Saturday, August 30, 2003


Last night was the last Timbers soccer game of the season, and the first I got to this year. Was great, we beat El Paso 3-0. The Timbers always score big when we go, at least that is what our friends say. Jill and Mark went with us and the stands were quite full. Was a good night for soccer.

I was told that you could see my tv spot if you go to and look in the archives. I tried this morning, and there were some errors that didn't show me the archives, but they should be getting that glitch taken care of. It was story on the computer virus and I believe it aired last week, Friday the 22nd. This way, you can view it too and tell me how much weight you think the camera adds...I stand by my original 20!!!

Labor day weekend is upon us and although everyone is wishing me a good weekend, I sadly only have Sunday off. It's fine though, I get two extra days off when Mamasita Peggy and Daddy Walter are in town the 10/11-14th. I will just have an extra day tagged on to next week. Then it is off a day, back for four and off for four. Not much longer until their visit. I was hoping to get a call saying our sofa/sleeper was going to be in, it has now been the 8 weeks of the 8-12 weeks, but I don't think that it will happen. If anything we will get the call shortly after they leave on the 14th. :)

My friend, Kerri and her significant other, Russell, have just bought a house in Oklahoma City. I have welcomed her to the "club." Although I didn't warn her of the evils of the Home Depot!! IT'S A DEEP-HOLE KERRI, BEWARE!! :) It has been good for us, but you can blow through a whole day without even realizing it!!

Kerry, Oliver and Manny are back from England (our former neighbors). Scott has been back for a couple of weeks longer. We will go over there on Monday, after I get off of work, for a bbq! She says Manny weighs 13lbs now!! That is just about double his birth weight! I can't wait to see them all. I miss the old hood, but have gotten quite comfortable where we are. It helps that the mini pincher next door didn't wake us at 4:30 this morning (again).

Well, my coffee is getting cold and I must go make my lunch for my day. It shouldn't be a long day, yesterday breezed by (of course it sputtered at the end with a customer keeping me there until half past 6. And then it hit me, she was the same woman who kept me there until 7:30 about 6 months ago!!! This time she bought though. :) I quote Kerry, "bye for now."

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

things shaping up

been a while, sorry 'bout that. We got the ottoman on Saturday. WOW, it is just beautiful and so modern looking. It will look much better when we get the new sofa as well, but for now it works nicely. It is a chocolate brown leather, very beautiful and the cats love it!! We just have to get a couple of nice lucite trays to use when we eat in front of the tube (which is just about all we do).

We got a little table and chair set this weekend for the backyard. We got sick of not having anywhere to sit outside. It was a nice little find at Walmart. Not exactly my favorite place to shop, but it does have some good deals.

I have been finding places for my parents to stay when they are here in December. Since my Grandma is coming too they have to find a place where they have a walk in shower. I think that my Dad may stay with us and Mom and Grandma may stay at the Holiday Inn Express which is very close to the house. This is the best way, I can figure out. There is a place that sounds perfect, but it is 25 +/- minutes away. My sister and her boyfriend have talked about staying someplace downtown, but we'll see.

We just got the third year of the Simpsons on DVD so that is what we have planned this evening.

Jill helped me this weekend attach our drawer pulls in the kitchen (YEA!!!) and she helped me hang the tension wire for our closet curtain. MUCH better than the original pole that we had it hanging on. I just have to hem the curtains now, but I will do that on Sunday. I had told Kev that we had changed something in the kitchen, but he'd have to look around to see what it was. Well, he said (as he hooked his finger in the pull to get the bottle opener out of the drawer), "let me get a beer first." I just started laughing and he finally saw why. I guess it had been a long day as usual, but he got a kick out of it too.

I will be working the next two Mondays so that while my Mamasita-in-law and Daddy Walter are here I can take that Friday and Saturday off. It means long weeks, but it will be way worth it!! I am getting quite excited about their visit. I just realized that it is two weeks until their visit!!! YEA.

Well, the Simpsons are calling my name (them and the Oreos).

Good night. I'll try not to keep you in the dark for such a long time next time. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2003

i was on the news!!!

So, yesterday I got a call from a local news channel here in Portland, how she knew my name kind of freaked me out (until she told me she had called our other store and Abdul had told her to call me). She was talking to me and that computer virus that has been going around. I guess she liked what I had to say and she asked if they could come in and get some shots. I just saw myself on a rerun of the news this morning!!! I hate the camera (it's more like 20lbs it adds). No, at least I was having a VERY cute hair day! My boss's kids taped it, so everyone who is visiting now will be able to view it while they are here. :)

Nothing new to blog about. Kev had a boys night out at his buddy Brandon's house in Oregon City. He ended up crashing out there, which is what I had hoped would happen. There were 4 guys there and I just knew that there would be a fair amount of boozing it up (he doesn't do it all that often!!). Since this work week for him was sooo stressful I hoped he would blow off steam out there and then stay. This morning was the first morning I woke up without my neck hurting...hmmmmm.

I just hung out with the cats, did a bit of stitching on Grandma's gift, did some laundry and called a few friends (none of which were home so I ended up leaving a bunch of messages). I guess they all have something fabulous to do on a Friday night!! Either that or their mobile phones were off.

Tonight we have a party at Kev's boss' house. It's a western theme, and I am hoping that Kev will go and buy various western type foodstuff to take in a basket as a gift. I will protest any bottles of wine that he tries to buy instead!! I just think that wine is so overdone for boss parties. Know what I mean? You have to make yourself memorable!! I thought a basket with black bean dip, salsa, beef jerky, rice...etc would be perfect!! We'll see, we may have to do it on our way out tonight. He's picking me up at work tonight and we are heading straight from there.

A new friend of mine, Naomi, and her husband are moving into their new home today. I am soooo excited for them!!! I can't wait to see it. Of course, I can't wait for them to see our place too. And I can't wait to meet her husband. :) It is so fun meeting new people.

Okay, must go get ready to catch my bus.


When there is more to post, you know I will do so.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

interesting issues

It has become difficult finding things to write about that you all might find interesting. I will try, but I warn you...I may babble.

Kev was "talking" online last night with his best friend, Russ, who indicated he was "addicted to the blog." I never knew!! I am so glad that our friends are actually reading this as well as our family members. There is a way for me to see who has viewed the blog, but I've decided that shelling out $50-100 for the year is a bit much to get a few extras (this means no pictures until Kev helps me create a web page I can tell you about).

We are getting ready to go the the Depot and order our new sliding door(maybe this weekend?). Ooooh, Ahhhhh. I can't wait! It's getting warm here again and our kitchen gets down right hot during the day since it has no screen door and it is old as the hills with glass that is probably not treated for UV protection. This is fine with Chloe, who revels in the sun on the floor. Kev and I swear she has turned into a kitten again, she is 6. She has been seen hopping. I am still waiting for my sighting.

I was reading online how hot it was getting in Kansas, Texas, and Arizona so I don't feel quite right about talking of the heat here. But it is hot for this part of the world, and feels hotter when the A/C at work is not working at 100%.

My Mamasita (Peggy) and Daddy Walter have their tickets to come see us in September. I can hardly believe it is actually less than a month and they will be here. She gets in on the 10th and he on the 11th. I am trading days with my co-worker so I can have the 12th and 13th off in addition to my regular days off (the 14th and 15th. We aren't sure what we are doing, EXCEPT on the 14th, Peggy and I and Jill will be walking in the Susan G Koman Race for the Cure. It is the second year for Jill and me and last year we decided we had to get Peg here. Next year, we will be getting more women to join us!! Beware girls, you may be getting the call to come to Portland!! :)

Considering I should be doing some paperwork here at work I need to get going. I just wanted to give Russ his fix of new information.

Love to you all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

birthday capers

Today is our friend, Chuck's, birthday. His girlfriend and I conspired a plan to have Kevin hook up the DVD player she got for him while she had him out at dinner. I was to call at 7:30 to "ask" for a video just in case he didn't see it so he'd have to go to the tv area and get said video. Now, picture this, Kevin put it on top of the tv, and I wrapped his dvds we got him in bright yellow paper and blue ribbon and placed them on top of the player. Did he see it? you ask....NO!!! I called, asked her if he'd seen it and then she proceeded to ask him to get a game for Kev. I hear him in the background saying, "I KNEW IT!!!" Finally, he saw it.

It is always fun being part of some caper to surprise.

Now, onto what you really wanted to read about!! We scheduled the ottoman for delivery on Saturday. I guess they don't deliver on Mondays but Tues-Sat. So Kev will be here to accept the newest piece of furniture. I will just have to find some nice trays to use on it, when we eat our dinner in front of the tv...which is 90% of the time (sadly).

My friend, Kris, bought himself a trailer (an old school aluminum one- The Duchess) and sometimes I think how wonderful it would be to have that freedom. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my house, but I think it would be such an interesting life to lead. Had a dream about it last night actually. Nothing to worry about, just an interesting glance into the life I could have lead (I will assure you all that I am quite happy with the direction I took!!). Ah, well, that is just me thinking. I did talk to him (and Kev) about meeting him somewhere and taking a few days tour with him. He and I were very good friends in school (apparentally I was his first friend in Kansas). You all should check out his blog.

Well, must be off to meet the birthday boy.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

mmmmm, steak

We got our grill today. Once again, we thank Uncle Ahmed!!! We drove out to the Depot and got a propane Char-broil grill (that's the brand). We had to take it out of the huge box it came in and put it in our car in vairous pieces. Quite the sight to see for the other patrons of the Po. But we got it home, by golly...I love it!!! It has three burners, so we can cook as much or as little as we want without heating up the whole grate. It also has a sider burner, which we weren't sure we wanted, but we liked to cooking space and configuration a bit better than any of the others. And it has a tray on the other side for plates and what not. We also got the greatest bbq tools as well. So tonight we got NY strip steaks to grill with corn on the cob and I made Mom's roasted dijon potato salad. Boy oh boy was it good!!! Tomorrow we have the Hopps, Jill and Mark over for burgers, more corn and more potato salad.

I got a few things for the bedroom, a rod for the closet curtain (which will be taken down tomorrow to be replaced with the original tension wire). As it is now, it looks like a shower in our bedroom. I got a new duvet cover and a new bedskirt. I know this makes you all say oooh and ahhh. The skirt is a sage green and the cover is white (I know, Mom, it will show dirt...). The cover is quilted with little squares. It is sooooo very soft. Chloe has already claimed the bed as hers. I just can't wait for it to get cold out so we can snuggle under it!!!

Maggie, our friend Chaslyn's mom, came over today with her darling daughter. She really liked the house. "Great first home!!" Chaz hadn't seen the place since we had moved in yet either so it was nice to have her over to see it.

I will work on more projects tomorrow morning, before going and picking up Jill and her parents at 11:00. They took their rental back today, so the Clock shuttle begins. :) I will also try to do a bit of laundry as well.

Our ottoman is ready to be delivered (we ordered a beautiful chocolate brown leather ottoman when we ordered the new blue sofa/sleeper). I will call and set up a delivery time. I am hoping we can get it tomorrow, but will be realistic in thinking it will be next Monday. I am also hoping we can get our sofa a bit earlier, rather than having to wait until the end of September. We will have to wait and see though.

I think I am going to go sew a bit. It's a bit warm in the cave right now, as it was quite toasty again here in the Pac NW. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm as well and then we see some cooling again. I guess I shouldn't complain though, I saw it was VERY hot in the midwest today!!!

Friday, August 15, 2003

laundry figured out

I have finally figured out why the laundry was taking so darn long...thanks to my Mom's idea that I may be putting too much in. I do believe I was overfilling the little machine, not that I crammed it full, just that I put as much as I would a regular top loading machine. Now that I am doing smaller loads and not trying to get 11 million loads done at once...

Wow, our dishwasher is loud. I am glad I have it, mind you, but a nice quiet one would be lovely. But that is one of those things that can be replaced when this one dies. Which won't be anytime soon, we hope.

It is nice to have our house back, although Reggie was much fun to have around. Kev and he had a great time staying up late, drinking too many Coronas and playing video games. I, on the other hand, spent a lot of time in my sewing room getting little things done. Little things I never knew were supposed to be done. Projects I am creating every day. I guess that is what home ownership is all about though. Getting one project done only to have another rear it's head. However, these little projects I am working on have nothing to do with the house and everything to do with my family. The mystery, I'm sure they are all curious now!!!

Can someone explain to me how the following is possible?

Every day at work seems to fly by, BUT this week seems to be taking a long time to come to an end. I don't understand.

I was hoping to get to the Depot to get our grill early on Sunday, but I can not be pushy about a gift. We will get the gift certificate when we do. Knowing me (and the relationship I have with Ahmed) I will bug him about it tomorrow. :) Since we have various parents in town and we were hoping to be able to grill with them...

It has been a nice night of leftovers, ice cream and sitting down on my couch. I have not sat on it in just over a week now.

I think I may go do some stitching though. Have something in the works for my Grandmother who will be visiting this Christmas with my parents. I think she will be quite surprised as well as touched.

See you when there is something exciting to report...

Thursday, August 14, 2003

woes noes mores

Kev stayed on the phone for about 45 minutes (being on hold most of the time) to get instructions as to how to make our internet work. Thankfully, after following said instructions, it did work. I guess there was some worm thing that affected most users, but for us something in their system indicated they didn't receive payment (even though the check had been cashed by them) and so they stopped service...Kev got it all worked out though, my hero. I think he did it more for himself, as I have internet access at work and he had been feeling a bit deprived.

Our buddy is going to take the bus with me today, into the city. I finally got his lazy bones up with just about 1/2 hour before go time. I would have gone, with or without him.

Jill's mom and dad as well as Chaslyn's mom are all in town!! Tonight we meet out at a local bar/restaurant. I will get to take my old bus, the #15. Perhaps I will see my former driver. That would be nice. I am excited about seeing all the parents, and for them to all see our house. I will have to do a bit of picking up after the boys. Why is it they don't pick up after themselves, as I would? I mean they do pick up the beer bottles, and throw away the caps (once I talked to Kev about it), but they don't put the pillows back on the couch, they don't put the bath mat over the edge of the tub- Kev does put the bath mat back- etc. Oh well, I could have it worse!!

We are going to get our grill this weekend. Again, thank you Uncle Ahmed (for those who don't know who this Ahmed is I speak of, he's my boss). I don't think I could have asked for a more generous person to work for!! Well, I could have asked, but I doubt I would have found anyone else.

We may also talk to the folks at the Depot about ordering a sliding door this weekend when we are getting the grill. How long does one need to order ahead of time? We will find that out Sunday. I can not wait for that item to be installed! However, the neighbor cats may prove to be a bit destructive. One has already decided that he does not like Simon and was scratching at the glass door. We will have to come up with some way of keeping them off the deck? Ugh. That is a thought I will deal with when the time comes.

It is time to go finish getting ready for work. Must finish my coffee and brush my teeth. This bus ride should prove interesting, as in my quiet home I can barely understand what Reggie is on a loud bus (you can only imagine).

Good day good friends.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

computer woes

We had issues with our internet connection the past few days. Don't know why it has started now, since we have had the modum linked up for more than a week and a half. Kev called and I guess we have to reregister our modum...again, don't know why now.

Anyway, I got the house cleaned yesterday. I scrub-a-dub-dubbed all day. Got things straightened up and put our computer discs in their new home (a great cabinet from Jill!). Everything looks showroom ready, for now. Give us a day or two and we'll have it looked lived in again (especially when Reggie gets back from Spokaned tomorrow).

Once again, our neighbor has proven he is a good man. Kev left the lights on in the car when he got home last night, and Juan was over to let us know. Such a nice guy!!! I can't wait to get our grill (thank you Uncle Ahmed) so we can have our neighbors over for a cookout. I think it is always fun to spend time with new people eating good food and drinking good drink. It allows you to enjoy many things at once.

Although I am glad I took Saturday off to go up to Mt. St. Helens, I am now thinking it would have been fine to work it read how we barely saw the rim of the crater. But, what's done is done. I won't be taking time off now for quite some time. I will be going salary as of Sept 1st, with a week paid vacation, so I am going to use those days wisely!!! I will use maybe one when my parents are here, and my sister, and save the rest for a vacation to Texas (or somewhere).

I have the Race for the Cure coming up next month. I am very excited. This is my second year walking and I am pleased to say that my Mamasita-in-law will be joining Jill and me. I was thrilled when she said she'd come!!! I wish we could make it a "sisters" trip for all the women in my family some year. Kev's mom and her sisters do trips every year (several times usually), where they get together and have a great time. I would love it if we could convince them, as well as my mother and sister and sis-in-law, to come here one year to walk in the Race!!! Hmmmm, got my brain working.

I got my hair cut this weekend. OMG!! The woman worked miracles! I feel like I have thin hair. She is the woman Jill goes to, whose hair I have been loving lately, and so I thought I would give her a try. I was not dissappointed at all. Suzette is a wonder. I guess she trained my last stylist (who is now just going to school and not trying to do everything). Things are good.

As exciting as this post is, I must tear myself away and finish my paperwork.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

man i need a shower

We did it, we bought a mower. We went with the environmentally kinder electric mower. "Our lawn may be brown, but at least it is short," Kev just stated as he looked out the front window. I know many of you will not believe it (Kev took a picture to prove it), but I did mow the front lawn. Kev did the back and I figured it wouldn't be fair for him to have to mow everything.


I earlier had said that we should clean the house after we finished mowing, but I think I will tackle that tomorrow while Kev is at work. I need to shower and not be in such funk-t-fied clothes, especially my socks...

We are slowly making headway outside. We definitely know of big projects out there that we would like to take care of. Just don't know when that will be.

Must go hydrate and get cleaned up.

Oh yeah, Mt St Helens:

fogged over, barely saw the rim AND forgot the camera!

Our guest is off to Spokane for a few days, which gives us time to work on things here.

Friday, August 08, 2003

we keep plugging on

Haven't done too much to the house, it gets difficult to do anything when you have company. I have made a couple of pillows though. Nothing like having my own space to get the juices flowing. I am sure I have said something similar before.

Tomorrow we are going to drive up to Mount Saint Helens with Reggie. Kev and I have gone before, but it was so hot and I had my big monster of a Nikkon with me that weighed a good 5 pounds by the end of our hike (didn't start out that heavy!!). Now that we have the digital I will take some great shots, and figure out how to share. Kev says he knows, but I just have to get him to show me. I am hoping that the weather keeps along the lines it is today, overcast and cooler.

I know that Sunday and Monday will be lower 70's. That is a far cry from where we were a couple of weeks ago.

I found a fabulous Home Depot out by the house, much neater and more organized than the one we had been going to. Still have not hung the tension wire, as I have not been successful in finding the rings with clips. Soon though, I hope. I need to still wash the fabric and hem the top and bottom so when I do find them I am ready to install everything.

This home ownership has brought out something in me...I am motivated, I have projects and I complete them in a timely fashion. Why oh why could I have not had this ability while in school?!?! At least I have found it now.

The laundry has once again filled the hamper, thus I must start on some this evening. It is a beast that is never satisfied!! Thankfully though, nobody has come up with disposable clothes! Could you imagine?!? In this world of disposable everything it is nice that there is something made to wash and wear, not just discard. But I digress.

Our house guest leaves Sunday for Spokane, Washington. Then we tackle the lawn. We are looking into an electric mower. I like the idea of A. it's better for the environment, B. not having to haul a can of gas in the car, C. not running out of gas mid-mow. I guess Kev talked with a woman somewhere (he was looking at mowers yesterday) and she indicated that if our grass is long the electric is not the way to go, that we should rent a gas powered one, and then buy electric for general upkeep. I don't know what the difference is. If anyone knows why this would be, email me. We can borrow one (gas) from our friends, Jessica and Brandon, if we need. I am thinking that the woman was just looking to make more money for the company she works for...depending on where Kev went a'lookin.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

our first guest

Reggie made it in and the boys played video games last night, while drinking beer and listening to music. Our friends, Chuck and Marcy came over too.

I have started and finished my first project (that's not for the house) in my sewing room. I had a friend back in Kansas commission me to make a pillow for her. Rather than waiting forever, which was my forte in the past, I was inspired to make the pillow once my space was set up.

It feels good to be so inspired again. I haven't felt like this for a while. It's always fun to make things for people, too. Especially when you know that they appreciate your work and effort.

My work is going well. My boss is a card, as usual. He and I have such a good time together. I only wish he was around more at the store downtown. He tends to work at our other store here in town more. :( It makes me miss him.

Well, I have some work to do, since that is where I am.

Monday, August 04, 2003

sewing sewing sewing

I have gotten the sewing room pretty much set up, for now. I will eventually repaint the ceiling, but for now I can live with the solar system. I have even been sewing today. What a great feeling!!

The cats have been playing and sleeping and hanging out with me all day. Kevin got off early today and now begins his vacation. His buddy, Reggie, is coming in tomorrow from Jersey. He is quite excited about having some time off and having a friend in town. We have the place as ready as it's going to be until we get the new sofa/sleeper for the cave.

Got some exciting news. My Mom, Dad, Grandma, sister and her boyfriend are going to be here for Christmas!! Mom has booked her tickest already. I am sooooo excited.

It's nice that in September we have my Mommy-in-law and Daddy Walter visiting, November we are hoping to get to St. Louis for a wedding, December my family is's nice to have things to look forward to.

Well, I must go now so I can go to Traded Joes to get some previsions.

It may now be a little while between posts, as things have shaped up so quickly and there is little to report as much.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

things are shaping up quickly

I decided to make the fabric doors last night. I got started and couldn't stop. They really worked out quite nicely. Jill and I went to the fabric store today and got the fabric for the closet. Then by the Po (the Home Depot) and got a few things to make the tension rod. Now I just have to find the rings with clips to hang on the wire that will hold the fabric. Not sure where I will find these, but I know I have seen them somewhere!!

Jill and Mark brought the library desk we are borrowing for the cave, to hold the computer. It is absolutely beautiful!! While the boys were drinking beer and playing video games Jill and I set up the sewing room. I just have a couple more boxes in there to open and unpack and I can start more projects. I have a pillow to make, for a friend back in Kansas. One of my infamous "face" pillows. I will start that this week so I can get it to Theresa asap.

We just had dinner with some other friends, Chuck and Marcy. They hadn't seen the house since we moved in and just loved it. I am so happy here, although I do miss being able to see our former neighbors, but since Kerry, Scott, Oliver and Manny are back in the UK until later this month... when they are back we will see them more, I am sure.

Tomorrow I finish laundry (I am almost done!!) and unpack my sewing room completely!!

Good night dear friends.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

we have a fan!!

Kev picked me up from work this evening so we could go out to the Deep-hole and get a ceiling fan. Well, the cave now has a lovely breeze flowing over us. Kev put it up virtually by himself. It came with a table lamp that looks perfect on our computer table in the same room. The fan has a remote to turn it on and off, so no hanging cords or chains. It has made this room feel so much cooler.

Kev is now hanging the door to the storage closet in the cave so we will be able to close it off and not have to look at it's ugliness. I am hoping it will help keep the room cooler as well. When the sun is shining it beats down on the front of the house at 5:00, which is the hotest part of the day here. It's so odd, coming from the part of the country where it is hotest at 2 in the afternoon.

I got all I need to make my doors for the hall shelves too. I will work on those tomorrow, hopefully I can convince Jill to help me. :)

We are going to call it a night soon. I am so happy that the cave is cooler. Sweet relief.

More as more happens...

finally a night of no unpacking

Last night after Kev got off work we picked up our friend, Jill, and came back to the house. We sat, drank some wine and beer, ate some bean dip and just listened to music. It was a nice evening. We failed to get to the Deep-hole (Home Depot) but Kev will pick me up after work and we will head from there tonight.

I almost had a good night's sleep last night, but Simon found something to play with that he wasn't supposed to and then Chloe decided to get sick on my dresser (I have gotten quite good at "catching" cat yack with various scraps of paper that are within reach). - sorry for too much information, I meant not to disgust anyone.

It is cool here this morning, a fabulous thing indeed. It is going to warm up to about 84 today, which is much better than almost 100. It should make for a nice, comfortable house today.

I am going to go, finish my coffee and get ready to bus on in to the city. Another day, another dollar.

Friday, August 01, 2003

what a day

We are still doing laundry. It is a never ending entity. It will get done this weekend. Along with the ceiling fan we will be purchasing this evening and Kev will be installing (hopefully with his buddy Brandon) tomorrow after work. That same friend is loaning us his lawn mower since our lawn is now pretty much dead and won't do any more growing this year (until we seed and the rains come again). This way we can wait to buy one when they go on sale at the end of the mowing season.

I am planning on making a curtain for our closet. It had one of those bi-fold door systems (although they were already removed when we looked at the house and living in the attic). I don't care for them so I am going to make a tension wire curtain system Sunday/Monday depending on when my sewing room gets set up. I have some fabric doors to create and put on the shelf system in the hall, just outside the bathroom. It houses our toiletries since we have no storage in the bathroom (I did order a great cabinet from Lands End Home yesterday though).

The cats are playing even more, playing tag and chasing their toys. Simon thinks that we don't spend enough time with him when we are awake, though, and has decided that he should get our attention when we are a captive audience (aka asleep). I have not had a full, good night's sleep yet. Perhaps when all the boxes are empty and hauled away and the house looks less like it is in transition and more like we live there (it's getting close!!).

We are getting ready for our first guest too. Kev's buddy Reggie is coming from Jersey this month-I think in the next week or so...

And in September my fabulous Mommy-in-law and Daddy Walter will be coming for a long weekend. We are going to do the Race for the Cure. (more on their visit later)

Since I am at work and there are boxes to be moved around in the store room I should go dear reader. I am getting quite sick of moving boxes though. I move them at work, I move them at home, I move them in my sleep.