am complaining because the other one, chloe, is taking up the slack for him. whine whine whine as she sits behind me, staring at my head.

the rains have arrived. how can i tell, besides the drops of water falling from the sky? people aren't out and about. it always happens each year when they return. we forget what it's like to have rain and we freak out, hiding inside. this will change after a couple of weeks and we realize it's not going anywhere.

kev has to work on halloween. i don't think i am going to hand out candy. i just don't need it in my house and last year we didn't get all that many kids. and honestly, kids don't need the candy either... i think i may go hang with the neighbors. i suppose i should make sure they are down with that idea. i do have a party we got invited to, but i'm not sure i am going to go.

i have signed up at this site called that my sister told me about. it's pretty cool. you make reservations, they give you points. the points turn into $$ you can spend at participating restaurants. pretty neat, huh? i also signed up at to help save money for my dear little nephew's college fund. i've got a total savings of $7.38 thus far!! :) it makes me feel good contributing to his future.

knitting is coming along and i have only a couple more blocks to make for the blanket i'm doing for my dear little nephew. it's pretty exciting, really. i am hoping to have it down to them mid december at the latest, although part of me is thinking i should wait and send it down with my parents when they go down after xmas. we'll see how much space they will have. i just fear it getting lost in the mail. and since that voice is calling, perhaps i should listen and ask mom and dad. :)

work is calling...must go in now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

today was a day

we decided yesterday that we'd start winterizing the garden today. we finally had a day off together that was somewhat nice. we did the responsible thing by getting up and getting outside. we cleaned up the beans, zucchini, tomatoes, and weeded around the asparagus (the ferns that is). we discussed what we'd like to see happen back there next year as far as the paths go. i don't feel like mulching every couple of years. we did it last year, our first summer, and as i recall i ended up doing most of it.

i am going to play with it tonight i think. put pen to paper, if you will. in fact, i think i am going to get my graph paper right now...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

make me a chicken pot pie!

kev surprised me with a food processor this year for my birthday. i'd told him that the trip could be my present, but he did research and found a great deal at macy's for a 7 cupper. i made tiny pies tonight to freeze for later in the winter.

i added sage to the pie dough recipe because i thought it would add a lovely flavor to the meal. i only made enough dough for six of the wide mouthed 8 oz jelly jars so i threw some biscuits in the oven while i filled the jars with the mixture since there was extra filling...

when the biscuits were done i split one on the bottom of each bowl and spooned the filling on top. the recipe was quite tasty.

i am looking forward to trying the tiny pies soon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

hello there stranger

time has passed. funny how it does that.

1. i went to california to visit my sister, her husband and my 5 month old nephew last weekend. i was in heaven. from the moment he laid eyes on me E got a huge grin on his face and his eyes lit up. i am sure my face did the same.

2. i am surprised the kid isn't chapped from head to toe since i kissed every single inch of him multiple times. he didn't seem to mind. in fact, he giggled everytime i gave his belly zerburts. but then again, who wouldn't?

3. i came home to an extremely clean house. it has promptly gone down hill. i've worked every single day since getting home, some days were 10+ hour days. i promise to clean it tomorrow.

4. i am chugging along on the next sweater/shell i am knitting myself, but have to set it down now to work on the blanket once more. i didn't want to take the gift with me because it would spoil the surprise and it has gotten too big to be a traveling project.

5. our old tv finally died. kev did research and found us a new tv at a great deal. it's puuuuurrrrrty!

6. i don't have a sixth thing in my mind right now, but it's my favorite number so... 6!

Monday, October 05, 2009

four more sleeps and other orts

i am going to visit my sister and her family on friday. i can hardly wait to get my arms around my nephew. it will be the perfect ending to what promises to be an exhausting week.

i've been redesigning the office and it is now time to put the plan into action. that means, office is getting cleaned out, old furniture removed, new furniture purchased and constructed...all before wednesday's meeting which is at 1:00. i can do it!

knitting is going well, except for the fact when we walked in the door saturday night kev's first words as he opened the door were, "uh oh! you are not going to like this..." josie had pulled all the yarn out of the bag that held the blanket i am making for eli and family. josie basically pulls out the balls of yarn and tosses them in the air, which makes them all fall she gets the next one out until it's nothing but a mess. all in all there were four balls of yarn played with and only one had been broken (meaning the yarn was cut essentially). thankfully, she didn't put a hole in the blanket.

i have a different project to take with me on the plane since the blanket is to the size where it just wouldn't travel well (can't imagine knitting it on the plane really). and since i don't want to work on it in front of my sister and her stays here so i can finish it and ship it before the holidays. she knows i'm making it, but she doesn't know what it looks like. man, it's turning out beautifully and i think she will adore it!!