Thursday, March 30, 2006

a day in the life

Woke at 7:30 to the quiet. I'd kicked Simon out. He is always quiet for a little while then he starts shaking the door. I push a gallon beer jug filled with coins up against it, but he's one strong little cat. When he's quiet for a little while, after the song and dance and shaking the door, I get up to feed them.

I putzed around the house for a little bit, ate a bagel, drank a latte, and fixed the banner on one of the pages of the site for work. All this before 8:30.

I got ready and took Kev to work. I went to Wallgreens and got the Benadryl we will need for Josie for the next 6 weeks (Dr. M is thinking allergy and will check her in 6 weeks). I stopped by Stumptown for coffee and headed to the kids location to take photos of kids Merrells. Got a few great shots, even one of a cute little boy wearing a frog backpack that we sell (he ended up getting it). Will save that shot for a future ad (since I'll be doing them for the next 18 months!).

Spent some time with Abdul at our shop next door (the regular, "big kids" store). We said our goodbyes (tomorrow is his last day).

I called my friend Linsel and we went to lunch. Lovely little Italian place within walking distance of his house. It was quite nice to get out and walk a bit (even if it was in the rain). I got Kev the same thing I had, Penne Putanesca, and took Linsel to his buddy's house over by where we live.

Ran to Kev's work so he could bring me home and have the car tonight at work.

Built an ad for the magazine. Finished writing up two orders and paring down one other. Have loaded all the images onto the computer for adding more to the site (adding a "limited edition" section to one of the brands).

I've now eaten dinner and just have a couple of things to do on the afore mentioned site. Looking forward to not having to pick up Kev tonight at work and getting to hang in my jammies all night with my trio of animal friends.

Might try getting in touch with my Ohio friend...

please, let her be the one!

So I think I met my new coworker yesterday. We're hiring a part timer to work downtown two days a week, with potential for more hours at other stores. This really sweet, bubbly, cute gal walks in last night and says:

"I saw the sign in the window on my walk to work this morning and had to come by tonight to ask about it..."

She works temp work and is done on Friday. She's looking to work a part time job and hoping to get an internship at a publisher. I might even have a couple of places to send her for that. There was a really great energy to her. She would be perfect in my shop, I don't know how I know, I just do.

Other people whom Ahmed has said, "she'll do really well, people will like her, she's sweet, he's been working in the business for blah blah blah" haven't fared too well. I think he needs to let me do the hiring for my shop. Hell, I would have hired her on the spot if I knew the specifics. She's supposed to drop her resume by today and tomorrow (assuming she has, which I really feel she will) I will call her to set up an interview with Ahmed for next week. I'm convinced she's looking for what we are offering. Also, she had an old, beat up pair of Dansko shoes on, so...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I know it's been a while since I posted about something other than knitting. Sorry kids, it's just really exciting I'm starting AND FINISHING projects left and right.

I digress.

On Monday we were scratching on Josie when we realized that a small spot on her right hip had turned into a large spot on her right hip and small spots on her back. She's losing spots of hair. We're not sure what's going on, other than it's most likely some allergy. We took her in on Monday to the vet to see what's going on. Bloodwork came back fine. Thyroid slightly elevated but nothing to be alarmed by. He has her on 50mg of Benadryl, twice a day. Does it affect dogs as it does me, by knocking them out? Josie is already zonked, but it's our bedtime so who knows? We'll see if tomorrow she's sluggish after her morning dose.

I'll keep you all posted.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a teaser

I have started my "damn" scarf. I am using the Electric Youth blue that I bought from Kristin a while ago. It's lovely to work with. I have to watch myself because I can easily split the yarn. But the color varition is just amazing. (I'm using #9 needles. CO 31 sts. k2/p2)

Meanwhile around my house, Kevin is watching Harold and Kumar Get White Castle (or something like that). Simon is sitting on him looking at him annoyed because he's getting shaken by the laughter. Josie is sleeping in the living room with her stick. Chloe is in the back somewhere sleeping. I'm going to head to bed soon and perhaps knit a bit more.

life without fear!

Well, the black lariat scarf thing is done. It's not mine. I think I wanted it to be, but really, it's Diana's. I will take it to her tomorrow. She has no idea. I just don't wear that much black, especially that close to my face. Just not a good color.

I've now begun on something that WILL look good that close to my face. The Electric Youth scarf!!!!!! I am loving it so far. The pattern, k2/p2 ribbing, isn't as annoying as I remember it. Probably because I've got a few more things under my belt and I'm not fearing the known. Unknown, bejeezers out of me. Known, no fear at all.

I will have to get pictures of the lariat tonight, as well as the beginning of damn scarf, blue. Even though I don't dislike knitting the pattern again, I think it will always be called the Damn pattern/scarf/etc.

Wow, when did this turn into a knit blog? :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

i fear i'm slipping

Towards the world of starting project prior to current project being completed. I'm making that little black, lariat kind of scarf thing. Great, it's going well. But, well, I'm bored by the double drop stitch (at least that's what my friend/guru Jenn calls it...not sure if that is its real name). I crave to use the Electric Youth I purchased from Kristin. After her post of wanting to spin yarn, I'm wanting to use hers to make a gorgeous scarf for myself. I'm going to use the same pattern I used for Kev's scarf, the mistake pattern. I can see myself sitting up front tonight knitting away on it. The beauty of it, I could easily be done with the other if I'd stop typing and start knitting. Not a bad idea.

is that what i think it is?

After picking Kev up from work yesterday (post a random errand day with Jill and Mark) we entered the house to find...a dead mouse. This is the second we have come home to. Well, the second I've come home to, as Kev was privileged enough to miss out on the first one. My friend Reagan got to "be" with me for that one since we were chatting on the phone.

Anyway, we walk in and Kev's going to the bedroom to change out of his work clothes. He stops in the middle of the hallway and starts saying, "Josie, leave it! LEAVE IT!" She does and she comes back to me. He says, "Do you think that's a real dead mouse?" Um, yes.

Chloe is standing soooooo proudly by it, wanting to show off her prize. She was the one last time who basically brought it to me too.

So, we got to talking about it all last night. We never see evidence of having mice, no poop, no ripped open bags of food, etc. The only evidence we ever see is the actual dead mouse.

Life with mousers, should we sleep with one eye open?

Friday, March 24, 2006

in which i talk a lot of knitting

It's really funny once someone learns how to knit. In this story, that someone is ME.

You start asking random people if they made the hat they are wearing because you think it is really cool and want to take notes of what they've done. I could totally tell she did even before she answered because the look of pride that flashed to her face.

Then, they tell you that they will take photos of knit things they like, so that later on, attempts to recreate can happen. The memory of "I brought my camera today!" sprang to mind. So you ask her if she minds...

And she doesn't.

I totally want to try making this with a ball of yarn that has no project. I always thought it'd be a small beanie type hat, but not until I saw that girl's hat did I realize how it'd be done. So cute!!!

Oh, I suppose I should share the mohair creation I have named the *ahem* "Effing" Scarf. I should preface this image with this: mohair is not fun to work with for me (perhaps I have mentioned this before). Little bits of fluff fly through the air and get stuck all over everything. It snags on itself. I could go on. HOWEVER, I love the way this scarf turned out and it was worth every! single! minute!

the girl of a thousand bags

Hello. I would like to speak to you all about a problem that many women, including myself, face each and every day. I call it bagitus. In Laymens terms that means, I have too many damn bags, purses, backpacks, etc. and therefore change bags almost every single day. Here's the thing though, I am always looking for the next "perfect" has everything you could want in a bag, bag.

You'd think that the search could be called off since I have at least 10 hanging in my closet right now. 10. Who needs that many bags?! The only good thing, I suppose, is that I use each one. Each one is perfect for the time I carry it. Today, it's the perfect day to bring out my old backpack. I've got a load of things to carry in with me to work and I don't feel like straining my one shoulder/arm because I'm using the wrong bag. The backpack expands and can fit more in it, right now it's not expanded and doesn't need to be, but knowing that it's possible and I CAN bring more home tonight...priceless.

What confuses me most of the time is when I see women carrying their backpacks (the bus I ride in on picks up many students heading to PSU downtown), anyway, these women are lugging their over stuffed backpacks as well as a purse. I suppose I just answered my confusion there. The backpacks are too stuffed with books and such so they have to carry a purse with the wallet, mobile phone, etc. I suppose I'm just a minimalist girl (hah) and don't like to carry too many bags at once. It's really my belief that you should be able to get through life carrying on bag at a time. Of course, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, etc are the exceptions. But on a day to day basis, really, you want to be lugging around three different bags?

There is a woman on the bus. She usually has two medium sized bags as well as her purse. She's constantly struggling with all the straps and drops stuff as it's her turn to get off the bus. I just want to ask her, "why so many at one time? why not just find one larger bag?" She carries all three on the same arm so before anyone suggests she has the two medium ones so she can balance herself, that's not happening from what I see.

I don't see myself getting rid of any of them soon. I guess I will just be the girl who changes her carrying devices as often as she changes her undies...each and every day.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Can't. Look. Away.

You have got to be kidding me. I happen to have on American Inventor (or whatever it is called). The first guy, I can't even believe he is for real. Let's just say his "invention" had something to do with "farts"...and he didn't go through.

This show is almost as ridiculous as American Idol, but without the painful singing. The judges are all like Simon, from what I've seen thus far.

It's a train wreck, I can't look away. The second guy is a true salesman, but his invention, not so hot. How many people in the world play football? He did put on a little play though. The judges are going to give him a try.

And now there is a naked woman...

Now, what I want to know is, what is the premise? Do they then have to come up with another idea or are they going to then put their invention into motion and see which one is the best in the end.

Okay, blogging and trying to not watch this show is becoming increasingly difficult. I really should work on an ad I need to get in by the 11th of April, but I'm not feeling it tonight. I'll take the computer with me tomorrow so that I can play around while at work.

Monday, March 20, 2006

happy spring

The first day of spring is a beautiful thing. After Kev got back from the afore mentioned "dumb meeting" he, Josie and I went to Waukeena Falls and walked up to the stream head. It's amazing to us to see such a small amount of water at the top and walk back down next to roaring falls almost the whole way down. Josie was in heaven, Kev and I just hiked quietly today (we spoke some, but mainly we felt our bodies responding to movement again).

We stopped at Safeway and grabbed a couple of sandwiches (Best. Sandwiches. Ever.) and then we zipped home to eat before we decided to detail the car. I suppose our form of spring cleaning is a bit different, instead of the house...

Man, it is looking good. Inside and out! Kev vacuumed while I dry dusted everything. Then he washed the exterior and I climbed in and cleaned the interior. Those Clorox wipes work really well to get into the nooks and crannies. The windows even got washed. Never such satisfaction as when I wiped away all the nose prints from Josie's window.

Speaking of Josie, she's zonked. Full out, on the side, barely able to wag her tail, zonked. She'll sleep well tonight, as will we. Well, the laundry just called. Must go flip the comforter around and dry it again (perhaps the third time will be the charm?).

do i have anything in my teeth?

Hello, my name is Shannon and I lack the ability to sleep in past 7:30 am on my weekends.

Even on a morning where Kev has to get up to go to a dumb meeting for his work (meaning HE gets up to feed Simon, Josie and Chloe) I can not stay in bed. It's like an illness or something. I was totally fine, slumbering away and then his alarm went off. Okay, no big deal, I can sleep through his one snooze (btw, I HATE snooze buttons with a passion. I say get up when you have your alarm to set to wake you because those extra 7-9 minutes DON'T. DO. ANYTHING.).

He is up, everyone is fed, Josie's been let out and back in, things are looking positive. Wow, I'm going to totally get a sleep in morning. I get to be the one still in bed with an orange cat and a black dog flanking her. I am the one who gets to roll over to his side of the bed with a triumphant sigh. I am the one...who hears him taking out the trash but not the recycling so I am the one who gets up to drag it to the curb. And then I am the one who is up for her day. I've already got my latte made and my half of an Everything bagel almost consumed (I wish they wouldn't use fennel on Everything bagels...not a huge fan I must say).

I now have a load of laundry going and was even contemplating getting a start on picking up the house (it's amazing how dirty it gets in a week when you have three, make that two since Chloe doesn't really shed as much as the other two, so two animals whom shed simply when you look at them).

I will find a hike for us to take today, since it is just that beautiful here, and I will be dressed and ready to go when Kev gets home (in about two hours we are guessing).

Now excuse me, I must go pick fennel out of my teeth....shudder.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

mashed taters

"You're the kind of table we talk about, because you are so cool . . ."

Not to date myself, but ROCK ON! That was said to us tonight while we were eating dinner at one of our favorite spots for comfort food (not that we needed comforting tonight, but since it was slightly cold out, Delta sounded good).

We laughed about it, talked about our coolness and came home to finish up some orders and putz on the net (me) and play tiny Nintendo (him...and I can't remember the name of the machine...DS).

I am going to go to bed soon and you know what? That's cool.

Friday, March 17, 2006

he likes it, he really likes it!

So I have just gotten done showing Ahmed what I've done to the shops site (would that have an 's?). He was really impressed. He suggested a couple of things, one of which I knew he would and am cursing myself for not doing it in the first place...oh well. The rest, he just loves. He is excited about the new banner I am creating for the top of the page. He is just really impressed, from what he told me. I had such a good time, even though I was on the computer for close to 12 hours straight. He was amazed by that. I think he now knows why I wanted to play with the site and trusts me to play even more (I'm probably close to halfway done).

Okay, back to lunch.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

search better on acid?

I am sitting here trying NOT to obsess on the things I haven't gotten done at my works website. There was a commercial on for I swear it sounds like the announcer is saying "search better on acid".

Ahhh, after 11 hours (not quite straight, but really close actually), I'm not quite done with all that I want to do. There are a few links that I'm not happy with, but will fix them up tomorrow.

As for now, I'm turning off the computer and watching My Name is Earl.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

too funny

what a day. met a really funny woman who was here with some conference. she bought two pairs of shoes then came out with jill and i for drinks. too funny for sure!

am looking forward to a day in my jammies! will be working on website and finalizing our orders for fall 06. yea.

kev is home.

good night.

this is me, turning over a new leaf (for this week at least)

I am constantly amazed by my online cyber world friends who can, and do, post new things each and every day (although weekends often times are taken and it's not until Monday that new things are posted, but hell, everyone deserves time away). I feel as though I've let you all down (I can hear Kev already saying, "Russ says you need to update your blog!").

I am going to do my best to post real things, often.

Right now, for instance, Simon is staring me down, making like he's going to swiftly jump onto the desk where my cereal bowl is sitting (among other stuff). He's all nonchalant about it, looking around (oooh, what's that? something shiny?) trying to allow me time to let my guard down. Let me tell you, it's not going to happen. I have cat like reflexes just like him from all the years of living with the creatures. I can foil even his most diabolical of plans.

Damn, while I was creating the links to the blogs the little shit got up here...oh he's so cute, I suppose it doesn't matter. :)

Today is another day, just like the days past and much like the days to come. I am hoping it does not hold anything horrible, but is just another day. Speaking of that, I must gather cd's to take to make today a nice, smooth day. And I have to get going on the making of my lunch. I know, it's exciting, isn't it?!?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I am trying to think of things that we did this weekend that would intrigue and inspire. Nothing is coming to mind.

The mohair, not as horrible as I make it out to be, but it is hard to work with (the scarf it is turning into is going to be beautiful, and it wants to be the scarf, it's just finding the desire to work on it). I am a believer in finishing things I start. A surprise for many of you since in the past I'd start a project and like a raccoon find something shiny and lose all interest in the original project. I have half finished angel pillows hanging around my craft room. I have sketches for all kinds of pillows I'd love to make. I have fabric waiting to find out what it's going to be.

Knitting has been different though. I've made myself wait to start projects until I'm done with the current project, whatever it is I happen to be working on. However, I always have the next project in mind when I start a new one. Like I know I want to try to make a thin, black scarf type thing in the same "double drop" stitch I am doing with the mohair, just to see what it will do. BUT I have the Electric Youth blue that is asking to be made into a k2/p2 ribbed scarf/cowl prior to that.

Maybe I'll take the mohair with me today and get to work on it at work. I always feel a bit guilty, knitting at work, but when there is nothing left to do...what, I should just sit there? Then again, when is there nothing left to do?

Okay, I'm out.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

done and done

And knit day is over. It was a short one this month because people had dinner engagements, Cirque de Soliel dress rehearsals, and life to attend. I got a bit more done on the mohair scarf, I've dubbed it the effing scarf. I HATE mohair (perhaps I've mentioned it before here?).

Anyway, Josie and I have already gone on a walk as well. I am sure Kev was surprised when we spoke and not only was knit day done, but I was out walking the dog without him having to prompt me. Hell, it's beautiful out. I don't need prompting on pretty days.

Kev's heading home. I've got a warmed cider next to me. Simon is all snuggled up in my arms as I type and all is right with my world.

is it 2:30 yet?

The house is clean. The animals, all napping. Food is on its way to being prepared. Chairs are arranged and waiting for my friends/fellow knitters to come and sit. Anticipation has always been hard for me. The party doesn't start for another hour and forty minutes, but I am all ready. Perhaps I inherited this preparation gene from my mom? I think so.

I have the bowls out for the various chips, crackers and cookies. Josie is all aflutter waiting now. She knows to expect people since the living room is all out of order (at least her order) and every time she hears a car door shut she instantly thinks it's someone coming here.

I suppose I can finish making a playlist for today...yeah, that's what I will do.

Friday, March 10, 2006

non stop entertainment!!

Life around my house, if anything, is never dull. Not only do I share my life with Kev (the fabulous husband), but I get to live with three of the most inspiring, entertaining and infuriating creatures. Simon is the leader. He was since the day he moved in. However, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'd like to share with you all the way they came to be in our lives, and where else to start but with our eldest,


Kev and I had just moved in with each other when we discussed the idea of getting a second cat. One that could be "ours" as Bob was really "mine" (although Bob was known to remove himself from my lap when Kev would get home so he could greet him). We ventured to the local Kansan SPCA. We were NOT going to get a younger cat (aka, kitten). I wanted to adopt an older kitty friend. We went to the "wrong" part of the cattery and entered the world of kittens and juvenile cats.

I spotted Chloe from the moment we walked into the room. She didn't really mew too much, but did chirp a little. We took her out of her cage and she sunk into my chest and started purring. Her beautiful green eyes watching mine. She was only four months old so we told her we owed the older kitties to take a look at them, knowing full well she was our kitten. She instantly became Kev's cat. She would crawl all over him, when not tormenting Bob.

She's now 8 years old. She's known every other kitty we have ever had (Bob and Fred...). She took care of Bob when he no longer could keep himself clean and she made Fred her bitch. She's a special gal in my life and when I look at her I still can't help but think, I am the luckiest girl in the world who gets to live and love Chloe.


We had just gone through the horrible loss of our Freddie Lumkins. He was a total doll baby. We couldn't watch Chloe pine for him so we decided to go take a look. We entered the new cattery at the Portland SPCA and began the tour. I had previously told Kev that I really wanted an orange boy. We had already agreed on adopting a boy cat (keep the ratio right in the house). There were some very sweet cats there, but none were the ones for us. Until we turned the very last corner.

"Clarence," the sign read, "is four years old, domestic short hair, etc etc." We looked at him and didn't think there was any chance he was 4 years old and aged him at about 4 months, an easy mistake. We asked to visit with ol' Clarence and went to the room and waited. He was tiny. His right buttock was shaved. He was nosy as all hell. Once his nose stopped going overboard he snuggled right between the two of us and started falling asleep. Hook, line and sinker.

From the moment that boy entered the house we knew he would be the house Godfather. The Godfather is four and a half years old...Chloe's still pissed about the whole arrangement.


We had been at a party. One where one of you gets totally loaded and the other understands and is the designated driver. Let's just say the drive home was lovely and I remember all of it. :) I hung out with the coolest dog that night. Her name is Sister. Yellow Lab.

On our way to the car Kev calls out, "We can get a dog if she's as cool as Sister." Well, seeing as I was the dd and was going to remember those words, I set to the task of finding Bowzer.

We'd originally said, no dog before Kev got a job and definitely not before my family was coming for the holidays. But when he uttered those very words "we can get a dog..." I could not contain myself. I visited daily. I have no idea how many emails I sent him by the end. All those faces of those in need.

Then I came across Bowzer. She was my dog, our dog, and I knew it. She was the only one he responded with "I would adopt this dog" via email. We sent in the application and heard back that same night. Kev was to meet her the next day and make the decision. She had been fostered for a week with Karen and from the moment he took her leash, two days after that email, she was home.

I remember talking to him on the phone as he was walking with her. The excitement in his voice. He asked me what he should do and I told him to follow his heart because I already knew she was ours. He brought her to the store where I was working late. She still had no name (cuz I was surly NOT calling her Bowzer). So excited about everything, but very cautious. I wanted her to know I was her mom, but she just kind of shrunk back to Kev's side. However, when I got to the car, wiggles all over. And I asked Kev what he thought about Josie, like the outlaw.

Now she greets us each and every morning with wiggles and kisses because "HEY! YOU'RE HERE AND I'M HERE AND YOU'RE AWAKE!" Actually, she's like that every time we leave and enter the house (no different from a few minutes to many hours either, same wiggles and kisses). Even at four years old she's still got all those wiggles.

These three are something else. They are funny and make me laugh each and every day. They also have the ability to drive me batty (insert Dad's phrase, "that's not a drive, that's a short putt") and make me want to bang my head against a rock. But I love them. I love to watch their interactions with each other and with us and our friends.

And trust me when I say, there is never a dull moment...seriously, just trust me.


Wow, what an amazing day I had yesterday.

It started with me getting up WITHOUT an alarm at 7:30 (unless you can call the round orange creature we live with an alarm. then i did wake up with one, although i never once hit snooze). I took my time getting ready (well, as much as i could take since i was having to take kev to work). As soon as I dropped Kev at work I realized that the store I was going to go to first didn't open until 11:00 (and he didn't even know i was having thursdays away from my shop downtown so he was a bit perplexed to say the least). I got the photos of the two stores on Hawthorne (which honestly, they are all looking alike now because we have the same set up in each store, the walls are lined with racks of shoes). I then zipped over to the shop on Broadway (and had a lovely time talking with Barbara).

That task taken care of (i even got all the photos loaded straight to my new computer right then and there so no having to do it later when i uploaded the file to the publisher's website) I went to lunch with my friend Linsel. We had a wonderful talk (one in which i tell him everything that is on my mind about recent events, and don't hold anything back...nor does he). We discuss doing this at least once a month (i don't think i could do every week, we took a long lunch). I dropped him off at home and then headed there myself (where the trio was sooooo excited because they think anytime we are away from the house for any amount of time as soon as we get back, they get fed). I told them they were sad, sad creatures if they thought they were getting fed at 2:00 in the afternoon (and they did all settle down as soon as i sat down at the computer in my craft room).

Invoices, ready to send. CHECK

Photos, uploaded to the publisher's site. CHECK

Orders, written up. CHECK

Today I will take the orders in to my boss and get his feedback (which will result with me rewriting a couple, either adding styles or decreasing styles....although i've gotten quite good at knowing what he wants for the shops).

Today I will tell him how wonderful it was to actually get everything done without the stress of having to stop halfway through some project to help someone on their quest to find the shoe that fits their "hard to fit foot."

Today I will be calm.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

snow, falling

sigh, big.

day, beautiful.

tasks, complete.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

long lost friend

When I was growing up I remember every year during the summer the arrival of the day that was inevitable. You know the day of which I speak. The day boredom moved in with it's sleeping bag for the rest of the summer until school would start again.

I would pine and moan and call out such things as, "Daaaaad. I'm BORED!" To which Dad would reply, "Nothin' wrong with bein' bored. Bein' bored is okay."

I couldn't fathom what he meant by that...until now. What I would give to have a day where I had so little to do that boredom would set in! I flirt with it every so often, but never enough to really say that I was, in fact, bored. I sometimes will write to a friend during work about how bored I am, but when I get to thinking about it, it's just avoiding doing work and not true blissful boredom.

Monday, March 06, 2006

and the back

I will now try to load a picture of the back of the leg, the other part she did today. All I have to say is this, it is so nice to be this excited. People will comment about, "nice ink" and instead of going on and on about how it really is not the best tattoo I now am ecstatic and sharing with them Naomi's name.

Again, don't scroll further if you don't want to see it...

plastic view of the sea

Anyone who is not a fan of the tattoo and what not may want to not read this post (with pics).

Session 3. (sorry didn't update at session two, but it was really ground work and not all that exciting). However, today's session was great. Three and a half hours. The constant sound of that gun. The warm sun on my back (for half of it the sun was out and glowing on me).

And this is what happened as I laid there basking in the sun.
I'm trying to upload the back now, but am having issues with runs slower on the laptop for some reason. One more try. No luck. Will publish it later. :)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

can you see what's on the screen?

A few weeks ago I began the job of cleaning out my sewing room (well, what I call my sewing room but more it's a catch all of crap). I had one box of random recycling that I had to sort (you know, shred, no shred). No big deal.

As I worked through the boxes of papers I realized I needed something else, other than just clearing the mess. The flow was not working and I knew it would have to be fixed to get the good creative mojo flowing. I got to thinking how nice it would be to have a comfortable chair in the room so I could sit back in the warmest room of the house on the cool winter nights and knit. Although, the room is the size of a postage stamp (read, not even our queen sized bed would fit in it) and I didn't know how I was going to get it to happen. Then, I had an idea...move the bookcase to the closet! I'm not really liking the ties to the left of the door and am thinking those may be coming down shortly. Other than that, I'm really quite pleased with the way it's shaping up. I mean, it's not custom or fancy pants, but it is exactly what I needed to do in order to get my comfortable chair into the room.

I moved the computer/sewing table around to give myself a small corner for the only "comfy" chair in the house (and until I re-stuff the seat cushion it's not quite the most comfortable chair).

I apologized to Chloe (you see, she'd loved running through the house and up the side of that chair when it was in the living room). She just watched me with her big eyes. I carried it back and set it into place.

I can now come back here and spend the evening knitting while listening to music through the world wide web.

Simon and Josie seem to like it (I'm thinking about getting a bed for her while she's in here, you know instead of the hardwood floor). Simon just hangs on the table top with me as I write this entry (although the birds have demanded his attention so now he's staring wide eyed and alert out the window).

I can't wait until Kev gets home to see what I've been up to. He's been waiting for me to tackle the box of ugliness for a while now. I feel rather accomplished.

We are heading to an Oscar party tonight (thankfully not a fancy dress party) and I suppose I should get going...must get ready for my close up. Although it'll be hard to tear myself away from my new computer.

My three favorite machines, computer, sewing machine and serger.

Okay, I'm out.

Friday, March 03, 2006

it's linktastic

I get up and go to the bedroom so I can get ready for bed (what, a girl can put on her pj's at 7:30 at nigh). As I pass the kitchen, where Simon is sitting in a box (what is it with boxes lately?) he jumps out and runs back with me. Josie hears us and decides she needs to see what we are doing. Chloe just sits on her dresser hoping I am going to give her more food (she's really turned begger thing on lately).

I'm grabbing my slippers and Josie is standing watching me. Simon walks up and rubs against her. He stops right under her chin. She looks down at him and starts licking him. I watch with a feeling of love growing inside. As I continue to watch them I notice she's nibbling on him. You know, like they do when they have an itch or are trying to get stuff out of their fur? Simon was just in ecstasy.

I feel lucky to have Josie and her pussycats in my life. The three are really quite special (and very lazy about updating their diaries...).


I have gotten word from the guy who does the schedules that not Thursday the 16th, but the 23rd I will be starting the whole "not going into the actual store to do work, but working from either home or the outlet store on our website" deal that my boss and I determined would be happening. The person who had needed Thursdays off is now able to work them again (yesterday was his last Thursday no work day) so I assumed that we would start this sooner (I was really hoping for next week). I'm a bit perturbed that Mr. Schedule is saying I have to wait. Not sure why.

Oh well, I must be patient. I will continue to take work home with me, shush. I have a few more orders to write up tonight as well as some things to design for Bambuseae. Tomorrow we are going to meet our friends for dinner and a drink after I get off work. Sunday an Oscars party (where we probably won't really watch, but eat much food and drink...water). Monday I'm supposed to have work done on the ink, but it's her partner's birthday so I think I'm going to call and postpone it myself. :) I offered, she declined. She did sound quite appreciative though (damn, I am a multi tasker, no?).

I'm kind of looking forward to a night at home alone. I am debating whether I should even take work home with me (a resounding NO is coming from the commentors I know). But, I have the show on Sunday the 19th. I need to present my reps with the orders at that time AND I need to run them all by Ahmed before I go. IF I were to have next week to work from home, I'd just make myself wait. BUT that's not going to happen. Maybe I'll call Mr. Schedule and see why he can't have the other guy in until the 23rd...

Okay, much to do and half an hour to do it.


I ended up NOT bringing any work home. And the talk with Mr. Schedule went well. He is even going to try to work something out so it could possibly start next week. Keep your fingers crossed! So much to do on our website...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

how you doin?

So the thoughts have been swarming through my head today. I started wondering, how does everyone else go about writing for their blogs? Personally, I don't do any preparation, no notes (although I always have ideas and should really write them down so I don't forget them once I sit in front of the computer and draw a blank as to what I had been thinking about). I usually just sit and let the words exit my brain as they want. But I've been thinking about that lately. Why don't I do some prewriting? Why don't I make notes as the thoughts are fresh in my mind? Am I lazy? Too busy? Both?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

you have my socks!

I love working downtown in a large city. There is never a want for good people watching. Usually I can get away with watching and not interacting. Sometimes, they come in. There is one guy who walks by regularly and every once in a while will look in, flash a huge smile and wave like his arm is about to fall off. I can go days without seeing him, sometimes weeks, but then he is back, waving like a maniac. Once he's come in and told me I looked like I could use a hug. Luckily my dear friend Linsel was visiting and I said, "Oh, no, I just got one from my boyfriend." To which the man replied, "Oh, yeah, he's a big time." That was quite a while ago. Today was the day he decided to walk by right as I was towards the front of the store. He waved, pointed at some pink flip flops in the window and flashed the thumbs up...before walking in.

I said goodbye to the customer who'd just been in and was on her way out when he came in. She flashed me the "good luck" smile. He kept asking how large certain styles went to. "Women's eleven" was always the answer. "Oh, I wish they made them in my size..." Then he found the socks.

him: "Oh you have my socks! It was my birthday not long ago."

me: "Isn't that great. Happy Birthday."

him: "I'm just trying to give my friend ideas as to what she could get me."

me: "Mmhmmm (knowing he was speaking of me)."

him: "You know who I'm talking about, don't you? YOU!"

me: "Well, I can't give socks away for free. I like my job."

him: "You could buy them for me!"

me: "I don't have enough money to, I'm sorry."

him: "Well, I'll be back next....Wednesday. Yeah, I'll see you Wednesday."

I have no doubt that I will not be seeing him next Wednesday. I will probably go weeks again without seeing his big, smiling face walk by my shop.