Friday, July 27, 2007

coming home

No, this is not a post about a house. This is a post about work.

I've worked for my boss for almost six (!) years now. For five and a half of those I worked downtown, five days a week, on the sales floor. Now my job has changed and I'm more of a "girl of many hats and too many clogs." That will be the title on my next card, I swear it!

I'm covering for someone who is out of town. It's pretty nice, working in my former store. We had someone else working here for a while. He recently quit. He'd done all kinds of things to the shop (hanging things up, etc) trying to make it more hip and cool. Yeah, it didn't quite feel right (I mean hell, it's a clog store...hip and cool seem wrong). He's since gone and the current full timer and I agreed that certain things needed to come down. It's already feeling more like home again.

I'm just hoping that some of my regulars come in today!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Alia wrote me that she got a "sign call" today.

In my imagination:

...a young couple are looking online to find their first home. They're approved up to 200,000. They go to the computer, excited to see what is out there for them. At the rmls site the enter 2 Bedrooms, 1 bath, 200,000.

In the many that pop up, the couple see a sweet little blue house with white trim and a red door. Their eyes widen and they turn to each other, smiling. They decide to do a drive by of the neighborhood to see if they like it as much in person from the street as they did in a little photo. They do. They stop the car in front of the house and call Alia.

She calls and leaves a message on the couple's phone. While I'm at work tomorrow, Kev will have to get the diggity out of the house because Alia has heard back and they want to see inside. We'll get a call on Saturday that we have an offer. I'll feel like the biggest winner of all times as I head off to Vegas.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

if anything

We looked at eight houses today. One was nice, I could have easily seen living there. However, it didn't feel like all that much more home than what we have now. It was just renovated and beautiful. So, we hold out hope that our first love can become ours.

We've got yet another showing today. One of these days, the person who is supposed to live here, is going to come through and we'll get that call. Just cross those fingers that that one day is sooner than later.

In other news (what, there is other stuff happening besides just house stuff...even though that has been all consuming) we both finished the Harry Potter book. The last Harry Potter book. Don't worry, won't spill any beans here. I've already got emails out to four friends who read it saying "when you are done, let's chat" and Becky and I have already started doing just that.

It is sad to see the series end, but at the same time it feels right.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i ask forgiveness

During the past two weeks I've been on an emotional roller coaster. Mainly I've been up, with one day of really down.

And then, yesterday, I read my Dad's post...

I am a horrible daughter who is so caught up in her house selling that she forgot to acknowledge their anniversary.

My parents are so so special and dear to me. Not for the obvious reason of "they gave me life" but they gave me the tools to make it to where I am in life. They sometimes meddle, but it is with love and admiration. They often time applaud. Their love is almost palpable at times. They are truly amazing people. They want what is best for their family and friends. They enrich the lives they touch.

I am one of the luckiest people in the world. Because I LOVE my parents. I admire them. I miss them. So today, two days late...

Happy Anniversary to the two most amazing people I am lucky enough to call Mom and Dad!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

went well

We just got back from lounging in the out of doors. We both had our Harry Potter books (Kev's reading the final one, I'm rereading the 6th). Josie was great (a bit of whining, but really good overall).

Alia said there were five groups that came through, not counting the two nosey neighbors and Jill and Mark. She said that the people we purchased it from came through. The only thing that upset the dad was the fact that the solar system mural had been painted over. Alia handled it great, though. Just said it didn't work with our decor...etc. He also wanted to know how we made the paint stick so nicely to the walls. What primer?!? Alia said she wasn't sure. He wouldn't let up so she finally said, "I'm pretty sure it was Benjamin Moore." That seemed to work for him.

So Wednesday we'll be looking at more houses. I sent her quite the list. We'll hit 7/8 she said, not all 12.

So, St. Joe may be bought in the near future...we shall see.

almost ready

I have vacuumed the majority of the house, with the exception being the bedroom. Kev's still in bed, sleeping. I've nudged him once, with about half an hour until Alia gets here. I will nudge him again, shortly, if I don't hear him getting up.

It's been easy, getting ready for open houses and other viewings. We've kept it cleaned up so all I ever have to do is run the vacuum. I dusted as well. Easier to do when you don't have a layer of clutter to pick up and put away before dusting/vacuuming. I'm sure my Mom was trying to explain this to us our whole lives.

So today, in about 40 minutes, our house will be open to people who want to come and look at it. I've got a list together of homes to look at on Wednesday with Alia. We're not giving up on our house (the one we love), but we figured we should have a plan B, just in case. And who knows, maybe we'll find a house we love even more?!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

remembering to breathe

We still haven't heard from the original couple who we thought were interested in our little gem of a house. It's fine. Perhaps they couldn't get the loan. Perhaps they got more than they thought and got house hungry, wanting to see what else was out there. Perhaps they've had a hard time getting the pre-approval letter together and we'll still hear from them.

I still think our house will not be long on the market. However, the house we really love (remember, the one our offer got rejected on then they lowered their price LOWER than the offer, remember that one?) may or may not be there waiting. Alia has sent along a few other homes to check out next week. They are cute, but still a bit further out than we'd wanted. And, I noticed ones master is 9x9. That's tiny!

I'm really trying to keep in mind the positive things and be okay with whatever happens. It's just hard, waiting for the call that is going to make my heart sing and the adrenaline rush. Waiting isn't easy. But I will be patient. Because our next home is going to be worth the wait!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

there are many things in life that make me smile.

The adoration of a big diggity dog. The disdain of two fabulous cats. The husband who accepts my nuttiness and rolls with it. Families who love and support us. Friends who chat online with you randomly and send you their quiets to help quiet your mind (thanks Mander).

we have stars, and they are lucky

No, no offer yet. But we do acknowledge and thank our lucky stars that we've now had two agents bring their clients through the house. Alia held the agents open house today and had two show. The agent who called me to set up a time for between 4 and 4:30 today was not one of those agents.

I expect to hear some feedback in the next day or so from Alia.

I am also expecting to receive an offer from the first couple by tomorrow. It would be fitting, to get the offer from the first couple who looked at the house exactly one week from the day we listed.

And thanks, stars...

Monday, July 16, 2007

kamikaze butterflies return

Our offer was rejected. (the word contingent scared the hell out of them, I suppose. Even with bumpable listed as well.)

Their price reduced. (lower than our offer)

We've got wind that the couple who viewed our house Sunday, love it and are getting their pre-approval letter together so they can make an offer. (which I joked about being what would happen, so color me stunned, excited, hopeful, guarded)

Wouldn't it be a gas if we got the house we offered on for at least 16,000 less than the original listing price?!?

Again, things happen when they are supposed to. Thank you Universe. :)


So it's a bit confusing, but our offer was rejected. It's okay. It's supposed to happen this way.

We offered a certain amount with it being contingent on the sale of our house. We also wrote into the offer that we were bumpable. Meaning: if they got another offer, they could entertain it, let us know and give us 72 hours to come up with another offer/plan (getting more loan money so we could still get the house...not! what we would have done).

Their agent sat with them for almost two hours explaining that this was a good offer.

They rejected and lowered their price lower than what we had even offered, by quite a bit.

So, if it's supposed to be our house, it will be there when we can buy it. Alia has just said this means we have to sell our house faster. I could feel her shaking her head about this whole situation. I think she feels really bad (or is it badly), but extra motivated now (as if she wasn't motivated before).

Sunday, July 15, 2007

they came and saw

Well, there was a business card left from the agent who showed the people our house. Alia is going to get feedback from the agent tomorrow (they both work for Remax). We made sure everything was spic and span for the walk through.

It's pretty exciting that someone wanted to see it PRIOR to the agent open house or a regular open house.

Anyway, Chuck is now here and we're hanging out. It's his last night in town so I'm out.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

eleven on sunday

We have our first viewing. I'm pretty jazzed. Of course I joke we'll also have our first offer, but we'll just have to wait and see. :)

and the beat goes on

Well, nobody has asked to see our little gem yet, but since we've only had it on the market three days, I'm not too worried. :)

Alia is bringing by the agent to the house we...put an offer in show him she's priced it right. Of course it is a contingent offer. Yes, we can afford to live in the house mom and dad. We've looked at numbers, we have discussed everything.

The weather is working with us again and it's been cooling down. From what Alia says, people don't like to look at houses in the heat. We did on Wednesday so I think everyone else are wimps. :) She had clients cancel on her Thursday because "it's too hot to go anywhere." I told her they were lightweights. She laughed.

Kev said to me last night, "She's really good." I agree. She's on top of her game. She's having us sign buyers agent contracts on a per house basis. Meaning we're not locked into her if this house doesn't work, she leaves her company, or we end up finding her incompetent. We won't, of course.

I post about the selling of our house, the offer being made on the other house and everything because I am not superstitious. If this house is meant to be ours, it will be. I can see us in it. I can see the cats loving the fireplaces. I can see Josie adoring the backyard. I can see the remodeled bathroom. I can see it.

I can also see our little gem selling quickly. I just can.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

cheating on the neighbors

The sign went up yesterday morning. Last night as we were heading out to dinner at the coldest place in town (it hit 101 here yesterday) Kev and I talked about how weird it feels, having the sign up. It's almost like we are cheating on the neighbors. We're not saddened by it, though.

Today we went around and toured many homes. Some nice, some okay, one wonderful. We are now in the "thinking about our next move/option" phase. I mean, we seriously JUST LISTED. We could make an offer, but it would have to be contingent on the sale of this house. I do think, honestly, that our house will grab someones eye and sell quickly.

So tonight we sleep on it, talk about it, obsess on it. We think we know what we are going to do, but we have to wait for a couple of things to happen prior to any offers being made.

Trust me, when it all is said and done, and houses are sold and bought, you all will be the first to know.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


My dear Chuck is in town for this week. He got in on Friday and is here until NEXT Monday. Right this very moment he and Kevin are out back sitting by a fire in our fire pit, drinking beer. I had been out there, but I figured they needed some "guy" time. And I had muffins in the oven that needed to be tended to. What?

It's been a little while since he left us here. I can't even tell you how much I miss having him around. I'm not entirely convinced that he is happy with the move, but he made it and it's what he has to do right now. I have no doubt he'll be back...soon (within two years at most)

We had him over for dinner, because that is what we do. We feed bachelors who appreciate a home cooked meal. We started a fire in the pit, because that is what we do. We burn all the wood that came off the cherry tree a while ago (I do not want to talk about how long it's been in a pile out back). We drink beer and share stores, because that is what we do. We catch up with friends who are more like family.

Josie was beside herself when he came through the door. She really acted the way I wanted to, wiggly and licking him. Okay, perhaps I didn't want to wiggle. :)

I have informed him that he is staying the night, I will go to work, come home to get them for lunch and then take him back to the other friends house he is staying at. He agreed. Isn't that sweet? He thought he had a choice.

I now smell like a campfire. The bedroom smells like a campfire.

Mmmm, campfire.

don't fence me in

Friday night Jill and I made plans. We were making these plans over drinks. We decided that when I woke up on Saturday morning (which I warned her could be as early as 7:00) that I would call her and pick her up.

7:30 came and I was up, dressed and ready. I gave her a call and set off to pick her and her wheelbarrow up. We dropped it off at home, took some measurements and were off to the Deep Hole for wood, cement, brackets, and screws. In no time Jill had the hole dug out. I was helping and something snapped in my left wrist (true story). She is an amazing friend and just kept on digging out the hole. We filled it with cement and set our post in. Taped it to the house and wedged it with a 2x4 before heading for lunch.

We have a beautiful bit of fence built and done. All by 2:30 yesterday afternoon! We'd originally planned of finishing it today, but because it was just moving so quickly and easily, we figured why not start and finish it all in one day?

Last night we sat around, drinking our margaritas and patting ourselves on our backs. It feels good to have this one last large item on MY list taken care of. Now Kev just has to paint the laundry space, finish the last details of the bathroom fan surround and help me hang the downspouts. I suppose I might wash a few windows while I'm at it as well...hush up Dad!! :)

Pictures are forth coming, but I have a horn that I just had to toot now! TOOT!!!

Updated: Now with picture! And guess what else is up (but you can't see)...the downspouts! Kev's currently finishing up the paint job in the laundry room.

It's happening's happening.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

title free

need i say more?

Although this year we realized that Josie doesn't bark when we are not here. We snuck up on her, the neighbors setting off quite the arsenal outside. She didn't hear us, but wasn't barking either. So we've determined that she wants the attention we were lavishing her with. Even our initial attempts to ignore her leading up to today seemed to work. Although this night of nights will still give her pause and make her bark.

Which makes me play Radiohead once again.


It is the fourth and for many people here in the ol' USA that means exploding things and eating way too many hot dogs or hamburgers. For us it means (at least this year) getting the house cleaned to sparkling, having an electrician out to look at an outlet, and THEN going to our friends house for cooking out and enjoying the rest of the day. We will be home before the explosions start.

I've got about an hour before the electrician guy is supposed to come out with Steve, our contractor. Although I feel funny calling Steve OUR contractor since we've only ever used him for suggestions and ideas (something he says he is TOTALLY comfortable and happy doing since most of the work people have him come do is stuff they could easily do themselves...which he went on to say to call him anytime we had a project and if he could, he'd walk us through it). Anyway...they are coming around 9:00. Alia (realtor) will be here between 11 and noon to take photos and measure. If she doesn't have one of those digital ones that you hold up against the wall and point at the other wall, I'm going to get her one as a gift (and maybe paint a gnome on it...she collects gnomes).

The kitchen is ready. All I have to do is take the list off the fridge and the CostCo sized box of dog treats off the counter (Kev can do that because there is a CostCo sized spider living in it as well which ICKS me out!!).

We have to clean the rest of the house and clean up the front yard, but when Kev gets up (which should be soon if he keeps hearing me cleaning) it will take no time. We'll have it all done before our photo gal gets here. :) I can't wait to see Alia. She's such an amazingly energized and fun woman.

Okay, back to the cave. Must pick up clutter (and try not to throw anything away Kev might need).

Monday, July 02, 2007

not quite right

Looking at this house online, it was THE one. :) When we toured it, not so much. It was a sweet house, but it lacked something. The space was just a bit odd. The front right window (when looking at the house) is one of the bedrooms. It was not a bad size, but just a bit of an odd placement. The bathroom had over sized, kitchen, cabinetry and the second "bedroom" on the main level should really have been touted as a dining room (even though it really didn't have that feel).

The hardwoods were fir, old fir. They were gorgeous, except in the back part of the house (the kitchen, second bedroom, bathroom) they used the peel and stick tiles over it all. WHY?!?! I'm sure there was some damage, but someone would be willing to fix them up...

The basement had a usable space for me for a craft space, and was plenty light, but the space was cut up and the storage was a bit odd. The attic, which was converted into a third bedroom, had the odd ceilings and what not. It was paneled with wood (that fake 70's crap) and hot.

The backyard was almost all hardscaped with beds and ponds. So. many. ponds. There was no space for Josie to do her thang. We could have made it into a great yard, but at the price and the amount we'd have to put into it...nope.

So we continue to look.