Saturday, December 31, 2005

ready, set...

GO! We are all packed and are ready. Kev's currently at the grocery store. I swear, to get our pet/house sitter, Joe, to give up any clues as to what he'd eat while here was hard. He pulled the, "You guys don't have to worry about that..." routine. To which I informed him we'd end up getting food for him anyway and it would be better if he'd just tell us what he liked so that he didn't end up with something he didn't like. Plus, since he refuses to take money, this is our way of saying thank you. That and we'll take him out when we get home (and find him something in Mexico perhaps).

I hope all you out there in internetland (or Bloggerville as a certain pal has called it) have a wonderful New Years Eve celebration.

Be safe. Be responsible.

Friday, December 30, 2005


I'm going to Mexico in TWO DAYS!

Tonight, I get to pack. Those of you who know me well, know I loves to pack for trips! There are weeks of figuring out the right configuration of clothing. Then there are the lists, the sketches...the trying on of all the outfits. When weather permits, I do trial runs of the outfits to work to make sure they are going to be comfortable for an all day wearing. :) I'm a nerd, I know. A bit on the OCD side? Yes. But, isn't that what makes me lovable?

So this week, because I've already done our laundry for the trip and didn't want to have to do it again, we've been wearing things that make me wonder why we have them in our closet. Actually that's not completely true. I kind of told a lie. We are wearing sweaters and things that work in the cold weather because where we are going, you don't wear wool!!!

You'd think I was excited or something...

so, the list as it still stands:
1. empty camera memory stick and charge it. (if I could find the stoopid charger and cord to empty it I would. Kev put them somewhere)
2. redo the mani and the pedi. (going to strike through this now so I don't goof them up in a few minutes)
3. pack our suitcases, setting out the outfits for the plane ride on our dressers. (mine is done, Kev's is still in the car from when Jill borrowed it MONTHS ago...)
4. reassure the animals that we love them and they'll have a blast with their Uncle Joe.
5. get stack of books ready to be packed.
6. get birth certificates in proper place.
7. make sure we have confirmation number with us.
8. put suitcases by door because 4:45 is going to come REALLY early on Sunday morning.
9. go grocery shopping to stock house for Joe.
10. amend Joe's list so it includes the issue that he may have to be on corpse removal duty as well as keeping the house standing while we are gone.
11. write up a yoga practice to take with. will just make it up as I go...many sun salutations and twists to aid in digestion!
12. run a quick html test.
13. buy new white tee shirt at Gap.
14. buy another ball of yarn for flight (just spoke with a flight attendant who gave me the green light on knitting needles). (not sure if I will get a chance to do this, already have the current project packed and ready to go so I may just read and knit the one scarf I'm working on currently)
15. make sure to give keys to Joe!!!
16. take down Christmas tree.

Can't think of anything else now, but sure there will be more that sprouts up...

Thursday, December 29, 2005


So I'm chatting with my dear friend in Ohio this evening. I've not chatted with her for quite some time and I really fancied talking with her. Thankfully, she was home and had time to talk for quite some time with me. As we were talking about some issue she had going on in her life I noticed Chloe (the beautiful 8 year old calico cat) playing with something in the hallway.

I caught a glimpse and feared that I knew what it was. It wasn't the shape of any toy we own. Nor was it the material of any toy we own...

No, my huntress (it is a name we gave her for her mad insect hunting skills back in Kansas), she'd caught and killed herself a mouse.

In the middle of the conversation, Reagan was saying something that escapes my memory now, I blurt out:


She asks what. To which I have to try to calmly tell her that my cat has a *gulp* new toy that we didn't bring into the house and give to her. Reagan proceeds to laugh her ass off at me (she lives in a much more rural place than I and has had many a run in with much larger rodents). She reminds me that she was much better than I was when she called me in the middle of her night when she had a run in with a possum. That was a fun night...

Josie doesn't get into the act until Chloe takes her toy, running away from the crazy woman who is chasing her with their pooper scooper (like I'm going to A. touch a dead mouse with my hands (...hush mom and dad that was a loooooooog time ago); B. touch a dead mouse with any utensil that we actually use to consume ANYTHING). I call Josie off and am thrilled and happy I work so steadily with the "leave it" command. Chloe, not so much about the leaving it.

Keep in mind, the entire time, I have my friend laughing in my ear hysterically.

I get it and then, then I have no clue what to do with it. Reagan tells me to fling it outside. I am not proud to say that that is what I did. Sorry little mousy. Thank you for giving your life so my animal could have something to keep her occupied when I was not home.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

back in the saddle again

Well, it's day one back at work. Even though I didn't get any extra time off for the holidays it still feels like I was gone for a week. Ken, the best damn barista in Portland (notice, where he's the best Shari), and I got to talking about it. He too mentioned feeling like it was an extra long weekend, even though he got no extra time off. He attributed it to the fact that we weren't running errands (aside from the Great Noodle Hunt Kev went on) and actually took time to sit still and enjoy time with friends and family (or friends who are family). I think he's got something there.

Today has gone by rather quickly. I am a bit surprised. I mean, think about it...I go on a sunny Mexico vacation THIS WEEKEND and so I'm a little bit excited. Usually when I have something to look forward to later in the week time, she stands still. I'm hoping that I wake up tomorrow and it's Saturday already. :)

So, you may be wondering what wild and fun things we have planned for New Years Eve since our plane leaves at the crack of dawn on New Years Day. Let's just say, very little. We will have dinner with Shannon and Kiley, but other than that, nothing. I don't fancy being hung over on a plane, nor do I really want to have a harder time falling asleep than I would normally when I've got something exciting happening the next morning. Crap, I have to set up the shuttle...

I better go do that before I forget, AGAIN.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

i come from a wacky family...

and I'm sure you don't believe that! This morning we all "met" online for our second annual chat room Christmas. This year we were joined by my sister's boyfriend. It was fun, all of us chatting at once. Kev, luckily, got out of it since we have the only one computer house out of the three houses that were chatting.

We had planned on having fettucine at my house, but when one forgets to buy the improvises and sends the husband on the "Great Noodle Hunt" of 2005. He was successful, although instead of the fettucine he found penne. It will work though and it will be good.

I've spoken to two of my online (animal list) friends already. I think I surprised one of them. It was lovely speaking with them. I've made an apple pie for Mark. I've thrown together an impromptu snack tray for Chuck and Kev. We are just awaiting our four other friends and then we will share stories, open gifts and just spend time together.

Speaking of that...

Enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

done and ready...

I am done with work during the holiday season. It was as slow as we had thought it would be so I got to get out of there at 4:00. I ran one last "gotta find something else for Kev" errand before jumping on the bus and going to the grocery store. Things have been purchased for dinner as well as the apple pie I will be making for Mark's first of many pies. I think he'll be pleased. We've got the clutter picked up (that's half the battle in our house) and will vacuum and dust in a while, after our breaks. I wish we could just really stick to the keeping the house clean routine, but it just gets away from us little by little. I'm going to ask Kev to make a joint resolution...keep the house picked up. Easy? We'll see.

So, with this post I wish all my friends and family a very happy holiday.

I must go clean out the fridge to make space for the pie. Hey! I just remembered, there's cheesecake in that thar fridge!!!

Ho Ho HO!

Friday, December 23, 2005

the art of being "on"

I work retail. It has been a tough holiday season. Not too many people have been buying this month. The only reasons I can come up with are the following:

1. due to Mother Nature's rearing of her head people have donated money to various causes, leaving them tapped out.

2. internet (don't need to say anything else for this one).

3. people actually got out throughout the year and shopped (not really thinking this, but didn't have anything else for a #3)

So when people come into my store, I am on. I am smiling and joking and just being ON. I'm trying to make it fun to be in my store. I want people to feel happy as I take their money. Some people make it easy. They are also "on" and happy and lively so you just want to join in the fun. Others, it's energy zapping. It's nearing the end of the holiday season and I have to admit I'm feeling rather tired. It's been a pretty even ratio of "on" people verses energy zapping, but it's still being on my feet and interacting often.

My goal, is to make everyone feel as though they are the most important person in the world. And, in our store, they are. It's just when I am way out numbered by people that this gets hard. So if I seem a bit grumpy right after work, please understand...I'm tired of being "on".

it's perfect

My dear Chaz came over last night to deliver a myriad of baked goods (all baked by her with love). I showed her Blinky and she laughed. She indicated that his former bands name was...crap, can't remember but I do know that Goldfish was in the, how perfect is Blinky?

The basket of baked goodness was calling to me this morning, telling me to take some of it's wonderousness to work with me, but I declined. I figured I'd wait and share it with friends who are coming on Sunday...I may have to do a taste test though before then. :)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

i won i won i won!!!

Not like it was a battle to the bitter end, nobody else bid...

And to answer your question Bronxbt...Blinky is from the Simpsons, episode "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish" from season 2. There may be an homage to Blinky in Futurama, since it was from the same kids.

Go here to look more.

if all goes according to plan (tempting fate)

I went to a few stores today already, Ahmed was kind enough to come in and sit in the store while I ran like a crazy person in search for the perfect trucker style hat for Doug, Chaz's boyfriend. You know, the guy whose hat Josie ate? It was his favorite. I've not heard the end of it since...I've been on the search for the perfect hat ever since. The guy who owns one of the stores I bopped into (who is said to have the best suggestions of where to find things if he doesn't have anything close to said item) suggested ebay. So, I get back to work and pop online to check it out.

With any luck, in a couple of hours, I'll be able to give Doug this:

This is Blinky, the three eyed fish, from The Simpsons. I do not know if Doug is a Simpsons fan, but honestly, I think he'll love it either way. I am keeping fingers and toes crossed because this is the hat I want to give him.

Until then, since it won't get here until after the holidays, Ahmed suggested I give him a Dansko hat. I decided to take one home and search through my patches and see if I can come up with something to wrap for him, just until the real gift arrives.

oh how i wish

I work until Saturday afternoon (we may be closing early...if shoppers are done and the foot traffic is non-existent). I have two people I still need to shop for. I say need, but really it's a feeling of wanting to get them something because they've been great friends and since this is the time of year where it's deemed acceptable to buy your friends things (although I am a firm believer that you celebrate in the moment and if throughout the year you see something that screams, "TAKE ME TO ______" then you buy it and give it to ______. I do that with Jill often.) I did go a bit overboard with gifts for a few of my friends, but can I help it that things just spoke up this year at this time?

I am just at a loss as what I should get my new and dear friend Shannon. We are so getting Kiley a cordless drill, to start him out right in his new house with all his projects he's got dancing through his head. However, is it wrong to get someone Jack Daniels for a gift? Somehow, I'm not sure it's right...but at the same time, I know she'd appreciate and enjoy it. I had a customer, who is wackadoodle and I see her every six weeks when she gets her hair done, suggest a throw for Shannon. She's a snuggly girl, but I think Kiley would like that more since he's the one who makes a nest in front of the tv on the floor out of pillows and blankets.

Also, anyone know where a girl can find a funny baseball hat that has an image of a pig on it? Perhaps an angry pig (no, not an Arkansas Razorback pig either). You see, Josie's asked if I could help her find a hat to give to Doug, my friends boyfriend. It seems as though she had a taste of his former "angry pig hat" when they were watching the house and sitting on the pets the last trip we took. I've been on the hunt since, but Josie really wants to do right by him this year for Christmas. Any ideas would be appreciated. I am going to check out a store today, if Ahmed can actually hang out and let me run for a few minutes.

All this, and I have to work! I got Chaz earrings from the bead store that I work next to. They are pink and dangly. She'll love them. It's just two more people left and then I'm done...except for the pie and printing out the coupons and the letter to give with the pie. But that's easy. I can get up and make a pie so very easily on Sunday morning, or even make it Saturday night, depending on what we end up doing. I'm not making your traditional dinner on Sunday, but shrimp alfredo. So I'll need to get Kev to get the ingredients tomorrow. Must make him a list tonight so he won't have to deal with it, or have to call me at work asking...

Too many things to do and not enough time to do them...

Happy Flipping Holidays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

word to the wise

When you take your lovely dog on a fabulous hike and you so diligently collect their poo in a bag because you are a good person and then you put that baggie in your car because you are considerate and there are no trash cans at that particular trail head...

don't forget to take the baggie of dog poo out of the car.

Weeks later, it don't smell too good.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


It is Sunday morning. It's around 5:30/6:00. I am stirring. All of a sudden I hear a voice whisper, "You are going to die." I whisper back, "Shut up Kevin." Then I am fully awake and realizing that it wasn't Kevin's voice I heard. He doesn't stir and when I tell him of it later in the day, he has no clue. Can you say I was a wee bit freaked out? I had just read an article about lucid dreaming in Yoga Journal the night before. Could that have been the reason why I was "hearing" voices? I swear though, so freaking real. Felt like someone was saying it right. in. my. ear. Shudder. It freaks me out now when I am wide awake sitting at work.

you tell me, jen

Okay, so the question was asked, "what kind of yarn" by my internet knitting guru Jen.

You want to try to guess?
Here's a shot of the scarf. I used it as a bow on Diana's other gift. The second shot is a detail.

I will give you two clues:

1. It is made in Italy.

2. It is NOT wool.

I've got a second in the works that I would like to have done by this evening. I'm thinking, it's going to happen!! :) At least, I'll do my damndest to get it done for my friend...

Monday, December 19, 2005

it's back it's back it's back!

For almost an entire 24 hours the internet has been down. It wasn't working last night. It wasn't working all day today.

Last night I made two cheesecakes for a party we are going to tomorrow. I had ment to work on some knitting. However, that is really hard to do when you...LEAVE IT IN THE CAR!

Today we ran around with our friend Kiley (we waited around his house until the cable guy came and then we went and got coffees/hot chocolates for the four of us- including the cable guy who said it made his day).

Even though it's back, I really don't have anything to say.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Yes, we are actually getting snow. It started when I was at the grocery store (where I ended up buying much more than just things I need to make cheesecake).

This is it now, about an hour later:

Josie's favorite thing ever (besides the chicken feet)?


She waited so patiently. Then she decided she needed OUT!

And I finally have gotten a great picture of her paw print. I've been trying to get a good shot of her paw print in mud but still haven't quite nailed it. Who knew I could find it in snow?

So that's it for now. A picture day.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


i don't think diana reads this blog, but if you are...STOP RIGHT NOW! :)

i went to knit/purl yesterday to see if any yarn "spoke" to me. as you can guess, some did (i passed on a skein that was pretty cool, but i'm okay with that). at first i was envisioning myself being hugged by this amazingly fluffy and super soft brown yarn. then, as i started it last night, all i could do was picture diana enjoying it. soooo, if i can do it, i'll have a second gift for her on tuesday. it's a rather narrow scarf and i already have about two feet done on it. it's soft and yummy and wonderful. i don't have a picture yet, but i will get one soon. the thing i love about this yarn, you can't see if you have dropped stitches or missed them or anything because it's that fluffy. yeah, this is my second project ever. the thing i don't love about this yarn is it's as slippery as an eel slathered in oil.

ask me if i'm crazy!

Friday, December 16, 2005

always have back up

Last night was so much fun. Amanda, thank you! I needed that! (and my head didn't hurt this morning, but a few times during the night when I woke up with the driest mouth on the face of the planet I did question my actions from earlier)

And that leads me to my title. Always, always have a full bottle of water by your bed as back up for when you wake with a headache and dry mouth in the middle of the night (so that means, one you have already started AND one full bottle...two bottles total)! I had two half bottles, but damn, a third full one would have been money! It seems as though the hangovers I get are all in the middle of the night. I get woken up by them, drink water, fall back asleep, and wake up hunky dorey. However, I could have used a smidge more in the bottled water department last night.

The last time I woke up, I think it was three times totally, I looked across Kevin to his night stand and spied what looked like a rather full bottle. I envisioned myself taking a nose dive and waking him up with my nose planted firmly in his ear as I tried to reach the water...I opted to just will it to me, it didn't work.

Now, I have a bottle waiting by my purse to take in with me to work. One must re-hydrate after an evening of wine (an impromptu evening I might add). Sorry to have made you envious, Dad. Will tell the girls you say hello next time.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

quick WOOT!

Just got done IMing with my dear friend, Amanda. We were both not really wanting to get home right away to the various chores that await. Soooo, we're meeting at Oregon Wines on Broadway for wine and nibblies (I called and the gals there told me I could bring food...cuz I'm special).


I'm really looking forward to spending a bit of time with her this evening...

and i'm done...

I finally have gotten the 16 cases (that's roughly 300 pairs of clogs) put away in the back room. They've only been hanging around since Tuesday...

I've decided to not go to the Lululemon VIP night, where guests get 20% off. The hat I wanted is no longer available and since we have a trip coming up I decided to save a bit of money...that and for some dumb reason most of our bills are all due around the beginning of the month. WTF? I have asked Cingular if we could change the billing date, they said it would be a huge hassle and I'd end up getting three bills in one month or some jazz like that. I've yet to call my Amex to get it changed (I'm hoping they won't have any problems). But until that happens, we spend no money. I can do it, I swear!

Thanks to everyone and their kind responses to the photos. I am giving both of the pose pictures to Paula and Diana to decide. I tend to lean towards side plank (Vasisthasana) because it is a bit more graceful and more "yoga" like. I also think that my chin looks HUGE in Chaturanga...LOL.

So anyway, I am done, caught up, and finished with unpacking, adding things to my inventory list and everything else that comes with receiving a big shipment. Now, I try to stay warm since the heat I generated a few hours ago is gone. I suppose I could turn up the heat in here...hmmm.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

as promised...



Which yoga pose should I use?

The first is Chaturanga and the second is decide.

before and after...

...coming to a blog near you.

Last night at yoga I took my camera as well as my new Lululemon top and pants so we could take my after shot. I don't know if I mentioned here that the woman who runs the Lululemon store learned of how yoga has aided me in my whole weight loss/centering thing and she asked if I would want to be part of their community board. There is a section called "yoga changed my life". I told her I would love to. I wrote up my story and found a picture of myself taken two weeks after the official first weigh in. Last night, we took the after shots. I have one of me straight on and a couple of me in two different poses to chose from. I will post them later, as I'm at work and don't have them on the computer here. I find myself mesmerized by the shots of me in the poses. Man, my chaturanga is is side plank. But, I will share later. As of right now, I'm going to get ready to go home. Kev called earlier and said that he might be leaving work early tonight due to the fact that the painters didn't finish last night. So, date night!!! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

let me just tell you...

So for the past few days I have had a salivary gland issue on the left side. It's been clogged and slowly swelling up. Yeah, it wasn't noticeable unless you really studied my face. You know the feeling you get when you eat something really tart, there is kind of a shooting feeling along your jaw line? That is what I felt each and every time I would eat or drink something for three days! Yesterday, it broke through....and can I say this...EWWWWWWWW! It was the nastiest thing ever.

Today I am much better, no pain when I touch the side of my face and no NASTY ASS taste in my mouth. Kev asked what it tasted like and I really couldn't figure anything out. Just plain nasty is all I could say. I mean you would think the look on my face would be indication enough (he said I had some funny looks going while I was dealing with it...).

He also said, "wow, you really weren't lying about it, huh?"

Yeah, because whenever I'm in pain I'M LYING?!? Hmmmm.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Got the tree up today. Put up all the garlands on, untangled the lights (okay, they really weren't tangled), put on the random decorations we've gotten over the years (mainly ones from when I was a kid and a few we've accumulated since being married). Got all the gifts that we've received under. I'll be wrapping a few for our friends and putting them under there as well. It makes for a warm feeling, all those gifts under the tree for our loved ones...

Speaking of gifts. Last night was the first ever in the four years of working at the store Holiday Party! It was a blast. Most everyone showed up (and to be honest I'm a bit bothered by those who had said they'd be there and then didn't show at the last minute...I know, I know they probably had "good" reasons). We had a gag gift swap. Ahmed (the boss) got one of the gifts Kev and I took...Odor Eaters! :P

This is what Kevin got at the party... Ahmed was the culprit who bought it. I think he's thrilled that he got something so tacky and horrible and WE now are in possession of it...Joy.

I swear it's Kenny G playing! It's HARABLE!

We have already taken Josie on a hike and ran a few errands today. Now, we are all snug as bugs in a rug and are working on getting the laundry situation under control while listening to some cheesy Christmas music. Josie is policing the tree and not allowing Chloe near it. It's not Chloe I'm worried about with that tree. Simon may seem all innocent, but trust me, he's a little hellion.

I think I'm going to go make a latte and sit and enjoy the disco that's going on in my living room right. this. minute.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 09, 2005

how do you...

...go about getting rid of the bad energy someone decides they need to leave you when they up and steal a pair of shoes from the store you work at?

Twice in as many weeks. Not same girl, oh no, I see either of them at ANYTIME I will be calling them out on it. This one, I feel I will see again soon. Not in the store, but out on the street wandering around. I'm calling her out. I am sick of people feeling they have the right to not pay for something. The thing that irritates me most, I knew she'd steal something. I watched her like a hawk, she got them when I turned my back for a second.

You speak with your yoga teacher/friend, that's how. Diana just has brought me back to where I need to be.

i'm done

Well, it took me quite some time but I finally finished my very first scarf. I figured out how to bind off all on my own (with the help of my friend the internet- and Jenn here in town who was the one who showed me how to do everything I've learned thus far).

I called her to get help with the very last bits.

Me: You are going to be sooooo proud of me!"

Her: I'm always proud of you.

Me: Yeah, but I finished! I figured out how to bind off!

Her: It's easy, isn't it?

Me: Yeah, except, what do I do at the very very end?

She went on to giggle and explain what I needed to do and now, now I have a completed scarf and it's around my neck right now and I'm having a really cute hair day and...

Oh hell, just tell me what you think!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

josie smiling

josie smiling
Originally uploaded by chlortence.
This photo was taken a few weeks ago. Josie, loves her some hiking. See if you can find the "hidden" messages. :) Thanks to PlazaJen I've done some snooping around various parts of flickr...(pssst, that was a hint)

tee to the hee

I'm sitting at work. I look up and see four, count 'em FOUR, tour buses sitting in front. Hmmm, wonder who is playing around here soon. Think nothing more of it, help the customers in the store (who I must say were rather off in the energy department). Phone rings.

Me: Company where I work, Downtown.

Guy on phone with sexy DEEP voice: Do you all sell men's clogs?

Me: We do.

Guy w/SDV: What time are you open until?

Me: 6:00

Guy w/ SDV: Hmmm

Me: We have a shop in the SE that is open until 7:00.

Guy w/ SDV: I'm on the bus across the street so I'll try to come in before you close.

Me (waving cuz I'm a D to the O to the R to the K): Will HI! We'll see you later.

When I asked Kev who was playing around here who would have four tour buses the only person he knew of was Kanye West and he plays tomorrow night. I asked him if he'd have one of those deep sexier than all get out voice. He said he probably would...

We'll see, we'll see (not that I'd recognize him...better go google his butt).

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

thank you

During a time when you feel sad and lonely you turn to those who you know will nurture and support. Sometimes you turn to those you know, live and in the flesh. Other times you turn to a group of friends whom you have never met. Neither is more important than the other, but each are equally as important. Lucky for me, I have both.

Last night I went to yoga. It was an emotionally amazing evening. Tears were shed, stories were shared, love was felt. I love the fact that Jill and I practice together, just the two of us with Diana. The three of us emit such an energy and lightness. We dedicated our practice last night to Frank. I kept hearing his voice saying, "I'm proud of you" over and over. They were words he spoke to me many times throughout the years of knowing him. They are words I will always know he said and felt about me. I know he would be proud of the woman I have become, I am.

So dear Frank, as you transition into the next, know that you go with love and lightness. You will not be forgotten here with us, you will be celebrated and remembered.

Namaste, Frank.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

three things...

Thanks to Jen I have started taking a trip down memory lane (which is actually a nice diversion from where my mind was wanting to wander to...).

She listed five things she longed for as a child for Christmas but never got. So, what are my top five things (although I really can't think of five, maybe I'll list my top three instead)? Well, let me list them, starting with:

#3- I, too, always wanted a pool. Our next door neighbors had one and so did the people across the street. The woman next door allowed us to come over and use their pool something like three times in the many, many years of living next door. The people across the street allowed us to come over more often, but then we stopped talking to their daughters so...there went that. I always thought we had the best backyard for a pool, in ground. My parents understood that with a pool came a lot of work (something I have since learned).

#2- Random silly toys, none of which come to mind right this very minute. But I remember flipping through the "wish book" from Sears and marking things left and right. Ah, yes, the battery operated car. Now, I was too big for them when they came out, but I dreamed of owning one. I complained that all the best toys were not around when I was small enough to enjoy them (however, I was never "small" enough since I was a tall kid). I still think that kids today have better toys then when I was a kid...but I could keep myself busy with my Breyer horses for HOURS!

#1- A real, live horse. I grew up at the barn, I was known as a barn rat by many. I so wanted to have my own horse. I was allowed to ride as much as I wanted, as long as I did the chores at the barn, mucking stalls, feeding the horses in the evenings certain nights of the weekend. I did it too. But again with a horse came money and I didn't understand at the time. It was not a one time expense, but monthly. I suppose I should consider myself lucky for getting to have as much access as I did to both TJ and Dexter as I did. I still want a horse someday.

which leads me to a question:

When a friend dies, is it okay to want to name your next pet after them? Just curious really...

Monday, December 05, 2005

rest in peace dear friend

I woke up to some of the hardest news to swallow this morning. I recieved an email from a woman whom Kevin used to work with when he worked for a man named Frank Orzulak. Chris asked me to call her. I knew exactly what she was going to tell me before I even picked up my phone.

Frank was a man who had gone through two heart transplants in his life. The first heart the doctors said would maybe give him three to five years. He blew that number out of the water and when I first met him was going on year 12, if memory serves me right. The second, his body was not really having any of. He just went in for the surgery about two or three years ago. It'd been an uphill battle for him the whole time.

Yesterday morning, with his family surrounding him (from what Chris tells me) he passed away. He was kind, he was gentle, he was a father, he was my friend.

I met Frank when his oldest daughter came to work for me at the catering department at KU. She and I hit it off immediately and she invited me out to their house for dinner. That was the first of many dinners, with or without her there. Her mother, Marian, and I instantly became friends. She'd call me the mooch, he'd ask when I was coming back out again. We'd all laugh. Sometimes, their family meals were just the two of them and myself. I'd always arrive early enough so I could help finish making whatever it was Marian would be cooking. And when the meal was done, I got my turn behind the sink rinsing dishes and loading the machine.

They took me in like I was one of their own. I felt such a love from them. I have such a love for them.

I knew I'd be getting this call at some point. I think I was just hoping I'd get to see him one last time. But, I also think I knew that the last time I saw him and gave him a kiss goodbye that it was the last one I would give him. I think he knew it too as the tears welled up in his eyes.

Rest in peace dear Frank. I love you!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

being sneaky

So I just had a guy and his girlfriend/wife in the store. He popped out from one of the clog sections holding a shoe asking if I had it in a size 38. We looked over and she'd already had it on her foot. Well, you guessed it, it was a Christmas gift for her. She said that they would be back in an hour which made me laugh and tell her to go wait outside because I close at 6:00. She ran to get coffee and he and I boxed up the shoes. However, we didn't use the box from the same company or even from the pair of shoes. AND I put in a total amount of Dansko GOODIES!!! She's gonna be so surprised when she gets socks, a coin purse, a little tee shirt, a notebook and pen...

CRAP! She just popped her head into the store to see if he was still here. I made up some story about him going somewhere else and that he was doing what guys like to do, being sneaky. :)

I love the holidays. It allows me to help men find really fun things for their loved ones and surprise them...sometimes.

Friday, December 02, 2005

and it's begun

No, not my fabulously, wonderful sleep (although that did begin...oh the joys of knowing my dear husband is home, safe and sound).

Not the ice and snow the weather forecasters so inaccurately predicted (as the do every year so that when it really does happen...we're all surprised!).

Not even Simon bugging the shit out of me (although he is poised and ready for action).
But this...the wrappers.


As much as I love having him home, I miss the house already...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

friends...they're good

Everyday Kev's been gone, I've got to spend time with Jill. Last night was no exception. She and I (without Mark) went to Clay's Smokehouse. Amazing! Best BBQ in town, by far!

I had a hot link sandwich. OMG, my mouth was on fire. It was so good though that the burn didn't bother me. My stomach is a bit funny now though, like it's asking me if it was a good idea to eat the whole thing. :)

Kev and I experienced a few communication glitches when he was on this trip. Calls missed, etc. I have just gotten off the phone with him. I'm glad that he called this morning. Last night I was not so happy because time got away from him and he didn't call fearing he'd wake me (little did he know I'd turned off my phone).

I will go get him tonight. I am glad.

I do have one thing I am thankful for, and that is Jill. She didn't think twice about doing things with me the entire time he was out of town, she's my friend. And friends, they are damn good...