Tuesday, February 27, 2007


~ I got a call from our vet today just to check on Josie and to tell me about her labs. Wow. I really like our vet quite a bit. I told her she is the reason we keep going back to the office. She and the office staff. She was blushing on the other end of the phone.

~ As the day progresses my stomach has been feeling less and less happy. I keep getting told to drink tea, put on my scarf, take it easy, _________ (fill in the blank). My throat is also feeling a bit nasty, that lovely postnasal drip crap.

~ The thought of sitting and knitting sounds so yummy right now. Although when I get home just sitting might be happening. Sometimes, when I'm not feeling grand, knitting takes too much energy.

~ It has been raining nonstop today. Normally we have a bit of a break here and there, but not today. It's been just ugly out. Of course it is Portland in the winter...so I shouldn't complain.

~ I can hardly believe this is my third post of the day. Funny thing, none have been stellar. All have been boring and random. Which is to say my life is rather boring and random these days?

~ Celery is the best thing on the face of the planet right now. I actually am wanting some right now, but with the lack of a good grocery store downtown and none in my fridge...probably won't be having any today. Ah well.

~ Josie's pills almost cost $80.00 until the pharmacist at Rite Aide told me they would price match if I wanted to take all the time to call around...I did and it cost not even $15.00! Oh yeah, always call around!

~ Time has flown today. I'm nearing the last two hours of my day at work. This brings me joy.


I just got off the phone with my closest girlfriend, Jill (perhaps you have read her name here before?). She's been between jobs for a little while now but today...today when I called to confirm my ideas for Thursday, she told me she couldn't because SHE'D BE AT WORK!!!

I can hardly wait to hear all about her first day, which is tomorrow.


hack hack sniffle

I am NOT getting sick. There, I said it. I may be coughing this morning and having to blow my nose, but I am NOT getting sick. I refuse! It used to be I could convince my body to not get sick simply by saying those words (or at least it seemed like that was what happened since I felt sick, I said those words with conviction, I stopped feeling sick). Lucky for me, I am only on the floor today and Saturday. Although I'd really prefer to not get sick since this week will be filled with much work on window displays and just general running around. I am thinking on Thursday, after yoga, Jill and I will run to the hardware store to get some things I need for the first display at the new store. I want to run her by the shop so she can see what we are working with (I say we and I when talking with her about the displays as well...she's helping, which I appreciate so very much).

So, I can't get sick. I have too much crap to do.

I drank an Emergen-C this morning so I hope that helps...

I am NOT getting sick.

Monday, February 26, 2007

one pooped pup

Josie's appointment went well. She has a skin irritation/allergy and was put on antibiotics. I will get the script filled tomorrow since I didn't have a chance to today. She's been zonked ever since I got home this evening. Curled up on the couch next to me while I...you guessed it...knit.

Second sleeve is underway.

I went to talk with the boys at Documart today with my artist friend. It went well. I can hardly wait to see the business cards, earring cards, and small hang tags printed out. I also talked about Diana's cards too. She gave me the go ahead and we'll be getting them printed, too.

gotta give him credit

Last week we made an appointment to take Josie to the vet. It's her yearly check to talk about the "peep" pills she takes and redo the prescription. It's refills are good for a year. We also want to talk about the mysterious bald spots that are cropping back up on her right side. The last time we had a different vet look at her and he simply put her on Benadryl. No talks of scrapings. He did blood work, but that came back with no information.

Anyway, I made the appointment with Kev so that we both could go. It's at 10:00, so a little less than an hour now. I wake Kev up at 9:10 to let him know it's time to start getting ready. He says to me, after laying there for a while, "Would you be upset if I didn't go?" To which I replied, "Yes, yes I would. I arranged the time with your input so we could both go."

Hey, he tried, right? I'm just glad he didn't just come out with, "I am not going." He's now in the shower getting himself ready to head to see Dr. Horlings. Josie is excited because there is movement in the house and she thinks she's getting to go somewhere fabulous. Yeah, she might be sad in a few...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

nearing completion

So I am a sleeve and a half away from being done with all the knitting of my sweater. I swear, this thing has virtually knit itself! I plan on having it done and seamed up by next Saturday so I can wear it to the coffee shop (where the girls informed me yesterday that they would not be at that location on Saturdays anymore at the end of the month). I plan on wearing it a lot (assuming it fits well and I love it as much as I am planning).

We will hopefully be getting together with friends today. These friends are ones who don't care if I knit (although remember the whole "offending" thing a while ago...that friend doesn't remember so I can knit freely in his house again...).

My head hurts. I think I need my second latte.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I am closing one of our stores today because Suzy needed to go babysit her grand kids. I'd forgotten how quiet this store can be in its last hour of being open. It's not bad, but it's quiet. I had to stay later tonight anyway because it's knit night and I figured it'd be better to go there from here since there is closer to here than home.

I'm steadily working up the front of this sweater and plan on getting a good amount done tonight. I am looking forward to sitting and knitting with my girlfriends. There will be wine and perhaps food. I hope there is food. I really couldn't care about the wine to tell you the truth. I'm not much for it right now.

Kev had off today. It was a good thing since he got home near 4:00 am this morning. Inventory. Sucky, but from what he says the people who conduct the inventory (they hire off site peeps) said it was an easy one since he had gotten the store so organized. I guess the former manager really wasn't all that neat and orderly.

Things with my Grandma are not sounding all that grand. She's in the hospital and really fighting for life. Personally, I think she should allow her body to go. She's had a hard life and with her dementia she's not had a very quality filled life these last few years. I almost feel as though I lost my Grandma a few years ago...It is hard, but it's almost harder watching her go through this last stage.

Okay, on that bright and cheery note...I'm out!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

rains have returned

I know it's been quite some time since I posted what some might call a "real" post. I've been going on and on about all this knitting. I'm sure it's enough to make some of our friends roll their eyes (if not poke them out).

Well, there hasn't been a whole lot going on here, other than the knitting. Dog is great. Cats are fabulous. Kev is sleeping. I'm training two new people. Today is the first day on the floor for both of them. It should be interesting. I hope that we get customers in today since it's rather cold and rainy out.

It's hard to get up and be up during the rainy season. Normally I am fine and have no problems with it, but this winter (even though it's been the driest we've had in years) has been different. Right now I could close my eyes and fall back asleep. And before you start saying I get to bed too late, I was back there reading by 9:30 with lights out an hour after.

I remember having an odd dream right before I woke. Kev and I moved into an apartment that had a huge bathroom. It was an older bathroom, but had some crazy shower head that was the predecessor to the nozzles that shoot at the abdomen. But in the dream these would swivel and I'd end up with water up my nose.

I woke to Josie needing to go out, into the rain. Perhaps the rain lead me down the dream path of feeling like I was being drowned.

So you see, other than the knitting, nothing exciting is happening here. Sorry to bore. :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

progress is the most beautiful word

I've been a knitting fool these past few days.
I just can't get enough. This yarn is the most beautiful and soft and lovely.

It's just making itself, this sweater is. This is technically the back, but my arms don't twist quite that way and then taking the photo...you get the idea. Anyway, the front will be exactly the same so in theory this COULD be the front. Since I'm not doing the intarsia Union Jack, it could just be the front if I decide. I will probably make it the back though, since I'm following the pattern.

I can hardly wait until it's done. Today would have been a perfect day to wear it, too. Chilly but not cold. Instead the sleeves were paired with a jacket over my tee shirt.

Okay, enough with this typing, must knit.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

oh my doG oh my doG oh my doG

I've started. I let the CO sweater sit for almost three days before picking it up and diving in. I'm still a bit cautious, but I'm thinking this will result in hopefully (knock on wood) the first knitted item I've made with NO mistakes (I mean hand made qualities showing). It's soft. It's amazing. It's liquid. It feels like the most amazing piece of clothing I will ever wear. I will get pet (yeah, cuz that doesn't sound dirty at all). I will LIVE in this sweater.

I made everyone at the coffee shop this morning feel the yarn (well, the regulars I know). One guy, Paul, said he'd have sex with that yarn it felt so good. I promptly yanked the yarn from his grasp. :) I'm totally geeking out about this sweater, I know.

Knitters who read this: What was knitting your first sweater like for you? Were you blissed out? Were you freaked out? Were you as excited as me? Please, tell me you were even if you were not so I feel better about being such a knit nerd.

I am at work today. I have the sweater in my bag. I've just done the second of three reductions for the back. I then knit knit knit until the length reaches 14.5" before the confusion of "setting in" for the sleeves commences. This is where my knitterly friends will come into play. I am unsure of "bind off the first two stitches of the next two rows" means. I mean I know what that means, but in the graph it looks like the first two AND the last two of the row...

We'll cross that bridge when we get to it though.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


We got a card from my parents today. It was our valentine. They bought us a sheep. I laughed when I opened the envelope and saw this sheep looking at me. I know it's not THE sheep they bought us, but I am going to pretend it is.

Thank you for our sheep. I think I am going to name her Delia. I just hope she brings the family who gets her as much joy as she does me.

In other news, I am working. I'm working on designs for a local artist's business cards and other tags for her jewelry. I am meeting with Denise on Monday. I have one design done but wanted to have at least two for her to look at to make sure I am going down the path she was thinking. All the while, London is Calling!

My friend (the one who hasn't ever knit a sweater in her life either and who is traveling down this road with me) told me to start if I felt like it. Her life was busy and she wasn't sure when (other than knit night next week) when she'd have time. I cast on, and that is it. I don't know why I didn't continue on and knit the first bit. Nerves? Awe? Compete and utter fear? Yeah, I'm guessing that last one.

Assuming I get anything done for Denise tonight, I may just force myself to start knitting on it. I suppose I could use the excuse of not getting the other two projects (well the two that are for other people) done is what is holding me back, but that would be lying.

day late, dollar short?

So Kev and I have only ever "celebrated" Valentines Day one year and that was the first year we were together. I made what I think is a beautiful piece of art (although calling something I made art gives me the feeling of being a fraud because I do not make a living off of what I create) anywho, I made this beaded thing of beauty and it still hangs on our bedroom wall. After I made that I thought to myself, "well, hell! I just shot my load and will never be able to top that!" It's when I told him that the holiday that is perpetuated by Hallmark didn't really have a place in my world. (I was thinking I'd go snap a photo of it right now, but the camera is at work waiting to capture the photo for my next "sucky" ad).

The words of Stephanie really rang true with me and I could hardly write anything more eloquent or true (of course, she IS a writer who gets PAID for writing).

I will say that last night I got to spend the evening dining with my dear Kevin as well as our wonderful friend, Chuck. We only get a bit more time with Chuck as he's heading out to answer some questions he has. He's heading to his parents home in Michigan to spend time with them as their health is waning. It makes me love him more.

Love is about support and trust and knowing that you believe in the other.

So celebrate how you need and in what way is true for you.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

play ball

I know, two knitting posts in a row. But seriously, does it get any cuter than this?

This is Cooper's hat. I met him on Sunday while we were visiting with Henry and his parents. Kev used to work with Coop's Dad, Jason at the mortgage place. Since they don't work together anymore we've not seen them since Coop was born 4 months ago. Well, I got some white yarn at the sale Sunday morning before heading out to Sherwood to visit. Took it with me and started the hat right then. Michelle, Cooper's Mom, was just excited. I had toyed with doing the baseball stitching around his head like it is on a ball, but he's got a huge head anyway so I figured why bring that much more attention to it. I think they will like it. Kev does...

Monday, February 12, 2007

yarn porn

This is for all those knitterly friends of mine.

I found my sweater pattern a while ago when I bought a copy of Stitch-N-Bitch Nation from 2004. It's supposed to be a sweater with the Union Jack across the front (search as I may I can not find an image of the sweater online to share).

While I love the shape of the sweater, I did not exactly want to have a flag all over it. So, I decided to find yarn that I love and just make the sweater without any intarsia'd Union Jack (I love makin' up words).

It's great when your favorite yarn store is having a sale!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

one dog yacking

The time is 1:00 AM and I am awakened by the sound of Josie expelling dinner on the floor in the hallway. She does not like getting sick (who does) and occasionally she will go slipping and sliding all over the floor because she tips herself up onto her toe nails and attempts to walk. I'm not sure what she is trying to do by walking (slipping) this way (other than freak herself out sufficiently), but when she does, I try to be there to hold her. Thankfully she did not do that this morning because as she is freaking herself out, when I am woken from a deep sleep to that sight I get freaked out too...I always fear and think (and still wonder about) seizure.

Usually she will come to my side of the bed and she'll be smacking her lips (it's her tell). She did not do that last night (that I recall) and instead I woke to the sound of one dog yacking in the hall. New alarm tone? It is a sound that would get anyone out of bed quickly so they can assess the damage and make sure the animal in question is leaning over the hardwoods.

She seems fine this morning and is currently tucked in bed with Kev and Simon. Not sure where Chloe is (although she just had her yacking turn a second ago).

A "mothers" work is never done, from what I hear. I am just wondering when Simon is going to yack so I can clean that up too.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

thanks, kids

So I wanted to thank you three who answered the question in the last post. I didn't think it was a legal document either, unless signed...etc. The woman who was making a point of telling me I was wrong does work for us already. She just likes to be right about things all the time, has a big opinion, but she's not the type to sue or anything like that because she's as good as family to us (I know, there are cases of family suing family...but this is different).

Anyway, that said...today is boring. Work, THREE SALES and I'm halfway through my day. What gives people?!

Okay, one small "rush" later and the tally is only up two pairs more. Ugh.

I'm going to do some research on foot ailments. Fun, no?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

better space

I've spoken candidly with the offender. He now knows he can't be a jackass...even if it wasn't on purpose. :)

Interviewing candidates for a new location. It's been interesting. Three people yesterday, two today, and one tomorrow. So far I've visited with four people, two are out for sure and two are on the call back list. I will call the two individuals and let them know why we are passing, which I don't expect to be fun for anyone. One guy just didn't think before he spoke. The other girl left me wanting more. None of her answers were full of much.

I meet with one more woman today and another woman tomorrow. I've had a good time meeting with everyone, so far.

So, if you write a handbook for a company, small company, does it become a legal document? The way I look at it, as does Chas and Ahmed, is it's a guide for our employees when they don't know the answers to general procedures, etc. One of the women who work for us (she's 100% opinionated) thinks it becomes a legal issue and makes me have to become more HR than I am thinking. What you all think? I'm not exactly sure what she means by her statement, either.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

choose your words

I was told yesterday that something I had created "sucked." Now, knowing the person that said this, I am not 100% angry or ready to tear eyeballs from sockets, however I am ready to tell this person that another version of sucks could be "not your best work." It is a little less hurtful and not quite as heavy a blow to the ego.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

whole lotta nothin'

Yesterday was exactly what I needed after walking for almost four days straight. I woke around 7:30 to feed everyone and then came out to the cave and sat. I sat all day. I sat and watched dumb television. I sat as I ate. I sat sat sat.

I'm ready to get to work today. I've got to call a few people to set up a few interviews. I have to write up the interview questions and print them out for note taking. I've got a clean store to see (the entire time we were gone when we'd speak with Drew he'd have a new something to tell us about...like shelves he made for outgoing transfers).

Mainly, I have work to do. I am ready. I am thankful. I am glad I got to sit yesterday. It allowed me to re-energize and get prepared for the next six months (this show happens every six months). I had a blast and would do it all again, exactly the same.

Oh and B- roulette was how I won the "big" money I did. :) I liked it best on the first day we were there (Wednesday) because the min bets were only $5.00. :)

As for the Super Bowl...halftime was the best halftime EVER!!! Prince, oh do not get me going...he was amazing!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

and i didn't gain 20 lbs!

I had a great time in Vegas. It was filled with much walking, a little bit of gambling, more walking, some looking at shoes, a little more walking, listening and cheering of more and more companies and their drive to become more "green", followed by some walking, and a smidgen of drinking. Seriously, just a smidgen. I don't lie.

I've played roulette and even enjoyed it. Wendy didn't want to play alone and let's just say I had more in my pockets when we left Vegas than when we got there. True story. I lost some on the penny slots, but not more than what I'd made on the penny slots. So all in all, I came home ahead!

We saw some great shoes and some even better people. I got to see my favorite people from Dansko whom I'd met a couple of years ago when Kev and I went to PA for a friends wedding. It was great to get hugs from my girls!

We got to visit with the owner of Troentorp, one of the manufacturers we carry whose factory is in Sweden. Got to bounce ideas off of him and his American half (Paul owns the factory, John owns the warehouse in MN). I got to voice my opinions about styles and colors, which they asked for me to send more as they come to mind.

I had the smoothest margarita I've ever tasted in my life. They went down so easily, but not at a fast pace, or too many in numbers.

Charles and I got to really have some good talks about where we see the shops going, who is going to do certain things (like interviewing people, etc) and who will do other things (like writing up the orders, etc). Ahmed and Wendy were adorable and it was great to have the time with them, away from Portland.

I am home now and waiting for the Super Bowl to start. We have friends coming over and more good times will be had.