Saturday, November 29, 2008

never thought i'd say it...

But thank goodness for KU football. :) Currently I am sitting at work while my family is at home watching KU football (KU/MU). I had someone call in sick. The other manager is going to be in shortly, to let me go home to the visiting family. After I get home I am going to see what the game plan is that my family came up with for dinner. The original idea was to go to the store and make turkey broth so we could make soup tonight for dinner in the slow cooker. That has now been a wash, since they've not gone and have instead settled down with the foolsball. I just spoke with Kevin and he said Dad has two ideas. We'll see what those are when I get home in a couple of hours.

I'm glad they can entertain themselves (with the help of KU football).

So yes, thankful still.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

giving thanks

We are ready. The silver is ready. The dog is ready (to lay under the table and pick up anything that gets dropped).

The food is almost ready. The house smells wonderful. The desserts are waiting in the wings.

I am thankful for family who could join us. I am thankful for family I married into. I am thankful for my little family I get to live with here, the animals and Kevin.

I am thankful that the tests run for my sister's baby all came back with the results for which we hoped.

Remember to give thanks for all you do have in life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

rest in peace barbara

We just got a call from Kev's mom saying that their dear kitty Barbara Frietchie has left this world. She was a good old girl. Not a nasty bone in her tiny little body. Nothing more than a few scritches made her happy. The neighbor's dogs... She didn't deserve to go like that. She was the sweetest old gal I ever did know.

Rest in peace Babs, we will miss your sweet little face...

Monday, November 24, 2008

good morning

I was met by this beautiful creature this morning as I was taking my coffee cup into the kitchen. The image is taken with an extreme zoom as well as through a window screen. But yes, our backyard is a virtual Disney movie!

Directly to the right of the chair was a squirrel. It seems as though they were having a bit of a face off (they are near the bird feeder).

I had to actually stop and do a double take before I realized there was a small hawk sitting on the chair. Then I backed out as slowly as I could, hoping I could grab the camera before it flew away.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the perfect day

I woke without an alarm. Kevin had gotten up and fed the animals, which allowed me to have a bit of a lie in. It was wonderful to get up at 8:00. I had a single slice of toast with one cup of coffee shortly after getting up. Josie by my side. I pulled on my yoga wear and headed to to pick up Jill.

I got to see the beautiful curtains she made for us, giddy with the anticipation of hanging them after class. Practice was exactly what we needed, calm and relaxing leaving us to feel as though we were floating on air. Diana (our teacher) proclaimed she was going to have lunch with us. Jill and I were honored. I had an amazing meal with two fantastic women. Meanwhile, I got a text message from our furniture building neighbor that said "table is ready and why haven't we picked it up yet?!" Brett (neighbor) is a smart ass. I tell him we'll be home to get it shortly. He responds that he's not there, but will be in an hour.

So we installed the curtains in the bedroom and kitchen while waiting. The maple of our headboard against the copper faux silk is beautiful. And the sage color of the kitchen curtains is almost an exact match to the Kauai accent wall while the butter yellow of those same curtains pulls out the yellow in the tiles. Jill is amazing. I will share the photos after the family have gotten their first look at them in person. I love surprises. :) Well, I love surprising people.

Finally we headed to Brett's to pick up the table and Chickie. We are all three blown away. I was blown away, it felt like Kev and Jill were as well. Stunning was the first word that came to my lips. Then I just pet it. I am going to share a little peak of it. I just can't stop myself.

Can't wait to see the whole thing, can you?

constant companion

Josie is a funny girl. She pretty much is my dog in the mornings, unless she's pulled an all nighter and decides to go back to bed (sometimes I tell her to go back to bed, too).

But normally, her position is under my desk while I have breakfast in the morning. I'm not complaining in the least. I love my constant companion. This morning, she even came downstairs with me while I put a load of laundry in. Just to stand near me...

Don't let the tag on her collar fool you. It may say Daddy's Girl, but she's really a Mama's Dog on many occasions. And honestly, nothing makes my heart sing more than when she's following me around, just to lay near me. No poking of me with her cold, wet nose. Just the need to be near.

I heart Josie...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

let the waiting begin

We have a beautiful bird feeder we got years ago with my Mamasita-in-law while we were out on the coast. At our old house, birds wouldn't come near it because it was simply too close to the house.

At this house, there was a pole already out there with a pan for water for birds, so we instantly put up the feeder. The birds here love it, and the cats do too...since they get to watch through the back door.

The squirrels around here are pretty industrious and have figured how to crawl up the pole and launch onto the feeder, tipping the contents on the ground below. I have only seen this happen once, but once was enough.

Today, I have replenished the food in the feeder and am attempting to beat the squirrels at their own game. I've used petroleum jelly on the pole, hoping they will not be able to get enough of a solid grip to climb.

(I'm trying not to be the 13 year old boy that I can sometimes be...the wording of this post is enough to send me into fits!)

Pictures...yes, they will help keep minds out of gutters!

I am hoping that we get to see some of the squirrels having issues and that we can also get those "on film" to share with everyone here. Josie has been doing a good job, patrolling the yard, but when we see the squirrels at the feeder, we tend not to let her out. There is no real close tree or escape route and I DO NOT want my dog to actually catch a squirrel. That would be too much for me to be able to deal with!!

So, here's to hoping I have foiled the squirrels. I do sprinkle some feed on the ground for them, though. I know they are trying to fatten up for a chilly winter...I just want the birds to keep coming around, too. They need fattening as well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

happy birthday bay-bee

Today is your 34th birthday. Our 12th birthday of yours that we've celebrated together. 12 years. I have two responses to that amount of time.

1. Has it already been 12 years?

2. Has it only been 12 years?

It's kind of a tie.

Thank you for being the person you are. Kind, generous, loving. Funny, musical, interesting. You are my husband. But more than that you are my best friend. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

knittahs at noon

In a few hours my house is going to be full of amazing friends. All with at least one thing in common, we knit. Kevin says I lost a couple of eyes when I started talking about all this darn knitting (sorry russ and reggie, i still love you!). But there is something pretty amazing about who is brought together by the simple act of moving two sticks around with some string and creating something beautiful.

I feel like the luckiest girl right now because my sister is pregnant. Beautifully, radiantly, roundly pregnant (well, i've not seen her yet so i don't know if she is all those things, but i'm guessing she is closing in on that last one). For me, knitting baby things is like heaven. They are quick with the knitting so it makes for as close to instant gratification you can get.

With my family's arrival next week, I would like to have the four bibs done. With only one done and one on the needles, I need to knit with the wind to my sails. Perhaps we need a Bourne Identity night sometime this week. I always knit faster to action movies.

Okay, must go finish getting the house ready for the throngs of beautiful women who are coming over today. (i'm trying to get those eyes back...russ, reggie? you out there?)

I'll leave you with this:

Friday, November 14, 2008

a taste

It's killing me, not being able to share the wonderful things I've been knitting for my nephew. So we were playing with the macro setting on our new camera (mom, don't freak out...we are fine) and I am thrilled with it. This way I can tease you all with little snippets of what I've got done and what I am doing without truly giving away the surprise for those family who will be seeing things in person in just under two weeks!! I am beyond excited about Thanksgiving this year.

So, here is just a little peak. I'm pretty happy with the color, as it's pretty spot on for the true color of the bib. And every knitter knows, it's hard to get yarn color to look as it does in real life when taking a photo.

I have a tan one on the needles right now, a cream one laying in wait, only to be followed up by a striped one (in all three colors).

Knitters on ravelry, you can go see it there. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

my dog's a jerk

Okay, perhaps she's not intentionally being a jerk, but she is still a jerk. I went in the bedroom to check myself in our full length mirror. And who should I see all curled up on my side of the bed, using my pillow? Jerk.

I'd be really upset if she weren't so damn cute.

It's just, I wish that could be me in bed still. I'm just jealous. I know I'm turning that jealousy into name calling...


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

shades of grey

The rain beats down outside in a deluge. It's the hardest rain we've had in a while. The sound is lovely as it bounces off the roof. The remaining leaves on our maple cling for their very lives. Not wanting to join their brothers and sisters that create a blanket on our front lawn. Soon, they will have no choice but to fall.

I've never seen a more beautiful tree in the fall than our maple. It's got shades of orange, red, green, and yellow. I look out my window from my desk and I see the branches blowing in the wind, as if it's trying to get my attention, to admire the beauty that lives before me.

So I will stop and take time to look out my window at the beauty that surrounds before it's all gone. For the grey winter that is on its way.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

my morning

We made plans to have brunch at our house today with our friends, Jessica, Brandon and their son Henry. Henry loves him some kitties. We have Simon, Udder Kitty, and Josie (who is also "a Nani dog"- they have a bit black lab at home.)

Chloe (aka Udder Kitty) really wasn't too excited for the quickness of Mr. Henry. But he wanted to find "Udder Kitty" the whole time. She was intrigued and would pop out of hiding to watch him, but would hide if he started moving.

Josie was a bit skittish by the fastness of him, but pretty much would just wander away from him if he got too near. Never making a peep, just moving. Henry is a great listener and would let Josie be when we told him she didn't want pat pats.

Simon and he cozied up on the couch for a split second before Henry was up and moving again.

The thing about Henry is, he doesn't wear me out. I enjoy every second of him. And Jess and Bran are really amazing parents (as I always knew they would be). One of my favorite things Jess does now and again, is she sends camera phone pics every so often.

This is on their drive home from our house...

He was on the go the whole time they were here. I'm sure his feet were smelling goo-ood.

And don't worry, he's got his own site and his Mom doesn't mind I post his photo.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

have you ever?

I was going through photos tonight on my computer when I ran across this one. Yes, your eyes are correct, you do see a squirrel laying on it's stomach motionless. How do you know it's motionless? Well, because it is in focus, nothing is blurred, not even a hair on it's tail.

I remember this day. As soon as Josie alerted me to the squirrel, I grabbed the camera and took a photo. I text messaged our neighbor, Bret, to tell him I think Nutsy was in our tree acting weird.

I exited my house to see if I could get closer, and I sure could.

Bret came out to meet me and see Nutsy, but as soon as he came up the driveway, Nutsy got up and zipped off. I still think the photos is pretty damn funny. I've never seen a squirrel laying on it's belly. It wasn't even that hot of a summer day...


My sister and her husband found out they are having a boy. 98% chance of it. Ever since I found out about them being pregnant, I've referred to the baby as him. Never waiving. I love little girls, don't get me wrong, but I knew she was going to have a boy.

She called me yesterday and left me a voice mail saying I am going to have a nephew. My heart sang. All I could think of was all the wonderful things I could knit for him. I've already got a jacket done in a kiwi green that is going to be adorable. I have a bib in a pale sky blue and a hat that is deep peacock blue both on the needles. The *Baby Yoda Sweater will be perfect, too. Oh Mah Gawd! I'm going to swoon. :)

(*sorry for no link, the one i have doesn't work anymore)

I did ask about names and am thankful to hear they are keeping that to themselves. I've heard horror stories of parents, family and friends saying things like, "Oh you can't name him *Jub Jub because I once dated an Jub Jub and it was..." or "Jub Jub, that's a dumb name...where'd you hear of Jub Jub?" or "Jub Jub was OUR baby name you..." You get the picture.

*For the record, I think Jub Jub would be a great name. ;)

Friday, November 07, 2008


I needed a bit more change in my life and opted to rearrange my closet, which led to the master bedroom being changed around, which meant the living room had to have some changes, too.

Change change change.

It seems that working on one room at a time really pans out for me. Although as soon as the end is near, I start dreaming of the next space to update and change. From the kitchen reno, I've moved onto our bedroom. I will get photos up, but probably after the family has come through in a few weeks. I don't want to spoil the surprise for them. :)

I've not done anything drastic in the master, just moved out some furniture, got a full length mirror and some curtains. Just enough to make it feel a little more done. All that I feel is left in there is finding some artwork for the walls (perhaps I will make something?), the curtains to be hemmed and hung, and finding the aforementioned light fixture. We will either go with a ceiling fan (which when the summer is here in a room where currently one window opens it would be nice) or a chandelier of some sort. Visually I know a really cool chandelier would be better, but again, when there is no air moving...although we will eventually be replacing all the windows in the house and we will be making sure that all in the bedroom open, so perhaps a great chandelier isn't out of the question.

Kev just goes along with my ideas, interjecting if he feels strongly about something. So far, we've done well working together. It's kind of nice to collaborate with him.

Okay, must be off to work. Walking to work in between the bouts of rain. Of course, I'll probably get caught in some since it takes me about 25 minutes to get to work from here. Ah well, it is fall in Oregon.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

making the rounds

As I peruse the blogs that I've come to know and love the sentiment is the same, pride.

A feeling overwhelms me.

Tears come to my eyes.

A smile to my lips.

I am proud of my country.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

i vOted!

did you?

make your voice heard.

vote for the candidate you believe in.

know that this time we CAN made a difference.

vote for a change in washington.


Sunday, November 02, 2008


So this weekend we were invited to several Halloween parties. As the previous posts made note of, I had one hell of a busy week. All week I was on the fence about going to two parties on Friday. I chatted with one of the women with whom I work and we came up with an easy costume. I got home and started rooting around the closets. Kev asked what I was doing and I told him I was looking for something to use for my costume. All week he'd been wanting to go to the parties. So when he said he wasn't feeling great and thought he should stay home I stopped searching.

On Saturday we had yet another party invite. Kev was feeling better so we decided to search for costumes in our house (yea for no spending $$). Kev went as a beach bum. I went as Rosie:

We can do it!

You can't really see it, but the "badge" on my collar is actually my "KNITTERS FOR OBAMA" sticker. It felt right.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

not quite done yet

Well, last night was very sweet. We had a handful of beggars come by the house. I think my favorite was the first two I handed out to. Older sister with younger brother...and she was easily the age where going out with your little brother could be annoying. She seemed really happy to be out with him. It was sweet. What's that? What were they dressed as? I can not remember. I just remember them being happy to be out together.

So, I got home from work yesterday and had mustered the energy and excitement about going to both parties. I started rummaging through Kev's closet, looking for a blue button up shirt. He then announced he was not feeling well and didn't think we should go to either. I told him there were no taksie backsies. So we stayed home. I text messaged our friends to let them know that we were not going to be attending either gathering because of a not feeling so well husband. Everyone told me not to catch it. :)

Today I get to go into work and finish getting the checks ready (gotta stuff the envelope with my memo) and then I get to go to the mall store way the hell out and interview four candidates for the position we have open out there. That will take a few hours and then I will compile notes, talk with Susie (who's conducting the interviews with me) and head home...

We have another party we were invited to tonight. We'll see how the Mr. is feeling tonight.

Tomorrow I work (don't worry Mom and Dad, I have plenty of time to call before heading into the store at 11:00).

I'm ready for Monday because Jill is coming over and we are doing the touch up paint and re-hanging the light fixture that we painted. It should prove to be a productive day. After which, we will drink wine and possibly light a fire...who knows?!?