Saturday, March 27, 2010

a confession

i have a confession to make. i am addicted to something. it's been a little while in the making, but it's full blown now. i don't know what i did without it before. i can't imagine life without it ever again. 

i'm addicted to...

debbie bliss prima yarn. it's drape, it's weight, it's warmth without being too warm. the only thing i am not in love with is that almost every single ball has at least one knot in it. BUT i don't let it sway me away from using it. because of the amazing qualities of the fabric it makes.

there is a slight sheen to it, too. as soon as i finished flirt, i went to the website where i had gotten the purple yarn on sale and saw they had more than enough left in brown. and it was still on sale! i just went shopping for our spring wardrobes and felt as though i was still missing something. a brown, bamboo and merino wool skirt! so yes, eventually i will make another. but not before i get a certain someone's blanket done. and i'm rapidly approaching that point...

don't send's too late for me.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the best laid plans

while i was at work i had thought about coming home today and getting out in the garden to till up the soil. i thought about planting a few bottles (yeah, cuz that project WILL be finished this spring) and even getting others soaking again for easy label removal. when i drove home, with my music blaring and singing along loudly (must be in the air), i thought of getting some weeds yanked while i was at it. however all those thoughts went out of my mind when i got home and saw my deceased neighbor's daughter's car in the drive (correct apostrophe usage, kids?). i knew that she was going through the things in the house. she had once offered to let me to go through the craft room whenever i pleased. she mentioned it to kevin when she saw him last week. 

the room will be a challenge, but i will help her go through it. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

spring is in the air

today i could feel it. the air was warm. people were smiling. dogs were all over the place. it's spring. it's beautiful. i reminds me that i have a hell of a lot of work in the garden that needs my attention.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

it's funny and sweet

so last week i got an out of the blue email from a reader of this here blog who lives a few hours away. she and her husband were overnighting it in my neck of the woods for a conference he had to attend. she was going to shop at one of our great Asian markets since where they live they have ZERO and would i want to meet for a beer.

i thought about it and thought, why the hell not? we've emailed back and forth for a little while now and honestly, it's kind of neat...meeting someone with whom you've only shared emails/blog comments (isn't it, B?).

i had a *dentist appointment at 11:20 (yea no cavities! just two old fillings need of which has just fallen out) and i told her i would call her when i was done.

we met close to one of her favorite markets (it's HUGE) and grabbed a bite to eat. it was so so sweet to meet you V!!!

we talked of knitting, great Thai places to eat in town (glad to hear you liked it too, V), as well as our lives. it was so easy to sit and chat with one another. a new friend in this life i live. it's funny where and how we meet people. isn't it? funny and sweet.

we'll do it again sometime, i'm sure.

*any people in pdx who need a dentist...i've got your man!