Friday, July 31, 2009

the heat has left the building

this past week i am sure most of you have noticed we got really hot up here in the pac nw. not just hot, but f*cking hot (sorry 'rents). it was all we could do not to melt each and every time we would step outside.

i got home one night and the thermostat in the house read 98F. 98! what is that?!? this morning, i awoke and was slightly chilled by the air coming in through the bedroom window. it was a feeling i'd not felt in a while. it felt amazing!

the clouds are still hanging in the sky (i am sure most of us here would love it if they stayed all day). the garden is looking a little droopy, but we've watered and we are starting to see some tomatoes ripen. i'd have thought with the crazy heat and sun that all of them would have ripened in a second. thankfully, they seem to be ripening at different intervals.

on a side note, have to say i'm a bit disappointed with our oregon spring tomatoes. they didn't ripen as early as last year, and they are getting weird and mis-shapen now. they almost look like the brandywine we grew last year. kev's suggesting there was a mix up last year and the weird oddly shaped ones were probably really the oregon spring. i disagree with him. i think we had a cool spring and our summer finally hit this week. i think the weather played a huge part in why they grew but didn't ripen yet. i am just ready for a ton to do so so i can make salsa. our jalapenos are growing by the bushel full!!

i need to make sure to take a sweater to work today, the mall store gets really cold (why i did not mind working there all week while one of the women who works there is on her honey moon).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

done and done

i didn't get that many photos of me in the dress at both weddings this past weekend, but this is the one that i did get.

it was so much fun to wear! the next night i paired it with a burnt orange necklace (think lots of rocks) and a camel colored pair of sandals. i got many compliments on it, which kind of made me blush.

hit a yarn sale at one of my favorite stores on saturday and bought enough yarn to make just the top of it. my neighbor told me that i had to start making all my own sweaters because this dress fit me so well. i will make another dress, that is certain.

i can't believe that i knit a dress!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

lest i forget

i could easily complain about the heat here (it's broken 100 two days in a row and we're going for a trifecta tomorrow) but i won't. 

i'd forgotten that i am slightly allergic to the bean plants. any skin that touches the vines gets itchy. really itchy. it goes away rather quickly, but i'd totally forgotten about the fact it even happens. 

i am sitting at jill and mark's house. in the "cool" seat. the one that's right next to an air vent. man, i'm glad for good friends. i sent jill a text asking her what time i should be over tonight...we'd not spoken of getting together prior to the text. she sent one back a while later asking if i needed air conditioning. 

i brought one zucchini and some greenie beanies. they've got tomatoes already (color me green). so who knows what we will do for dinner tonight. she should be arriving anytime now. 

work is going well. i'm on the floor this entire week at the mall location. the only thing i don't mind about that is the fact that the a/c is rockin! and i have to take a sweater. so that makes up for how slow it is out there. at least the next three days i will be training someone so i will have company.

well, going to get myself a large glass of water and knit some in this cool, cool air. 

Saturday, July 25, 2009

a single moment

i have this one tiny moment where there is nothing to do. there isn't enough time to start a project because at about 2:30 i will being the process of getting ready for a friends intimate wedding. there are forty guests. i feel lucky to be invited to share this special day.

the dress has turned out perfectly. i couldn't have asked for any better. i couldn't have shopped for anything better. i do not have pictures of it yet, other than shots i took with my phone's camera when it wasn't finished.

i bought more of the same yarn, different color, to make the top of it (which was sizzle from wendy bernard). my friends are asking me to write up the skirt pattern. i will, i promise! and i'll share. it really turned out special.

last night i roped jill into going to nordy's with me (really, all i had to do was ask her to go with me and help shop for something to wear under the dress). what i got ain't sexy, but it sure helps the dress look hotsie totsie!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

and the time goes where?

i am going to be m.i.a. for a little bit. we're getting ready to open a new store. i'm covering the floor more. i've got three weddings to attend over two weekends. somewhere in there, i am going to remember to breathe.

oh and no, i didn't finish the dress i was hoping to have knitted for the weddings. and i'm okay with that.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

one week old

i am such a jerk. sorry. i tantalize you with a photo of pearl's right eye, with promises of more to come...and then i disappear.

work's gotten crazy. we're in the process of opening a new location so busy is my middle name.

so without further ado, i give you pearl. my 09 honda fit sport.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


kev and i decided to go look at cars last night. we were only going to actually buy something if it was THE car we wanted. no settling!

trust me, i didn't settle!

meet Pearl...

she's a little shy. i'll have to try to get some more shots when she's not looking.