Tuesday, January 31, 2006

it's here! it's here! it's here!

it is here
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I got to work today to find a package from Kansas City waiting for me. Kristin, thank you!!! I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but you took time out of your life and sent me the most beautiful yarn ever!!! I can't wait to figure out what it wants to be made into...

Let me just say this right now, the women at this Sunday's knitting at noon (okay, it starts at 2:30, but it doesn't sound right)....anyway, they are going to SWOON! They will be envious. They will want to know if you have more. I can totally be your dealer in the Pac NW!

the brain, she just doesn't work

I had this grand idea of something to write about. It was going to be witty. It was going to be funny. It was going to be great. Then...then I ended up having to get something ready to ship for our friends in Seattle, I had to chat up the UPS driver as we waited for the printer to s-l-o-w-l-y print out the label and then the end of day sheet, and I had to call another store back....

OH!!!! YEAH!!

The status of my uterus. It amazes me to no end how people I really am not friends with will ask me point blank:

"Are you ever going to have a baby?"

JUH? How does one respond to this? I ended up saying (slightly under my muttered breath), "Oh, another person who wants to know the status of my uterus..." before telling the kid that I didn't know what was supposed to happen with that. By that statement, for friends and family who I DO know, I mean this: If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Most of my family knows that I do not believe in the use of fertility drugs (and those who didn't know that, well now you do). I know that they have helped people (some of those people being family members) have babies. Here's the thing...I don't want babIES. I would like to have one baby at a time, if it's in the cards. You are dealt the hand you are when you sign up for this life. I don't like to fool with it too much because you see, I would be just as fine either not having a child (sad a bit, but okay if that's the way it's supposed to play out) OR I'd be happy to adopt (although we don't feel the overwhelming NEED for a kid so...adoption not sure it's really in the cards for sure).

So, if anyone has any funny and witty suggestions as to how to answer that question, your help would be appreciated.
And that concludes the update of my uterus. We will now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...

nurse maids and hot lattes

Josie has been following me around trying to get her tongue all over my right ankle. She did this last time when I'd gotten the line work done. She just wants to make it feel better and nurse me back to the land of no pain. She's sweet, but at the same time I'm maneuvering myself around this house and around this dog in some interesting ways.

It's not much more than a messy blur still, the ankle. I don't think I am going to post pictures of this stage, although when it's a bit less puffy and healed up I will show you all the shading we started yesterday. It's going to be gorgeous. I know she's got a great eye and I know that the coverup part will be wonderful, but right now...not so cute. In time, in time.

When the alarm went off it was extremely hard to get myself out of bed this morning. All I wanted to do was stay snuggled up with my cat and my husband and not move a muscle all day. No such luck. This mornings coffee is the first I've made myself since Friday morning. It tastes good. It's smooth and frothy (remember, I am a latte drinker) and it's perfect. Since I packed my lunch up last night I have a few extra minutes to just sit and enjoy the perfect, made at home, latte (all while listening to Josie slurp and crack on her pig stick as she lays beside me...stinky!!).

I am hoping for a day that allows me to do the things I need to do without being annoyed. Yeah, cuz that happens all the time on Tuesdays (my Mondays...which I have learned to dislike with quite little effort). I wish everyday was like Saturday. Although then my beautiful Saturdays wouldn't feel special anymore...so nevermind, I don't wish that. I just wish that today goes quickly so that I may get home, where I wish I didn't have to leave.

Monday, January 30, 2006

tiny little needles

This morning I got up at 7:30 to feed the crew and got myself ready for session number two of the great tattoo cover up. I got a bit stuck in traffic, which was fine by Naomi as she was having a tough time getting started this morning. I got there closer to 9:30 than the original 9:00 appointment time. She took a look at the first bit she's done and she gasped. She was smiling ear to ear and just beaming with excitement. I could see her wheels turning as she came up with the game plan for today's session. We are to start the cover up bit she said. Bring. It. On.*

That, that is what hurt the most thus far. Going over the ink and scar tissue from years prior. Thought I wanted today to go a bit longer, she laid the ground work for the rest of the cover up and she started some shading of one of the bits of kelp up the back of my leg. It was a shorter session (just under 3 hours long) and she indicated we can do it in two more. This makes me a happy girl. However, I am nervous that each time will hurt a bit more. You see, when I got the line work done I had forgotten, 100%, how much it hurt. This time, I had memory of pain and it hurt even more. I really am not looking forward to the next two sessions, aside from the fact that it will lead to beauty.

It's under plastic wrap and won't be photographed for a few days so it can heal. I may wait until right beforeI go in the next time to do any photos. It's not pretty (yet), what cover up she's done, but the shading up the back is gorgeous. I can see where she is going and what she's going to do in my mind to the rest so I know it will turn out to be beautiful.

So in about 4 weeks I will go back for session #3. It will be a long one she says. We will do a full 4 hours, maybe longer. We really want to get it done in 4 sessions total although we won't push it if she thinks I need to heal before she starts the next bits. I trust her, she knows her craft well.

Today I got up, got poked with tiny needles (while snuggling the cutest little dog...Rosie), came home and made an apple pie, ran to the grocery store, took the pie to Lawrence and Diana (the first of the five tickets he was given for Xmas) and am now watching KU basketball while waiting for our friends to come for dinner. We're having horseradish and dijon mustard crusted beef loin with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus.

*Lucky for me I had Rosie right by my side the whole time. Rosie is Naomi's little terrier dog. She gets really upset when Naomi tattoos people. She doesn't like us being hurt. So, before she started Naomi asked if it was okay if Rosie snuggled with me on the table... you know, to make her feel better. Well, I'm not one to make an animal sad, so I told her that she was more than welcome. I am telling you, petting a dog when you are being pricked by the tiny needles of a tattoo gun...way to do it!


I'm relieved to know I'm not losing my mind!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

intravenously please

I have never wanted a cup of coffee so badly before. I've been up for almost an hour and a half and since the girls and I are going out to breakfast (brunch) before hitting the outlet mall I figured I'd just wait and not wake up Kev with the grinding of the beans...

Damn, I wish I wasn't so nice.

I think I'm going to call Jill and see if she's up and going and then spring the whole, "yeah, I'm coming over for the coffee that Mark made" on her. They both are early birds so I am sure she wouldn't be surprised or annoyed.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

i heart saturdays

All is quiet in the house except the clacking of the keys as I type. It's 7:40 in the morning. I'm waiting a few more minutes before I go brush my teeth and put on my shoes to catch an early bus. It's Saturday. I've taken to going in an hour early on Saturdays because it gives me time to sit in my favorite coffee shop, chat with the two who work there, and knit. I look forward to my Saturdays each week.

A new development has come together though on Saturdays which might make me love them even more. From 8:00-8:50 am Diana will be teaching a yoga class at Lululemon that is donation only (right now it's free, but she wants to have it be donation only and give the $$ to the animal shelter). Considering I usually get to the coffee shop around 9:00 this could be really rockin'. Lulu isn't far from Coffee Plant, which isn't far from my work. Today she's teaching at a later time which wouldn't work, but next week, I'm going.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

the photos

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Okay, so it's a work in progress and I will update as we continue.

The bottom (the things that kind of look like bowling pins) is what we are covering...as if you couldn't figure that out?!

I know it's huge, but it's going to be beautiful when she's done. I never felt that way about the other thing.

I heart Naomi.

Oh, click the photo and it'll take you to the flickr site where you can see the other two angles (side and back). Make sure to look at the lower set (the one labeled "this photo also belongs to this set).

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

reveal time

Speaking of communication being great...

A while ago I'd mentioned having some work done to cover up my existing tattoo. Many asked why not just get it removed. The answer to that is simple. Because the person who did the work originally was not...ahem...skilled, he went too deep with the needles and caused the lines to protrude a bit (so if you run your hand across them you can feel them still...13 years later). If I were to have it lasered off, chances are good I'd have a scar that resembled the ugly thing. I've never liked it, since day one (even though I designed it and like the design, execution was flubbed). When people would say, "Cool tattoo!" I'd respond with, "Actually it really isn't all that good..." I couldn't bring myself to simply say thank you and move on.

Then, months back, I ran into Naomi. She's the artist who'd done work on a former coworker of mine (I would have said friend but the girl was one of the two reasons I got fired from my other job many years ago and that doesn't really say "friend" to me). Naomi gave me her number and I talked about it with Kev. He was not really for it, because he felt it was a waste of money as well as "you've lived this long with the other one...". I told him that even though I have lived this long with the thing I never enjoyed it and for something to be permanent on my body, I really want to be proud of it. Then I reminded him of all his video games he plays for about four months before "needing" another one...and he relented.

I had my first appointment with Naomi to discuss what I wanted to do and what visions she had. We both agreed in the beginning that something botanical would be nice. Then, I got to thinking that instead of above the water botanicals, why not do something from the sea?!?! I've always been drawn to it (all of my projects the final year of my schooling were fashioned around the sea and sealife). I emailed her and asked her thoughts. She ran with it (buying books and doing much research) and at our second consultation showed me something she'd come up with. I wasn't all that jazzed with design #1 because it was just another band that she would do over the existing one. I wanted something more organic and...dare I say...bigger.

The next time we met was to begin work. I walked into her studio and she showed me the transfer. OMG! It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. And the best part, I was going to get to look at it daily once it was placed on my body!!!

It's going to take several sessions, the first has already happened. The second is scheduled for Monday. I know that to many it may seem a bit silly for me to do something like this, but to me, it's a beautiful piece of artwork and I'm the one who is lucky enough to be able to have it. I do know it's permanent. I do know that when I'm a wrinkled old woman it may not look as beautiful, but it always will to me. From the first session I have been smitten with it. When we were in Mexico people would look at my leg, then up at my face and instead of giving me a look of "OMG" they would smile big beautiful smiles. When people have said things like, "Nice ink" I say "Thanks, isn't it beautiful?" I can't wait for it to be completed.

So now the question to you all is, do you want me to post a picture? (dumb question, I know...)

the art of communication

Kev and I were speaking this weekend about my yoga practice and what night it falls on. We'd originally practiced on Wednesday nights but had switched to Tuesdays for a while. When we made the switch I'd asked Kev if it was okay, since that was one of three evenings he was not working. He said it would be fine. Well, come to find out that he really does miss me during that time on Tuesday evening because when we (Diana and I) were discussing switching back to Wednesdays Kev piped in with "I would like that better..."

I explained to Diana that Kev (and I actually) would really prefer Wednesdays since we don't see each other all that often throughout the week (especially in the evenings) and she understood completely. Jill and Mark both have evenings off so the night of the week usually doesn't matter to her. As long as she gets to practice. :)

I'm just glad that Kev has realized he CAN tell me when things are weighing on his mind. Cuz he knows I have no problem with doing that...which reminds me. LOL

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Electric Youth

Electric Youth
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my yarn...(hope you don't mind i'm blogging from your flickr photos, kristin)

i just purchased this from my online knit friend, kristin. well, i sent the check today. i think i might make socks, OR a great blue scarf. not sure. will have to see when i get it what it tells me it wants to be.

she dyed and spun this yarn. it's special!

i'm really excited!

am i missing something?

I pride myself on being a very low key, no pressure sales girl. When customers walk into my store I generally greet them with a warm hello before letting them look around on their own. After they've looked and I can see they aren't going to their size section I will usually start up a conversation. On Saturday I had a woman absolutely NOT want to talk because she apparently felt I was being pushy and she was "JUST LOOKING" which she told me anytime I said anything.

The exchange:

me: Hello!

freaked out looker: I'm just looking.

me: Okay, let me know if questions...

f.o.l.: (butting in and not letting me finish) I'm really just looking at the moment.

let her look

me: have you been in before?

f.o.l.: No and really, I'M JUST LOOKING.

me: that's fine but just so you know everything is out by size.


me: fine, that's great, just look. (there was a hint of annoyance in my voice at that time too)

I wanted to add not to let the door hit her on the ass on her way out, but it's a push door...damn.

Just today I made the offer to a customer that if the stretching we'd done on her shoe hadn't worked to bring it back and we'd send it to Mr. Lee...

customer: Is he over at your Hawthorne store?

me: Yes, but we can mark where you need it stretched and he can take care of it for you.

customer: It's really more convenient for me to come here.

me: Well, like I said we can take it there for you, saving the trouble.

customer: I'm sure it will be fine.

Did I come off as a pushy bitch? Just curious...

Okay, now have to go and update our website with all kinds of goodness.

frog pond how i hate thee

Well, I had a good two and a half inches done on Kev's scarf when only the yarn knows what happened. It was going really well. I was knitting and purling and it was really taking shape. And then I must have knit when I was supposed to purl AND I somehow picked up another stitch (I think I know how I did it...just not when). So, after back tracking and carefully taking a row and a half off I ended up having to rip the whole thing out and starting over. It's just as well because even though it was looking nice, I didn't like the knit 1 purl 1 ribbing. Instead I'm doing a knit 2 purl 2 ribbing that is looking much more masculine and "beefy" (for lack of a better word).

And wow, when did this turn into Shanny's Knit Blog?! :)

The weekend was good. Went by way too quickly, but it was very productive. We got the house cleaned top to bottom (I scrubbed the hell out of the bathroom and kitchen). We even got the front yard rid of any slimy leaves. We bought a cart (although we left the wheels off) to put in the kitchen so that we have more storage space for food (I can show pictures later kids...for those who've seen our kitchen and know it's just a smidge bigger than a postage stamp and are wondering where in the world we could fit something).

Sunday Jill came over and we reconstructed a ball skirt she'd made me a few years ago (for one of the few ERAC holiday parties) into a cocktail length skirt. We then realized I own a top that will work so that this Sunday when we go shopping with Chaz all I have to search for are some really great earrings and a small clutch. This also means if there is a sweater or a pair of pants I fall for they can come home too (if the price is right baby!).

I'm ready to go in and finish up the order for Fall 06 for one of the companies we sell. Have to have it done by the 15th of Feb to get our dating. My boss is back on Thursday (can you believe he's not called me even once?!?!). Yoga has been moved to Wednesday (which makes Kev happy since he said he missed hanging out with me on Tuesdays). That's pretty much it...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

here you go!

Originally uploaded by chlortence.

Okay, so here it is...finished product. I love it. It's big enough for my large head (Jenn gasped when she measured it actually). Jill tried it on and it's so damn cute on her too. I'm sensing another hat project in the NEAR future! :)

Jen, thanks for the tips in the last comments! Actually, they made a ton of sense to me! I already use wooden needles (will never use anything else if I can help it), tried my best to not tighten the stitches when I got to the dp needles, and the crochet hook tip...TOTALLY can see it! :) I've got a pretty good imagination and you describe things well! I only had to rip about an inch out (yes, I'd gone that far without really catching on...d'oh!).

So, how'd I do?

oh snap!

Okay so I am now totally rockin' a burnt orange hat knit by....ME!

I'm still at work (yes, this afternoon was that slow) and I just finished it. I LOVE IT!!!

Knitting is like smoking and the yarn, it's the crack!!!


yeah, if you don't knit...this may bore you

I am in love with the big, chunky orange yarn I am using to make my first hat. It's awesome. Going along great, until...I tried to transfer from the circular needles to the double pointed straight ones. I guess you need to have all the yarn transfer and you shouldn't drop stitches because that will result in large holes. Crapdammit! I had an implosion last night and had to rip out an inch or so of the hat. I had thought I was going to have to rip the whole thing apart, but I got it down to where everything was even and then slowly and oh so carefully rethreaded the stitches back onto the circular needles...

I am at work, just having been at the coffee shop reknitting what I'd lost. I've started the transfer to the straight needles and am all kinds of nervous. I am a bit confused as to how it will all work out in the end, because as I reduce the number of stitches it gets even harder and harder to knit. Jen, any suggestions? I'm hoping my knit guru/friend will be popping in today as she thought she might. I can show her (barring any unforeseen customers) and she can in turn show me. :)

I wish I had a picture to share, but will when it's done. It's been going really well (aside from the whole implosion last night) and I figure by tonight, I'll have a wearable hat!!

Oh, and my knit guru/friend and I are starting our own Knitting Nooners group. First Sunday of the month, traveling between houses (so anyone who joins can offer up their house for the next month, etc). The first one, which is next month, will be at Jenn's house. March, mine. I am pretty excited about it. We'll be getting together around 2:30 so that I can take Kev to work and use the car (and this way it doesn't take away any time from our mornings together).


Thursday, January 19, 2006


Words escape me at times.

What words to use today?

Brain and mouth, not connecting.

Customers think I'm a crazed lunatic because of this fact but laugh politely as I make a joke about it.

I almost typed tit.

I try not to worry about the words I type here, but I read them through my parents eyes at times and rethink my choice.

Sometimes this makes me sad, other times I appreciate it.

Descriptive words of the way I feel sometimes elude me.

I am happy, yes.

I am content, yes.

I am frustrated, at times.

And every once in a while, I could spit nails.

Thankfully, it is not one of those times.

shoes, i got shoes! come in and get you some shoes!

Today will be interesting, if nothing else. At least the work part of the day. I received in 23 cases of shoes yesterday (that's approx. 240 pairs of shoes). I have no space in my storage room, or on the floor, for these shoes. I suppose I'll have to begin the process of boxing up the old sandal styles in order to make space on top...hey, that just gave me an idea.

I have to ask though, why didn't I get these on the day when I only sold three pairs of clogs? I mean, today, today will probably be busier than any day I've had in a long time for the simple reason...I have things to do. Customers don't like it when you tell them to leave the money on the counter, you're too busy to help them (yeah, cuz like I've ever even tried that one).

Later tonight, after I've scratched the surface of the new inventory, I get to meet my dear friend and go yarn shopping. We're going to go to Knit/Purl so I can get yarn for a hat, needles for making said hat, and yarn for a scarf for Kevy McKeverson. It can't be too itchy, or girlie. Then, after buying all the goodies, we are heading to my friend's house so I can learn how to actually make the hat (I've gotten very good at scarves people!). Kev's supposed to be getting off early, so I might ask my friend if her husband will be around cuz if he is, Kev can just come pick me up so they can hang out (they are both complete gamer guys and get along really well).

Okay, bus is going to be here soon. Should probably be out there waiting for it! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


sitting at work.
have had one person come in.
she stayed for maybe a total of two minutes.
rain keeps people away.
people forget that if they don't get out in the rain, they will never leave their houses.
waiting for something to tell me it needs to be done.

tuesdays are hard.
they are the monday of my week.
they sometimes hold paperwork.
they sometimes hold a million phone calls i have to make.
they sometimes hold absolutely nothing.

today, is the third type of day.
time stands still during these days.
makes me watch the clock, even though i try not to.
is it time to eat lunch yet?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

yeah, something like this

I had started writing this long entry yesterday about the random things I feel people should refrain from doing while in public (singing at the top of their lungs, passing gas, etc). It was something I was going to work on and post when the time was right...then I was sitting on the bus riding out to my friends house, listening to Wilco, and the thought hit me. Why not list the wacky and wonderful things people SHOULD do while in public?!? So, here we are...

1. Dance. When you have headphones on and nobody can hear what you are dancing too, dance!

2. Make someone laugh. Say you go into a shop to buy something and the person ringing you up seems to be a bit on the side of blah. Try to make them smile. It's great! Acting like a complete loon is not a horrible thing...

3. Compliment someone. You must be genuine when you do too. If you see someone, for instance you are crossing the street and are both waiting for the light to change, and they have a pretty scarf on...say so. Watch their faces change as they go from the deep contemplation they were in to the joy of knowing they have someone's adoration (at least their scarf, etc, does).

4. Remember we are all human. Sounds simple, but it's easily forgotten. Especially living in the place where I do and the homeless population is quite high. Even if you don't have spare change to give, don't ignore. Make eye contact, treat them with some respect (even though the majority of the street kids here who do "spare change" for a living usually make bank...the down side to that, they are all usually messed up on some kind of drug so...).

So, you all got any? Leave 'em in the comments...

Friday, January 13, 2006

it's got beans...AND CORN!

For those of you who know me, you generally know I'm not a fan of soup. Doesn't seem filling, don't like drinking a meal, unless the spoon stands up in it I'm not going to go for it. Broth...no way! But as I get older I realize that I should expand my ways. If a soups ingredient list sounds good, chances are the soup itself will be too.

So, before Kev and I went shopping on Monday, I flipped through my Cooking Light cookbook. I found something that intrigued me. A soup. A Mexican Bean and Corn Soup. Hmmm, should I try it?

I decided that since it's cooler now that a nice, hearty soup sounded pretty good. I liked every single ingredient that was to go into this soup and decided we should go for it. Not only that, but I was going to go ahead and double the recipe from the get go (I know, living life on the edge!). Had planned on just making it for myself one evening this week while Kev was at work because soups do tend to make the easiest leftovers. I got a call yesterday from Kev telling me he was going to get off work early. HOT DAMN! I told him I will make the soup and meet him at home.

Let me tell you, best soup ever. And when it sits overnight, gets even spicier!!!

*I should say that we omitted the lime at the end but added a dollup of sour cream as well as a few sliced black olives.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

almost forgot

Please, if you do nothing else today, read this!

It's true and I wouldn't want any of you to get constipated because I didn't send it along...I figured instead of emailing it, I'd get more eyes this way.


let the checklist commence

Like I mentioned before, Jean's getting married on the 24th of February. This is my list:

1. purchase ticket to San Diego
2. book hotel with Jill and Mark
3. transform skirt into strapless dress (trust me on this one people)
4. figure out outfit for rehearsal dinner
5. continue getting more excited as time draws near

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

hello body

Tonight was the first yoga class in almost a month. The last practice had been on the 13th of December. The Tuesday prior to Christmas we had chosen to get together and share time with one another.

Jill, Diana, and myself decided at that practice we would meet up on the 10th of January and take a class together. This idea sounded splendid at the time. Jill and I got together once before I went to Mexico to practice, which was good and it was tough. I practiced once while in Mexico, which was short but still centering. Neither practices got me ready for the reawakening of my body that took place this evening.

Shoulders, tight.

Hips, tight.

Neck, tight.

Everything, tight.

As we went through the practice, one of my first ones in which Diana was not the woman pushing and pulling my body, I felt myself loosen up and really feel each movement. I thought about what had gotten me there tonight and thanked myself for that.

I fully expect my body to not be as loose in the morning, nor will it be in two days. However, I will thank it for being the vessel that it is. I will thank it for getting me through another day. I will thank it by treating it with the respect it deserves. I will thank it by continuing the travel through my yoga practice.

holy moly!

Got an email from my friend Jean down in San Diego. The one who is dating the guy who designed the game Quelf (perhaps you remember me mentioning that game). She and Matthew are getting married. Not only that, but they are getting married on the 24th of NEXT MONTH! I am busy searching airfare for myself. I am thinking that Jill and I will go down together. I am not sure if her husband will join us or not. Kev won't be going, but one of us has to stay home to watch the kids and make some money. LOL

So now I'm in the process of finding the cheapest airfare and hotel. I also have to figure out a car rental deal...with Jill going I think we'll split the cost of the hotel and car (assuming Mark doesn't go and we make it a girls weekend). I AM SO EXCITED FOR JEAN!!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

pet owners/lovers

Read this now! Pass it along to those you know whom have pets.

It's the hot debate in the house right now. I'm going to win though...Josie will not be getting the brand that she once was because it's made by the same company.

Going to get her new food when we are out food shopping for us.


Originally uploaded by chlortence.
I was looking through the photos I have loaded onto flickr. I like this one of Josie. It was the first time she actually snuggled in and stayed snuggled for a long time. Usually, she's up, moving, turing, flopping, twitching..etc. However, this night, she hopped up (please note the sheet that is under us to protect the couch) and she did her one turn and she plopped down. I adore this dog. She is an amazing creature, even when she's bugging the shit out of me. :)

I really don't have much to say, just wanted to share a picture of a shiny dog. She kind of looks sad, even though in a few minutes after I took this shot she was licking and kissing all over me with utter joy.

We can learn a lot from a dog.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

can i go back NOW?

Our second day in PV we went to the old part of town to have dinner. On our walk back we saw these men dressed in costume sitting on top of this really tall poll. We weren't sure what was going to happen next, and like everyone else, hung around to see. One of the guys was playing a recorder type instrument that had a little drum on the bottom. The next time we walked by this area, the poll was gone...

Walking down the malecon along the new part we saw these sails. Quite beautiful in the distance, as you come upon them. Also, quite beautiful up close. I can imagine people standing in their shade during the heat of the summer. I guess the new part was finished a couple of years ago and was looking beautiful. Now, the paint is peeling off the railings and things are not looking quite as pristine. It'd be hard to keep anything looking perfect along the ocean.

We sat at this table for a little while, watching the sunset into the mountains as we sipped our mango margaritas. At this particular place we heard a story of the bartender (sadly he was not working this day). The last time Mamasita and Walter were in PV they got to talking with him (I've forgotten his name). He told them that the next day was his day off and he'd pick them up at their hotel and show them the real Mexico. True to his word he came by bus to get them and he took them to his home. His wife and he were so kind and open and loving. They didn't want anything in return, just to share their culture.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Today is my sister-in-laws birthday. Years ago on this very day I made the comment to Kev that my New Years Resolution was going to be to send all our close family members (parents, siblings, aunts and uncles...maybe a cousin or two) birthday cards. After I made the statement he promptly asked the date, I told him it was the 7th and that is when he informed me my resolution had been broken...it was his sisters birthday. Crapdammit!

Each year I try to have that resolution, to remember those whom we love on their day of days. Each year I fail miserably to actually send the card or even make the call. Who knows, maybe I'll actually come through one of these years. However, even if you don't get a card, know that on your birthday I usually say or think to myself, "Oh shit, it's _____ birthday!"

So this year I resolve to keep doing what I'm doing. Keep being happy. Keep my chin up. Keep the peace. Keep on keepin' on.

Friday, January 06, 2006

the story...

Okay, since getting back everyone in bloggerville (well, not all of you, but enough) have said things about wanting to hear all that happened while I was away in sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

So, here it goes:

Sunday, Jan. 1, 2006:

We rose at the crack, I mean the crack of dawn to catch our shuttle. You remember, the one I set up last week? Well, by 5:00 it wasn't at our house yet and it was supposed to be there at 4:45. I called and spoke with the same woman who set up the pick up and she's confused as to why it isn't in the log. She got a cab to the house and away we went.

Plane ride, turbulent flying into San Fran. and the stomachs were lurching. Not fun. Flying into Mexico we looked out at sunny skies and could not wait to get off the plane and through customs. We bustled through pretty quickly (odd side note, when at the counter I noticed an earring and felt sad about some woman losing her earring...it was my Mamasita's!!! Had I known at the time, I'd have picked it up for her). Mamasita and Walterita were waiting for us. We grabbed the shuttle to the hotel and checked in. Rooms weren't quite ready, back down to the front desk. Got rooms that are clean and away we go back up.

The hotel was lovely. Open air, squawking parrots...the whole nine yards. We took our things to our rooms and decided to put on our suits and sit in the sun overlooking the ocean. The vendors were done for the day by that time so we got to sit and enjoy each others company while we sipped our margaritas and cervezas. The sunset was beautiful (see post prior to this one). We ate at the hotel that night and made the plan to meet in the morning for a day by the pool the next day.

Monday, Jan. 2, 2006:

Up early and to the beach for me, dressed in my yoga togs and ready to practice. It is an amazing thing, practicing on the sand with the sound of the waves crashing. So peaceful and serene. Although the headstand remained elusive...very difficult to kick up in the sand. Ah well, the practice was great.

We went down and met for breakfast in the open air dining room. There was fresh fruit, omelets to order, wonderful fresh fruit juices (I can almost taste the strawberry juice still on my lips). We ate and then decided to grab our towels for a day by the quiet pool. Yes, this place had two. One where you could play and they were blasting music and one where you could sit and sip your drink while you laid back and enjoyed the sun (don't worry, none of us got burned and all used high spf sunscreen!). We dined at the hotel for lunch before heading into the old part of Puerto Vallarta to have dinner at The Shrimp Factory. The garlic shrimp Mamasita and Catherine shared were yummy. I had the beer battered shrimp, which were also quite tasty.

After dinner we walked along the Malecon (the boardwalk) for a while and watched some street performers. Kev and I walked the mile or so back to the hotel and the other three grabbed a jalisco (taxi) back. We enjoyed walking hand in hand in the warm night air.

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd:

We got up and of course, met for breakfast. We decided that we were going to go to Bucareas for the day. We discussed our options of either grabbing two cabs or hopping on the bus. We opted for the bus. It was a rather quick ride, and this bus was not an old school bus, but had nice plush seats (I'm thinking to make up for the lack of shocks). We spent the day there at a table on the sand by our favorite restaurant (damn if I can remember it's name now...). We sipped our drinks, ate our food and just enjoyed the day (can you sense a theme here?). Kev and I took a walk down the beach where I found the one and only thing we brought home with us...a green piece of beach glass.

We got back to the hotel and turned in our towels. We all went to our rooms and had some nap time before heading down for dinner and drinks and the show. I think it was the Mime night. The hotel was full of people from Canada. Let me just say, they like their mimes! Was fun though, even though I'm not a huge fan of the mime...

Wednesday, Jan. 4:

We spent the morning by the pool before heading into the old part of PV where we sat, ate guacamole and drank mango margaritas by the sea. We did much of this the entire time. After sitting and enjoying the sunset we walked to a restaurant called Pipi's. So good. Margaritas as big as your face. Kev and I opt to walk back to the hotel again while the others grabbed a jalisco again. We had one drink downstairs at the hotel before heading to our respective beds.

Thursday, Jan, 5:

We eat breakfast before Mamasita and sistersita and I head for our massages. OMG. The sound of the waves crashing as she made me melt into one big Shanny puddle was amazing. The other two were in a room together and I was alone. It was such an amazing way to end my day yesterday...yesterday, that is so sad for me to write. I can't believe I woke up yesterday morning in Mexico...

However, we are back and the animals are all happy. I have fun stories of them, but will wait until tomorrow...as of now, I have to go pick Kev up from work.

kicking and screaming!

I am back, but not without a fight. Okay, so there wasn't a fight, but I really didn't want to come back and I fought in my mind with everyone who was making it have to be...like the guy at the ticket counter at Alaska Airlines, the woman who checked our documentation, etc.

It was a wonderful time. We didn't take a ton of photos, although we did end up taking more than we thought we had. We didn't buy a single thing, other than food or drink. We did come home with memories that will hold us over until the next wonderful vacation.

I was on some antibiotics which kept me from really getting nuts with the consumption of as many margaritas as I would have liked, but the doctor told me I could have at least one. I pushed it a bit...but, I'm feeling better (the issue for which I was taking the antibiotics for is gone). However, never did he tell me not to go in the sun. I got an odd rash that is now kind of itching. I took a benadryl last night and it's gone a bit more today so I'll take another tonight.
The weather was amazing there. Sunny most days, highs in the low 80's. The evenings got cooler and the long sleeves would come out. Sigh. I can almost hear the rush of the waves as they hit the beach.

Mexico is an amazing place. It takes you back in time almost. The people there are wonderful. I couldn't imagine putting up with all the tourists that they do ALL. THE. TIME. I just want to thank them for allowing us to share the beauty in which they live everyday.