Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am willing to bet that those of you who've been following the saga of Josie and her bladder know what that number means. 9 hours! Neither of us could get home during the middle of the day yesterday to let her out. So it was a mighty test. She passed with flying colors.

We're hoping this may mean her body has done all the adjusting it needs to the meds and she's back to normal.

Even so, we made plans to board her with our vet when we go visit family in March. It just makes more sense. $$, but worth it to know she's being taken care of (and if she happens to have a break through seizure, what better place for her to be). The cats will be fed by our friends Shannon and Kiley. Such good friends they are.

You see, we leave crazy early on a Monday. Our vet's office is not open on the weekends. So we either are going to have to take Josie in on the Friday before we leave or ask a friend to take her on Monday morning, after the office opens. Yeah, Shannon didn't even stutter. She instantly said yes before I could finish my sentence. She even said she'd take her on a walk before she took her to the vet.

NINE...soon to become my favorite number. Granted we won't leave her alone that long all the time, but it's nice to know that if I had to work on the floor and Kev couldn't get home, we wouldn't come home to a lake on our bed. (knock on wood)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the test of time

Today was the longest we've left Josie since her peeping issues.

Six hours.

I prepared myself as I drove up to the house. I opened the door and immediately got her out the door to peep (which she was reluctant so I figured I would be sad when I checked the bed). She finally went and ran inside with me as I went to our bedroom.

NO PEEP! I got excited, she got excited and wouldn't it be a funny story if I then said she peeped out of excitement? But it isn't a funny story, it's a fantastic story with no peep on our bed or anywhere else it shouldn't be.

Of course as I'm writing this post I am wondering when this turned into the dog pee blog. Perhaps a rename is in order? The Peep Report? Yeah, I think maybe not.

In other news, I'm working on some knitting that is neither the upstairs nor the downstairs knitting. I know, I'm horrible (you knitters know what I am feeling). I got bored with the other two things on the needles (which I must say I feel glad that it's only two other projects on the needles currently). I decided that a certain friend of mine needs a warm head. I went out yesterday and bought some amazing charcoal grey alpaca. I've got about an inch done. I bought a pattern while at the shop, too. It's got the coolest reduction. I'll post pictures whenever I get that far.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

more evidence

I am now convinced Josie is part cat.

When we first adopted her 4 years ago Josie showed no interest in toys. We'd throw a ball for her and she'd look at us as if she was wondering why we threw that, we were just going to have to go pick it up...

We have a basket of toys for her. There are actually two toys she'll play with from it so I consider it a win. However, her true toys of choice? Cat toys. Sure the two from her basket are indeed dog toys, but the ones she really goes for and will play with and toss around and chase? Cat toys.

If the camera were charged (I picked it up from work yesterday) I would have photographic evidence that my dog, is part cat.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

awww, thanks

So I was reading through the several blogs I start my day with and what should I see at Monika's site?!? Go look!

Inspired as she always makes me, I've decided to list my top ten blogs to read to be inspired, laugh, cry, feel all warm and get the picture.

Passion Knit by PlazaJen

Tongue in Cheek by Corey

One Man's View from Lansing, KS by Dad

The Panopticon by Franklin

Out on a Limb by Bronxbt

Ottoblog by none other than Otto

Dogs Steal Yarn by Cari

Knitspot by Anne

Darrel Brannock [Artist + Realtor]

Party Ducks by Kerri

Not everyone posts everyday, but when they do they touch me. I don't always comment, but I always check in.

Thanks, Monika, for making me feel special.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Last week I came down to the lounge and found one of the two balls of yarn I'm using to make a fabulous scarf looking like it had been disemboweled. I blamed Chloe.

I'm sorry, Chloe. I was wrong.

Today, after finishing my shower and coming out of the downstairs bathroom (in which Chloe was locked in with me) I found Josie sitting next to this mess.

I've taken it to the lounge and am in the process of attempting to put BOTH balls of yarn back together again. It feels a little like Humpty Dumpty...and I'm one of the king's (wo)men who couldn't put him back together again.

and we have a guitar!

Well here we are, kids. I left my real camera at work so I took these with my phone. Not too bad, but I will make sure to post ones I take with the camera once I get it back. I've made sure it is secure and safe (I called to make sure that it was locked away).

The guitar took me for a little ride. The left screws (which I know you can't even see in the photos) are actually into studs! Who knew?! When I went stud finding they weren't there...

The chair is a new acquisition as well. Craigslist baby! The woman I bought it from was funny. She started pointing around her house showing me her buys from Craigslist. You can find good stuff, but must be careful. She also said to make sure that the people really want to sell. Sometimes people don't want to really get rid of their stuff. At least that's what she's found.

So this room is almost 100% done. I just have to get two photos enlarged and get frames for them to hang over the couch. I was going to go with images of my grandfather on the farm, but then I started thinking it would be sweet to have black and whites of Bob and Fred (two of our past boy kitties). I was going to surprise Kev, but last night while we were at Ikea I asked him what he thought. He thought it was an amazing idea.

So, there you go, two more parts of this amazing room I've designed. Yeah, I really do love it and am so proud that I'm tooting my horn. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

and the answer is

I chose c. I called 911. I was freaked out. I couldn't hear if there was someone walking upstairs because the furnace was blaring at the end of the hall downstairs.

They came, told me better safe than sorry, said they were happy I had a big, scary sounding dog- she barked crazy style when she saw them flashing their lights into the house and when she saw them standing on the porch, and then offered to come in and make sure the house was secure. I told them there was no need that if someone had been here they would have been flushed out once Josie came upstairs to bark at them. They agreed, but asked a few more times.

The reason I did not just come up with her was she's still dopey. She's on barbiturates. She's not herself yet (although each day we see her returning to her normal self more and more). So I didn't want to put her in that position.

I felt stupid, but at the same time justified. It seriously sounded like someone had dropped in through a window (although all our windows are locked) and I swear (before the furnace kicked on) it sounded like a footstep or two happened right after.

I am amazed that the answer was unanimous and everyone said they'd go up with the dog. Then again, I would have said that too, had it not been me. I'm normally an investigate kind of person. But the adrenaline was kicking, I was shaking and really scared (which I don't ever remember being that scared before). So there we have it. I chose c. call 911.

Monday, January 21, 2008

false alarm

Sitting in the basement with the tv on while surfing the net. You hear something from overhead that sounds like something dropping on the floor. All the animals are in the basement with you at the time. Your husband is at work until 11:00 pm.

Do you:

A. go upstairs and investigate on your own?

B. convince the dog to go upstairs and investigate with you?

C. call 911?

D. none of the above?

(you can say what you would do in the comments)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

child proof

Today, while I am at work, Henry and his parents will be arriving to our new home. Am I sad I don't get to see first time reactions? A bit. Am I glad I get to see them again, so soon after getting to see them for Henry's birthday party? You bet!

Kev is going to have to clean the house. Now for some, this statement may seem funny. But honestly, when he's motivated, he cleans really really well. I've picked up clutter (there was a little, but not as much as normal) so all he has to do is run the vacuum and dust (cuz that second thing is going to happen).

I wish...oh so wish...that I would have braved the Deep Hole yesterday to get the things I need to hang up the guitar. Oh well. Such is life. I have to move the board out of the room, because I'm sure we'll hang downstairs and I don't want Henry captivated by the big, heavy board (and since he's a boy, he totally will be). I would hate for it to fall on anyone.

Instead we'll have three large gaping holes in the wall, a smaller fourth and two dinky ones where the guitar hanger had once hung (before the anchors started to pull out of the drywall). Lucky for me, our friends will be able to "see" what I'm doing when I show them all of the components.

Man, is it 5:00 yet? That's when I get to go home (although since I'm writing this from home it seems silly for me to be longing for 5:00 already so I can go to where I currently am). 11-5 Not horrible hours, but when you are used to not working on Sundays it can be a bit of an adjustment. Next Sunday? Jeans shopping. I'm not sure which I'd rather do. Work or shop for jeans. At least with jeans there can be booze. Of course I have a staff meeting next week, so I can't get too lit. Speaking of a staff meeting, I suppose I need to get a list of things I need to talk to the kids about. I will be taking my laptop with me today.

I'll report how well Josie does with Henry. The first time she met him she was all wiggles and licks (small ones, sneaky ones). But that was before he was walking. I'm sure she'll do fine. And she does love Jessica, Henry's mom. So I'm sure she'll be glad to see them all.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

diggity dog back in the house

Well, Kev and I have noticed that Josie is adjusting to her meds nicely. Now we have her on a higher dosage of the medication for her bladder muscles she's not leaking. We're making sure to get her out much more often and she's asking us to go out more, too.

Poor kid, she got a bath this afternoon when I got home from work. This is a good thing since she attempted to help us paint on Thursday. Her tail made a good brush.

Currently she's curled up on the smaller peep pad on the couch.

So the room. I really love it. If it wasn't Saturday I would have gone to the Deep Hole to get metal brackets that I have to drill into my wall to use. But, I dislike going to that place when it's busy. And weekends, it's always busy. I think we'll go this week sometime.

The last thing I would really like to do is find an inexpensive, yet nice, dark wood desk. I'm kind of thinking it might be fun to go to an unfinished furniture store and get something to paint myself. Just an idea.

Of course in the master design, we'd eventually get a wall mounted tv instead of the monster we have now. But that's something for when the monster dies. I'm so glad that it's almost done and I can focus on other spaces. Not sure what I'll do next. I would like to get the hallway upstairs painted soon. Shouldn't take more than a quart of paint, in my estimation. Lots of doorways and the built-in.

I'll post the pics of the room when it is 100% done (and 100% clean).

Friday, January 18, 2008

wall of drapes

Well y'all asked...

It started with an idea of a wall to wall, ceiling to floor velvet curtains. I originally felt they would be brown, until I saw these peacock blue ones. This is the finished side of the room.

I attempted to hang up the wood and guitar, but those guys at the Deep Hole sent me in the wrong direction. Normally they are quite helpful, but I will never again go with plastic anchors for hanging something so heavy. No, nothing fell and all are fine. The anchors broke before I had the chance to hang anything. I will be going back and getting the metal ones I originally was going to purchase. They require I drill good sized holes into the wall, but since they'll be covered by the wood and guitar...should have listened to that inner guide.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

today we paint

Well, we are one step closer to having the lounge done. We painted today. Plateau from Ralph Lauren. We did walls, ceiling and trim. I dislike painting trim. There are a few spots that need a touch up, but other than that the painting is done.

So what is left in this room, you ask?

  • Hang a large piece of dark wood on the wall and then hang Kev's electric guitar on it
  • Hang pictures on the wall above the sofa
  • Get a new desk and chair
  • Buy a nice trash can
  • Debate if we will stain the doors dark (closet door and door into room)
I'm feeling really great about this space. It is warmer now that the walls aren't stark white anymore. It still fees like a room we paid someone to come in and create. Yet, I did. I adore that fact.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Is it considered a success if the peep only went through the new peep pad to the comforter and not soaking all the way through to the mattress?

The materials we used for the bed cover were not exactly what the "pattern" suggested but the woman at the fabric store said the vinyl isn't washer/dryer safe. Melty melty.

SO I just have to wash the comforter, not the entire bed, and the peep pad. I think it's better than what we have been doing this past week.

What do you think?

love is in the air

There are times I want to sing from rooftops just how much I love Kevin. Of course there are times I want to take him up there and shove him off, but this isn't about those times.

At work we're going through this major change. Our original web provider (read since 1999) went under. We found a new provider who has made it amazingly easy to switch. They've imported everything so that we (read I) don't have to go through the hassle of uploading every single item again.

We were supposed to go live yesterday. It wasn't working. The new provider has been there 110% sending me emails and answering questions without much delay.

This morning I sat down to reroute out site. Yeah, cuz I know exactly what I'm doing, right?

Kev to the rescue. It's up and running and will be even better than before! The joy of Kev, he didn't even think twice about coming to my aide. He simply put down the bag of cereal, came over clicked a few places and BOOM it's up.


oh yeah, we woke up to NO PEEP in Josie's bedding! I did come home yesterday to peep on our bed, but last night Jill came over and made peep pads for us. I fed her and gave her beer. She must really A. love our dog and B. love us. I could not have asked for a more amazing friend. Jill, I love you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We'll see how the bed pad works today! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

painfully shy

I sit here in the last half hour of work. A trio has come in. Mother and two kids, daughter and son. The son is a chatter box. The daughter gets scared if you even look at her. I did not know this information as I tried to converse with her. She got up and ran to the back where her mother was trying on shoes. I heard, "oh she's really shy" come from their mom.

It was a bit sad for me to see this beautiful child being so scared of everyone. Other customers came in and I saw her perk a bit when another little girl, a bit younger than she, come in. She was intrigued.

I wonder how much the shyness is because that is what she hears, thus she must be shy. I would want to help any child of mine who was shy to come out of their shells and really experience the world. Not implant that seed.

Then again, it was only a quick glimpse into their lives.

puddles puddles everywhere

I swear, we are changing Josie's name to Puddles. Okay, not really. But she's now had three accidents, two of which happened last night. Once while we were out of the house for a mere three hours (I made sure she peeped before I left the house to get Kev) and once when we were home, all watching tv.

I'm pretty sure I failed to give her her bladder medication last night after she ate. So I gave her the pill after stripping the bed to wash everything. And I still have to give her this morning's dosage before I leave for work. Since I gave her the pm dose so late, I'm trying to not make her OD.

Anyway, now I am paranoid that all my animals are looking like they are squatting to take a leak. But here is the thing about Josie...she's just laying there and it just comes out of her. It does not wake her. It does not leave her soaking. It just leaves whatever she was laying (or is it lying) on wet. And it makes for a very cranky Kevin. I'm no fan of it, understand that, but I have a hard time being angry at the dog for doing something she doesn't even realize she's doing. I am annoyed at the situation (the entire situation...epilepsy, phenobarbital, peeping) but can't yell at the dog. Kev's not yelling at her, he's just frustrated too.

One thing, we'll have the cleanest sheets in town! So much washing and drying. Thank goodness for new machines!

Aside from making Josie sleep in the storage part of our basement (read unfinished) I am at a loss. I think we'll look into peep pads at a pet store this evening when I get home from work. Maybe I'll go do a bit of research and see just how big we can find them.

Thank goodness that she drinks so much water that her peep is diluted quite a bit and does not have an odor.

Has this turned into a blog about my dog?! Ah well, it is what's happening in our world.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

puddle on aisle...bed

"What do you mean you kissed Amy?! Like friends or a real kiss!?!"

His silence was the answer I needed.

Dreams are wild and often encouraged by situations. Last night, Josie had an accident on Kev's side of the bed. He came to bed, late, and I woke to "What the....!?" I groggily told him we had two options.

He slept in the guest room, I stayed where I was because I was already half asleep and the peep wasn't on my side of the bed (although I did get up and get one of the dog towels to put on top of the puddle to sop up as much as I could). I had no clue she'd done it. I think she leaked, instead of stood and peeped.

This is an interesting plot twist. I mean I suppose it's not a twist and we knew she'd drink more because of the drugs. And we're smart enough to know that means she'll peep more. But I suppose was is twisty is that she will simply lay there and peep. I think it's a surprising twist to her.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

a real shame

Well, I wish I could say that Josie bound to the door to greet me, all wiggles and no feet touching the floor...

wait, I CAN! She was nutso when I got home today from work. She bound at me like it was any other day. I can't say enough for the love and support we have felt from our friends and family. Thank you.

One good thing about Josie's epilepsy is it doesn't happen when she's excited. This means we can continue hiking and biking and everything like normal.

Speaking of normal...

Life has been pretty good lately (aside from the seizure...but the good there is we got her on meds). Jill and I went to Ikea on Sunday morning. I am in the process of decorating the lounge (formerly known as the cave II). Well, it's lounge-y now. Before it was cold and felt slapped together with left over furniture from when we were still in Kansas. Now it's on its way to feeling like we paid someone to come in and decorate it. It really is turning out well. I've got a few pictures of it in progress, butI think I'm going to make y'all wait until it's done completely. Yeah, I'm mean that way.

I will give you a little hint (and 'rents...don't spoil it!): peacock blue velvet curtains

Monday, January 07, 2008

baby gate (and it's not what you think)

In about thirty minutes Josie will be getting her first dose of Phenobarbital. We found some duck and potato wet food to give her with her am and pm pills. She's still on the diet trial (for her skin, which is doing very very well) and eating a duck and potato kibble. I'm glad we could find it in wet, too. Just think, that tasty treat two times a day, for the rest of her life. And she's going to have a long one.

Thank you for your words, my friends. It makes it better. I'm trying to remember that because she's on the drugs, she'll be around for a lot longer. The only thing I hope we avoid? The drinking more, peeping more thing. Keep fingers crossed that is not one of the side effects she has. Although I'm sure it will be.

We're installing the baby gate at the top of the stairs tonight.

1:44 am

That is the time that forever changed Josie's life. She had another seizure. I had turned off the lights (I know, late night for me) and Josie started to try to crawl into my armpit. I knew this was not a normal behavior and I figured what was coming next. I switched the light back on and tried to comfort her as best I could.

She fought it, legs flailing. Her pupils were completely dilated. Not responsive. I just talked to her anyway and tried to pet her as softly as I could. When she finally came out of it and was responsive three minutes had passed. I knew right then that we're seeing them get worse and who knows how many she's had when we're not around to see she's having them.

Appointment has been made. Today at 2:30. I love my girl and am so saddened by this, but I can't think of a better family for her to have ended up with because we will make sure she's taken care of.

Friday, January 04, 2008

i've got a confession

I have a crush. He's a little older than me. He's almost totally grey. He reminds me a bit of Monty Burns. His breath smells of death (at least that's the word on the street). He is Italian. Kevin doesn't know yet.

He's the one on the right.

I am honored that A. I got the second loaf of Challah (which is oh! my! word!); B. I fell in love with Diego (his human brother was having an off day and didn't really know what he wanted, but I still found him utterly charming and truly beautiful).

Cari, thank you for asking about Josie.

For everyone else who may be wondering: Josie is doing really well. Her skin is clearing up and she's less itchy. She also hasn't (knock on wood) had another seizure. We're hoping to reintroduce her favorite treats soon. Keep those fingers crossed for her.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


All non knitters, feel free to skip today's post.

There used to be a time when I'd have one thing on the needles. I wouldn't allow myself to cast on for anything else until I was done with whatever current thing was on the needles.

I have read about others who cast on for something they are thrilled to be knitting, only to be bored out of their gourds when they are halfway done and longing to cast on for that next great thing. I'd started to feel that way recently. Until I decided to have two projects in progress at all times.

Enter upstairs/downstairs knitting. It's the perfect solution for me. Now I just have to get some decorative box for keeping the downstairs one safe from Josie's big nose. The cats, couldn't be bothered by the yarn. Instead, I have a yarn dog.

Anyway, speaking of knitting... I think there is some lovely dark blue Manos waiting upstairs for me to continue with my progress of "my so called scarf". The ivory alpaca and mohair, double strand, feathers and fans scarf has gotten enough of my time tonight (don't ask the makers of the two yarns, ball bands have a way of disappearing in my house).

Hope everyone had a lovely first day of the year and that it reflects what is to come.