Saturday, September 30, 2006

my sister is getting married today

So my big sister is getting hitched today. Everyone raise their glass at sundown, where ever you are today, to my sister and her new husband.

I couldn't be happier!

Friday, September 29, 2006

little sister!

Kev informed me a few weeks ago that his sister would be in town on the 28th. We'd spoken about going out to eat for dinner, but then it was decided I'd make dinner so we could just sit around and relax.

She called me around 3:15 or so and an hour later I was relieved from work (I was working at the office and there is only so much organization you can do when the carpenter is taking his own sweet time). I ran to the grocery store and bought stuff to make the Mexican Corn and Bean soup. Man, I got a little carried away with the cumin! :) It was perfect though. I zipped by her hotel and picked her up and the two of us got to spend some time together before we got Kev at work. Let me tell you, I love her. She STILL will be perpetually 23 in my mind, even though she said she's turning 30 with her next birthday. I told her that I always think of her as 23 and she laughed. I think she liked it.

We went and got Kev, Josie came along. She laughed at the greeting Kev and Josie gave each other (I'd told her one of my favorite things is the wiggles from her and the laughter from him). She agreed that it was the sweetest thing.

We went home and I cooked while we all caught up. It was a perfect and relaxed evening. I'm so thrilled we'll get to see her every so often as she flies this way (she's a flight attendant). I told her that even if she doesn't have a couple weeks notice, if it's just a couple of hours...CALL US! I would change plans for her because she is family. Or, she'd be included in plans.

So now I am eating my toast and thinking about my little sister in law and how much I love her and how proud I am of her.

Monday, September 25, 2006

my dear friend comcast

So the past few days our internet connection has been spotty, to say the least. You'd be able to connect one second and the next nothing but a big blank screen. The really odd thing, is it would say we were connected. Both on the desktop and my laptop. Connection was "excellent" on this thing, but I couldn't pull any pages up at all. Kev went in on Saturday and switched out our boxes, they told him to bring our old one in and do just that. Last evening it wasn't much better so he called them and was told there was an outage reported three minutes prior to his call. Now, we are hoping that that issue is what is the real issue and that when it's back for everyone, we're not still screwed.

Thus far, today? It's been fine (knock on wood!) and I just received a call from Comcast to check on our service. Huh? Um, yes, it's working and I simply hope I don't have to call you guys back today...or ever really. But seriously? They called to check in? I'm crushing hard on Comcast right now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

my angel is a centerfold

Today was the day the bedroom got rearranged. While Kev was working on the storage room, which was a one person job, I got busy redoing our bedroom. We weren't all that jazzed with the latest configuration of furniture and I am all for changing things up when needed. During the process I take apart the bed and wash the mattress pad and bed skirt. Both are dry, but the skirt is quite wrinkled. I go back to the sewing room to get the ironing board set up so I can iron the bed skirt. I pass the bedroom and I just can't resist my dear Chloe. I tip toe back to the living room to get the camera where I'd left it after taking pictures of a scarf I am blocking. I just have to spread a little kitty porn...

Friday, September 22, 2006

but what about dirt?

We have several styles of shoes at work that are being made in suede. Lush, gorgeous, fabulous suede (ask me how I really feel). The one question that it always brings to the forefront is: "How does suede do in the rain...doesn't it get dirty?"

My new tactic, other than to say "I've got a couple of pairs of suede shoes and all you have to do is blah blah blah" is this:

Look at person's shoes. If they are scuffed and not taken care of (most of them are in that state) say, "well, doesn't leather scuff and require some tlc?" That'll make them hush up.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Kev asked me the other day if I thought it was odd that he found comfort in the clouds. I told him that I didn't find it odd, I found it true. The clouds are here. I don't think they are here for the winter, as this weekend is supposed to be spectacular, but we're getting a little taste of our winter.

Tomorrow I get to go into the office and work. My boss is out of town so it's just me for the day. I plan on getting much done and many files filed. I meet a rep there when the shop opens to look at shoes and then it's upstairs for a fun filled day when he leaves. I'm looking forward to it.

Nothing exciting here. No spiders this morning (thank goddess). Just a plugged up drain. Sadly, Kev didn't get any drain cleaner on his way home tonight either. I guess he either couldn't find any at CostCo OR he found such a big container he figured we had no place to store it. I'm guessing the first (although the latter wouldn't surprise me either).

Yeah, excitement here. My brain is tired. I had to deal with annoying customers who think that just because they spend money at the store (she's bought and kept maybe two pairs of clogs) that they are above the policies. Yeah, I'm letting Chas take this one. I owe him big! I'm sure she'll have to come in and pick them up when I'm at work though. This is the woman who brings in her two dogs who are not the best with kids and when kids come in, she does nothing to keep them from wandering. It's only happened once when I was working and it won't happen again. Thankfully the mother of the kid was paying attention and the kid was a good listener. I will be asking her to keep ahold of the dogs next time the situation occurs.

Okay, that's boring. I'm going to bed.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

soap gets in your eyes

Okay, I am not a huge fan of spiders and other bugs and insects. There are some I can deal with (ants I'm okay with, although NOT in my kitchen) and some that seriously make my skin feel like it is crawling (for instance the LARGE brown spiders).

So this morning as I groggily walked into the bathroom and pulled open the shower curtain and was met by the biggest brown spider I've seen in a long time...shudder!

To top it off, our drain is a bit clogged. I figured I would have to drown him with a small amount of water and then hope he would make it down the drain before it backed up (yeah, I'm not the type to carry big spiders outside OR allow my cats to chase them in fear that the spider will eat my cats).

Not. so. lucky.

I strategically tried to put things over the drain from allowing him to come back up, but everything started floating (note to self, get a snake and some drain cleaner). At one point I almost screamed, but just a squeal came out. I heard Josie rush to the door in worry (good to know that if I make scaredy cat sounds she'll be there to save my ass). I told her I was fine and to relax, which she promptly laid down outside the bathroom door, just in case I needed her (have I told you all how much I love my dog?).

Kev woke up and looked at my like I was crazed. I'll admit, I had that look of crazy in my eyes. Because not only was there one LARGE BROWN SPIDER trying to eat me from the drain, there were two whispy long legged spiders hanging out above. Normally they do not bother me. UNTIL they decide to start moving above me!!! Let me just say that although I am clean, I don't think my hair got all the shampoo out. Thankfully I have it in a bun and the headache isn't quite full blown yet.

So yes, my morning started off with a lovely surprise. Let's hope that tonight doesn't offer up anymore...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

another nail bites the dust

I had beautiful nails once. It's taken me quite a long time to be able to say that. Growing up I had a picking habit. I'd pick at my nails until they were nothing more than nubs on my fingers. I would get nervous...pick. I would be bored...pick. I would just pick any old time. And then, one day many months ago, they were longer. And I didn't feel the urge to pick. So I stopped.

Last week one was about to start splitting so I trimmed it. A few days later it's next door neighbor was doing the same thing, so again the trimmers came out. Today, a dog decided to attack Josie while we were on our hike up at Powell Butte and as I was grabbing this dog and yanking it forcefully away from trying to eat my dog...the third in the row got snagged and ripped. It's okay though, small price to pay when it comes to saving my dog (although she was fine and not even bothered by the episode).

We were just walking up the butte towards our normal route. All of a sudden a yellow lab (friendly dogs, no?) came bounding down through the brush (it's switchbacks the whole way up). We said hello to it and he (yeah, unaltered) started sniffing Josie aggressively. She's not one for dogs to run up her booty so she grumbled as she normally does. Now, usually, other dogs hear it and back off of her. Not this one. He took it to mean "let's rumble" and proceeded to try to eat my dear Josie. Thankfully he had a harness with his leash still attached. Kev grabbed Josie's harness and I grabbed the leash on the other dog and seriously dragged his ass away. He was snarling and yanking, trying to get to my girl. NOT ON MY WATCH! His owner came down, apologizing. She took ahold of his leash, but not very tightly because all of a sudden, he was at it again. Kev grabbed him this time and yanked, and gave me his leash. I again, dragged his ass back up the hill to his owner. As we passed them he was just going nuts. She was saying, "you're supposed to be a nice doggie..."

My girl, she rocks even more now in my eyes. She had no injuries (you can imagine me patting her down to make sure, no?) and was not phased as we walked on. We had to pass them one more time, but this time we leashed up and made sure the woman heard us coming through so she could be ready.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

vegas, baby. vegas!

I have this urge to watch Swingers...

Wendy (boss's wife): I am making reservations and wanted to make sure they worked for you.

Me: Me? I didn't think I was going to get to go this time.

W: Oh, you are going! Jan 31-Feb 4. Does that work?

Me: Seriously?! I'm going to Vegas?

W: Seriously! Vegas!

Me: Vegas, Baby! VEGAS!

There was a bit more giggling and squealing happening because that is how she and I are together.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

single shot

We left for Cannon Beach around 9:00 this morning. Kev wanted to go at least once this summer, and I agreed.

Josie had never been to a beach before. Cannon Beach was decided upon because it is dog friendly and you are allowed to let your dog off leash IF they are under voice control. Josie, she's a super star!

It was so much fun to see her run and chase the seagulls (thanks birds) and drink the seawater (yes, I know it's bad and trust me...we're getting to that). She played with a few other dogs along the long walk, which quite honestly, surprised us. She's usually a keep to herself kind of dog.

As you can see, she was enjoying the running. Sadly, right after I shot this (which was the one and only picture taken), the battery in the camera died. Last night I thought about charging it up, but didn't listen to that guide. Dammit!

Anyway, we walked probably about 7 miles or so today along the beach before heading back into town where we asked the lovely lady at the Information Center of any dog friendly restaurants. She directed us to The Lumberyard. We sat in a corner on the patio. It was lovely and shaded and just fabulous. Until...Josie got sick. Thankfully we were at the end of the patio and she really wasn't too loud about it. But, that seawater came back to haunt her. She was fine once it was out of her. I gave her plenty of fresh water as well, so nobody freak out about dehydration! I totally know the potential.

We are home now after stopping at a produce stand along highway 26 and Albertsons around the corner. Laundry had been started. Nails are going to be polished. Stick is being guarded (by Josie). All is great.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

i'm pretty sure

That someone stopped time. I've been at work for just three hours, but it seems more like three days. Saturdays are always like this. I think it's because it's my final day of my work week, but I couldn't swear to that idea.

I've got 16lbs (yes POUNDS) of fabric to take over to Jill's tonight to play with. She and I are hemming ourselves into a state of craziness for my sister. Julianne and David (yes, he did help) picked out the most beautiful fabrics for table clothes for their wedding celebration. She was talking about getting it all hemmed, etc. I offered my services to hem/serge/etc. and when she thought about how much 16 table clothes would cost her to hem compared to the cost of shipping, she jumped at the idea. Although she asked me several times if I was sure I wanted to take on the task. Jill said she'd help (I asked her for the use of her large, hairless floors and her suggestions. I also said if she wanted to help she could, AND it could be her gift to my sister and David). I love my best friend! There is something so satisfying about playing with the most beautiful fabrics after sewing on nylon banners last week. Yummy silk just is decadent and wonderful.

Speaking of decadent, any ideas of things to make, foodwise, for a party I'm throwing Julianne I'm calling Showered? It's the post wedding/pre party bridal shower brunch. I'm thinking Mimosas and Bloody Marys for drinks. We've got cream puffs with real vanilla filling. I was thinking a fritata of some sort. But, I was also thinking more hands only food so I will not have as much to was afterwards. Although, it really doesn't matter if I have many dishes to wash that afternoon. It allows me time at their house with Oscar (the bestest boy dog EVER...with the exception of our dear Edgar here in Portland).

Maybe I'll cruise around epicurious today and get more ideas.

Off to eat my drunken noodles with my fingers (I forgot my chop sticks at home...I suppose I could use my knitting needles though). :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006



So, Wednesday nights are usually all about yoga. I meet Jill and Diana's house and we practice and enjoy and have a great time. Today (Wednesday) was the day Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was going to be at P0wells talking about her new book and doing a signing. Had I thought of this last week, I'd have suggested to the girls we do yoga another night this week. I'd not thought of it.

I got a call from Diana today and she indicated that she was going to have to rain check yoga. She had some things to work through and even though it pained her to have to use our class time, but she needed to do it. I called Jill and let her know. Then I emailed Kev to ask if he'd mind picking me up from Powells. :)

I got much done on the scarf I started after I finished the sleeves.

I was laughing the whole time. It's fun when an author whose writing is funny is funny in person. Often times I will listen to the authors speak about their writing

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Ugh, I had this long post about what we did this weekend and you know what? It was a boring read. We had a great time with friends and hiking and knitting and...but it didn't translate well into this forum. Ah well.

The most exciting bit of the weekend? I finished the sleeves. I then proceeded to wear them at our friends house (where we were when I finished them) while we had the best time playing Catch Phrase.

I said, "Now I can start the next project!!!" and everyone looked at me like I was crazed. My knitting friends understand, though. I've started a scarf that will be making the flight to Hawaii in November. It's a pattern I've never done before. It's going to be gorgeous. I promise I'll take photos and AFTER I've given them to the family, I'll share. Since two of the four read this here *blog, I am not going to spoil any surprises. The one I'm working on, isn't for either of them though. :)
Hope everyone had lovely weekends. Since many of the blogs I read were quiet, I will assume you all did!

Back to work (where I will be speaking with my boss about a proposal I wrote him regarding my position and what I'd like to do to change it).

*does anyone else find it humorous that blogger doesn't recognize blog in its own dictionary?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

this weekend

I've been a busy bee since beginning those sleeves. I've near completed them. Looking back, I wish I'd have taken pictures of them along the way, at the different stages and places they'd been (ala Yarn Harlot). Ah well, hindsight they say. There were only a few spots I made small blips, but honestly, I really have learned to love each and every mistake. I tend to remember where I was when they happen, and those memories bring a smile to my face.

I'm rather smitten and already want to make another pair for dressier occasions. This is what I will accomplish this weekend, or at least that's the plan).

And B, your socks are just going to have to wait. I have to learn how to make them first and the first pair is MINE! :)


Every Saturday I wake to my alarm at 7:00. I get up and feed the crew, letting the diggity out to go peep, before I jump in the shower and begin getting ready for my day.

Saturdays are my sacred days. I go into the city an hour early and sit at my favorite coffee shop while knitting happily away. The other regulars and I chat and have a lovely morning before we all press on to the rest of our days. Dan, works at a gallery. Mike and Nancy are just coming from the gym and have the whole day to play. Dylan and Ricky, well they work at the shop so they are staying behind. It's my little slice of heaven each Saturday morning.

I usually get a ton done on my knitting. I'm about 6 inches away from the end of the sleeves now. The boys are very sweet and ask me to show the progress I've made by donning the sleeves for them. The others all smile and give me encouragement to continue.

I love my Saturday mornings, even when they lead me straight into my work day.

Friday, September 01, 2006


I take fifteen minutes to grab lunch because my insides are jumping around from too much coffee and not enough food, and I hate that feeling. I've been waiting for FedEx to drop off fabric for my sister's wedding celebration that I am hemming for her. You can guess when they stopped by, can't you? Now they won't redeliver until the 5th!!! ARG.

Ah well, at least my "holiday" weekend won't be spent over a sewing machine. Although I don't get any extra time off since my normal days off are Sunday and Monday. And I work retail.

So, any big plans out there blogvillians?