Sunday, February 08, 2004

pulling up stakes

I've moved. I have found a blogger that allows me to get comments. Blogger has been great, and very easy to use, but I'm thinking that I'm liking the new place a bit better. Now it will be up to you all to mark it in your favorites and all that jazz. I don't know if I'll be coming back here again...

try me here

Saturday, February 07, 2004

I remember now!!!

So, last night as I was going to bed I realized what it was I was going blog about yesterday. And looking at yesterdays entry which states that I want to share "interesting things, revelations...etc." I am a bit nervous about the topic. Personally I think it qualifies as an interesting thing as well as a revelation!!

The making of the bed.

This has been a spot of contention between Kev and myself for some time now. I grew up in a house where I had to make my bed before I could leave for the day. Kev growing up was supposed to, but I think he rarely did. Now, the other night I was going to bed and realized all the covers were falling off my side of the bed, you know getting pulled over by some force. I fancy myself as a bed hog, not a cover hog, and so I realize that the only way the covers can be like this is because as soon as I get out of bed in the morning Kev does the grab and roll to my side of the bed.

I get in and hike the covers up under my chin and think, "he can fight for them since he made them like this in the first place." Which I guess he does since I didn't have all of them the next morning.

My idea is this...had he made the bed that morning he wouldn't have had to fight for the covers. The covers would always be evenly distributed and all would have been right. But, no, he must fight with me about making the bed because he has some theory that everyone has heard, "why make it if you are just going to mess it up again that night?" It does not hold water! Because he complains about me stealing the covers, when it is really himself that morning doing the afore mentioned, grab and roll when I get out of bed. So, if he made the bed he wouldn't have to complain.

Maybe he likes to complain? That topic is for another day. Sorry no pics today kids. Gotta run.

Friday, February 06, 2004

my hurting brain

I woke up with the greatest topic for my post today and when I sat down it was gone. This is frustrating, as I have been finding it hard to come up with things to really chat about.

I know you all don't care what I write as long as I write, but for me it's something more than just that. I want to share interesting things, revalations...etc.

But, there is something good here. I am a member to a dog lovers group online (hush everyone!!) and one of the members told me of a photo hosting site!!

So, here is just a taste of what it really is like to live with Simon. That's it until I regain my brain...

Monday, February 02, 2004

the joy of living with simon

So, we have a fat orange cat named Simon. Most of you know this already, but I do have readers that have never actually met nor heard of my fur children...

Simon becomes a large pest around 4:30 every afternoon. You see, he really truly believes that he is going to starve to death and that if he could get his dinner an hour and a half early this would keep this from happening. So, to get our attention and annoy us to bits he does things from knocking things off tables, dressers, ottomans, where ever we happen to be. He will constantly jump up onto the desk and be deposited back on the floor about 15 times in a row. He will basically just be in the way and want attention to the point of annoyance so that we get fed up and feed him. The crazy thing is, IT'S NEVER WORKED FOR HIM!!!! I don't know why he thinks this tactic will work for him...

This weekend has been what we thought it would be, Super Bowl Sunday at friends. Josie went until half time and was fabulous! She was a super star. Everyone loved her. She was nose level with all the food and didn't even attempt to eat anything. Then things started getting loud and she decided it was time to go home. I took her and missed Janet's boob, but got the low down on it when I got back to the apartment.

Today we got up, ran errands, took Josie out to the dog park where she asserted her independence a bit more (we were all the way on the other side of the 2.5 acre park from where she ran to). We are proud of our little girl. And I have been shredding old documentation and bill stubs that we no longer need in our lives since we got back from the dog park.

That's it, settle down, I've updated. :)