Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well, I finished Kev's hat (again). It turned out much better this time. In fact, it fits his head even! He seems a bit underwhelmed by it, but we'll see what becomes of that after he walks to work wearing it tomorrow. If he dislikes it, I will simply take it for myself and he can freeze.

I also finished a burp cloth for a friend. I'd had it bound off and everything, but it "felt" wrong. So I undid the end and added a few more rows. It's quite nice. I hope that they will use it!!!

I have a couple of other projects I have in my head to start. Two scarves are on the short list and some wrist warmers and a felted bowl are on the longer list. The scarves are for gifts so...I suppose I'll start with those tonight. One had been started but upon looking at it, I don't think I am a fan. I think I might use the pattern I have started with that yarn for another project, with the other yarn bought at the same time.

We've cleaned the house today. It feels good to have a clean environment. Granted I keep my studio space quite picked up now and with the door being hung agian I can always close myself off to the world out there. I did several times today. It was really quite lovely. Chloe and I hung out and spent some good, quality time together. She's asleep in her chair right now.

Okay, off to pick up the next project. YEA!

Friday, December 29, 2006


I clicked and here I the NEW blogger.

I am a sheep.

The upside of being a sheep, I can produce my own wool (and that shit gets expensive!). The downside of being a sheep...I'm a sheep.

I am going to post a photo of the hat. You know, the one I made lovingly for my dear husband that would have covered his entire face and made him get hit by a car cuz he couldn't see it while crossing the road? Yeah, that hat.

Interesting. When uploading a makes you click by a "I accept the terms" box for photos.

Anyway, the hat. Keep in mind, it's a flipped up brim. Keep in mind that I don't do drugs, but as Jen said "The only appropriate caption for that is "Duuuuuuuude.""

This was taken with Ahmed's phone. Oddity: the phone actually flipped the image horizontally. It should not look as though the racks of clogs are behind MY left shoulder, they were in fact behind my right. Ah well.

Enjoy your laughter...

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Now that the Blogger team has gone from calling it "BLOGGER BETA" to the "NEW" Blogger, I'm more interested in changing over. You think they did research to see how people responded to BETA?

Not happening yet, but in my mind for sure.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I was on the math team in Jr. High School. I wasn't all that good so I am not sure why they kept me on the team. I wasn't the only girl, before any of you say "girl quota" to me.

It has become apparent that I still am not all that good with the numbers. I set out this year to make Kev a hat. He walks to work now and I really don't like thinking about him walking down there without proper head gear. He's my shmoopy and I want him to be comfortable walking to and from work. Last night, as I am finishing up the hat, I didn't look at it. I was simply focused in on the stitch I was working on. Then the next. And the next. You get the drift.

I tied off the yarn and said something to the effect of Eureka! It is done. Then I put it on Kev's head. Um, yeah, seriously? What was I thinking.

*picture of me with hat on, covering half of my face* (camera got left at Jill and Mark's Xmas eve)

So, instead of trying to shrink it in the dryer (which was a thought) I have decided to rip it all out and start over. MINUS 40 STITCHES!! How could I have thought that I needed to cast on 140 stitches? I know my non knitting readers are scratching their heads, scrolling down in hopes of finding some non-knitting related banter. Sorry, you should just move on to the next blog you read because this post is all about the knitting today.

This hat was to be a symbol of my love for Kev. Yeah, he didn't know this, but in my mind it was. It was going to keep him warm and safe from the wind and cold. Instead it would blind him and end up with him being hit by a car while crossing streets or parking lots that lie between home and work.

He doesn't know this yet, but he is not going to be wearing that hat until it's done in the proper size. I have half the mind to go get it now and start ripping so he doesn't have the chance to argue with me about it. Although something tells me he would be relieved to not have to wear it today. Part of me thinks he is secretly fearing what happens if he leaves the house without the hat planted on his head (rather, flopped on his head with bits oozing off). I will tell him he is off the hook and will not be made to wear the ridiculous looking thing...yet.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Yesterday was a lovely day spent sharing time with my dear Kev (when he wasn't watching movies that quite frankly, bore me), working on laundry (hell, it's sadly not going to do itself), knitting (getting closer adn closer to finishing Kev's hat), feeding the boys (you have no idea how good it is to say boyS when refering to our friends cats, Vladimir and Vincent...Vlad was missing for a few weeks about a month ago), eating food (although that trend is OVER now)...

We spoke to all our family (well, all but my sis who I left a message for on her machine telling them I love them and I was going to be turning off my phone- at 3:30 in the afternoon), we spoke to our friends (yes the boys are doing great and were happy to see us and get snuggles from us), we spoke to each other (I know! Get out!)...

We got generous gifts from our families (seriously? thank you!!!! new hot water heater here we come). We got thoughtful gifts from one another (music, you can never go wrong with music. Or gigantic computer monitors). We got sweet gifts from friends (a game for a system that is on the horizon, Wii!; a book to help us save money around town; jewels to make me sparkle and the Hobbit to keep Kev busy, for the PS2)...

We got some serious snuggle time in from the trio (who were all happy to have us both home). We even got to eat our favorite Mexican food last night (who knew El Tapitio would be open?).

So thank you all for the well wishes in comments, cards, emails, etc.

Let it be known that 2007 will be an amazing year. Because? We will make it so!

Monday, December 25, 2006

the list of christmas

1. awaken late and feed animals who are dancing on my head. *DONE*

2. come out to computer and putz around on it for a good hour. *DONE, with more to come throughout the day I am sure*

3. make latte and cut a slice of cheesecake for breakfast. *DONE and DONE*

4. sit around in my pj's all day *started and will be DONE all day*

5. knit a bit

6. knit a bit more

7. call family

8. open the two boxes we got from family

9. eat more cheesecake

10. maybe knit a bit more even

hope your day today is exactly how you need it to be. for me, pj's, lattes, knitting...listening to kev play guitar hero (when he wakes up)...that's all i need.

Friday, December 22, 2006

happy holidays

So I got the cards sent. Only one person mentioned looking forward to reading the letter we normally send out (only one). I emailed her back promptly and said, well then you are in for a surprise because I didn't write one this year. I ended up sending a brief update of our past year in Portland.

As I sat down tonight ready to unload about a challenging day, I decided I should reflect on a few fabulous things that have happened in our life (I know some are thinking it should be lives and my answer to them is simply: one).

Let's see, where to start? We got to start the year witn an amazing trip to Mexico with Mamasita, Walter, and Catherine. It was the right way to start the year. We relaxed and enjoyed simply being. Something we all need to do much more.

We had such a great time. We ate, we drank, we just relaxed. Some of the live performances put on at the hotel were just...

After that great start we settled into our routines, and a few months into the new year, Kev got a new job working for a mortgage/loan company. Let's just say, a fantastic job came his way shortly after and he's now happily managing a record store (well, cds, dvds, and games). He can walk to work. He can walk home for lunch (when he sits down long enough to take one). He has never been happier with a job, I believe.

Shortly after taking the new job, we headed to Hawaii to spend time with my family (he had alerted them prior to our departure that he had plans). The first full day there Kev and I hiked with David and Julianne (my sister and her husband). It was amazing. We walked through bamboo forests that almost made me cry. They were truly beautiful. The top was vast. It felt so big and calm. Will have to share some of those photos after I get them uploaded to flickr or something...

We've started making plans to head to Chicago in spring or summer (I'm hoping spring) to see Dad and Kathy. It's been far too long...

And on that note, I hope everyone has the holiday they need.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

when sleep isn't there

I tried to go to bed at an early time tonight. I was yawning all day at work and figured it'd be smart to get some extra Z's tonight. Kev's passed out due to the fact he's had to be AT work at 7:00 in the morning the past two mornings. And his work? It's crazy during the holiday time. So, he didn't get a lunch today and has been running around like his ass is on fire. Tonight, he crashed and burned.

I snuggled up all warm with cats on my legs...POP, eyes open. So here I sit. I would love to turn on lights and knit, but if I do that I fear I am only asking to be awake a lot longer. What I really want to do is go back to bed, turn on my light and do some crosswords. I think Kev would not appreciate that though and I don't want to annoy him when he's trying to get some quality sleep. However, he doesn't go in tomorrow until 2:00 or so...

I wish I had amazing and wonderful words to spill forth. Lately I feel as though I've nothing exciting to share. Is it the holidays? Can we blame them for everything?

I'm tired...holidays.

I'm wishy-washy...holidays.

I'm ready to poke someone in the eye...holidays.

It could work. It could work.
tony vs. paul

Kev sent this to me to watch while I ate my bagel this morning. Music isn't key, but it adds, so if you have headphones or speakers, I suggest you listen...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

rivaling russell t

I swear every single time I log into this place (or now, as I am logging in) large messages are coming up about "YOUR NEW BLOGGER IS READY!" They even went so far as to switch up the log in sides, left normally being where the old, worn out and tired blogger sign in is; right where new! exciting! thrilling! blogger sign in is. This morning, those two sides switched. They almost had me, but you know what...I was taught to read what you sign!, what I was really going to write about:

Is it just me or when you commit to something (say work) you should really mean that commitment? Especially when you confuse the person (say me) you are having cover for you? Is it nice to then call the other guy and ask for the original day you said you would work off? So other guy calls (me) and asks (me) if I can work in the store because our boss said to him "everything she has to do in the office can wait until Friday." Well, this would be true, but Friday I am only going to the office for maybe an hour before going to the store that is only roughly 25 minutes away from downtown, so make that 35 minutes away from the office. AND I get to drive home in the middle of rush hour! He only wants me there two hours of each persons 1-5. I will have a two hour drive home. I will be adding that time into my work day and will not be going back to the office afterwards. I will simply drive straight home. I won't even pass go to collect $200.

And if you think that is confusing, it is much worse in real life. We have switched this day on and off back and forth between the two of us, because this kid can't figure it out...does he want time with his brother? does he not? Would have made my life easier to be able to have this all down weeks before the actual day I am having to cover (which is how long he's known his bro was going to be in town)...

Ah to be 22 and carefree again. Methinks we will be having a talk with our young newbie about this one.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

oooh orts

What day is it? This not having a true, set schedule is starting to play with my mind. I feel as though I am one day off, all the time. All I can keep saying to myself is, "the first of the year is near" to get through this holiday season at work.

Started some gonna be late Xmas gifts for one "set" of in-laws. We're going shopping for the other "set" today because where they life, knitted things would really just make no sense. I suppose they won't live there forever, but you never know.

My left wrist does not like it when I work with a small gauge and I'm doing ribbing. There, I said it. I can see some of you all scratching your heads, which are cocked to the side. Eyes squinting trying to figure out exactly what that mumbo-jumbo means. Then I can see some of you smiling and nodding with the sense of understanding exactly what I am saying, and feeling my pain.

My slippers have had a blow out. I suppose one or two too many times of popping out onto a slightly damp deck to check on Diggity has happened, causing the stitching to rip free. They really are not all that warm these days because of that.

I really want printer ink so I can print some photos off of the computer to replace some we've had up for a while. Although I love the photo of Russ with his first born son playing a video game when the child was still a baby (this was from our trip to Florida to see them oh so long ago)'s time to replace it with a new photo of them.

Dogs are energy. They are large balls of energy. When that energy does not get to be released every single day, they become bouncing balls of energy. We gotta get Diggity out today, otherwise she might just knock a few things over (and by things, I mean tables, chairs...big stuff).

I had all three animals on or near me last night as I laid in bed doing crosswords. It's gotten rather cold for here and at night our thermostat is set low. Normally, not a problem. Lately, well let's just say we have two blankets, a quilt and a comforter on the bed, along with the sheets. The animals, better than any hot water bottle could ever be!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

lights back on

Well, we got power restored last night a bit before 6:00. I went to Jill and Mark's (where yesterdays post was written) and around dinner time for the trio (Simon, Chloe and Josie) Jill and I zipped by the house. As we drove up the hill we noticed lights on in the hood. We were all smiles when we pulled up and saw a house alit. It was still really cold in the house though and Jill said the clock in the bedroom wasn't flashing much past 12:00 so we figured it'd just come back on. She and I went to dinner ourselves then back to her house to finish taping for painting...I wanted to let the house re-heat itself before I had to hang out too much.

So, work today, blah. Knitting I am working on, great, but somehow I turned myself around on the hat and am working it backwards from where I started. However, it's not effecting it since I am staying with the rib pattern, but I'm annoyed that I've somehow screwed that up. I will watch it when I'm working on Kev's hat.

Okay, off to bed since I work tomorrow. Let's just say, I'm taking knitting and expect to be able to get much done.

Friday, December 15, 2006

is it dark in here?

So yesterday we had some major stormy weather. It started earlier in the day, but really got going around 5:30. I left work a bit early to batten down the hatches at home. I get home and decide to grab the speakers that Kev has plugged into the computer so I can have that great Bose sound coming out of my little laptop instead (hell, the computer up front is plugged in through the stereo...). As soon as I stand in front of the desktop, *FLASH* the power bobs a bit. I decide to go ahead and light a few candles, turn off both the computers and just watch a bit of tv. The local news, all about the weather.

A few hours later, when it had sounded like it was dying down *FLASH* power is out. That was at 9:30 last night. As of 3:00 this afternoon, still no power. I called Jill and left a voice mail asking to call when she got home so I could shower. I called work and told them of the situation. They were fine with me not coming in. I am currently sitting at Mark's desk playing on the computer with our website for work and checking emails.

It's good to have great friends, but it's even better when they live so darn close! Thanks, Jill...for everything, always!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

happiness a clean room.

...knowing your partner doesn't hide things from you.

...cats that let you sleep in.

...a rainy day with your best girlfriend.

...knowing you get a day off together very soon.

...a latte by your side in an amazing ceramic mug.

...things just clicking.

Friday, December 08, 2006

beauty in my life

<----Meet the newest to our family of beautiful objects.

My friend has an annual ceramics sale where she and at least three other potters sell their wares. This is quite possibly, the sweetest piece of pottery I've ever held in my hands. It sits sweetly and fits perfectly in the palm of one.

My friend did not make this, although I do love her work a great deal. Her friend David (whose last name is gone out of my mind, but he's had cups he's made photographed in a book of beautiful cups) did. We had gone to dinner as he was setting his things up. I simply went back in the house to grab my knit bag and there Bliss was (that's what I've named it). I was simply drawn to it. I picked it up and couldn't set it down.

I helped one of her other friends out, setting things and arranging. She gave me the most glorious mug! My entire fist can fit inside of it! It's about a 20 oz mug. 16 oz to the bottom of the drippy glaze inside. I also bought a gorgeous bowl/vase from her collection for some friends here locally (who I know read this and will probably figure out it is them but won't see it until we get together to celebrate). I know I talk about not wanting to feel the pressure of the season and not having to feel like we HAVE to get anything for anyone (as they should not feel compelled to do for us) but when things scream, I listen. I celebrate in the moment. And tonight, the moment was right.

funny aside: when I logged in tonight, the message "your new blogger is ready to go!" meaning "switch to beta!" Funny it should come after I posted that I'm not a fan.

open letter to my blogger friends

There once was an online web log provider called Blogger. It was a bit quirky and awkward in the beginning, but as it aged it got a little easier, a little faster, a little (dare I say) better. Then it offered something called "beta." Now, I know that this provider is trying to make things even easier, even faster, and yes, even better for its users. However, when I am trying to comment on my friends sites who have made the switch and they have the word verification thing turned on, I get no word. I get the little red X in the corner of what appears to be where an image would be. In the past, I could hit "publish" and it would come back with another word for me to verify. And more times than not I would be able to see it that next time. However, not anymore.

I wanted to warn my friend Kristin that Gracie, will eat shoes again and now that she has once, anytime she eats one that is left out it is as much the person's fault as it is Gracie's. Gracie is a dog...dogs will sometimes do dumb things we wish they wouldn't. Josie is a confirmed shoe eater and even though she's not in some time, I still put my favorites away. I also wanted to tell her that it's okay to look forward to a trip if it means getting to sleep in! Totally fine.

I wanted to tell my father to have a safe trip to see my family in PA and to give them all hugs for me and tell them hello. But I could not.

Thankfully my friends like Jen, Shari, among others, have not made the switch. It is to these friends I implore, please...don't. do. it.

That is all.

Oh and Chloe is flipping adorable when she is trying to have a conversation with a crow that is sitting on a branch outside. Just want to scoop her up and squish on her.

Now, that is all.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i wrote and it went away

Ah the joys of blogger and the newest version of IE. I know there are people out there wondering why in the world I still use answer, because. :P

Anyway, I logged in this morning to blogger. I wrote out a rather lengthy post about decorating for the holidays for my friend who is on bedrest for possibly the last month of her pregnancy. I spoke of us probably not decorating our house since we are not home together for full days at all, until THE day.

I then hit spell check. I clicked the "allow pop ups" bar across the top. The post vanished. Blank screen.

So, nutshell: we ain't decorating, but in decorating my friend's house, I feel as though I'm in the spirit.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

the things i learned today

Sundays are slow downtown this winter.

I can choose to be annoyed by choices Kev makes or realize the opportunities that those choices offer me.

Wind is the scourge of the earth. You can not hide from wind when you are waiting for the bus, even if there are bus "shelters" at your stop.

Girls in Indy are fabulous and funny and make me smile.

Simon is a heater hog. The little bastard slept smack dab in front of the vent in the living room all night until his Pop got home, then he went to Kev's lap.

Dogs like Port Wine spread cheese.

Television is rather irrelevant. There are shows in our DVR that were recorded when we were away. Honestly, if I didn't see a one of them, I'd be fine.

It's okay to have friends who make you smile and laugh in spite of the anger you are wanting to hold onto. And then, it's okay to let go of that anger.

Thanks, friend. ;)