Saturday, August 29, 2009


this is one of my favorite harvests. those potatoes were like velvet in my mouth. the onions were sharp and wonderful (albeit small), the peppers had some kick to them (which made for amazing salsa).

i have a list on the fridge of the veggies we'd like to plant next year for the summer harvest. i've been remiss about doing a fall crop. i'm not a huge fan of the butternut squash and other fall harvests. but i still feel as though i should have planted something...

oh and next year, we're planting the same type of green bean as last year. not a fan of the taste or the small harvest of the ones we planted this year. the latter of which possibly has to do with the odd weather we've had this year.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

days off blogger

it would appear as if i've become a "weekender". ah well, such is life. work has been quite busy, but in this economy (while working retail) that's a good thing! trust me, i gots no complaints!

so, instead of rehashing all that i've done this work week, perhaps i will make the list of things i'd like to get accomplished today? or maybe just talk about a few of the things. i don't want to pressure myself.

i'd like to make salsa today, but it requires going to the store. i need a bit more cilantro, another onion, some habeneros (to go with our jalapenos and anaheims), and limes.

i am really hoping that we get the diggity dog out (that'd be josie) on a light hike. we've not been all that active this summer (other than walks around the 'hood) so i want to take it easy. no devil's rest!

i also hope to have time to do is knit. i've got patterns of sweaters swirling in my head...but i've not seen them anywhere, so my brain is working overtime doing math and such.

ooh! and coffee. i'm going to make coffee! the grinder is using less beans for a really lovely pot of french press than my previous blade grinder. this will prove to be a great thing.

that's about it, yo.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

today might just be a perfect day, with a couple of exceptions

  • i got to sleep in. (perfect)
  • i did not get to have coffee after waking, for the grinder has passed. (so NOT perfect)
  • i took the dog on an hour long walk. (perfect)
  • i did get to run errands with jill today. (perfect)
  • i did unload three enormous zucchini to the lovely kay at sweetness bakery. (perfect)
  • where i did get a non fat, iced, latte. (perfect)
  • i found fabulous new dishtowels that were also inexpensive, but not thin and crappy. (perfect)
  • i got a burr coffee bean grinder that did not cost an arm and a leg, by black and decker which makes me chuckle for some reason. (perfect)
  • i had a rubinator in the middle of the day, with jill. (perfect)
  • i left my grocery list at the bar. (NOT perfect)
  • i remembered everything on it. (perfect)
  • and tonight i have date night with my husband where he will make me vodka penne with tomatoes out of our own garden. (perfect)


i just got home from taking josie on about an hour long walk. we walked over to jill's house to see if she wanted to join us on a walk back to our house before running errands. we knew, when we arrived, the answer would be "later" because jill had paint in her hands and the window trim was all taped and ready.

we chatted with jill for a little bit, and jill shared this story:

background: we needed jill to feed the crew last night because we both worked closing shifts

"your dog is a smart dog! i walked in, she didn't bark. we all went downstairs and she sat down. i asked her 'oh, do the cats get fed first?' fed the cats. asked josie, 'bagged food or binned food?' and she sniffed the bag with her nose. then, she went upstairs and sat by the door waiting to go out. she peed and then i asked her, 'do you have to poo?' so she turned around and went poo. "

i'm impressed by josie so often, but this made my heart swell with pride.

after we chatted josie and i walked home. we popped (well, i did) into sweetness bakery to possibly get an iced latte. line was long! (yea!!) so i told kay i would see her later. she reminded me i had zucchini for her. i will take them by when i get jill.

now, i am cooled off, but need to get cleaned up. the air is already getting warm (hence the walk this morning). heat wave 2.0 is approaching.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

life back to normal!

this morning i woke and fed the crew. simon was a little annoying this morning, but just in spurts of it. not constant. i had an odd dream, but can't really remember it. just the feeling is left over.

i got myself caught up with my blogs (google reader is a blessing and a curse. for when there are 40+ posts over the past few days to get caught up on, daunting). i've had my regular half a bagel (one half of the half with peanut butter, the other with butter). i'm sipping on my coffee and there is a chill to the air.

today is going to consist of the following (well, some of it at least)

weeding the front yard (why does it always come off my fingers as wedding...)
buying a new coffee bean grinder (there was a mishap)
lunching with kiley (yea!)
hanging with chuck (yea squared!)
canning of tomato sauce (possibly)

and lounging. a lot.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

won't bore you with the details

work has been crazy busy. we're getting ready for several events within a two week time period (some are overlapping).

one of those events is a sale at the kids store. i offered to make fabric banners for it, so that we have reusable ones for years to come. i am in the home stretch, and the good thing is they aren't needed for another week. yeah! being ready in advance! go me!

the thing is, sewing on those banners has made me itch to make something. perhaps a pillow. i've always adored making them and our house could use a little updating. also, was thinking i have some friends i've never made one for that should receive one.

i think i am going to have my friend, who is coming over shortly, look at my fabric stash. it's the stash that has gotten out of control before, but has since been reined in...and it's why my yarn stash stays small (i learned). perhaps i will do a little embroidery too? i just don't know. all i do know is that knitting makes me warm and i am itching to do something a little different (although i can now honestly see a cream colored stockinette stitch pillow with big wooden buttons...kill me).

so yeah, i think i'm going to pull out the fabric stash and dream.