Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oh life, how fun it is

many of my friends and family have been wondering what all my posts on facebook have been about, with the overnight jobs, etc. i figured i should just blab a bit here...

i still am working at the shoe store (where i have the worlds most awesome boss) on a part time basis. i have a few floor days, but also have a floating office day. my boss has allowed me to step down from some responsibilities that were no longer fun for me (and quite overwhelming since we have grown to 7 stores over the past 10 years...what, with increasing his staff from 3 to 26). the office day can be divided up between writing checks and filing and being creative in the stores and on the web.

back in october of last year, i helped a friend on her wedding day by overseeing every little detail so she was allowed the luxury of being a bride and enjoying her guests. she said it was perfect, which swelled my heart. :) why am i telling you this? well, she owns her own business, old school craft services.  some of their guests were people they work with in the industry (her husband works along side her). many asked her what production company i worked for and they all were a little surprised to hear i sold shoes. never, in a million years, did i think that day would be the biggest job interview i would ever have. i've been training with her since march, anytime she can hire me on. it's been exhilarating.

and as if that's not enough? i started selling eyewear (which most of my dear ones know about already). check out amy sacks for more of that.

there are many stories, but i'm too pooped to tell any right now.