Friday, June 30, 2006

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

dinner and a show

"Are you hungry?"

"I could eat."

"Take me to the place that has the coldest air conditioning in town..."

And so he did. We sat there at Old Chicago (yes, chainy, but oh so cold) eating our meals and zoning out, because really, what could I talk about? "My day was really hot and I napped."

Then, the table behind Kev started looking out the window and talking about something. I look out and see a Range Rover on it's side, with the underneath facing us. How? Did? We? Miss? That? I'm still not sure, but I know when we started eating, traffic was driving down the street all normal like. I guess OC has thick windows to keep all the noise out and the a/c in...

It was that moment, I longed a little for a camera phone. Because I could have shared with you all, the surrealness of it. The two tow truck guys had a bitch of a time getting it back upright.

So, dinner AND a show (in which nobody was hurt, thankfully).

Monday, June 26, 2006

today, with more heat!

Yesterday was a warm one here in the Pacific Northwest. We hit a high of near 98 I think. Today, will be worse...they are estimating a high of 102.

Our kitchen has recently been taken over by the sun. You see, there were these hedges that ran alongside the south side of the house (the side the sliding door off the kitchen opens up to) and our dear neighbor Larry, decided to lop them off at the top. This isn't a bad thing really, because it does let much more light in our house, and it's nice on regular not hotter than hell days. Yesterday was the straw though. To the Deephole we went.

I'd been speaking of wanting vertical blinds for in the kitchen for sometime now. I want to feel as though I'm not being watched whenever I'm in the kitchen (because two years ago Larry decided to "thin" out the hedges and they are still trying to grow in at spots). So anyway, yesterday was the day to go purchase them and install. I was going to wait until this morning, but if you know me, I can't leave any major, power tool involving, project until tomorrow.

I. Must. Do. It. Now.

So I did. And they are up and they are wonderful. I am hoping that we do notice a difference in how hot the kitchen gets today. Although, today might not be the best day to judge since it's, in theory, an abnormally hot day for us. But you can see, they do make the kitchen nice and dim...

And the animals can still push them aside to see out. They were not the most $$ ones, which is good. They do the job. They just bumped our property value higher? Sigh...

It does make a HUGE difference. I am amazed. I mean, thin pieces of vinyl really do hold out the sun and heat. Huh. Who knew?

However, it's really friggin' hot in here and I am ready for tomorrow, when it's supposed to be closer to 85...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

too hot

It's the end of June. Too early for a heat wave, but that is what they are calling this. Yesterday it got to 95 I think. Today, closer than that to 100. Yeah, I wish we humans would STOP SCREWING UP THE EARTH!


It boggles my mind that there are people on this earth who think they are all powerful, or worse have the "there's nothing I can do" syndrome. Both types of people are the same though. They both do what they please because even if they did alter their habits a bit, it really wouldn't make a difference, right? They throw everything away because that's what the landfills are for. My question to them is, what happens when they become landFULLS? Where then does the trash go? Shoot it into space? M'kay, not a great plan. We are small. We do not have the right to trash the earth AND the universe, but most people don't realize this.

I've noticed for ourselves, our recycling bins are fuller and fuller and our trash can has less and less each week. This makes me happy. I have an offer from friends who found a non assembled compost bin in their backyard...I haul it away, it's mine. Of course, I wish they'd just erect it and use it, but they don't feel they have the space for it. Hell on that, I'll make the space for it!

What can you do to help save the earth from an early death? Because we are killing her slowly (although that slowly really has sped up over the last few years which scares me to no end).

Friday, June 23, 2006


Okay, so all too often when I see families running around the city together I see kids carrying bottles of soda to sip on. It generally makes me sad to see them consuming so much sugar and calories (I'm amazed how much those drinks can pack in them). Just now, saw a lovely family walk by my store. The son...drinking water. Those parents, doing something right!


My arms have begun speaking to me again, but my legs are still holding out. They aren't sure they want to go in the directions I am asking them to. Standing from sitting, still not their favorite motion.


My boss is stuck at one of his stores. He had someone call in sick. This is the same someone who's given her two weeks notice. It's a beautiful day out. S'all I'm sayin'.


I am getting to make Cheshire Cat hats. I went and got the yarn this morning while I had a coworker here with me. I got the sweetest pink and purple Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. I will probably make them similarly to the hat I made for Augusta. Straight across the top with tassels.


We bought a firepit. We've had one fire in it already. It will be lovely for evenings with friends. We are also feeling the drive to work on the patio. All in good time. I will share photos as we complete the next phase of the backyard clean up, redo.


I am now out of things that have been swarming around in my mind. I just want to get home so I can get some hats on the needles...

Thursday, June 22, 2006


The summer solstice has come and gone. We welcomed it with open arms, extended towards the sky and sun as if to grab onto each ray that caressed our bodies. We bowed down to it in thanks and admiration. Without that beautiful sun, we simply would not be. 108. Some were free form. Others, practiced in synch with my best friend. All were lovely and thoughtful.

Arms, tired.

Psyche, rejuvenated.

We discussed the number 108. It holds much meaning, as my dear friend FemaleGradStudent noted in my comments yesterday. Some of the most intriguing and amazing things were: 108 earths could fill the space of the sun. The earth is 108 times the suns circumference away from the sun (I think it was circumference). There are 108 stitches on a baseball.

And one we did not discuss...I will be casting on 108 stitches when I start my sleeves.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I'm not sure what the significance of the number is, but that is how many salutes to the sun we will be making tonight.

Happy Summer Solstice.

It so happens that this year it falls on a Wednesday. A little more than a month ago Diana asked Jill and I if we'd be interested in participating with her at the Yoga Shala for the Summer Solstice, 108 Sun Salutations. We said yes, we'd love to. I am anxious and excited. I am nervous and in awe.

It's been said you don't have to actively do all 108, but listen to your body and do what you can and when your body says to rest, think of the salutes and in your mind you are saluting. Someone said to me yesterday, "you're already thinking of copping out?" after I had mentioned that was an option. I don't look at is as copping out, but rather listening to my body and not allowing my ego to rule my practice.

Whatever you do today, do it with thanks to the sun.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

who knew?

The shop I work at is dog friendly, rather I've made it so. I just had a spaz of a dog in named Kira(?) who I apparently am allergic to. Quite allergic to. My nose hasn't stopped running since she left the store an hour ago. I didn't even get all up in her face, although she would have been a lover dog and loved it. And even though I've washed my hands a couple of times, anytime I put them near my face...ACCCHOOOOO!

I used to be allergic to Simon. He'd lick my chin, my right eyelid would become crusty and nasty. Yeah, that's a pleasant look. I had to stop wearing eye make-up for three months after we adopted him. Finally I had to tell him I couldn't kiss him and he couldn't kiss me. Then, I slowly started smooching on him again after he'd lived with us for a while because I figured I would much rather have a crusty right eyelid and get to smooch on my cat than not. I've never quite figured out why my left eyelid wasn't affected. Now, I'm fine. I've adapted to his dander, saliva and fur. Now he can smooch me too, but I don't usually let him (cuz he bites when he's done licking!).

what is wrong here?

I rather enjoy ironing. Men's dress shirts to be exact. I have an amazing Rowenta iron. We buy Kev Kenneth Cole shirts. Yet, we have a crap ass ironing board. WHY?!?

I know, I must sound either nuts or I don't know what, when you read that. But there is something about the iron sliding over the crisp cotton of a really well made shirt. First you have to spray it with a medium starch and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, when you iron it...perfection.

I learned how to iron when I was a little girl. Mom and I would be in the laundry room on Sunday mornings working on Dad's shirts for the week. She first had me start on his handkerchiefs. I really enjoyed those. Eventually I worked my way up to shirts. She said I had more patience than my sister did when it came to ironing. I think I still do. I'm pretty sure she takes her things to a dry cleaner to have them cleaned and pressed. I prefer to wash them and iron them myself. It brings me an odd satisfaction.

This weekend, we buy me a new ironing board.

Monday, June 19, 2006


go to the market and get pork loin for dinner...check
take josie on lovely "crazy" run at the park...check
work on mystery knitting...check
play with green yarn for my sleeves...check
totally forget having to go into the outlet store...check
get call from charles telling me i've forgotten...check
frantically run to the bus and the train to get there...check
make it home in time to make dinner for the two of us...check
enjoy time outside sitting by our new fire pit...check.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

wow, really?

So, what have we been up to? Well, you saw what we did last week (see a few posts prior with images of the shed). You saw that I finished one of the cutest baby hats (again, see the last post for that image).

Last night we went to see Built to Spill. One of my favorite bands. Kev got us tickets for our anniversary (we were quite excited that one of their two shows was on a Saturday night). The show was great and the band sounded great, but after their really amazing opening songs, they played some slower tunes and even though I love all the sounds they create, I really wish they'd continued down the "rockin" road they had begun to head down with the first three songs. We both were exhausted and so we took off a bit early (we probably missed two songs total).

Today we got up and went to a strawberry festival with our friends. It's a tradition for her family and now, we're in! We bought a tomato plant (one of my bessers didn't really make it through a massive rain storm we had this past week and even though he was trying...since I had two bessers, thought he could be sacrificed) and shared a flat of strawberries with Jenn and Dugan. We were hoping that the woman who was there last year selling her handspun alpaca yarn would be there again, but alas, she was not.

Afterwards, Jenn and I went to Close Knit and got yarn to make our sleeves. I got a great deal on some superwash merino wool in a celery green. I will show pictures of these sleeves as I progress. Basically, I'm making the tubey arms...but without stripes. I also found some other yarn for a project I will not be speaking of (how is that for carrot dangling?).

Well, Kev's home with our BBQ from Clay's Smokehouse. Yeah, anyone who comes to visit...we're so taking you there!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

can you stand the cuteness?

I finished Cash's hat on the bus as I was heading home from work today. Cash is the son of our friends Jeff and Dayna, who live right around the corner. Dayna is going to be induced either Sunday or Thursday...depending on how her appointment goes tomorrow.

So, for the info...

CO 90 sts. Knit for about 8 rows, Purl for 2, Knit the rest. Start reduction at 4" in height. *When 25 sts left, put on five DPN and knit i-cord. Make longer i-cord out of blue yarn and tie around others. Done and done.

They loved it. In fact, Dayna said she'd bring Cash home in it! I can hardly stand how much I love this little hat!!!

*Correction: I put ten stitches on one DPN, then 5, 5, 5 on one DPN each. Then I start the i-cord. I hope that make sense to my knitting friends. :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

google it, i dare you

I just was doing an online search for newborn baby hats and when to start with the reduction. I googled "knit newborn baby hat reduction" (sans quotes) and BOOM, my blog is the third on the list I get. Yeah, I don't tell myself any pertinent information though. Most baby hat patterns are calling for reduction to start at 5.5". For a newborn, that just seems too long through the head (does that even make sense?). So...any knitters wanna help me out? Suggestions? My Guru is going to measure a baby head tomorrow ear to ear and let me know. She's having dinner with our friend who just had twins a month ago. Lucky for me, this friend is also a knitter and understands the importance of such things. :)

Okay, let knitting commence...

Sunday, June 11, 2006


So, how'd we do? The shed doors now *open towards the house.

All along the fence, to the left in the photo, were where the devil weed was. I'm sure we'll be having issues in the future with it again, but hopefully not for a while.

I think my favorite part, besides having it done, was that we didn't actually kill each other during the process of this whole job. We bit a little, but we both were happy in the end with our results. We've kissed and made up. :)

(*and do they ever glide! Wonders what a level surface will do for that sliding action.)

Oh and in case you are wondering why the three posts? Blogger isn't letting me post more than one photo in a posting. So...thought I'd write it out in three posts and then publish them last to first. Let's see if it works. :)

We ran over to the Mall 205 Home Deephole and grabbed something to eat at the Subway within the "mall." Then, we had to talk with Dan at the Deephole and figured we'd make a frame for it. He helped us figure out the amount of wood we would need. We were going to make a platform for the shed. It was going to be a work of art...

We are quite proud of our efforts. I doesn't look all that level in the image, but it is. The fences, are goofy. The back one is so old, and the other (even though it is new) wasn't done well. Let's just say I'd not ever use that fence company to build anything for me.

So we sat around and patted ourselves on the backs for a while and then realized we were not even near done. We still had to move the shed. That glorious, beautiful shed. And? And? It was beginning to look like rain. M'kay. Not really wanting to move a metal shed in rain as all our garden tools and supplies (you have no idea how that word, supplies, evaded my brain) get wet, we had it.

sundays were made for movin' sheds

I'd had this great post. Witty, fabulous but Blogger ate it. I was trying to post this so it was the first in line, but, it didn't. And then I lost the first in a three part post. So...

This is what we did today.

Or this is where the shed used to reside. We had hoped to salvage some of the wood but yeah, it wasn't going to happen.

let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees

Well, we have had birds and we have had bees (not in THAT way you guys!). The birds, we'll keep. The bees...well, their fate wasn't so nice.

We've been doing a bunch of work on our backyard. Trying to move things around to give ourselves more space, etc. Granted our backyard is rather spacious already, but the shed has always been in a dumb place. Smack dab in the middle of the fence along the left side of the yard. Not in a corner, but middle of the fence. I don't understand the logic of it. Nor do I understand why whomever bought the shed decided upon a metal Portland...where it RAINS! We'd thought about getting a newer shed, but decided if we can move the current one and possibly paint it with some Rustolium, we might be able to breathe new life into it (without sinking a ton more money into something we'd have to leave behind whenever we opt to sell this house).

I'd hoped to have pictures of the birds, but Josie kind of made sure to scare them and make them fly away for a little while. But, they are the *Common House Sparrow. The male is rather dashing with his black bib on...

Well, just waiting for Kev to get up so we can get going. He's still lazing in bed. I've tried folding laundry on his head (okay, not really on him, but the basket was on the bed). I've even had full conversations with him (which it will be fun to see what he remembers...this could work in my advantage!). I think he'll be getting up soon now. I'm getting antsy and am ready to go. Okay, I will admit I'm not 100% ready to go, because I'm still in my jammies, but mentally I'm totally on the hike already. And I know as soon as I start changing clothes to more day wear, Josie will go nuts. Hmmmm....

nah, that'd be a mean way to get him up.

(*bird in picture NOT one of "our" friends, but a photo found through google)

Friday, June 09, 2006

again, it's all about friends

We had an impromptu grill night with our friends Kiley and Shannon on Wednesday night. We always enjoy sharing time with them and they have become more like family than just friends (most of our friends are that way really). Anyway, they'd just gotten back from a trip to Idaho where his niece was graduating high school. While there Shannon attended a baby shower for Kiley's sister. She'd been sent emails about it, but to her account she doesn't use anymore. Oops. So, she ran around and bought baby type things to give her sister in law.

I had been thinking of making another newborn hat with the green and blue yarn I have leftover for my friend (the one who is also getting a sweater) and decided that I would make it and let Shannon send it to her sister in law. Is it odd that I fell into a bit of a funk when I had nothing on the needles and nothing in my head as to what the next project was going to be? Was it funny when I knew what I was going to do next, but sad because I have to wait until after we get paid on the 15th? (the whole changing jobs thing, payday changing..must watch the $$ for a little...and the first two weeks of every month is fun because it's mortgage, car payment and a few other bills...all of which say they could change the billing date, but it just is so hard and then we get double billed...blah blah blah).

So, I've got a little blue and green had on my needles. I am happy once more. I tell my friends Shannon and Kiley, thank you.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

my true identity revealed

I'm not sure at what age it happened, but it did. I had my hand to my chin, looking at something and I felt it. My first witch hair popping out of my chin. Oh My doG. I swear it had to have been an inch at least. My first thought was "how in the hell did that grow to that length WITHOUT me noticing it before?!?!" My second thought was "where in the hell are the tweezers!" And so it began. My third was "why in the hell didn't someone tell Jill, Kev, anyone?!?!" I'm sure they didn't see it and I'm sure it wasn't truly an inch long, but it felt like it. Now I just have my regular routine, put on moisturizer, feel around on chin and make sure my witchy ways aren't showing. :) I can go for months with nothing and then, almost overnight, one will sprout. Always thick and black. I just don't get it...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

you help decide

Which of these two patterns do you like the best?

A. is from Dogs Steal Yarn

It is a cute little wrap around sweater that she says is an easy on kind of deal. Very simple, rough around the edges, and oh so sweet. I am thinking of a sage green color for either boy or girl options. I also was thinking the i-cord tie would look sweet in a stripe, like Mr. Monkey's jaunty scarf from the post earlier. (I must say I rather like the background behind the sweater named the Yoda Sweater)

B. is from

This is a darling little button up sweater with three buttons at the top. I have found a great site for wooden buttons. I am thinking the same sage green color with wooden buttons. I'm NOT going to do any of the other options shown at the site. I'm not for the snakes all over my child look. I don't think the friend I'm thinking of making this for would go for it either. It's a bit more finished looking, so to speak, which is quite lovely in contrast to the Yoda Sweater before. But it's not so futzy that mom and dad wouldn't think to just grab it as an easy sweater to put on their *critter.

(*for some reason, i've taken to calling babies, critters. their heads are called beans)

I think I know which one I will do first...but suggest away (colors as well as which pattern)

Monday, June 05, 2006

now what?

I'm done. No more baby hats right now. Babyblue has been completed. I have another friend who is just newly preggers, but I'm going to possibly try my hand at a sweater for hers. Although I could start on a newborn hat for her (I do have close to 9 months to work on it).

Knitters Afternoon was lovely yesterday. I started with the reduction then and came home to finish up with the i-cord tassels. I CO 80 (although I could have sworn I'd CO 90...but I was left with 79 so 80 is more realistic) Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmino.

But now, now I'm kind of at a loss. I don't have my next project in mind already. This makes me nervous in a way. I mean, I suppose I could figure something out for the next major project. But instead, you know what a girl does when she's at a loss? She makes a scarf for her *sock monkey.

*Said girl did not make the sock monkey, but gave three pair of baby socks to the sock monkey maker and got a free sock monkey out of the deal. Not bad!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

20% more baby hat goodness

Okay, so I haven't asked my friend Kris if I can share the picture he sent of his daughter (wow, that feels great to say...his daughter! And Kris, let me know if it's okay). It is a little large on her, but when winter rolls around, she'll be a happy baby.

Meet, the Goofball's.

My dear friend from high school had a baby two months ago. I decided that her daughter (that feels really great to say, too!) needed to have a hat* as well. Now, since they live in the midwest she doesn't really need a 4 ply Debbie Bliss Cashmino (or however that is spelled) fingerweight, knit on #3 circulars, CO 112 sts. It's more for winter. It will be perfect for the winter. I am rather smitten with how this came out. I can't wait to see it on her.

Babyblue is working his way off the needles. I think I have a really sweet idea of how to finish him, but I am going to wait and see what the yarn tells me it wants to do. Meanwhile, enjoy the hat...

*Two babies were borrowed during the making of this hat. Neither were harmed. The first was 18 months old, the second was 10 months old.

not everybody loves a parade

Although maybe I do because it is allowing me to leave a half hour early...

It's the Rose Festival. It kicks off this weekend with the Starlight Parade. At 6:00 the bus mall, where I pick up the #17, is being closed and routes are being altered. However, do you think I can find WHERE my bus will be picking up passengers after 6:00? NO, I can not. The Trimet website, not so much with the being helpful. It's fine, I get out early, that's all that matters.

Tomorrow, knit day. I'm probably not going to go for a really long time, but enough to finish baby blue. Hat #2 is done. I finished it this morning during my knit/coffee ritual. It's so damn cute. I'll get a picture of it tonight and post it. I have to put it on the cookie jar (Josie's cookie jar) so I'm sure she'll be happy again. Every time she hears the jar, it's cookie time. The only time we open it is when we're giving her something so...

Okay, going to do a bit more organizing of the back room before I get to get the hell out of here in an hour!!!