Wednesday, November 30, 2005

good times

Just got off the phone with Kev. He's having a really great time visiting with his buddies. It's been whirlwind for them, but he's really enjoying the time he's getting. I'm enjoying my time at home as well, but am ready for him to be back, cluttering up the house. ;)

Tonight is the night of really good BBQ. Jill and I (and hopefully her husband, Mark) are all going to go after I get everyone fed and pottied. I think I'll offer to drive, since they are on my way to the place. Although knowing Mark, he'll want to drive instead. LOL

Nothing exciting. Really I think I'm posting these mundane things in case Kev reads it to see what I'm up to (like I'm going to tell him of the strip clubs, great steaks, and boozing it up every night...ROFLMAO).

Well, there are a few things I need to get done around the store and then sit here looking blankly into space.

Isn't this the beginning of the holiday season? Aren't there supposed to be people shopping? Just wonderin'.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Will someone please tell me it's perfectly okay to have pie as every meal from now until when Kev gets home on Thursday? Please, pretty please with yummy crumb topping on it?

Yoga was an abridged class tonight, seeing as I had to come home, feed everyone, let Josie out and then...then...load her up and take her with!!! She was so sweet the whole time. In the beginning she felt she needed to give us some kisses here and there. Then, as we warmed up and did some poses, she laid down on the floor between myself and Jill. Finally, when we really got going through some vinyasas, she hightailed it out of there and hung out in the front room near the heater. Rock. Star.

I took Jill home and when I came home, I ate pie. Since I did not have a huge dinner I really don't feel all that badly just eating pie for dinner. I know, I know...but shush! I don't want to hear it. Tonight, let me eat pie. And I promise that even though I really could eat pie for every meal, I won't. I'll just eat a sliver for desserts. Yes, desserts as in, after every dinner from now until when Kev gets home in two days. That leaves him pie too...wait, have to rethink that plan...

who are you?

You are Schroeder!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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mmmm, soup

Last nights soup was great. There are a few alteration Jill and I discussed, like letting the bacon be in the soup rather than as a garnish at the end. Adding sauteed mushrooms...

And the pie, perfect. It's the first one I made that actually has the three layers as it should! You have your gooey bottom later, your cake like middle layer and your crumb topping. Jill, eyes rolled back in her head. Me, ate it way too fast so will have to have another piece tonight and savor it!

I wanted to say thanks to Bekah and Carrie for saying I could call them/give them my number. It just goes to show you that you can make friends with people you've never met before.

The next few days are crazy busy since I work and have things to do after work. I'm hoping the time flies, however, girls...number is on the way. ;)

Monday, November 28, 2005

shoo fly pie

I have done so much today. It feels odd not having Kev here, but I am sure he's having a lovely time with his friends. He called while I was at Lululemon using my gift certificate (and lusting after things I couldn't yet get...). He said he had gotten in already and that they were heading to Lawrence straight from the airport.

I found the most amazing yoga pants ever made. OMG! I also got a top and will be seeing how it works tomorrow. As for the pants, they will probably be on my body at all times this winter when I am at home. I threw a skirt on over them to run to the vet to pick up Josie's pills (her peep pills ran out last night). I'm debating if I'm going to wear the pants/skirt combo's just so comfortable!

Right now the smells of a Shoo Fly Pie are emanating from my kitchen. After stopping in at Lululemon and visiting with Diana I popped into Jill's work and asked her over for dinner. I then got the wild idea to call our other friend Chaz, we've not all three hung out in a million years. So, I'm making potato soup with crescent rolls and Shoo Fly Pie for dessert. Basically it's a molasses pie. Too damn good really. :)

Okay, gonna go check on it to see if it's still jiggling in the middle (when it stops, that's when it's done). And I'm going to call Ms. Chaz to see if she is up for a girls night in, just the three of us. Her boyfriend told me he would bet she would be down with it tonight, but to call her after she gets of work, which was 3 minutes ago.

I'm out!

and so it begins

Did you realize there is a 4:30 in the morning too? Man, when the damn alarm went off this morning I was ready to shoot someone. Okay, that's a bit extreme, but I wasn't happy about having to get up before the sun to take my dear, darling husband to the airport...except that I was happy. Not to be getting the house to myself for the next four days, because honestly kids, it gets a wee bit lonely after the first hour. BUT because I am happy to be there for Kev and to be able to do things like that for him without giving it a second thought.

So I'm up now, have eaten, have had my first of probably two lattes, am showered, and ready to head to Lululemon to spend my gift certificate from the design meeting night. I've spoken with Diana and found out what time she works today. Now I'm killing time before I go and shop a bit. Which reminds me, while I'm over there I should go to Powell's and get Jim and Kathy their Xmas present...I guess that answers my question of taking Josie with me. Diana's been telling me that their store is dog friendly. She keeps telling me I can bring Josie. I know she'd love to see her again, and perhaps tomorrow after I come home to feed everyone and let Josie out to peep, I will take her with me to yoga. We'll for taking her today, she's just going to have to deal with not getting to go. I don't think the bookstore is quite dog friendly and it's flipping cold out (39 right now) and I'm not leaving her in a cold car while I'm shopping for books!

Okay, I think I may have killed enough time. I've got just under 40 minutes until Diana's shift starts and I'm thinking I can maybe hit the bookstore first (I really don't enjoy shuffling around bookstores, yeah, and Kev somehow loves me...).

If you're bored, and know my number, give me a call these next few days. If you use Cingular, even better (it's call free mobile to mobile!).

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Kev is getting ready to head to the midwest for a few days. He is going to see his favorite band, Ween. We figured since I took a weekend and went to visit my sister, he should get a chance to go visit Russ and the rest of his gang, who really are like his brothers.

He gets in and immediately goes to see the band in Lawrence, KS that same night. Then, they awaken, hung over and jet lagged, to drive to Omaha, NE to see the band once more. Again, waking up hung over ever further they will attempt to drive back to the KC area so they can recuperate prior to Kev catching a plane home on day four. It's whirlwind, but needed. He could do with time with his pals and I could do with some time alone. I'm thinking Josie and I may just take a small hike, just the two of us, on Monday. I've never done it before because quite honestly, I get a bit chicken. However, Josie is my dog. She loves me. She has protected me in the past (I really don't care if people say it's not protecting...she shoved someone off of me- a friend who was hugging me at the time).

I think I will also do some more Christmas shopping. We have my parents and his Dad and step Mom left as well as his sister (which we know what everyone but my parents are getting). Parents, feel like you need anything? :)

Well, the latte, she gets cold. And I have to figure out what shoes I will wear to work as well as pack a lunch, make up my face....where does the list end?!?!?! Maybe I'll go in early again this weekend. Last weekend I had half an hour in the coffee shop to decompress before dealing with the customers. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Better go check the bus schedule.

what's a girl to do?

Kev is going to a show tonight. I'm not sure who is playing, all I know is he and Kiley are going out...oh wait we spoke of dinner, didn't we?!?!?! I must remind him of this...

And with that memory, I just answered my question. A girl is to go out to dinner with friends and her husband before the boys head out to a show.

Okay then.

Friday, November 25, 2005

where have all the shoppers gone?

Man, I was ready. I was prepared. I wore one of my most comfortable outfits. I brought a lunch of nibblies (carrots, crackers, a pear...) so that when I was helping the throngs of people find and purchase their shoes I could just nibble my lunch. Well, where are they? The throngs never showed up.

I have two and a half more hours left and as I look outside there is nobody crossing in front of my store. The kids at the sub shop got to close early and go home already because they've been so slow. Wait, here comes someone now!!!! No, he was just popping in to do a pre-shop look around.

I think I'll eat my pear...

only one pound!

8:30 AM- I wake realizing I was not the one who had to get up and feed the crew. Wow, I got to sleep in like he promised!!! I get out of bed and slowly come to life. I decide I don't need any coffee because we are going to be going to Jill and Mark's in about an hour and a half for mimosas, french toast and tons of bacon.

9:30 AM- I mention to Kev what time it is so he can start his journey into the world. I gather everything I need to make the french toast, bread, syrup..etc as Josie starts getting excited as she stands by me. I tell her she doesn't get to go this time but next trip of the day, she's in...

10:00 AM- Yeah, we are theoretically supposed to be and Jill and Mark's at this exact time. We are just leaving the house. We arrive and their house already smells of wondrous things (Jill *ahem* was making stuffing...well, Mark was making it, but she chopped things before putting them in the crock pot! And his mom didn't need to know that Mark was part of it at all- I'll get to that in a second!).

***gonna stop the whole time thing now...***

Mimosas are handed to us almost immediately upon entering their home. I pull out what I need for making breakfast, assign Mark bacon duty (uncured bacon is soooo good!). Their phone rings to which Mark says "It won't be my mom!" and it IS...Jill and she speak for a little while (this is where Jill tells her "she's" got the stuffing cooking). Mark passes bacon detail to Jill, who does a great job considering she really doesn't eat the stuff (although a nibble here and there never hurt anyone), and chats with his mom for quite a while.

We eat breakfast (which is amazing!!!) and watch Best in Show. Such a funny movie! I love Christopher Guest and can't wait to see what they have in the works right now...

As soon as the movie ends we say we have to go. So we load up the car, not with much other than a few slices of unfrenched bread and the rest of the syrup, and head home to go to the second of our three destinations of the day.
While at home Kev checks email, etc. Josie is starting to look like she's going to jump out of her skin she's so excited. I get the cheesecake, one of the two I made Wednesday, and the organic berry medley, as well as some treats for Josie (this last one sets her off with tremors of anticipation). We load up the car and head to Diana and Lawrence's house for visiting and munching on cheese, almonds, grapes...
Josie is a hit. She's a super star and everyone loves her. Diana and Lawrence are so sweet to have invited her along. It really meant the world to me knowing that she was welcome. We sit around and talk about random things. Kev is still kind of waking up and not too talkative, but he's not being rude by not saying anything. He is sitting with me, Diana, Allison (a friend visiting from the bay area) and Jenn (a woman I had met when Jill and I first started yoga at the studio). There are others sitting in different spaces, but we are where the food is. Josie, is laying on the floor by Kev.
We have a lovely time with them and the smells coming from their kitchen were amazing. Lawrence is an incredible cook and even though we didn't get to eat his creation (it was a HUGE bird) we got to smell it as it was beginning to cook.
At about 3:00 we made our leave telling them all to have a wonderful rest of their day and thanking them for including us in part. Josie gets in the car and starts whining because she wants to go go go still.
3rd and final
We zip back home, drop off Josie and grab the second cheesecake and berries. We tell the kids we love them and sorry we've not given Simon many laps to sit on throughout the day. We kiss their heads and jump back into the car. I'm sure our neighbors were wondering where we kept going all day, yeah, maybe they weren't.
We get to Amanda's and the scents coming from the kitchen are enticing (and the first thing out of my mouth upon entering the kitchen is "why is my blog pulled up on your computer?). Her laptop was sitting on her work table with my words...m'kay. :) The bird, has decided she doesn't want to conform to Amanda's schedule so we are going to be eating a little later than planned. No big deal, we all adapt. There are many people there, some we've even met before. It was a lively bunch and we all enjoyed each others company as we all flitted around the house.
Dinner, in a word, amazing. At one point I don't think anyone was talking (granted we were all laughing hysterically) but we had to eat. It was all too good to not eat it all at once. Amanda made home made rolls, home made gravy, home made cranberry sauce (which even Kev enjoyed and he's not a fan of the cranberry), she made everything so tasty. We all felt like we ate our own weight in food and then came dessert...
Basically it boils down to a wonderful day full of time with friends who've become like family. We thank everyone for inviting us into their homes and sharing their fare with us. The amazing thing, I only gained one pound!!!
Now, must work on the latte (I'm having a small breakfast today since I really don't feel I can put more food inside me right now) and get ready for work. Joy, work.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

giving thanks and being happy

Right now I am sitting in my quiet house. It is coolish in here, but not cold. There is the slight scent of cheese cake, of which I have two in the oven baking right now. It is a scent that makes me feel all warm inside.

This is the first year we've not hosted "Stragglers Thanksgiving" (perhaps I've mentioned that). It was a bit sad for me earlier, but I'm realizing that there are thanks to be found in that as well. I will not have to rush around like a crazed person tonight cleaning the house in preparation for friends. I will not have to make the potatoes and other things I can do the night before tonight. I simply have to put the berries in tuperware (or the poor girls version, the plastic containers you get at the deli counter with the potato salad), bake two cheese cakes, and run the dishwasher. Done, done and done.

I have spoken with my parents already (what is a holiday bake fest without at least one call home to Mom?) as well as my sister (to ask if she'd received a particular email from Mom...will go into that further when the time is right). Kev has called to check in with me and see if what I'm up to. I've made one call to my friend in Ohio, who is on her way to NY (who has hopefully not slid into a ditch on her snowy answer so my imagination will work overdrive for a while). I've had a few Mike's Hard Lemonades (will be finishing the last one in the fridge tonight since you can't just drink one...kind of like those damn Lays potato chips, of which I refuse to eat even one).

I'm thinking about posts various friends online have made about what they are thankful for. I am simply thankful for my friends and family and our health. Sometimes the health is an issue, but it helps us keep things in perspective. Life is a precious thing and it's not something that likes to be toyed with. Treat yourself and others well this holiday (and all days).

Be safe.

Give thanks and be happy.

my swirling head

There is the not so faint smell of chemical "goodness" in the air. I'm sitting at work. I look up and across the street and I see there is a guy at the hotel putting something on their slate driveway. Ugh. My head aches.

I wish 4 would get here quicker! That is when I get to "clock out" and head home to make the cheese cakes for tomorrow. Yeah Mom, I decided to make them the night before. :) (we'd had the discussion of when I should make them...I wanted to make them Monday she suggested I wait until the day before).

Okay, must run...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

just park the damn car!!!

Where I work I have huge windows looking out over the street in front. There is street parking in front of our store. Watching people park and attempt to park (parallel style that is) is amusing to me. I can watch someone in the smallest of cars take a good 15 minutes trying to get into a space that is big enough for a 1976 Buick LeSabre. The girl I'm watching now has a small hatchback of some sort. She NAILED the cement trash can that is in front of our store. I mean nailed it. She's got the loveliest scratches now along her bumper.

I once watched a guy attempt and abort parking his Mini. He pulled in head first. Couldn't quite make it...left, frustrated. I laughed my ass off! That's the hard thing too, laughing without being caught! :)

Is it sick that it brings me joy to watch others park, or shall I say attempt to park? The mini guy (as well as the girl today) made me want to go out and tell them to get the hell out of the car so they could watch and learn...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

gotta list, gotta stick to my list

I have a list of blogs I read and a specific order in which I read them (you will see the entire list to the left in the "peeps i adore" section). I find myself cruising by their ramblings often throughout my day (Saturdays more so because on Saturday everyone seems to go into hiding and I am stuck at work with very little to do, except help customers...bah). I find myself looking at the total number of comments and if there are any added, I read those too (sometimes for those kids who use halo scan, or whatever it is called, it won't show up that there are any so I have to take that into consideration and click on the comments link to see if I'm going to be lucky).

I read ones that make me tired just reading them...(only certain entries, I'm usually in stitches!)

I read ones that make me want to squish the faces I see on the screen because they are so damn cute...

I read ones that make me long for my vacation in January...

I read ones that make me wish we lived closer just so I could be her friend (or stalker, it's a fine line)...

I read friends, family, and total strangers' words... (I was trying to do this really cool link with friends and family having certain letters link to certain sites, but blogger had its own ideas)

The thing is, even the "strangers" don't feel all that unknown to me anymore...

So if you are looking for a good read, check out my pals. If you have a list of people you rather enjoy reading and feel like you are in the sharing mood, list them in the comments.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

happy birthday my dear one

I got a call yesterday while at work:

"Hello me!" (it says my name on our caller id at work when he calls since it's my name on the bill from Cingular)


"Whatcha up to?"

"Well, Kiley called."

"Yeah, what show is he taking you to and when?"

"Ummm, he had an extra ticket for Death Cab for Cutie...tonight."

"You sooooo suck. Do you know how much you suck? You are the suckiest suck that ever sucked!" (or something like that)

Laughing, "It's for my birthday."

Like that is supposed to make it all better.

"Okay. Have a good time. Oh, and dear?"


"Don't even think of calling me from the show when they are playing my favorite songs! I will hurt you if you do."

laughing from him as well as the customer who is in the store at the time.

So there you have it, he went to a concert last night, without me, for his birthday. Tonight he is working. Tomorrow he is working. Saturday is dinner with friends, but not really with his birthday in mind, just dinner.

Oh, and in case you are wondering..."I" got him a couple of video games (I know, real shocker) for his Nintendo DS. He got some wireless thing too. Now he can play Mario Cart with people around the world!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

don't understand

Okay, winter is here. It's something like 45 out there today and even though that isn't as cold as many places it is still too cold to be walking barefoot! There is a guy who works upstairs who never wears shoes. I don't understand the logic behind it. His feet are wide, BUT my guess is they became wider because of being barefoot all the time. They have to be completely flat as well because without the support of a good shoe...

Monday, November 14, 2005


triple falls again
Originally uploaded by chlortence.
We finally got off our duffs and took Josie back out to the Columbia River Gorge. We've not been on a real hike for a little while, although we have been running quite a bit in Forest Park. It was a glorious day in the Pac NW. The sun peaked out a few times while we were walking and turned the air the most beautiful, breath taking color. A color one can not even try to describe. It was amazing though.

We worried we'd feel this one a bit more since we'd not really hiked much lately but to tell you the truth, we feel great! I'm all showered and ready to head to grab sandwiches from Otto's. Kev's getting ready right now.

Josie, she's pooped...mission accomplished.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

i'm in jill's pants...

For those of you who don't know who Jill is, that may come as a shock...come to think of it for those who do know who Jill is it may come as a shock as well but for completely different reasons.

I'm having the internal debate "do I expand on those simple words or do I let people think it's some sick and twisted thing?"

Okay, I'll expand...

A few weeks ago Jill, whom you all may know as one of my favorite people in my life, anyway, Jill mentioned that she had some jeans that she just wasn't wearing anymore and because the last pair (I call them the fluke jeans) I bought at the Gap on sale *gasp!!* were marked a size 6 I should try the jeans she wasn't wearing. Yeah, Jill varies between a size 4 and 6. There ain't no way in hell my ass is going to fit in her old jeans...or so I thought.

After our 3 mile walk home from yoga a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time for me to humiliate myself and try them for the sake of trying. I ended up leaving with a pair of black pants as well as a pair of pale blue capris and the jeans. Now, the other two pairs are a bit smaller than the jeans and I don't quite fit as comfortably in them, BUT Jill told me to take them in case I do end up losing anymore weight. I wouldn't mind toning my abs up, but yeah, crunches don't happen in my world and I've read that to get the firm abs you actually need to do reverse crunches (meaning you lift your legs and bum instead of your chest). However, I agree with a different article I read about the key to the flat tummy (not that I want rock hard, flat, six pack abs, but...) the key, is cardio. If you do crunches and sit ups and what nots you are simply building the muscle behind the fat and instead of flattening the fat is going to start looking bigger. So, our hiking as well as my yoga are key.

(how is that for digression?!)

I ended up getting my booty into the real size 6 jeans and comfortably so too. WHAT? I'm not a 6. I've never been a 6. I mean 6 is my favorite number, but to WEAR that size?!?! That's unheard of. I'm not one of "them"!!! I still view myself as the woman who is a size 14/16 (I really needed to make the jump but never allowed myself to so instead I looked like a sausage stuffed into her casings if you will.)

So, this morning as I sit here typing this entry, drinking my latte...

I'm in Jill's pants.

Friday, November 11, 2005

in a word, wow

So a few weeks ago Diana asked Jill and myself if we would like to be part of a design meeting for a company she will be working for in the near future. The company is called Lululemon and they make yoga wear. It was a meeting with the designers so that they could find out what we, the average person, would like in athletic wear. We both were thrilled to be asked to attend. As soon as I got the email from Paula, the woman from Lululemon who had set up the entire evening, I emailed her back saying I'd love to be part of the experience. She mailed me back saying I was in...

Last night I popped over to Yoga in the Pearl, which is where the meeting was held. I had a little time to kill so I bought a soy latte (oh my, nasty but because the cafe is a vegan cafe...had to have soy) and pulled out my knitting. I got a bit done and Diana showed up. We chatted and shared our days adventures before our friend Jenn showed up (not any Jenn I've mentioned here before). The three of us caught up with each other and then the others showed up.

Well, the CEO from Lululemon, Chip, decided he wanted to be part of this meeting and took the time out of his busy life to fly down from Vancouver, BC with his eldest son (I think Brett was 13 or so). Such an amazing parent really. His son would contribute to the meeting and instead of hushing him up, Chip encouraged Brett. It was amazing.

I got to voice my opinion about the shelf bra (I laugh at that really) and how much we, the well endowed, HATE them because they do nothing for us but turn our breasts into one large orb of a boob in the middle of our bodies. I got to talk about pants I want to be able to wear to work and then go straight to practice and NOT have to change. I took my Trina Turk pants because they are what I want. I could totally practice in the Trina pants if I wanted (or forgot my pants that night and happened to be wearing them).

In the end we all went home with new friends and a lovely surprise in the form of a NICE gift certificate. I already have my eyes on a couple of things...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

my timing is impeccable!

I am sitting at my desk at work. I just looked for a style in my inventory list for another store. I look up and out the window and get passed...

a YAWN!!!

Simply by someone walking down the other side of the street...

more coffee please.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

rain, today is another day...come back!!

This morning I woke to an odd glow in the air. It was, the sun. Let me remind you, I live in Portland, OR. It is supposed to be misty right now, or what the weather folks here call rain. Last week it poured. The skies opened up and dumped on our heads. Gorgeous, big, wet, round rain drops. Real rain. People were confused. They had no idea what this was. I told them, "It's Kansas sized rain!" A few simply looked at me with a polite smile and took many steps back. And others knew what I meant and knew that this, this is rain.

I kind of miss the mist really. It brings sliminess to our deck, yes, but it also makes our new dogwood tree happy. Perhaps you remember the picture of the littlest tree? (I just got sucked into my own blog archives...looking for a picture and then I remembered it was on the old site, which is now no longer up and running) Anyway, that littlest tree, which is now baren of it's leaves, loves the mist!

People love this weather at this time of the year, the sun. I, on the other hand, really do feel as though I am home because I long for the mists....sigh.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a post in which i want to scream obscenities at the top of my lungs...

You have got to be *flipping kidding me!!!

Okay, about a month ago I spoke with a customer whom had called and told my coworker she'd been trying to get in contact with me but I'd not been calling her back or returning her emails. This was the first message I ever received from her, via phone OR email. I called back and left a voice mail stating that fact and told her when I'd be in the store. Many weeks later she finally calls me. We discussed the issues of her clogs and I told her to send them to me and we would charge Swedish Comfort for the repairs and shipping. I asked her to put all her information, name, address, phone number, inside the box so I could write up the invoice for Swedish Comfort as well as ship them back to her.

Last week I got an email "to whom it may concern" stating she was wondering what we could do about the situation. I emailed her back saying that I'd not received the clogs and told her everything we had spoken about on the phone...making sure she knew that we'd already discussed it. I got an email back, "Sorry Shanna...just got them out today...etc"

Today I got a random box with clogs in them. No note, no name, no nothing. They were shipped from a postal annex type place. I've just shot off an email asking if she sent them from the Post and Parcel in Texas...


I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt and what not, but seriously, she didn't do anything I'd asked her to do NOR did she even get my name right. I sign ALL my emails with my name. Tell me, does ShannON look like ShannA?

Maybe I need to call her RobERT? Instead of...well, I won't say what her name is here...

*not the real word I wish to use, but...parental eyes. :)

the voice of annoyance...

So just a little more than a week ago I took Josie to the dog park. The HUGE dog park that is about three and a half acres, all fenced in. Kev and I have taken to doing some trail running and I figured, what the hell, let's run Josie. Since that day (a little more than a week ago) my right hip has been screaming at me. I'm fine if I stay up and don't sit down but as soon as I sit it seizes up and gets stiff. I tend to limp when I get up for a little while before it works its self out. If it's not better by next Monday I'm calling my doctor and setting up an appointment.

I know if I practiced yoga more vigorously at home I would probably be feeling better by now, but it gets tough with the big black dog and the *ahem* "small" orange cat. Chloe, the perfect cat, never bothers me when I'm doing yoga. Or when I'm sewing, or knitting, or... The only time she NEEDS me to pet her is when I'm trapped in the bathroom. She will come barging into the room and demand attention. Something about captive audience. I digress...

Tonight is yoga night and I am hoping that since it is so soon after yoga last week (we practiced on Thursday last week) that it will help my hip feel better. Only time will tell.

All I know is that this better be gone by the time Mexico comes around!!! :)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

swim suit success (we hope)

Here is the suit I just ordered. I realized that with us going to Mexico in just under two months I didn't have a suit that fit anymore. One of the drawbacks of losing weight is that things you bought and loved years ago, don't fit any longer. This is not an image of me in the suit, mind you, but it's from the site I just clicked "submit order" on. I'm pretty excited about a two piece. I hope that it works for me...we'll just have to see.

mind at ease

Last night on the bus ride home I realized something...

a bit of back track, if you will allow me (and even if you won't I'm gonna anyway!).

Whenever we have gone anywhere in the past we have my good friend Chaz come stay at the house. We then had peace of mind that the trio was being taken care of and that the house was looking lived in. A little while ago Chaz moved out of the house she was living in and in with her boyfriend. This has left us in somewhat of a lurch, if you will. Now that she's not living with a roommate, per se, and doesn't want to get away from the house for some quiet time, who do we get to come stay at the house?

JOE! (not Chaz's exhusband) At the sub shop that is next door to were I work there is a guy named Joe. He is possibly the most responsible person I've known. He is caring, honest, and loves the three amigos (Chloe, Simon and Josie). I just spoke with him and he is thrilled that we would think to ask him, trust him. I am thrilled he is willing to come stay with the kids while we are gone. I will have no better peace of mind! We will get together with him at the house, so they can reconnect with him, and show him the ropes.

SIGH!!! Everything, it's coming together!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

ahhh, the sounds of morning

I'm sitting in my cozy cave (aka the family room) and the hum of the computer is my companion. I used to turn on the Today show, but decided that I just had seen enough fluf stories mixed with the heart wrenching ones so I quit, cold turkey.

Now my mornings consist of the hum of the computer, the tap of the keyboard, the faint sound of traffic and occassionally, like this morning, the sound of a dog licking herself. Mmm, gotta love it when a dog licks herself three feet away from you, for a very. long. time. She started the rolling around on her back thing right after, you know the "look at me, I'm really stinking cute RIGHT NOW!" And when you look down she stops and stares in your eyes and you think, she is really stinking cute RIGHT NOW! Her cuteness takes over and you are lulled into a calmer state of mind. Gone are the thoughts of having to go to work. No more do you feel the dull ache in your right hip that has been there for five days (stupid running at the dog park). You are just taken in by her cuteness and all it has to offer.

Then, as quickly as she started it, she stops and leaves to investigate some sound in the house. Leaving you with the memory of her floppy ears, wild eyes, and pink pink belly...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

quintessential portland girl, that's me

On the Saturday before Halloween my dear friend Linsel hosted a party at his house (perhaps I mentioned it, perhaps I did not). Anyway, I got the call from his beautiful girlfriend (and my very dear friend) Amanda the night before asking if I would want to come keep her company. She didn't know too many people there and a familiar face would be nice. I said YES. But, it was a costume party and I had to come up with a costume.

I had a few in mind:
1. bringing many different drop dead outfits and having costume changes all night (DIVA).
2. wearing all black with white corded headphones sticking out of my ear and an ipod in my hand (live ipod commercial)...don't have an ipod, so...
3. soccer mom (yeah, no)

So instead I put on my comfortable yoga gear (although the pants were a bit too revealing so I went with my great Trina Turk pants which are glorified yoga pants really) and told people I was the quintessential Portland girl. That raised the following questions:
1. where is your bus pass?
2. where is your coffee cup and/or bottle of water?
3. where is your dog?
4. where is your columbia sportswear jacket?
5. where is your bag of knitting?

And then it hit me... I AM the quintessential Portland girl!! And you know what, I love her!!!

paypal users beware

I got an email claiming to be from PayPal (you know, the whole eBay money guys). Anyway, the email looked all kinds of official, but something didn't sit right. It said an email address had been added to my account. WHAT? I clicked the link, and the page looked all official, but the web address had nothing to do with paypal at all. Fraud? I'm going to guess yes. I did go log into my actual PayPal account and could see that I am the only email on the account.

So, be careful and don't do anything like give out any information if you get an email like the one I got. It is yet another scam by someone who feels they have the right to rip people off. People like that bug the shit out of me...