Saturday, May 31, 2008

but i don't like peas

Okay, maybe just enough for one person, but our first handful of snow peas got picked tonight (and a few promptly eaten out in the yard by yours truly and Kevin).

So darn good. There, I said it. I liked the peas. Brett was right, home grown peas are different. Now we'll see how I like the Mr. Big peas, which are shelling peas. Since he gave us the plants to sew, he will get to enjoy the splendor.

I am thinking for the first dinner in the "new" kitchen we will be making chicken caeser salads.

Just look at my romaine!

I can hardly wait until Tuesday!

We're going to get our disposal tomorrow, after Kev goes into work for a bit, but possibly before we get Josie out on a hike. Although Sunday hikes are never my favorite since there are more people out on the trails. Maybe we'll take her on a Mt. Tabor walk, she likes those just fine.

Okay, off to have dinner at yet another amazing friend's house. Thanks again, everyone, for making this not such a hard two and a half weeks without a kitchen!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

done-diddly-une flanders!

I think I may be one of the only people in Portland who is really happy that it is a chilly day today! I'm sure the picture tells you why. I finished it this morning with the addition of the i-cord ties. The pattern had called for buttons, but me and the "girls" don't really do buttons all that well. You know, with all the pulling.

I can not even begin to tell you all how much I LOVE this sweater. I mean it fits me perfectly. It ended up with 3/4 length sleeves and that is 100% okay by me. I generally push sleeves up on sweaters anyway AND alpaca is crazy hot!

I obviously took this shot and it's dark and slightly grainy. I will get more shots tonight, I'll have Kevin take them. He's really impressed with it, as are the few friends who've seen it. Brett, my neighbor, LOVES it too. He kept going on about how wonderful it is. Another reason to love my neighbor.

Okay, going to get my things together to head into the store downtown soon. I'm scheduled to be there at 3, but honestly, I really dislike half days when I close. I'd prefer opening, but since Julia needs the second half of the day off to get ready for the art walk she's part of, I am being nice.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

artie knows how to party

I was outside with Josie yesterday evening and saw something that made my heart skip a beat. It was a baby artichoke! Several, actually. I've never seen them in this phase. I've seen the spent flowers and the artichokes in the grocery store, but never when they were young and on their way to being a snack! :)

One of my coworkers has told me I should just let them flower, since they are really cool flowers. I say, let's eat! I love artichokes. Why would I waste them? Of course if I get sick of the flavor and there are any left on the plant, they will be able to flower fully.

The peas are really taking off, too. I just constructed the lattice out of some cotton yarn for them to climb yesterday and today, they already are! I have a feeling we are going to have a bumper crop of peas!

I planted our greenie beanies yesterday as well as zucchini. We are awaiting a few more tomato plants that our friend started in her house (the last besser tomatoes we had from her starts were amazing!!). The three tomato plants we put in the ground a few weeks ago are doing really well. Then we have one plot of garden we don't know what to plant. I'm thinking we could do more lettuce as our arugula when to seed so it got ripped out. We do have a few carrots trying to make it and one of the edamame plants actually is growing. I never claimed to have the greenest of thumbs, but I'm excited that vegetables are growing in our garden.

I had this post all posted and stuff but then when I was looking through the images I had taken this morning I saw this one and realized the world needed to see this peony with my dear Josie stopping to smell it. Okay, she wasn't really stopping to smell it for it's scent, but more of a sniff because I found it interesting so she felt compelled to investigate.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Not THAT kind of blockage, sick-os!

The sweater has been wet, pinned and locked in the guest room so that no cat will sit on it. I am hoping to get it seamed up this week sometime, although I'm not sure when. Perhaps tomorrow, if it is dry by then. I didn't soak it, just wet it slightly, so it should be. And the window it is sitting in front of is open.

I am so happy to have the next couple of days off. Work has been busy! Covering for employees, working at a different store everyday, not getting any office time in. I actually don't mind it, though. It makes for interesting days.

So now that I'm done with the sweater (knitting it at least) I'm deciding what to do next. I'm thinking with the leftover skeins from several projects I may make a lap blanket. It's all alpaca, too, so it will be soft and I am guaranteed to have a cat in my lap every time I use it. But we'll see. I also have my eye on a little black dress (in my queue on Ravelry, users).

Today Kev doesn't go in until later (5pm) to do inventory. So we have the entire day to hang out, weed the garden some, go grab lunch, take the dog on a walk. Tomorrow he is off and we are planning on hiking in the gorge. Nothing too strenuous as it's been a while since any of us have really gotten out there. Far too long!

Okay, he's done with his shower and we're off to grab lunch.

Here's to hoping that the sweater gets all seamed up tomorrow and I can share those photos soon!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

getting my sweat on

So the sweater is all done being knit up! However, it now needs to block (be wet down, stretched flat, and pinned) before I seam it up. Of course now is when the weather is WARM again. Ah well, it will be a good plane sweater for our trip to Vegas in July (work related, not me and Kev). I sometimes get cold on planes.

Of course this allows me to dream up the next fabulous project to start. I am not sure what it should be, but perhaps I will dive into my wee stash and figure something out today.

Life without a kitchen hasn't been too bad, although it's not been super comfortable. Thankfully we have amazing friends who we've shared dinners with. Tonight we head to Jill and Mark's for a bbq. I will be taking ingredients for pasta salad as well as a can of baked beans. I couldn't resist them. Kev could get off work as early as 4:00 today, but when we spoke he thought it'd be more like 5:30. I just sent him a text message telling him that we (myself and the trio) miss him so he should totally try to get out of there earlier.

Then we can take Josie on a walk before hopping on our bikes to head to J & M's house. I'm so glad we moved closer to them! It's really going to save $$ on gas.

Okay, off to dive.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

to all my ladies...

Okay, first things cat Chloe, you know the quite refined one? She just had a small spider hanging in her whiskers, did she notice? NO!! This cat may be a mouser, but a spiderer she is not. At least when they are right in front of her face she's not. She can see them from across the room, but in her own whiskers?

Anyway, had to get that out.

Last night was fabulous. What great and amazing women I surround myself with. Only four of the 9 invited ended up being able to make it, which turned out to be okay since we ended up knitting downstairs where the dust hasn't infiltrated and seating is not abundant down there.

Nibblies were brought and promptly left because, "you and Kev need easy stuff to eat so you don't have to dirty dishes!" Thanks girls! We really appreciate it.

The trio did fabulously, and everyone adored Simon. Chloe was a bit scarce, but would flit in and out of the room as she felt the need. Josie laid down next to me on the floor and slept almost the entire time. The thing I love most about that dog is the fact that a mere one foot above her head sat all kinds of food. She didn't even pay any of it attention. Everyone kept saying what a good girl she was being. Smitten!

I'm now nearing the end of the actual knitting of the sweater. I've just got the decreases for shoulders on both sleeves and then I must block before seaming together. I can hardly believe it!! And it's actually gotten chilly again so if I would just hurry up and finish I could wear it in the mornings to work!

Speaking of work, I should probably get going soon since I have to go in today. Although since I've worked every other day this week, except Tuesday, I really have only gotten one day off (and I'm working the floor tomorrow and Sunday with Saturday being an office day). So in theory I should have today off as well...Maybe I'll call it a short day?

So a shout out to the ladies. Kaarin, Jenn, Liz, and Kate! Thanks for coming over, drinking beer and knitting up a storm with me and my trio! It was a blast. Next time, there will be counters!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

and we have a template

The template makers just took off about 15 minutes ago. There were no issues that came up, no problems. This makes my heart SOAR! I am so thrilled that it is all really coming together and happening as lovely as it is.

I asked the guys if I could take a photo of the template before they removed it to take it back to the shop. You know, because of all my blog readers demanding photos.

So here it is, our template:

The green dot you see on the counter, next to the sink hole, will be where the faucet is installed. The guys looked at me like I was nuts, but I showed them the other two options and informed them since Kev and I always reached with our left hands to turn on the water, to the left of the sink actually makes the most sense for us. This way, I can also set a pot on the counter and fill it without getting the bottom all wet from sitting down in the sink...the really deep sink.

I had hoped to do a long slit cut to the left of the stove, along the wall, for my knives, but one of the guys said that he was nervous it wouldn't be a straight cut because they have to do it here on site, free handing it. So, we are going to play that one by ear and decide on the install day how lucky we are feeling. :) I'm hopeful, but not counting on it.

So with this last step done before installation of the counters done, I am feeling content and happy with everything. Life is good. Simple as that.

just call me dusty

Man, the thin dust that covers everything when you work with drywall is unlike any dust I've met before. It coats everything it touches in a fine film that is gritty, but almost invisible to the eye.

I've cleaned the cabinets and dusted our pots and pans (will really clean them when I have a working sink and dishwasher prior to using them, of course). I have washed the floors. I still have to clean my desk in the front room (trust me, we have a curtain over the door and everything). I also must pick up the lounge as since I'm hosting knit night tomorrow night...I need a dust free environment.

That room didn't get dusted by the drywall, so it will be the room for the get together. Not as conducive to chatting since the giant tv is in there, but it will work just fine. I'm looking forward to it, even.

Okay, must go shower and deep condition my hair before the template makers get here!!!

Dusty, out.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

roosters, RIP

Well, phase one of the deconstruction has come and gone. I am now clean and tired.

Jill came over as planned, at 9:00. We got straight to work since I'd prepared the area last night. She is an amazing friend. It was not as easy as we'd hoped, but it wasn't too hard. We do have a couple of rather major/minor patch jobs to have done before Tuesday, when the template makers are coming. I am amazed by what is going on in my kitchen right now.

We had a slight mis-judgment on the sink and I had to take it back for it's little brother. I'm a little sad, but the lines are the same, just smaller. And they didn't have the same color so we ended up having to go with white. It was not my first choice, but desperate times. And honestly, against the Beige Olimpo Silestone counters...and with the back splash tile...It will be beautiful. (I was trying to link to the tiles for you all, but it's being dumb and their site is really annoying to navigate)

Is it Tuesday the 3rd of June yet?

We could save some of the hand painted vegetable tiles, but sadly the roosters did not make it. Jill felt terribly and she tried her best. Those ladies used industrial strength adhesive or something. I also did save some of the counter top tiles. I got enough to do some cool table for outside or something. That makes me happier than I thought.

Okay, must retire to the basement until it's time to go to our friends for a cookout. Friends are amazing. When they become like family, it's even better.

Friday, May 16, 2008

what lies ahead?

Tomorrow morning after my dear Kevin goes to work, my friend Jill will arrive to help me remove the kitchen counters. I just can no longer deal with grout. We've had tile counters in the past and I've never been a fan. I do love the color, however. We found a great Silestone that is very similar. But we'll talk about that later.

You can't see it in the first picture, but there are two tiles that I am hoping Jill and I can salvage.

They are from the city where one of the women who used to live here grew up in Italy.

I will hopefully get some shots throughout the process (or at least after our hard day of work tomorrow). Speaking of that work, I should get to bed. Must get some good rest before the excitement begins.

Wish us luck.

Monday, May 12, 2008

isn't she refined?

The one we hardly speak about...

Chloe is really our dignified kitten, can't you tell? She sits so prim and proper on top of an old magazine bearing the picture of a black lab. Alia gave it to me because she felt I was creative and it reminded her of Josie.

But I digress.

Chloe just had her 11th birthday, well we celebrate it on May Day. To witness her at times, you wouldn't think she was the elder of the house. She flits about, chirping at the birds, us, the other two.

She loves the mantel. It's her perch. The highest spot in the house she can get to. It brings her joy to sit up there and get scratches on her head. When we try to lean down to pet her, she will run and flee to the mantel where she allows us the pleasure of giving her some scratches on her head.

Isn't she so pretty?

What's that? Is she standing on her tail?

Why yes, I dare say she is...

We see her do this often, but this is the first time I've actually gotten it on "film" to share. I think this would be a sweet image to print and put in a frame. It's very much her. Although, perhaps the first one where you can see her beautiful face as well as her silly self would be better.

Chloe, our matriarch of the family...

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Where is my phone?

Have you seen it?

The last time I used it I was downstairs calling you to figure out how to make the dvd player work, I mean you know, it's a bit confusing with all the things plugged in...

I must have turned it off since it's going straight to voice mail when you call.


Wait, what was that sound when I moved the pillow?


We're renaming Simon, Vortex. It seems as though he nudged it off the nightstand and into the pillow that I leave standing in front of the night stand in hopes of keeping him from going under and bugging me in the mornings.

Yeah, damn cat. :)

He looks upset about it all, doesn't he?

Ah, life with cats....

Thursday, May 08, 2008

every single day

I get to look out my kitchen window and see this:

I'm the luckiest girl in the world. It seems to have filled out even more since I took this just a few days ago.

We have a few more things to plant, but so far we have:

peas (mr. big and sugar snap)
garlic (which will be ready soon)
tomatoes (brandywine, beefsteak, oregon spring)
lettuce (romaine, arugula)
baby carrots

We still have to plant beans and zucchinis. I'm pretty excited about it all, really. The tomatoes are the only things I am worried about right now. It's not dropping to freezing, but it is getting cold and it's not been really sunny here yet. The one day we did get some amazing sun, we saw growth. I am not too expectant of the bessers my friend is growing from seed. She isn't too hopeful, at least the last time we spoke. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though!

Well, Alia is coming over soon to see the house and then we're all going out to dinner. I can hardly wait. I can hear her voice already. :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008 was amazing

What a truly lovely evening we shared last night. Kev took me to Ruth's Chris Steak House, downtown. The food was amazing.

Our evening started when we were given a glass of champagne shortly after we sat down. They all wanted to know how long it'd been. One guy kept saying, "amazing! wonderful! amazing!" Although I'm not sure what was that amazing about us hitting year 8, I do agree that it's wonderful.

Anyway, I had the most amazing, succulent petite filet mignon I've ever eaten in my life. It was topped with a blue cheese that had been broiled a bit to make it a crust. Kevin had the same, only not the petite. We shared steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes.

I, knowing I wanted to have dessert, did not eat my whole meal (fabulous lunch today, btw!) and was going to ask for the menu when the waitress came by with my decaf and spoons for us. It seems as though she ordered a creme brulee for us.

Perfection. Absolute perfection.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Today is the day Kevin and I got married, eight years ago. It's been an amazing ride. We're really pretty happy, without much conflict. We genuinely like each other (which I personally think is the key).

He's surprising me with dinner out tonight. All I know is that our reservations are for 8:00.

I'm hoping steaks are involved. I'll let you know.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

ahhh, the power of sleep

Okay, sleep was lovely and I feel rejuvenated. Kevin was wonderful this morning and fed the crew before Simon had time to really get into his whole song and dance. Then Kev went and fed our friends cats, allowing me a quiet morning of sleeping in and surfing the net.

I've got two other windows open and to see them you would laugh...

1. a tutorial on how to demo your kitchen counters

2. various knitting blogs

The dual life I lead. :)

I will try to remember to get before photos of the kitchen (and perhaps during, but that would mean setting down the hammer). I will for sure get after photos...

Well, off to get ready for working at the kids store today. It should be fun. It's with the newest employee and I really like Jamie. So here we go, another day in my life.

Oh, anyone want to come help me demolish? :) Nah, didn't think so. I already have Jill at the ready with her goggles and crowbar (at least that was what her email said).

Saturday, May 03, 2008

wanting to tap out

Today has been quite the day already. Actually, as I told Kevin this morning, I was already tired by my day before it had even started.

This morning I got up and went to our friends house to feed their cats as they are currently out of town. That was lovely, Vincent only attempted to eat my hand once. Stella hid the whole time.

After that I zipped over to our other friends house to help load up a Uhaul and move them to their new house. I am a nerd and love packing the truck. Everyone kept asking me if they could help me and I kept saying just to bring me things. As I was telling one woman where to put something in the truck (it was all already mapped out in my mind) she said to me, "Oh, you're going to micro manage where I put things in the truck?" Passive aggressive much? I responded with "Yes."

At 1:15 I had to leave that fun (the second round of packing up the truck of the heavy furniture) and head into the office to do some paperwork for Ahmed. He's not going to be in on Monday and he had a few things I needed to take care of before then. Around 2:30 he ran me downtown to the store so I can close for Rita. She has a niece's birthday party today. Her sister just told her what time it was (and it ended up not being an evening party, as she'd thought it would be). So I am closing for her and working 3-6.

When I am done here I hop on a bus to our shop on Hawthorne, where I left my car. I get the car, go home, relax for a minute before we go to a birthday party. I honestly don't know how I'm still going at this point.

The real sucky thing is, I don't have off tomorrow. I have to go open the kids store with our newbie and stay until ?

I don't think I am going to have a day off until the weekend, depending on when I set up the template appointment with the counter people.

I just really want to tap out of this day though, call it quits. But I won't. Not until I pass out in my bed tonight.

Wanna change days with me?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

waiting for my card in the mail

It's official. I am an adult. I don't know when it happened, but the signs are all there.

  1. I have started to enjoy gardening. It calms me and makes me smile.
  2. The idea of chips and dip for dinner (or popcorn) no longer make sense to me.
  3. I will have the occasional after dinner cup of coffee when out (decaf of course) to dinner.
  4. An evening of sitting and knitting is the perfect evening in my opinion.
and the final, omg(!), moment:

5. We went to the Home Depot and order counters...I was excited.

So, story about counters and ordering them (it's a good one).

On Monday I got a call from Todd, the guy who works at Precision Counters who'd come out and measured for us. He said that the Deep Hole was having a 10% sale and if our color was part of the group that was an additional 10% we would save 20%!!! So I did what any sane woman does, I text messaged my husband (or did I call him). I then called the Deep Hole to find out the details but the woman on the other end said that they only had a free sink deal going on. We decided to go check out the sinks (cuz those things are expensive) and went on Tuesday night (cuz the sale ended on Wednesday). Well, sinks, not big enough...but we decided to go ahead and open a Home Deep Hole credit card (not to worry parents, it's already paid off) and get their 10% or up to $200 off deal. Super! That's like getting the other sale, that wasn't running. So now we've ordered our counters and have to start seriously thinking about how and when we are going to demo the current counters and backsplash. I'm thinking next weekend baby!! Of course it depends on when they want to set up coming out to make the template. Anyway (breathe) I was running around with my friend yesterday (who's getting married tonight) and I got a call while looking for some inexpensive yarn at JoAnn's to make a bigger version of my knit bag for Chloe (another story for another time). Kim from the Deep Hole saying she'd had egg on her face and yes there was indeed a 10% sale on Silestone (she'd been off when the promo went into affect so didn't know about it and it did end Wednesday as Todd said). She had already taken care of getting our credit to our new Deep Hole account and we didn't need to do anything except save another $200+! The real beauty, are you ready for it?!?! Kevin called with his quarterly bonus...a smidge more than what the counters ended up costing us (with all the discounts).

So yeah, I'm just waiting for the card that says I'm an official adult in the mail.