Tuesday, June 28, 2005

one wacky night

So at about 1:00 this morning I notice Kev's not in bed. I hear the dog barking up front and think to myself, "Hmmm, I hope he's not collapsed over the keyboard." Yes, this is truly the way my mind works when I wake in the middle of the night to a barking dog and an empty bed.

I get up and go out front. He's at the computer, fully awake and aware.

"What's she barking at?"

"Oh, some drunk guy outside...I'm hoping he'll just go away."

I go back to bed, Josie comes with and minutes later Kev joins us too. I get some sleep, although it doesn't feel like much when I hear Josie "Ooof oooof oooof" I also hear voices (not THOSE, but ones coming from in front of my house!!). I get up to investigate and find two people standing in front of the neighbor's house to our left (yes, that would be Larry with his two barking dogs...who were silent last night) looking at his house and yelling. I figure Larry has already made contact with the police and go back to bed.

Josie's barking becomes more urgent and she's pulling the Lassie going to get mom because Timmy has fallen into the well routine. She comes back to my side of the bed, since clearly I'm the one who is going to get up and look again. I figure I should take a look and make sure they are not trying to break into the house or our car. They've now made their way to the edge of our property and are yelling back down the street. I can't tell if it's two guys or a guy and a girl. Are they fighting with each other? I look online and find what I think is the non-emergency line for the Po Po (yes, it really is what the Portland Police are called). I get "This is Gerry." I feel like crap, have I woken this poor man? I called the number I found online for non-emergencies! I tell him I'm needing to call someone to report people disturbing my peace. He gives me the correct number...

"Umm, yeah, there are two people standing outside my house yelling and my dog has alerted me that I need to call and ask for a squad car to drive through our neighborhood."

"Is it drunken yelling or fighting?"

"I'm pretty sure it's fighting."

"I need to know for sure which it is."

"Okay, fighting..." what, I'm going to stick my head out the door and ask, 'umm, excuse me, are you two trying to instigate a fight with someone in my neighborhood or just wasted off your asses?!?!'

"What's your address?"

I tell her.

"It looks like there is already another call in about this. Someone will be there soon."

YEA!!! Moments later the Po Po show up and in the light of their headlamps I see it is a man and a woman. She's in her pj bottoms and a big poofy winter coat and her hair is dyed bright freaking pink. He's thin and lanky wearing baggy clothes and that's all I got.

I go back to bed and look at the clock. It reads 4:00. Ugh, now I'm supposed to go to work and reformat my hard drive? Yeah, that's another story all unto its own.

Monday, June 27, 2005

nothing exciting

Man, it's been a few days (I can hear Reggie and Russ right now) and I just figured since there was really nothing all that crazy exciting to write about, why write?!?

Okay, maybe I can write about what a wonderful time I had last night with my friends Linsel and Amanda and Linsel's housemate Kevin and his girlfriend K/Cathy. I took Kev to work and really didn't feel like I wanted to spend the evening alone at home. I called Amanda and she didn't answer her phones (mobile or land) so I thought she might be at Linsel's house. Called him and he and I chatted before he said I should try her again later. Within miutes of hanging up with him she called me. We decided to get together at Linsel's house and decide from there where to eat.

I wish I would have called Lins to see if we were going out otherwise I would have brought Josie with. As it was first words out of his mouth were "where's Josie?" I half thought about driving home to get her, but we live about a half hour away...

We ate homemade pizza and artichokes. I've never eaten artichokes without them being involved on pizza, but we boiled them and dipped the leaves in butter....yummy!!! The heart was a bit tricky, but I got that taken care of for me and Amanda, who were sharing one.

Okay, that's about it. :)

Friday, June 24, 2005


I'm not going to start making this a blog about fitness, etc. This will be the last one and then I can email people to let them know more if they ask...

When Kev threw the challenge in the ring I was all kinds of excited. I wasn't sure what kind of work out I would do...until I got my Glamour in the mail (I really hate the name of the publication, but it is an amazing source of information!). It was the day after we challenged each other that I received it. There was an article about three different exercise programs they had real women test for 8 weeks to see which one helped them lose the most inches/weight. They then ran the entire work out of the winning program. It was lifting weights, with 10 minutes of prep cardio.

I started doing the routine. It was tough at first, but as I did it longer, it got way easier. There were 8 different movements to do with the weights. Once I got going I would adjust the movements to serve me better. Certain things made my knees hurt so I'd alter it slightly with things we'd done in yoga.

Now I do my own kind of thing, but honestly, that article in Glamour, huge for me!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

how it was easy for us

We started out with a vengence. We were going to lose weight and we were going to lose it NOW!!! Actually, I don't think the two of us thought we'd lose all that much all that quickly, but at our first weigh in after the first week of our working out (we'd weigh in Monday mornings prior to going hiking...or eating anything) Kev had lost 4 lbs and I had already lost 3lbs. Granted it was mostly water weight, but that was all it took for us to get our grove on.

A basic week of exercise looked like this for me:
Sun- Yoga
Mon- hike with Kev and Josie (usually around 5 miles every week)
Tues- weights (a great routine found in Glamour magazine...more about it and serendipity later)
Wed- Billy Blanks and Tai Bo (I love to hate this man)
Thurs- weights
Fri- cardio (from on demand cable)
Sat- night off

A normal meal for a day would be

Breakfast: half a wheat bagel with a small amount of peanut butter and a small bowl of Smart Start cereal OR a banana.

Lunch: Ham sandwich with no mayo, baked chips

Snack: granola bar or fruit

Dinner: Fish or chicken grilled, potatoes, zuchinni grilled

Dessert: if I had something it was usually about 5 m & m's

Dinner was different each day, but roughly the same idea. I would work out when I got home (still am, but now it's more walking the dog) and then I would eat afterwards.

I've slacked off a small amount of the work outs (had started reining back during the comp really) but will start going to Shannon's "gym" to lift some weights two nights a week.

I don't eat after 9:00 at night and I don't snack anymore (other than the granola bar or fruit during work).

I have gone down two sizes and honestly, am close to a third size lower (which BLOWS MY MIND!). All in all we are happy with where we are at and our bodies seem to be staying where we are now, although I still have a few more pounds that I'd like to shed. However, I am happy with who I am now. I feel better about myself, we both do actually.

The one thing we did is made sure we didn't deprive ourselves of things. If we wanted to eat something less than healthy we would, but we wouldn't (and won't) eat the large amount we used to. When we go out to eat we will sub a salad for fries many times and not finish our meal (mmmmm, lunch the next day).It's all about making the right choices for us.

And about moderation. Life, it's about moderation.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

whole lot less

The month is January. We are watching the very last episode of The Biggest Loser Kev looks over at me as we marvel at how wonderful these people look. He says, "I challenge you." I look back at him and say, "Oh yeah?" "Yes, we need to see who can be the biggest loser in this house," he states with authority. I'd already been thinking of this as an idea so I say, "Bring. It. On."

January 10, 2005 our first weigh in date. Not a pretty date at all. The numbers, staggering. We had no idea we were as heavy as we were. I mean we had a pretty good idea we were getting quite big and it didn't thrill us, but until we watched that show, we had no motivation.

Today, we are a combined 60 pounds lighter. The end of the official competition was the Monday prior to our departure to Texas. Kev won by 3%. He got his Nintendo DS because he won. The sweetest thing he said as I gave him his prize was, "But I'm proud of you too and you deserve something because you did really well."

I'm off to Timbuk2 to find Mamma a bag for the gym (well, the room at my friend Shannon's apt complex that has work out machines). I don't have a good bag for that purpose. Shannon and I decided that to keep me on the losing end (Even though I've lost 25lbs, I still have about 10 I'd like to drop) and to get her started we needed to have a buddy. She's got the equipment, I have the motivation for both of us (which actually she sounds quite motivated when we talk about doing it...we just mentioned it last week Thursday and she brought it up a few days later in an email to me that after her parents are here this weekend, we're starting).

I'm proud of Kev and myself for losing the weight. I'm even prouder to be able to say we didn't do the South Beach Diet (wow, I almost said South Park Diet) , we didn't starve, we didn't NOT eat things we love...

We ate in moderation, we exercised (be it weights and cardio, like myself, or hiking and cardio like Kev). We kept ourselves motivated with the knowledge that we would both be winners in the grand scheme of things. We realize this is a lifestyle change, not just a for now diet. We can't go back to our eating habits, we can't eat garbage, we can't eat late at night, etc. But we do allow ourselves a few splurges here and there. Mmmmm, Delta Cafe....

We didn't tell anyone, well hardly anyone. We didn't tell our parents because we wanted to see their jaws drop. Peggy about lost it when we got off the plane and approached her. She asked where half of us went. My folks were quite proud and I got an email from my mom saying she was quite motivated by our change of life. We are thrilled to have that kind of impact on our families. His Dad and Kathy still haven't seen us, but are heading this way soon so...

The fabulous thing, there are customers who will come in and will say that I've become their motivation. They look at me and the look of awe is on their faces. I keep telling them it really is easy, and you know what? IT IS! If anyone wants to know more in depth what we've done, please ask. I'm always willing to share!!!

shoes, the international language

I have a customer who I see every so often. She doesn't speak much English. I get very few words from her when she comes in. Usually she will bring a pair of shoes she wants a second pair of and will point and say "same black" or "same brown." Somehow we muddle through and she ends up with something that is to her liking (or something she will take home to her daughter to say yes or no to). It's amazing because we "speak" in motions and sounds and very few words. Most customers who come in are English speaking people and I can chat them up, but she's different. We smile and laugh and have figured out our own language...the international language of shoes.

why won't blogger remember me?!?!

When you log into Blogger there is a button you can "check" so that it will remember you on the computer you are using. I never check this box except on my computer at home. Alas, Blogger never remembers me and automatically logs me in....sigh.

Work went well yesterday. Got word that my fabulous and wonderful Jessica at work will be leaving. It is an insurance issue and with her being preggers...they must have insurance that will cover the entire time, not just after the baby is born. I am a sad girl.

The rain is here AGAIN. We keep having these goregous, sunny days followed by crappy ones. It's a cycle I'd love to see stop so we can just get the summer going! But as that happens, I will probably complain about the heat. There is just no pleasing me. :)

Okay, I'm out. Lunch isn't going to put itself together and I have no ideas as to what it is going to consist of today...hmmm, light yogurt, banana that is almost past it's prime, wheat thins....

Monday, June 20, 2005

Punch Bowl Falls

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We went on one of our Monday hikes today. For those of you who don't know, every Monday we take Josie out on a hike. Sometimes they are long and hard (aka Death Marches) and other times they are nice calm ones (like today). It was a gorgeous day in the Pac NW and Josie and I had a great time getting our feet wet!! Kev was the camera man and since he wasn't wearing water shoes didn't wade with us. This is just before you can view the falls...

We also decided to measure out how large we'd like our cobblestone paver patio to be as well as looked into the idea of a portable tent type thing.

Now the dog has been washed and Kev and I are pooped. We're hoping to grill out with our friends Jill and Mark. Got the call out to her and we'll call them again in about an hour, just to make sure she shared the suggestion with her darling husband.

I've got a bottle of hooch (hard cranberry lemonade), Kev's playing his new video game and everyone is anxiously awaiting suppertime.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


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I am sitting in the family room watching really bad tv and all of a sudden...THUNDER!!!!

I go and look out the window and this is what I see. Rather sunny, pouring rain.

Gotta love Oregon!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

is it just me?

Or is there just something creepy about this? The last line of the "story" makes me think eeeuuuuwwww:

"For Holmes, her engagement to Cruise is something of a dream come true. The former Dawson's Creek star has said she grew up with a poster of Cruise on her wall and always fantasized about marrying him. "

He's HOW much older than she? In my mind she's still the girl from Dawson's Creek (a show I luckily did NOT get sucked into, but would glance at it thinking they all looked so young). And why, oh why, does the media have to shorten and combine names like TomKat?!?!?

Jen recently posted a rant about celebrities and I couldn't agree with her more!!! It's the entry from the 12th...

Wow, I'm all kinds of posting today. I guess when the urge hits me...


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I don't know why Josie will dive into her favorite snack pack and come out to me with litter all over her nose. She knows I'm going to call her a bad girl, which makes her hold her head low and lay down beside me looking guilty as all sin. Ever since the latch I'd made for our bathroom door to keep the dog out but let the cats in broke we've been trying to clean out the potty box everyday (I'm using the term "we" loosly as it's really been mainly me). This morning I actually had the thought pass throuh my head that I should do a quick scoop before I make my breakfast and my latte. Why did't I listen to that voice?!?!?

I'd better go check to make sure she's not going back in for a second course!!!


If you click on the pictures in my blog you will be taken to Flickr. If you click on more properties you can see just about everything about that photo, when it was taken, what time of day, was there a flash...etc. HOW DOES IT KNOW?!?!?!?

Friday, June 17, 2005


I have now finished Carl Hiaasen's "Skinny Dip". It was a great book, like all his others I have read. He takes you on twists and turns that you think might be coming up, but you don't know how he will arrive at that exact moment. And then it starts happening and you can't put the damn thing down! That's pretty much what happened last night, although as it neared 12:30 I couldn't keep my eyes open and I put the book down with FOUR PAGES LEFT!!! Needless to say, the book is done now.

I am always sad when I finish a really good book. I think it's because it's something I'd spent time with and the characters are in my head that when it's time to say bye it's hard. I like authors who have reccuring characters in their books so I can revisit with old friends.

Slowly the time is drawing near for me to get off this computer so that I may make my lunch and wait for my bus to take me to work. I will be doing some training this afternoon. She's coming in at 3 and staying with me until close. Tomorrow she'll come in and open. I figured it would be in her best interest to have her learn how to open and close my shop since she is the floater and may just get called in to work my store...I digress (surprised, aren't you?).

Thursday, June 16, 2005

dad's got the bug

I guess I'm an influence on my dad...not sure it it's good or bad. :)


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This is the face of a pain in my ass. EVERY MORNING he is there, walking on my head, breathing his nasty cat breath in my face, knocking stuff of my nightstand...

And every morning I swear I'm going to feed him to the dog. I don't think she'd actually eat him though since she is IN LOVE with him.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

josie and the feet

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This is Josie the other night. She couldn't deal with the fact that there were chicken feet in her house and she couldn't find them. This is the ONLY time I've EVER seen her sooooo crazed about a treat. I used to think that the pig skin sticks were the end all be all, but oh no...chicken feet are where it is at!!!

ruffian big head

ruffian big head
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I think that it's going to work kids...

check out my great friend Reagan's dog Ruffian. I LOVE THIS DOG!!!

welcome back kids

Hey! I'm here, it's great...

I can do things like this . We saw this phenomenan today in P-town. It was amazing. I had to google it immediately. A guy who works in the building above the shop indicated it looked more like a cloud and not an actual ring around the sun, but I still say it was a ring! :)

I am going to play with Flickr tonight. I am going to see if my friend Bekah was right. If she was, you'll soon see photos in this here blog soon!!! If she tells stories, I'll send out the post saying she lies like a rug and I'm going back to blog-city....nah, I wouldn't do that to you again, at least not so soon.

I'm out!


I've not quite figured out pictures and how to upload here to blogger. I think I have to go through someone other than photobucket, which I've really found to be easy to use. However, blogger uses flickr or some other bloggerbot thing. I've heard great things about flickr so we will see how it goes tonight when I get home. I will play and see if I enjoy it as much as Bekah.

Just at work and finished changing the window. Got some of the cutest things in from Indigo and am deciding if either of the two styles will be coming home with me. Probably not, but it's okay to dream. Sadly the styles we got aren't listed on their site, but you can see what cutie patootie things they have going on there!!

I think I am going to make the change again...don't hate me people...wait, I need to be saying that at my other blog site...too many blogs!!!

don't know if...

Anyone will follow...yeah, right. I know that Reggie, Russ, my parents...they'll all follow...

But I can not find anywhere that allows people to sign up for an email notification when I update through blogger. However, it has had some changes done to it that make it easier to use. I'm not sure I like the photo upload though. It's easier at blog-city. A friend Bekah has told me that Flikr is amazing...we'll see.

As for now, I may just play around before making the grand announcement that I'm changing anything..


trying to link

Okay, this is just really going to be a test and if I can do it then I may make the change back here again...just to piss people off. :)


Holy crap, I think I'm back!!!