Monday, December 29, 2008


I posted a job listing yesterday morning for a part time position we had open up. It's not even been a whole 24 hours and I've received 44 resumes already. Ten which I've marked to share with the other manager and hopefully interview.

It's an indication of the job market, really. Although this is the first time in a long time I've had so many that I've been intrigued by. I'm pretty excited.

I will take my laptop with me to work today (I work on the floor at one of the stores today) so I can keep tabs on the resumes we will most likely continue to get in. I will call some of the people to set up interviews, too.


We've had two nights in a row of lovely dinner with friends. Saturday night, new friends came over. We had such a damn good time with them. Kev hadn't met either yet and it felt like we all knew each other for a really long time already. Conversation flowed easily and without hesitation. We're going bowling with them and some of their friends for her birthday tomorrow.

Last night other friends came over for dinner and toilet installation. They came over while I was still at work so the install would be completed before I got home. Man, it's a pretty toilet. :) We chatted, ate, drank some beer. It was a great time, as always.


Our gutters got pulled partway down because of the ice and snow that slid off our metal roof. The back is much worse than the front, but both sustained some damage. Today Kev will need to call our agent to set up a claim. Although I love the ease of the metal roof, the aftermath of a snow and ice storm leaves me annoyed.


On Wednesday (my next day off) we will take down our tree. It's time.


That's all, folks. I need to finish getting ready to go to work. Just wanted a quick update on our life and the goings on.

Friday, December 26, 2008

best tree

I am currently at work. It's been a slower than slow day. Four pairs of socks sold so far. I am hoping for one of those things called a Christmas Miracle. We'd like to make some good sales right now because our weather here has been nasty and we've not been open full days (when it drops below freezing when the "sun" sets, you send people home so they can get there safely).

So, I was sitting here chatting with one of the other stores when I looked out the window and saw the tree. It made me smile. I put the phone down and took a photo.

Now it's raining and even uglier out there (if you can believe it). Everyone keeps saying things about when the rains come it will help melt everything. That's only partly true. Sure the snow will melt, but it will first be turned into a slick slush. People don't know how to drive in it. None of it. Not snow, not slush, not ice.

So there you have it, another post about the weather. It's sometimes all we can talk about up here. :)

what being stuck inside for days on end will make you do...

Go here.

Feel free to register so you can rate it. ;)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

a lovely morning

I woke at 7:00 to feed the crew their breakfast. Simon had started his dance half an hour before and was about to start the song. Josie was getting in on the act and was rubbing her body along the foot of the bed, scratching her back and making the bed a vibrating bed (rather jarring when you are still half asleep). Chloe was nowhere to be found, until I got downstairs to feed them. Up on the freezer is where she sat, waiting.

Last night Kev told me to wake him up when I was hungry and he'd make me breakfast. Before I did though, I wanted to see if the desk chair we'd bought for the basement would work with my new desk. Kev hasn't been all that comfortable in it and since I'd been telling him that the new desk could be his gift to me, I figured he deserved a new desk chair. Of course I decided this all this morning, so I simply moved our old desk chair back and told him that we'd eventually get him a new one (the old one is rather uncomfortable after a while of sitting in it).

We ended up making breakfast together, which was just perfect. Perfectly crisped bacon, soft scrambled eggs, a hearty toast...and home made grape jelly.

It's been a lovely morning indeed.

May this day be filled with laughter and love.

Monday, December 22, 2008


The word has been sent out that we are going to plan on opening tomorrow. Even if it's late, but we're shooting for regular hours.

I am going to walk to Hawthorne and then if I need to, I will bus it from there downtown. I think everyone should be okay for getting in. All of them can catch a bus to work (even the ladies who work at the mall).

It's critical we open. This time of year is not the time of year we retailers want to be closed for many days.

I just hope tomorrow is a hair warmer. Even if it were in the 30's would be lovely.


It snowed more last night. We're officially snowed in. Just opening the door this morning to let Josie out was a trial. There was a broom involved, a dog with a full bladder...

I sent out a text to the staff telling them it was up to them, but we were calling it. So, snow day in Portland. Not the time we want a snow day, right before the holidays. Hopefully people will come in after and buy the clogs they would've bought if they could get out of their houses.

I am thankful for the roof over our head and the warmth coming from the vents. I would not want to be living on the streets right now. Of course this city has done some amazing things and set up warming stations all over the city, but I don't think it will save every single person who lives out on the streets. Some people did not want to leave the few meager belongings they do have because they are not allowed to take their carts into the centers, so they opt to not go. Of course, if they are not of sound mind and body, the organizations have set it up so they have the right to take them in, if life is threatened by the elements.

And the only song that is currently running through my mind is "Baby it's Cold Outside" by Ella and Louie...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

happy holidays

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

This year has been an amazing one. We celebrated being in our wonderful new house a whole year! We planted our first garden ever and were rather successful. We traveled a bit to see family and friends. We renovated the kitchen. We had family and friends travel to see us.

Throughout this year our family and friends (who face it, are our family) have shown us love and support in many ways. We appreciate and love every single one of you. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

We hope that this holiday season finds you surrounded by loved ones, sharing the memories of the year gone by, and making new ones for the year to come.

Now can someone answer this question: what is egg nog and why do people think it tastes good?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

it's coming doooown

Every single time it snows, ever since I met Jill and she introduced me to the band... I have one particular song that runs through my brain. Trip Shakespeare, Snow Days.

It really is coming down today. Just like the weather folks predicted. I woke to snow falling, I sit here at my desk with snow falling outside. Dinner plans have been canceled (for the safety of those invited over) and other plans are in the works (the boys who live across the street need to eat).

I've been flitting through the house taking photos as Kev's been making breakfast (mmm, pancakes and bacon).

Our favorite by far is this one of Simon and Josie...

okay, breakfast is ready

Monday, December 15, 2008

business as usual

So we are opening the stores like normal. Well, perhaps a couple will open a bit late since public transportation is the way most of the employees are getting into work. I am fine with them running late due to that issue.

I, however, will be driving to the mall store today. I am scheduled to close that location. Not looking forward to the drive, but the highways are actually quite cleared. It's the side streets I may end up having a bit more trouble with.

Even though the sun is shining, the wind is also blowing and it feels like 10 degrees outside. I swear, it's almost like we never left Kansas!

So, since I'm not working until later today, I get to have a "leisurely" morning around the house. Yeah, my stomach is in knots and I'm anxiously waiting to hear from everyone telling me they arrived safely. I told them all to call me when they got to the stores, just so I would know they were safe. I swear, I'm such a mom!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

bird party

We have been making sure to feed our little friends outside, too.

snow day

I got up this morning with the intention of driving to our store at a mall in Hillsboro. It's on the other side of the city from where I live so it takes a little time. My co-worker was supposed to come and pick me up, but after I woke and saw the snow I was not surprised by her call asking me and my four wheel drive Subie to do the driving. Not a problem.

I called my boss as I got gas because it was really coming down on our side of the city. He said it was not bad out his way (he lives near the store at the mall). Off to my friends house to pick her up. We were driving right along, snow blowing around us, when our visibility dropped drastically. I handed her my phone and asked her to go ahead and call our boss.

He and I spoke, after I've pulled over in preparation for taking her home, and decided to not open today. I then called the mall office and left a voice mail saying as such.

The drive back to her house was not that bad. The snow had seemed to let up a bit in that area, but the roads did feel a little slicker. I popped in, met her husband (who was real nice and easy goin'...I see game nights in our future), smooched on her dog, scritched the two cats ears and called the people who were scheduled to go into work today to tell them to stay home and be safe. My favorite response, "what? I don't have to go to work? That rocks!" I told her happy snow day, but be prepared for work tomorrow.

Of course if it's not cleared up at all, we may end up making that call again.

The drive home from her house was a bit rocky at times, but when I got home I called my parents and thanked Dad for teaching me how to drive in this mess. Now I've got my jammies on (well, at least the lounge pants) and am waiting for our neighbor to text back whether they are coming for tiny pies or not.

I leave you with a site I just walked in on...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

why with the aching head? oh right, wine.

I woke with a killer of a headache this morning. I took some pain reliever, but the ache was just all too powerful and determined to not be driven from my body (or masked as some say). I did a tremendous amount of running between stores today which added to my discomfort.

I got home, popped two more pain relievers, ate a bagel, and am now feeling that desired relief. I am hopeful that it has said its bit and I will not be in pain later on tonight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will have a headache-less evening.

Perhaps the bagel is the real savior.

Monday, December 08, 2008

i could've laughed all night

This is why I love Simon so. He's totally chill. Kev was pulling the molting fur off of Josie's hind legs. He started fashioning little toupees for Simon. That cat just sat there for the longest time with each new do. I finally ran up to get the camera and man, am I glad I did.

This is his mo-hawk from the side. The one from the front, well, the black dog acting as a background kind of made his fancy toupee hard to see.

I laughed so hard that I cried big fat tears. Kev did too.

Thanks Simon...

Friday, December 05, 2008

thanks, michael vincent!

Wow, Michael, I wanted to say thank you for taking the time and effort to find me a new job...even though there are several reasons why you shouldn't have...

1. I do not know you.

2. Your emails are always routed to my spam folder.

3. I don't even open those emails.

If you are some guy whose email got hacked into, you really ought to change your password to a more difficult one. Maybe add some numbers and some upper case letters? If you really are some guy trying to help people find new jobs, you may want to make sure those people you are trying to help want your help.

I'm pretty happy where I am. My boss is great. The staff is fantastic. My hours are never too horrible. The pay, well, I can't discuss that at all.

So even though you are relentless with trying to help me find a new job, I say thanks but no thanks. You can totally stop sending those emails now, Michael. I don't need, nor want, a new job.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

where i sit

Yesterday life returned to "normal" and I worked until closing at our mall location (perhaps you read something about that yesterday?). I got home and my new desk had been delivered. Kev knew better than to put it together. I love doing that kind of stuff.

So after changing into my jammies, I set to work promptly. It took very little time and it's perfect. The chair is a fine height (after much debate). The desk is the right size for the space. I am a little saddened at the thought of not getting to use Jill's desk anymore, but it's time. She's not asking for it back, but I can't allow myself to get any more attached than I already am.

In real life, it's not as dark. It's a redder wood than you can see here. And that chest that Simon is splayed on? It actually lives where the tree is currently standing.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Everyone is now at their respective homes. It was a fun filled 9 days of family fun.

I am home from closing the store out at the mall. It closes at 9 pm.

It took me more than 9 minutes to build my new desk. And about 9 seconds to start wondering if my chair is now too short.

I'm going to go to bed.

I'm over the 9's.