Thursday, August 31, 2006

a year and two days

I've been doing much thinking on the fact that it has been a whole year since Katrina hit the south. I've read things that made my blood boil as well as things that made my heart sing.

I wish for those who are still here, coping with the fact that their lives took a huge veer in a different direction that day, can find peace where ever it is. I wish for those whose lives ended that day to be remembered. Not as idiots for not leaving (some could not get out, as they had no means to), but as human beings. I wish that the levees would have been upgraded and fixed since there was previous knowledge by the local government in NO that they wouldn't hold.

But my #1 wish? That we humans would recognize the fact that WE are responsible for this earth and all that is happening to it. WE are causing the warming trends. WE are littering her surface with more and more and more. WE are greedy individuals who only think of WE...well, some of us.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

out of my reverie

Waking on a day like today is the hardest thing yet. It's nice and cool, so you have the covers all pulled up under your chin. It's raining and the pitter patter of rain hitting everything that gets in its way fills the air. It's dark-ish, which makes you want to close your eyes and become one with your bed.

I could have stayed in bed all day today, but because I'm responsible, I am up. I'm waiting for my turn in the bathroom. I have mentally picked out the outfit I will most likely wear today (it can change at the drop of a hat).

And there it turn is here. The shower will wake me fully and take me out of my reverie.


Monday, August 28, 2006

right below

This is the Platte City Water Tower. You're wrong if you think that is the way you say it.

It's a source of many giggles for me and various friends who lived or grew up with the commercials for some random car dealership that would have the guy say they were under this magnificent landmark.

My parents were driving me to the airport and as we passed it, I couldn't resist.

Photoshop has allowed me to play and make it look as it always has in my mind; a big glowing beacon. It really is orange, but doesn't actually glow like it's from the fiery depths of hell in real life...or does it.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I've harvested my first batch of Besser tomatoes this morning! I've not eaten any yet, but Kev said he popped one off the plant the other day and his knees went weak it was so tasty. I think just looking at them I can tell they are going to be amazing.

I got a whole pint of these little beauties! Since we are going to our friends house for a cookout today, we will hold off and share the goodness.

One of my favorite things, after picking the 'maters, is the way my hands smell. Fresh and clean. We have one Roma that is ripening and all of the Oregon Spring (I kept calling them Oregon Sweet) are still green on the vines. They are gorgeous though and will be worth the wait!

Friday, August 25, 2006

list, gotta stick to my list

1. It is warmer today than yesterday.

2. People are nicer when it's sunny outside.

3. Organic bananas are sweet and yummy.

4. I dislike breaking down shoe boxes to put in the recycling.

5. My sleeves are coming right along and I am making much progress.

6. Friends are fabulous, especially when they are in your corner, cheering you on.

7. I have a bottle of white wine in my fridge that Kev picked up earlier in the week for me, just because.

8. My hair is CRAZY LONG!

9. My sister is getting married in a month and a week (roughly).

10. I love just about every aspect of my life right now (and am working on the one aspect I'm a little disappointed in as we speak...well, as I type).

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

food for thought

Kev and I went to Trader Joe's and Limbo to get ourselves things to make a gorgeous salad with grilled chicken last night. I made myself a lovely salad to take with me to work today. Now, Limbo is a local produce market where everything is organic (and contrary to what we thought would be true, it cost much less than had we gone to our regular grocery store...and I'm sure everything will stay fresher longer). Tonight we used many of the veggies (lettuce, onion, tiny cherry tomatoes) in our dinner of chicken tacos. I was fuller longer after lunch today and dinner tonight than in the past when I've had the same meals. You think organic foods play a part? I must say, I do.

Think about it. Produce you buy at a Dillons, Fred Meyers, or even an Albertsons most likely came from Mexico or California (or somewhere else). From what I hear, the fruits and veggies are picked before they are ripe and are ripened chemically many times (there is another word I am searching for but lacking the ability to think of what it is right now). Their lives in the fridge are much shorter (or out on the counter for tomatoes) because the pesticides used and the fact that they were ripened by humans, rather than humans letting them ripen on the vines or in the ground or where ever they ripen.

I was amazed at what we could get for the small amount of money we spent at both stores. At Traders we bought cans of kidney beans, garbonzos and black beans. We got blueberry bagels, a loaf of organic bread and salad dressing. All of those things came to less than $9.00. At Limbo we got an onion, some mushrooms, the most amazing tiny cherry tomatoes (our bessers are getting closer to being ripe each day), bananas, and two types of lettuce all for under $14.00. For less than $23.oo we got two meals together and I got two lunches (I made a great lunch for tomorrow with leftovers too).

I'm thinking between those two stores and CostCo, I may never have to step foot into a regular grocery store ever again!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

so freaking close!

I spent the better half of this day with my dear knit friend, Jenn. She celebrated a birthday (call it the big 3-0) while I was away so we made a date for breakfast. I gave her the gift I'd gotten in Kansas (she LOVED the yarn and pattern, Dad) and we shared our past weeks events.

It was then decided I would pop over to her house which wasn't far from the place we ate at, and we'd knit a bit (while watching Thirteen Going on Thirty). I'm about an inch and a half from my right elbow on these sleeves. I'll have to take photos at some point (try when it's NOT nearly 90 degrees outside) and let you all see the progress (or finished project).

It's great, because just writing about knitting, makes me want to knit even more. Maybe I'll bust out some of the new yarn I bought and start the holiday gifts I'm planning on taking with me to Hawaii in a few months (wow, is it that close already?!?!). Mmmmm, casting on new projects. ;) Okay, I'll just go work on the sleeves.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

and so i wrote

I've never written a letter to a magazine regarding an article I've read there. That is, until this morning.

I got home on Wednesday and found my super duper, DOUBLE issue of Glamour. Now, I love this magazine. I big, pink puffy heart it. It's always got moving stories of triumph and hope. And then I read the article called "Infertility in a baby-crazed world" or something like that. It was a writer who was going through phases I've already gone through. The "whyisitsomepeople whoshouldn'thavebabies canhavethemsoeasilyandICAN'T?!" Now, I'm not meaning to sound bitchy with that, it's my honest feelings...or at least it used to be. I decided a few years ago, after we'd been "trying" for a while (which truly makes me feel weird because it's like inviting your whole family into your sex life when they ask the "how is it going?") that I wasn't going to stress. In fact, I had come to a conclusion that I really didn't want to have children because what is the impact more and more people living on this earth having on this earth?!? But then I realized that if it happens, who am I to say no? If it doesn't, then my body was not designed to be able to hold life inside.

I've gotten to a good place, lately, about feeling good where we are with our life. We have a great family, just the five of us. We love Simon, Chloe and Josie so much. And more, we love each other and the time we have doing things we enjoy. I am not longing for a baby anymore. Now, mom's before you freak out and think you'll never see a grandbaby from us, relax. We aren't not trying, we aren't TRYING trying. We're simply enjoying our life. I WILL NOT take drugs that would result in me having what I have decided to call, a litter.

Then came the article. Quite honestly, it made me slightly mad, annoyed, frustrated. I don't want to go back to that place of "whynotme?!?" because I'd gotten so far away from that person I'd become. So I did what any sane person would do, I wrote Glamour a letter (well, short note). I told them of people out there who have moved on from those feelings of yearning and focused more on the here and now, rather than the thought of being inadequate because our bodies just ain't doin' it "right." Why not focus on those people too? We are here, we're real. We're probably less insane than some people who get all consumed by the baby bug that they lose site of what their life really means.

It amuses me that people who are against abortion will say "you can't play god" when it comes to ending a pregnancy. I mean, isn't that exactly what people are doing who are forcing their bodies to become pregnant?

So, to all my friends who have children (or who have been scared to tell me they are pregnant in the past because they didn't want to upset me)...I LOVE YOU ALL. I am proud of the children you have brought into this world. I will squish them all with kisses, loves and hugs each and every time I see them. Tell me the joys of the next addition to the family. Let me live it through you. For I am not sad by the fact that I am almost 34 years old and still call my animals my kids. I am thrilled to live a life I love.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

funny thing happened

Okay, not really anything funny has happened since getting home. I'm home though.

I am just going to post pictures from various stages of my trip. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they all are loaded up. :)


Me and Jen at knit night:

Merry, the neighbor's dog (she's a weiner dog, but I'm thinking a mix).

Fisher Ben:

Zoe and Augusta...

And that's all blogger will let me load for now. Which is fine, since Kev's coming home for lunch and I've not gotten anything made yet. Oh, and the work, it's going well, except I can't log into the work site for some reason. Photos are all ready to go though...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

sitting at the airport

Yeah, the Kansas City Airport is the only place I've been able to successfully log on with my computer. Funny.

It's always the hardest thing, saying "see you later" to my parents after a lovely visit. Yesterday we had a relaxing day of doing not much. I went with Mom to get her hair done (and see Linda who was my hair stylest growing up). Then we headed home to rest before they went to meet with a caterer for an event Mom is planning for The Old Bastards for Valentine's Day next year. She's having a hoot.

I packed while they were away. With the new rules I ended up having to check my bag, not my normal thing. I'm just keeping fingers crossed that I don't have to wait forever to get it at the baggage claim in Portland (although since I picked a seat at the back of the plane, I'm hoping this plays to my advantage.

I suppose I shouldn't use too much battery now since I want to use this as music on the second flight and it's a good, long one.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped keep this a surprise. I also wanted to thank my parents for being them and being so much darn fun!!!

Love you and miss you already!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

nosy rosy

I'm sitting here getting ready to update...who pops up behind me? Dad. :) He tells me he's nosy about what I'm doing.

Today we went to Lawrence for lunch with my dear friend, Kirby. We hit Free State where I had the black bean quesadillas (my favorite) and an Ad Astra (best beer). We zipped around before meeting Kirby for lunch, and I got a few things for Kev, some yarn for me as well as for my friend Jenn (my knit guru and teacher), some candles for other friends...

Today was the only day I've spent any money (this should make Kev happy). We only have plans to go to my Mom's hair appointment tomorrow so I can see Linda, the woman who cut my hair for years. The rest of the day tomorrow, nothing major planned, other than spending time with each other. It's my last day in town. I think spending time just being together is the perfect way to spend the day.

And with that, I'm done.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

chaos, fish, and pizza

I headed out to Lake Lotawana yesterday to visit with our good friends. They have four of the most beautiful children. I'd not met the youngest yet, but had heard she was a heart breaker. No lies were told to me.

When I got there it seemed as though a bottle of pure energy had been opened in the room and the kids were bogarting it. The adults all looked a bit tired, but happy and relaxed. I guess our friends head out to their new lake house every weekend. I can see it is a great thing and is really allowing them to do much together as a family.

We devised the plan of feeding the little hellions, going out on the boat, coming home and putting the littlest ones down while the others went fishing on the docks (I got pictures, but my computer still isn't wanting to cooperate with Dad's airport). After fishing, the two oldest boys got bathed and headed to bed. I'm amazed because none of them really fought going to bed. They are great kids!

The four adults who were still there (myself included) then sat around and chatted while Russ and his brother in law Jerry, played poker for "real" money. They were quite funny together. At about 10:00 I decided that with the hour long drive home, I needed to be heading. Russ pulled the "stay, come on stay" routine but I had to break his heart.

The drive home was uneventful (for which I'm happy) and I got home to a dark and sleeping house.

This morning I woke to the sound of "Hon, we're having German Pancakes and they are five minutes until done." I popped out of bed and headed downstairs. After we finished and I got ready for my day I called Gale to see if she had a pot of coffee ready. Sadly she was gone for the day already (I sat and drank copious amounts with her yesterday).

I'm knitting up a storm while here. It's been so relaxing (and I don't have a dog trying to abscond with my yarn at any given moment). My closest friend from high school will be coming to the house today for lunch with her goofy baby. We'll eat and visit and then head to her mother's home to visit there too. Then we're heading to her house so I can see her husband and meet their dog, Ranger. I need some big dog lovin' so I am hoping Ranger is up to the job. :)

That's all for now.

Friday, August 11, 2006

knit night fun!

Last night was such fun. I got there a bit earlier than the original time Jen and I had agreed upon. And although I offered to wait in the car, she and JWo allowed me in. :) I swear, my parents made me leave their house early because they feared the traffic I'd hit on the way there. I swear!

I met some amazing women and ate some incredible food! Thanks to JWo for cooking for us gals. And a huge thanks to Jen for hosting this weeks knit night so I could join the fun. I'm only sad I won't be in town next week!

I worked a bit on the sleeves there and the lovely Kyra helped with a few "oops" moments. Thanks!!

This morning I got up, ate breakfast and then Mom and I went downstairs to attack the boxes of things from my childhood. I purged quite a bit. Mom was telling me things I had to keep, even though I was prepared to toss them. I have a few things to take home and others that have been piled neatly in the one large bin (I'd started with several boxes, the one large bin, and one small bin). I think Mom's happy I got it done. Happy Birthday! :)

We will be going out to dinner tonight with their friends who live across the street. I am having such a lovely time. I miss my dear Kev and the trio though.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

life is good

This morning I woke after having a really horrible nightmare. There was the torture and death of my three animals. I don't even want to relive the dream...

My father and I ran a few errands this morning. We then installed a new shower curtain rod in my bathroom. It's one of those crazy bending ones to give the person in the shower more space while they are washing their hair, etc. I am now excited about seeing the difference it makes tomorrow compared to today.

This evening...I get to go meet...PLAZA JEN AND KRISTIN!!!! I can hardly wait. I will go early and have dinner with the two and JWo! Again, I can hardly wait! I will be taking my camera and possibly posting pictures of our happy fun times. I've brought the scarf I made out of the electric blue yarn Kristin dyed and spun so I can get a picture of her in it. Although, I might have to ply her full of beer or wine to get her to wear it since it's so damn hot here. I also get to snuggle on two big ol' black dogs (Polly and Suzy) at Jen's house too. It's going to be great. I need some dog love after the dream that woke me from a dead sleep at 4:30 this morning.

So, off to watch tv with my parents before I head to KC. :)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


So, only a few of you have been in the loop. The reason being, you all are loud mouths and I can't trust any of you. Nah, that's not true. I just couldn't say anything here because before a few hours ago, my Mom had no idea I'd be in Kansas for the next week. Her birthday is Friday. Back before all the shit hit the proverbial fan I had the desire to come "home" to see them. Then, it was decided for me.

She was so surprised. I decided to iron my skirts that had been packed since Monday. She walked into the house, I stood there ironing, and she stopped in her tracks, almost dropping everything in her arms. I ran over to her and hugged her. It was beautiful!

Tonight we are going to dinner to celebrate.

One thing I noticed last night as I was taking the first of my red eye flight...many parents and young kids. At first I was a bit annoyed, but then they all slept. One started getting fidgety before we were landing, but that was really nothing. I was writing a post in Works to post, but then I can't get my laptop to connect to Dad's secure and locked wi-fi connection. Any ideas, would help! I can't figure out how to make it work. I have the password, but can't seem to figure out where to put it...arg!

Okay, going to go get myself ready for dinner out.

Will hopefully be posting from here a few more times, but you'll just have to wait and see I suppose. :P

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

glorious weekend

I am sad to go back to work today. This weekend was filled with friends and laughter and greatness.

It started Saturday night at my dear Amanda's birthday party. I met my beautiful friend through a mutual friend. I can't imagine living in Portland and NOT knowing her. Every time we go to Amanda's house for parties and what nots we are always surrounded by amazing people. You can feel how much she loves her friends and how, in turn, we love her back. She throws a mean birthday party where her guests are never left wanting anything. It was that night I was reminded why I love her so much. She is real.

After her party we zipped by our friend Jeff's house. His wife, Dayna, and baby, Cash, are out of town. His first night. He was loaded. :) He wasn't so drunk on actual beer, but I think the combination beer and no sleep for the past couple of months. We didn't stay too late, but made plans to go back the next day to grill out with him. Josie got to go too, so Shae and she were happy to get to hang.

Sunday I went over to Close Knit (read favorite yarn shop in town!) and picked up some yarn for a few of the projects I've mentioned here before. I also figured out what patterns I am going to knit two of the yarns up into. I spent a couple of hours there knitting on the sleeves (which I knit on at Jeff's the night before and ROCKED!). It is now almost up to my elbow!!! Don't worry, I'll take photos soon. After knitting there with Dave (another customer who'd come in for some assistance) I headed home where Kev was getting ready to take Josie on a walk. I ate lunch while he was gone and then we headed to the grocery store. Nothing thrilling there.

We packed up Josie and went to Jeff's where the boys grilled and I knit. It was a gorgeous night and we sat out on the deck for much of it. We ate the best dinner ever!

Monday came and I had some projects around the house to do. I called Jill to see what she was up to and before I could even say much she was saying she'd love to come over and watch me paint my nails. :) She was here about 45 minutes later and we putzed around here for a while. I tried on the outfit I am thinking of wearing for my sister's party in October. I tried on the new swimsuit bottoms I got with the top she fixed to get her opinion about the look. Kev got home and the plan of going to the store and heading to Jill and Mark's for a grill out commenced. Shrimp burritos. OMG! Dad, I'll so share the recipe over at the site soon!

So yeah, going back to work today, not that exciting. Although I can't wait to show Becky (my friend I met on the bus) how much I got done on the sleeves!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

update for the sake of updating

There really isn't anything thrilling happening here. I mean, I go to work, Kev goes to work. We meet at home and hang with the animals. Some nights, we go to visit with friends at their homes. Some nights, friends come to our house. It really seems boring when I write it out like that, but it's a blast!

I guess the most exciting news is that my sister is getting married in September. She and her fiance ("Has anyone seem my fiance? I've seem to have lost my fiance.") are getting married with only the witnesses and themselves. Then in October, both sides of the family are getting together to celebrate at a party they will throw. I've already gotten the outfit planned for that party (I know you were all wondering). I am hoping it will be warm enough in LA in October to be able to wear the sandals I am planning on, Julianne says that it will be.

Mom and I have had such a fun time talking about it and comparing notes as to what we know. So far, we've known just about as much as each other. I'm sure we both wish we could be there now to help Julianne pick out her dress, among other fabulous things, but we're happy that we are in the loop, so to speak.

I've even already made plans for who will take care of the critters. Josie will be going to stay with my yogi and her boyfriend (Diana and Lawrence). The cats will have our friends Shannon and Kiley come feed them. I usually like to have someone stay at the house, but that list of friends has dwindled. Everyone is either living with their husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend and don't want to spend the weekend away. I suppose that says what type of people we've surrounded ourselves with. A reflection of us?

So there it is in a nutshell, nothing exciting (although I've made GREAT progress on the sleeves). I will be going to a yarn store tomorrow to pick up a ball of yarn she ordered in for me. Thankfully, SAME DYE LOT!!! At least I'm excited. :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

houston, we have progress

Well, I got the question of how the sleeves are coming. How's this for an answer? Sucky, I'm sure since there is NO PICTURE! I'm trying to upload the photo of both the sleeve (well, it's more of a cuff right now) as well as the photo of what the guys did while Jenn and I knit all evening. I've realized it's much more enjoyable for me to knit with someone. Not to say I don't enjoy knitting by myself, but I tend to get much more done and more in a groove when knitting and chatting.

Okay, one more try now to upload the photos and then I've got to work on my Diana's postcard for yoga.

not working, will try later tonight...grrrrr.

Obviously it's later and it worked! Dugan brought over some video game that required them to drum. He sadly forgot the drum sticks, but as you can tell, the guys improvised quite nicely. It was such a fun evening of eating pizza, knitting and listening to the melodic and restful sound of BEAT BEAT BEAT. Sigh...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

tonight, we knit

We have friends coming over for dinner (perhaps I mentioned that?) with the theme being...KNIT! Well, for me and Jenn it is at least. She and I are working on the same project (well, not the same exact, but we are both making our own set of sleeves). She's already at the back. I have a bracelet. Can I help it if I have had to visit the frog pond? I just didn't like the way the first two attempts were working out and they were too big and baggy and just not right. I could have powered on and just made myself do it but in the end, don't I want to have something that I want to wear?! Yeah, that is what I thought.

So after work I am running up to Knit/Purl to get straight 4's for my friend. She suggested I get mine already, but I think I'd rather wait until I am closer (and get them from Sally at Close Knit). I have a long way to go...such a long way.

These are the sleeves I am wanting to wear on the plane to Hawaii in about two and a half months. I mean, in theory I can get it done no problem. BUT I have a few other things I'd like to have done to take with me to Hawaii (gifty things for people I love and we'll leave it at that because some of their eyes read this here blog). Their things won't take as long, once I figure out what it is I am making for them. That's half the problem really, figuring out what to make.

Ah well. With two and a half months...I'll be scrambling and finishing something up while I'm on the plane TO Hawaii. Better not be my sleeves.

what, me plan?

I suppose you all must think I am a lazy woman, seeing as there was only one thing crossed off that list I made yesterday. Well, truth be happened and I didn't feel like going back and simply adding the strike through. I got the majority of things done, although Kev and I decided instead of making our own pizza he's just going to pick some up on his way home tonight. I think our friends should be okay with this (although honestly, I'm a little sad we aren't cooking...but Kev gets off work at 7:00 so it'd be a really late dinner if we were cooking).

I booked our tickets to go to California for my sister's wedding reception/party! I am so excited. She and her fiance' are getting married on Sept. 30th, just the two of them in a quiet ceremony. Then, the families are converging and meeting the weekend of October 27th. All is set. Airplane tickets bought, hotel reserved...Kev's outfit picked out. All I have to do is find a really pretty silk top to go with my pants and shoes and I'm done too. I LOVE planning for trips. With Hawaii in November, it's too early to plan for that one. So, this trip is giving me what I need...that planning fix, if you will.

Well, must go prepare for my day (make a latte to take and load music on my mp3 player).