Thursday, January 22, 2009

in which i am quiet

Those of you who know me, know I'm a *talker. Always have been, probably always will be. There are times that I get quiet and introspective. I think about the life I get to lead and say thanks.

I'm facing one of those times. One where writing here seems to take a bit of a back burner to simply living my life. I suppose I'm saying I going to take a break? But then who knows, perhaps next week I'll be inspired and ready to write more?

Things at Chez Clock are hopefully going to be changing soon. Things I've not really shared here. Face it, I've not shared a lot lately...When the time is right, I might just.

Meanwhile, I am going to be knitting like the wind on that blankie for Bocephus. I am going to have it done long before I need to ship it off so I have time to wash, block, and wrap it nicely.

*Oh and as a talker, trust me when I say, we don't need people to say such things as "wow, you really talk a lot!" cuz we know that already. Sometimes we have a hard time turning it off.

Monday, January 19, 2009

the wind and orts

It is maddening. Blowing cold air straight through you. Part of me wishes it would go away, but the other part realizes that the wind is the reason we have beautiful sunshine in what should be rainy Portland. Windbreakers are not even enough to keep it from making you shake.


I am knitting a baby blanket for Bocephus. It is with really thin yarn (fingering weight) with really tiny needles (US 1's) and I am hoping to have it done with enough time to send to my sister for her shower in March. Crazy? Me? Nah!


The store is slow today. What are people doing with their day today? Many do not have to work in observation of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday. I am not one of those who don't have to work. I've had two sales and one return. Not such a great day in that aspect, but a great day celebrating an exceptional human. Too bad we didn't get to see what else Mr. King could have done...


I am looking forward to a jammy night tonight. We were invited over to Mahjong Monday (as we are almost every Monday) but I decided that I really wanted a sit and knit kind of my jammies.


Oregon passed a law prohibiting smoking in bars. This makes me smile ear to ear. I can now go to a bar and not come out smelling like I smoked two packs a day. I can even go knit in a bar if I really wanted to get crazy!


That is all.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am sitting here listening to music, waiting for it to be time to go to Kev's hair appointment. Suzette is making me come along so she can trim my bangs. No was not an option. I'm glad I listened to her because my bangs are driving me nuts and have ever since I made the appointment for him.

We're hoping to meet up with some friends for lunch (the call is out) before I head to help a girlfriend find THE dress. She's got one that is a contender already in mind. I've not gotten to see it on her, but it looks lovely in the photo.

After that, we have no plans. It's a lovely thing...

If our friends meet up with us, I'll probably leave Kev with them while I go look at dresses. Then I'll go to their house to pick him up, most likely hanging out for the evening. So yes, a great day is unfolding.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

my henry

When we first moved to Portland we knew a couple of people already (well, the girls were "my" friends so I knew people) but Kev missed his buddies. It was shortly after he started at the soul sucking job (ssj) that he met Bran. The four of us, including his wife Jess, finally hung out and an instant friendship was born. Two years ago Henry was born. He is a joy. He is fun. He is love. He get the picture.

I guess since their last visit he's been talking about Simon, Josie and Chloe. We couldn't make it to his birthday party yesterday so they all came over this morning for brunch. Chloe and Henry played Hide and Seek. Chloe is the most excellent hider. Simon just hung on the couch and Henry would sit for a bit with him, giving him pat pats (pics once okayed with Jess). Josie hung around a bit more this time, too.

While he did energize me and I was not tired at all while he was here, I'm going to take a nap. Late night last night and tonight we go meet a puppy...

Saturday, January 10, 2009


The house is almost ready. Our friends will be showing up between an hour from now and 6:00. It all started out as me wanting to show my friend how to knit a hat. Then I figured I had a few other friends who should meet, I think the group will meld well. But after I got to thinking about the ladies I was inviting, I got to remembering who their significant others were...gamers.

It seemed only fitting that I suggest a knitting/gaming party. Almost all the couples can make it (and those who can't are missed!!).

I made brownies this morning. Fudgey Wudgey Blueberry Brownies. They are fabulous from what my friend tells me. She'll have to tell me if I did okay. I probably will only allow myself one bite of one because of my cocoa allergy (for those who don't know,'s ugly). If they turn out as good as proclaimed, I'll share the link. :)

I'm pretty excited about the day. I hope it's a success.

Off to set the lighting.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a girl could get used to it

I called to check in with Kev today and he said he was going to look in our favorite cookbook and go to the store for dinner. Did I have any particular cravings? All I craved was something that would be good leftovers. I came home to him making baked ziti with shrimp and scallops. Oh Em Gee! So good.

Last night I had dinner with my yoga teacher (and dear friend) whose boyfriend made us dinner. Enchiladas Lawrence. They had quinoa with toasted pecans and other amazing ingredients.

The night before? Kev made stew for us and our neighbor Ian. He made my mom's beef stew recipe, the one from growing up, but added a splash of balsamic vinegar.

I could totally get used to having dinner made for me. Wonder what is on the menu tomorrow night.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

the goings on

Well, not a whole lot has been happening here. I've been doing copious amounts of math in preparation to finish a knitted project for my dear friend, Jill. The first math I did, I freaked out because I thought I needed more yarn. I ordered more, hoping the dyelots would match close enough. They did not. But then last night and again this morning I redid my math and found that I actually did have enough of the original yarn. Who knew? I do like the third skein so perhaps I'll actually tag that to make my very first pair of socks? Of course that could be years from now...

I have this dream that I will get laces scarves done in time to ship them down to our sisters with their xmas gifts (oh yeah, we're that late). Time got away from us this year. I wasn't really feeling the xmas spirit. I don't know why...

It's a cold morning. Frost covering the ground. What little "snow" we got the other day is still lingering in parts of the garden. I call it "snow" because it was ice pellets. Those suckers accumulate quickly, too! Supposedly we are to get them on and off this whole weekend, but I am doubtful. We didn't get any yesterday, wait...did we? My days, they run together.

Okay, knitting is clamoring for me to get to it. And nothing delights me more than sitting and knitting while sipping my coffee. So that's what I'm gonna do!

Friday, January 02, 2009

just when we thought it was over

Snow. Not as much as days past and it seems as though it's already begun to melt, but overnight we got a dumping of snow. I am pretty sure there is a direct correlation to it and the puddle on our basement floor. But not in the area one might think (around windows, walls). Smack dab in the middle, under the pipes leading from the tub above. I'm thinking that there might be some kind of cover for the overflow pipe that has been knocked loose on the roof.

We will investigate.

The interviews begin for the part time position for which we are hiring. Not really looking forward to doing them, but we need someone sooner than later. So today and tomorrow, I interview. Only one today so that's not too bad. It's tomorrow that I am not really looking forward to, because I think there are something like eight lined up.

So you may be wondering what we did NYE08/09...not much. Nobody came over, we went nowhere, we didn't even really drink. We sat, watched tv, hung out. We had friends over yesterday for chili (turned out really good, although for a slow cooker recipe, there was an hour of prep). We also taught them how to play Mahjong (well, one version of the game). We played five rounds I think. Each one of us one one and there was a draw...but wait, I won two! So six rounds were played. I knew they'd like it. It's a thinking game. Requires much thought and planning.

Speaking of thought and planning, I should go and figure out the game plan for my day. And maybe go over Kev's plan for this day, since he just got up?!?

Happy 2009 kidlettes! May it be a good one!