Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i got home!

i got home last night and fed the trio. they were happy to see me, well happy that a human with thumbs and the ability to hold the measuring cup was home to put food into their bowls.

i made myself keep my jacket and shoes on and took josie for a half hour walk when she was done. two poops later and we were home, snuggled up and feeling grand. i must do that more often when it's lovely out.

today is starting off a grey day. who knows if the sun will burn through. right now, it looks doubtful.

i am not feeling inspired, or inspirational, today. i blame it on the grey.

Monday, March 30, 2009

busy bizy bizay

friday kung fu at a friends was a lot of fun. i love movies that you can joke during and not get shushed. i only do this at friends houses, not at the theater! it was some sammo hung movie. it was HI-larious! i think the wildcat (from the evil kung fu school) was my favorite. i mean come on, he acted like a cat (badly).

the derby was a blast saturday night! i was right, many girls hit the floor with FORCE. it cured me of the desire i thought i had to become a derby girl, that's for sure! one of my favorite names was meg myday. also, sara problem (say that one out loud to get the real effect). wonder what my derby name would be.

had a few friends over yesterday to knit. got a lot done on my dress. of course, i'm a little panicked just because i've never knit a dress before and i'm just using the sweater pattern as a jumping off point.

got a text last night from the full timer downtown saying she woke feeling like crap, that she hadn't left her bed all day, trying to allow the bug to work through her. i told her to take today and to let me know about tomorrow as soon as she has an idea if she'll be able to make it. of course this means i'll have to miss a meeting out at the mall, marketing meeting...they never really discuss anything of value, though. so no bigs.

okay, going to gather things and get ready to catch the bus (must remember to hop off a stop early so i can buy bus tickets to get home tonight).

Saturday, March 28, 2009

roller derby

i'm kind of excited. i'm going to the roller derby tonight. i've never been. it should be jam packed with heated moments, elbows being thrown, and girls will be hitting the floor.

when i told my friend yes! get me a ticket! i failed to remember kev would be off work in time to go to the match (is that what they're called?). i quickly got online this morning and snagged him one. i'm really glad he's going to go with us.

okay, knitting to commence before i go watch the fury.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

the stage is set

well, almost. the house is just about ready. kev just has to clean up the pots and pans, while i will zip through with the vacuum before the ladies arrive this evening.

it's a total 100% girls day for me today! in a couple of hours jill, chaz and i will be heading shopping for the day (pinch me!!). as i was folding laundry a couple of days ago it became apparent that i would not only be shopping for myself. kev's tee shirts are in a sad state. so, new clothes for both! of course i am not going to go crazy and spend a ton of money, but i've not been shopping in over 6 months and am feeling there is a lack of items in my wardrobe.

then, after a girls day...i'm having a ladies night in! a party of dear friends (and some of their friends) where we will be laughing, eating, enjoying.

is it silly that i can't wait for this day to really begin?!? i mean, yeah, i'm making mango bars right now, but how much fun is that? i am ready to shop!!! ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


this morning i happened to look down at my phone just as it rang. it is a good thing, too, since i'd still had it turned to silent. one of the women at work was not feeling well and was calling off work. i told her to rest and recuperate. i hope she does, because she's got friends coming in this weekend...

so i am at one of our stores. it's been a fast day here at work. and honestly, i don't mind having to cover floor shifts. the other manager came over and got the store opened so i could finish the things that are on my desk from my boss so that was helpful.

and now i've got just about half my day left.

kev's off today. had to head downtown for jury duty. said a group was called up earlier, then a group was called up and told to go to lunch, when they'd all left the room the woman told everyone else to go home and enjoy the day. i think it was kind of her to wait until everyone who had to stay was out of ear shot.

kev was giddy when he called to tell me. i'm hoping he's going to get the diggity dog out today. either that or get some weeds picked in the backyard. perhaps both? yeah, i think that would be pushing it, too.

Monday, March 16, 2009


earlier today i asked a dear friend if she'd like to come over for dinner. she said she would, but she couldn't be over until close to 8:30. i told her this was fine with me (i had leftover pot roast for lunch and am just now starting to feel slightly hungered).

i am happy that she had the time. we've not connected in a while. it will be lovely to sit, listen to music, perhaps knit (if she brings it).

i will make chicken burritos, a staple in our house so we always have the ingredients. she's going to text me when she's heading this way so i can start cooking. nothing like having a home cooked meal waiting for you on your arrival.

i love impromptu evenings.

the best thing? i'm off work tomorrow and she's got a light load tomorrow.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


my house feels perfect right this very second. the tantalizing scents of the pot roast are emanating from the kitchen. the critters are fed. the house is cleaned up. jill and mark are heading over shortly.

what more could i ask for?

i'm living in my personal utopia.

and i am thankful for it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


in jr. high i was a member of the math team. it wasn't due to my love of math (although i do enjoy a challenge); more it had to do with a cute guy on the team. he and i only ever became friends, but i truly think it's that brief stint on the math team that allows me to figure out the number of stitches, rows, etc it takes to make a whole dress.

a friend sent a link to a calculator, a waist shaping calculator for knitters. i got it after i figured out everything and how to do it. i decided to plug in my numbers and see how i compared.

can we say: NAILED IT!

i'm eight rounds into this dress (the pattern i'd originally bought to follow is ending up being a general guide for me) and i'm trying to remember to breathe.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

the gifts

my sister's baby shower was this afternoon. i had spoken with her, as well as two of her friends, about being on the phone while she opened the gifts i'd sent to her (sadly, with her living in the la area and me in portland...yeah, couldn't make it).

she put me on speaker phone (the only time in my life i have ever actually been happy to be on speaker) and i got to hear everyone's reactions. i could hear the ripping of paper, the oohing and ahhing (which was the perfect amount), and the laughter. it was the best thing that i could have asked for today.

the bib and the green jacket she'd already seen (i showed her when they were here for thanksgiving...i craved seeing her reaction). the blanket, she had no clue, but her response was also perfect (and i could feel the energy over the phone).

now that she's seen them, i can share with you all...

sunshine buddy holds court

Saturday, March 07, 2009

status update

i have to laugh at the instant-ness of the world we live in. update your status! tweet about something at twitter! blog about what you are doing right this very instant...

sure, i fall prey to the updates. i love reading what people i went to high school with are doing. i enjoy seeing that my friend jean is still adored by her fabulous husband (his update last night was "sharing a glass of wine with my hot wifey" or something like that). i laugh when i see friends counting down to st. patrick's day (we all have our favorite holidays!! and by laughing, it's not out of fun making, more out of being amused by my friends).

the funny thing is, i update my status all the time over at facebook. i'm serious! right now my status is set to:

working this weekend. but what else is new?

why? why do i feel the need to have that instant information out there. sure it's not anything too invasive or intrusive. but i find myself trying to come up with more creative and inventive reports. oooh, what if i wrote....xyz.

i think it comes down to this: people can comment about your status updates. they can give you a thumbs up if they like it. they are included, for that exact moment, in your life. people i've not thought about for years are liking that my dinner consisted of penne pasta with pesto and crusty bread. and so, because i like that affirmation, i continue to update my status.

scrounging for bus fare...

Thursday, March 05, 2009


today is my monday. i have had the past two days off work. did i do much? well, we cleaned the house yesterday (yea!), i finished one hat (except for finding a button for it), made another (and got to wear it the same night), fnished jill's shrug (the joy on her face for the last try on before completion was beautiful), did some laundry (almost all done now), knit on a dress (i'm nearing the decreases already!) and got to hang out with my husband at sweetness bakery for a while (which is my favorite thing to do).

it was bright and sunny my two days off. today, we woke to pounding rain on our rooftop. it's a lovely sound, but when you are hoping for more sun, it's kind of a bummer sound.

my sister's baby shower is this weekend, on sunday. sadly, i am not able to attend since it's down in california and i live in oregon (i figured it'd be better to wait for the baby to go for a visit). however, i've spoken to a couple of her friends (as well as her) and they are going to call me when she opens the gifts i sent (they will call and set me on the arm rest of her chair). i just sent a note to the hostess asking for the big yellow package to be opened last. it's the surprise.

i must keep in mind that today, today is thursday and sunday is not all that far off! i swear, i want a normal work week, but at this point i'm not even sure what that would look like.

now, if i could only remember what time the shower was starting so i could be prepared for the call. :) mom? do you remember? i recycled my invite once i pulled the address from it to ship the package.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


i am 100% smitten with my husband. sure we have issues that pop up that annoy us about the other, but we openly discuss them and figure out solutions. kev hates doing laundry (which is evident when he starts a load and two days later i finish it). i dislike dealing with the cat box (and you can tell because i only scoop it out once in a while). while i don't LOVE doing laundry and he's not ENAMORED with dealing with the potty box, we're okay divvying up those two chores to his and hers.

last night we talked about getting up and taking the dog on a walk this morning. i woke, called my parents, as is my normal sunday routine, and it wasn't until kev made the "i'm going to take the dog on a quick walk" motion that i remembered our plan. SHIT! he said not to worry, he'd take her on his own. i'm sad because i missed a chance to connect with him, but was happy to not have to rush to get ready.

kevin is good to me. he is kind and loving.

thanks love, for all you do.