Monday, January 29, 2007

what day is it?

So I leave on Wednesday. I can hardly believe time has flown by since I learned I would be attending the WSA. I was good this time around and didn't obsess on what clothing I would be taking. I didn't list things out (well, I started to, but realized I didn't NEED to so I stopped). I didn't do sketches. I simply had Jill over and had a full closet of clean clothing. I am all packed and ready to go. I am simply taking one pair of shoes (well, boots). I got the question: "are you taking several different pairs of shoes so you can change between appointments?" Ummm, no. Not even close. One pair of boots. I know the rep will be thrilled to see I've chosen my El Naturalista boots.

So I'm out for a few days, back on Supah Bowl Sunday!! We'll be watching Da Bears at our until then.

my very first video game (as an adult)

I went to Thanksgiving in January at our friends house last night. Kev ended up having to go in to work because someone was "sick." Of course it was dude's first day back after a week long vacation so we're not really thinking he was sick, rather he just didn't want to be back...

Anyway, I get to Jenn and Dugan's house and eat fabulous food and share wonderful company. Our friends, Erik and Jess, have brought over this game. I have never been so enthralled with a game personally. I've seen Kev get wrapped up in them, but I've never felt that pull. Until last night.

I left around 20 after nine and stopped to pick Kev up on the way home. I had it all figured out, I would grab him and then we'd zip over to Fred Meyer's to get the game. But as I turned into the complex where he works...WALMART. Now, I normally do not like shopping there, but the pull of this game was too great. And they stay open until midnight, Fred's I think is only until ten (which it was rapidly approaching).

Kev is playing now, but Jill will be coming over in a few hours to get her game on. It's ridiculous and there is no rhyme or reason to it, other than to have fun. And that, it achieves!

Friday, January 26, 2007

second car

Well, we did it, we decided to get a second car. It's not the most plush, but it has wheels and gets us around. It's a bit big for the driveway, so we have to park it on the street...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Kev calls me tonight at work...

K: "Do you still want the wheat?"

me: "What?"

K: "Weed. Do you want the Weed?"

me: "WEED?"

K: "WII! Do you still want the WII!"

me: "Why didn't you say so? YES!"

Right now Chizzle (Chuck) is boxing. He's kicking ass!

I just beat the boys in bowling...oh yeah baby! It's on!!!

new two, purl two...what's that smell?

Knit night last night was lovely. Just five of us showed up, but it had been postponed since the great snow of 2007 last week. I picked up Jenn and her neighbor, Lisa. We all headed over to Amy's where Rene was already knitting away. I started pulling out the yarn I'd made Kev's hat out of and was about to work on my wrist warmers. I'd copied off the directions (which are really easy, but since I only read them a few times I'd not yet committed everything to memory) and had put them in my bag when leaving work. Before heading over I cleared out my bag of all non-knitting things guessed it, the pattern with all the other paper.

No biggie, I had back up. I decided to work on my father in law's scarf. Made great progress. Knitting two, purling two, mistake rib looks great with Manos. Then, a smell. Kind of barnyard. Kind of nauseating. Kind of...THE SCARF! Yeah, I'll be soaking that in something before I send it to him. Can you imagine, "Here, Dad...we love you. What's that? It smells? I didn't smell anything, you must be crazy!"

The really annoying thing? I still have to FINISH it while smelling that smell. Mmmm, barnyard knitting.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

greenie beanies are finger food

I a sitting at work eating my lunch waiting for those ladies taking their lunch breaks to come in and disturb me. It actually makes lunch take longer, leaving me to not eat as much. It's a good thing. But those ladies, they aren't coming in. I suppose I shouldn't just say the ladies since we do have men come in, but they are not the regular lunchtime shoppers.

I made a flank steak stuffed with portabello mushrooms I got at CostCo with greenie beanies and bread. It was better last night (the steak). The greenie beanies, divine!!! I recommend anyone and everyone to eat them instead of fries. Finger food. It makes things taste better! With a hint of sea salt...mmmmm.

Tonight is knit night at my friend, Amy's. I am quite excited. We were supposed to all get together last week, but she postponed it due to the snow. Today is sunny and lovely out. I don't plan on drinking any wine, but I do plan on showing her that I found my sweater pattern. She and I were going to knit sweaters together this winter. We've slacked because of me. I couldn't find the pattern I wanted to use. Now, after running to Powells with my friend Shannon on Sunday, I have the pattern. I just need to find the yarn next. That shouldn't be too tough. We'll just head to my favorite LYS and figure out if my favorite alpaca yarn would work for it.

I'm excited. A shoe store pal I've not seen in a while just popped in. We're going to set up a date to knit. Our dogs have played together once, but we kind of lost contact after that (you know, life rearing its head and getting in the way of new friendships).

Okay, rambling has commenced so it is my sign that I need to sign off and continue my lunch.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

did i say something about photos?

Seriously, I don't think I let anyone else hold Henry for more than 20 minutes when we were visiting. And it's kind of hard to take photos of yourself holding a beautiful baby. So, no photos were taken. Although Mom promised me to send me some of him wearing his hat and I am sure we will get some ourselves. I really want a picture of me holding him while he's wearing know, for my portfolio of knitted goodness.

I'm waiting for our friend, Shannon and Kiley, to arrive. Shannon and I are having a Shannons Day Out today. We start with haircuts and then off to Powells. When done there we will meet the boys for some food. They, meanwhile, will be sitting on their duffs watching football.

Oop, I think they've arrived!

Friday, January 19, 2007


Tonight I get to go squish on a new baby. Henry was born last, just last week...and I've only met him once. However, I am hooked. This boy is the bees knees. He's the cat's meow. He's just beautiful.

I made him a hat. I couldn't resist, nor could I stand the sight of him wearing a yellow acrylic hat the hospital had given him (I know that somebody handmade it for the hospital, but acrylic just doesn't seem warm and cozy to me...especially in yellow). As soon as we got home Wednesday last week, I got the hat on the needles. I swore I'd have it completed by our next meeting. It only took me a few days to get it done.

After finishing the hat, I decided to find some little Robeez "shoes" for him too. I mean, we have a kids shoe store in the C-N-More family so why not?!? OMG! There are dinosaurs on them. And those dinos are green...just like the warm, snuggly, washable merino wool hat I had just made.

But I couldn't stop there. I was in Target yesterday with friends and saw these onesies that made me melt. There, on the front one of the two in the set, a monkey. A SOCK MONKEY! DRIVING! A CAR! Yeah, so those made it in my arms too. Looking back, the little blue and green and multi colored striped onesie would probably "gone" more with both the hat and the booties, but you just can't pass up sock monkeys driving. I mean seriously!

The camera will be taken. And photos will collect rapidly on it. I might even get to share (once I get permission from Henry's Mom and Dad).

SO yeah, I'm a little excited about seeing that boy again. What can I say? He stole my heart.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

blogging with animals

Yeah, another post so soon after that lame list. I know! What did you all do to deserve this? Nothing, but the can thank them.

I'm sitting here reading my favorite blogs, waiting for A. Kev to get home and B. for it to be 6:00 so I can feed the crew and get them off my back (I do not believe in feeding them early just to regain my sanity because it reinforces this annoying behavior). They do not care what 'time' it is, rather they want food and they want it NOW. I have Josie poking me with her wet nose in the left elbow and Simon attacking my left hand. His attack makes Josie ever so happy and excited and much more poking ensues along with wiggling and jumping up onto my lap. Chloe sits quietly and lets the other two do her bidding. Have I told you she's my favorite?

what did you do today?

  • Looked at Fall 07 Dansko styles at store.
  • Attempted to work on handbook, but all attempts were foiled by the fact that the information was all on the laptop which I'd left at home.
  • Ran to bank for store.
  • Stopped by Jill's and deep cleaned her kitchen sink.
  • Drank coffee and watched silly tv.
  • Drove home in slush.
  • Chatted with my Daddy-O.
  • Now and debating what to do games with Kev or work on handbook.
  • Am also thinking about yoga tomorrow and the fact that my neck feels better now, but unsure how it will feel tomorrow.

So there you have it, a list. Not the most exciting, but it's what I've done thus far today. Exciting, no?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

let it snow let it snow let it snow *UPDATED!*

So we are actually getting real! live! snow! in Portland. Usually the substance called snow by the locals resembles styrofoam balls, you know like the ones in bean bags? But this is real snow. Josie is beside herself, although has only gone out twice in the hour and 45 minutes we've been up (by we I mean me and her). There are still giant flakes falling as I type, too.

I know in years past my boss has told us to close up shop, but that is normally when it's slick. I don't think it is, but will see when I'm heading in on the bus. I think I may just take the knitting I was going to start at my friends house tonight into work. I also am not sure I will venture out tonight if it stays like this all day. I am sure she'll understand. Although a cozy fire with friends knitting sounds lovely. We'll see. I grew up in this and Dad taught me how to drive in this. I suppose it's the other people on the streets Dad didn't teach how to drive that worry me most though.

Yeah, a screwy punctuation post! :) Hell, when my neck hurts as much as it does (I have no idea why it does, either) I am not going to worry about a correctly placed comma.

So, camera...where are you?

*Oh and Dad, as for yesterdays photo of us all on the sofa, it's hard to take a self portrait with that many beings. Hopefully in May when you and Mom are here we can recreated it and you can be our photog. :)


It ended up being slick on my walk to the bus stop. I got there, barely, called Charles and told him I was bagging it. It's still snowing, many hours later. My neighbor said she'd not seen a bus go by in over a half hours. I've only seen one coming up the hill and it had chains on.

Surprise of the day, Kev got to stay home too! John, is assistant manager, came by earlier to get the keys (he'd forgotten his at home) and was saying the roads were horrible. A few hours later, Kev got a call from John saying that corporate was closing up several locations today because of the weather. This means Kev gets two days off in a row again! Tomorrow is a work at the office day for me, so really it's a work at home day I am guessing.

Stay safe and warm everyone (all who are in cold and nasty climates).

The one thing I do wish? That my neck felt better. I would be more up for snowy adventures if it were. As it is, I simply want to tuck in and work on some knitting.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Imagine, if you will, two people filled to a comfortable full after a wonderful dinner sitting on their sofa. On his lap, a rotund orange cat. On hers, a sleek calico. Under their feet, their diggity dawg.

This is a rare occurrence, all three of the animals in the same space. It's a rare occurrence for Josie to "allow" Chloe to join us on the sofa. I hope it becomes the norm soon. I love my little family.

any cuter?

I am in the process of designing fliers for the Valentine's Day yoga practice. It is a donation practice with all the proceeds going to the Oregon Humane Society. Diana and I spoke of having images of animals on the fliers. She was wanting to use images of animals who had been adopted, instead of bred and bought. I couldn't have agreed more. I came home and promptly start taking photos of the trio. All were adopted, although Simon was the only one from the OHS. Chloe was adopted from the Kansas Humane Society and Josie through Second Chance Companions.

I got a great shot of Chloe today, but adapted one of Simon and Josie to suit our needs. I'm now just waiting for the template to come from Diana's boss so I can plug stuff in.

Do they get any cuter than these three?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

who knew?

A few weeks ago our fan in the bathroom decided it had had enough. It up and died. We could hear that something wanted to work, but the motor was just not turning. Kev and I enjoy doing things to our home. We like feeling the accomplishments of a job well done (although sometimes it is simply a job done). We purchased a new bathroom fan shortly after the old one passed away. It had sat on our kitchen table patiently waiting for its time to shine.

That time was today. Last week Kev started the process but we were out of batteries for our flashlight so the job had to be put on hold. After watching the Bears beat the Seahawks today he said he was going to get a bit of lunch and then run to Fred Meyers to get a few essentials. Batteries were on that short list. He got home about two hours ago and started straight in on that fan.

We have success. We will have to do a little patch work because the fan we bought was a bit smaller than the one we replaced, but seriously, it's in and it works. Patching is not too difficult and we'll do that in the next few weeks. I'm just thrilled to have a shower again with the fan on so I'm not in a sauna afterwards. I don't like the thick air in the bathroom after a hot shower. Call me crazy.

So, I will now start dinner so we can sit and relax the rest of this evening (although at some point when the bathtub is dry I do have to go in and lay down the new no slip strips...).


So right after we got home from the hospital on Wednesday night I immediately set to work on Henry's hat. Today, it is done. It's the sweetest. I made it out of the leftover superwash merino I made my sleeves out of. This means, they can wash it. It gets softer with every washing. I can hardly wait to get to see him again and snuggle it on his head. Don't worry, pictures will be taken!

Of course this makes knit night on Tuesday a bit of a mystery to me...whatever will I work on? I suppose there are a couple of scarves I wanted to make for my father in law and his wife. But with them wintering in Phoenix, it doesn't make much sense nor does it create a sense of urgency to get them done. Maybe I'll make myself some wrist warmers or a small skull cap...hmmmm.

Friday, January 12, 2007

wow, a week

So last we heard our heroine was battling the solar system. She'd been successful, but it was a hard journey. Okay, so it wasn't really that hard and it wasn't even all that time consuming. She simply painted, but whatever.

Since that day she's become an aunt (you know, when a very close friend has a baby and all their friends become aunts and uncles). Henry was born on Tuesday the 9th at 10:30 pm. He is possibly the most perfect and beautiful boy she's met! He's got his own blog, but currently it's just pre-birth stuff. He is just pretty. So far he's gotten one burp cloth, and has a hat on the needles. Our heroine vows to keep this child in knitted things. She also swears she will have his hat done by the next time they meet.

Other than that excitement, work has been the main focus of her attention. With her boss out of the country she's more hands-on with bills and the like. Stress has become her middle name. And today she has decided to work from home to work on the company handbook. We'll see if she truly holds true and does not go in.

Only time will tell...

Monday, January 08, 2007


I am sooo high man. Okay, not really, but if I sit in this sewing room much longer I am going to be flying because of the fumes. Cuz you know what Jill suggested we actually do today? PAINT! She was on a roll apparently, because she'd painted her basement this morning (a small wall she decided to do after she'd really painted and redecorated the rest of it over the past week or so) She is a painting gem. She enjoys taping off. She is all about cutting in. Yeah, I was happy she suggested it and offered to come help.
Kev and I moved into this house going on three and a half years ago. We love our little under 1000 sqft home. It's warm, inviting, full of fur and 100% us. My sewing room hasn't been getting much action. The ceiling was a deep blue/black background color and there was a mural of the solar system. Quite good really, but notice the past tense I use. I only felt slightly sad claiming it as my own space and painting over the whole thing. I know, a lot of work was put into it and it wasn't done poorly, I just like to feel as though my head has a bit more clearance. That ceiling felt like it was right above my head whenever I would work back in the evenings, especially in the winter.
Now, it's light and amazing, those fumes! Duuuuuuude.

unbearable lightness of being late

Yesterday we were going to get together with our exceptionally pregnant friend and her husband. Let's just say she is so pregnant, they're going in TOMORROW to get induced.

Anyway, we thought, according to the original plan, that the two of them would be coming out to the house and then we'd head to dinner. She called me in the morning to say they'd call us when they were on their way to the house. At the appointed time Kev got a call from her husband saying they were going to stop by Best Buy on their way. Then words about 5 and the restaurant we were planning on eating at were exchanged. Now keep in mind, Kev was in the middle of a computer game where the words, "WHAT? SHIT!" kept coming out of his mouth with the occasional, "YEAH!"

So when at 5:20 our friends called and asked us which one of the locations we were at...

We hopped into the car (after feeding the crew in record time) and headed to meet them. She's already ordered and consumed an appetizer. When you are pregnant and hungry, you eat. We felt so bad, but we all had a good laugh over it. I have told her that the next time we were trying to hook up with each other, she and I would do the calling and planning. :)

We're never on time anymore. I really don't understand it. I used to be the early one, he used to be much later than he is now. I thought we'd balance each other out and we'd actually be one of those "on time" couples. Nope, he's taken me out and we are now the Latersons.

Ah well. Makes it an adventure.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

saturdays with ella

For a while now I've come down an hour prior to opening on Saturdays and will sit and knit while eating my bagel. Most people who read these ramblings know this already. However, there has been an addition to my Saturday mornings and her name is Ella.

Every Saturday morning I will go in, get my latte and bagel and sit to work on whatever knitted thing I currently have on the needles. I get a few rows done before Ella comes in. As soon as she comes in I put down the knitting and give her my undivided attention. Ella is an elderly woman. She has macular degneration. She has tremors. She's fallen and broken ribs. But every Saturday she makes it into the city to have her coffee and get her hair done. We've become fast friends. I look forward to our conversations. Sometimes they are about a time long past. Other times current events. She has grown very dear to me.

I am hoping to get her photograph soon. I want to always remember her zest for life. Just today she told me that she will sometimes take the Max (our train) out to the airport to simply get a cup of coffee and to walk around the shops there. "It's an adventure. It's fun," she says. I smile and know that it's things like that that will keep her young at heart. Her freedom is important to her. She doesn't let her body get her down. Sure she moves slower than she used to, but she makes adjustments and deals with things accordingly. She doesn't let her eyesight hinder her love of life. She quite simply, lives.

I get something from her that I have been missing. And I don't think I knew I'd been missing it until just recently.

next week

Okay, so next week will be the official beginning of my real routine (I better go knock on/touch wood right this very second). This week has been great, though. The snafu, not the employee's fault. It was the person who does the schedules fault (if we are pointing fingers). He owned up to it though (although he said it was "our" mistake).

I got a ton done yesterday at the office. I got an ad re-done (who knew I'd sent the one for Feb in already?) and re-sent in (we liked the one I did yesterday better). I got some kids clogs added to our link to the kids section at our website. I got things ordered for the kids store (receipts nothing fun). I got all puffy eyed from sitting in front of the computer. Oh, I did manage to put most of the yearly paperwork in boxes and get them labeled correctly. That was no small (or fun) feat.

Now, I just wait to go to work. I better go make a sandwich!

Friday, January 05, 2007

the oddities of dreams

I woke this morning shaking my head.

Dream: my sister is about to get married to the guy she dated prior to the man she is actually married to in wakeful life. This guy, for some reason, is in a wheel chair (I am fuzzy as to why in the dream but am sure it is not permanent, but an accident).

The "wedding" is in an old warehouse. There is a lack of coordination and a judge is performing the nuptials from behind an old wooden podium. At some point, during the chaos of getting everyone on the rights sides of the podium, this guy looks up at me. I smile through my dislike and he asks me to lean in, he's got something to tell me. I figure this will be good. He says, "NEVER call my your brother. I am NOT your brother..." I am baffled.

Something happened and the wedding never takes place and we fast forward to a sunny beach. She is in a beautiful gown that is blowing in the wind. David (her real life husband) is there in an off white pair of linen pants and a white button down shirt, barefooted. Before they can do anything, he looks at me and smiles. I know at that instant I can call him my brother (even if it's in-law).


I guess it's safe to say I am thrilled that my sister did indeed marry David and not that last guy. There was also an instant in the dream where I was floating down some canal listening to my Zune. I floated by some dolphin enclosure and they were out, performing. I was impressed until some little girl said to her mother, "I wonder what that one's name is?" and the dolphin smiled and answered in plain english. I shook my head and floated on muttering things about it being an outrage that dolphins don't speak in our language. I was pissed that the idiots around me were whispering, "did you hear that? it's name is donna!"

okay END now...

(writing this post I am lead to remember words a dear friends father used to tell her, "Nobody wants to read about your dreams, Jennifer." And I smile. Perhaps this time, he'd be right.)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

yoga and a broken neck

Okay, so I don't really have a broken neck. I probably shouldn't even joke about it. But, I was so stressed yesterday morning and my shoulders ended up somewhere around my ears for the better part of the day leading to...duh duh duuuuuuhnnnn...a stiff neck/shoulders. I can't roll over in bed without searing pain running through my neck. I can kind of look left and right and up, but not so much down.

I have taken my medicine. However, if I recall correctly, it normally doesn't work until after the second or third dose. I didn't take any last night because I'd taken something earlier and then (many hours later mind you) I had beer. I don't know the particulars as to beer and this drug, but I didn't want to risk anything. So had I actually taken the first dose last night, I'd probably be feeling better by now....maybe.

As it is, yoga is going to be an adventure. And trust me, I am NOT going to miss this practice. It's been a month. A whole flipping month since I last went. Not due to me being a slacker, never that. More like, what I shall refer to simply as, the holidays. They get in the way of many things every year. This year, yoga. Last year, yeah I don't remember that long ago. I suppose I could go back to my archives, dig dig dig...but that's not my style. I am a live in the moment kind of girl. So, at this moment, I am going to get a single piece of toast and some coffee. Even though I prefer not to practice with a full stomach, I've got just under two hours before Kev takes Jill and I to class. Plus, we don't really do inversions (headstands, etc) in this community class. And even if we did, I'd not be with this neck. Unless...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

um, yeah

So I think I celebrated a bit too much and a bit too early. I got to work today and at 10:15 Charles felt the need to call downtown. The guy who we thought would be working wasn't there. Not only not there, but not answering his cell either. At first I was pissed. I was ready to jump on a plane, find him, and beat him with his own phone. Then I started getting worried. I mean, it's not like him to not call if we've called him. Then I finally got him on his phone (many hours into my day of working the floor again) and he was in CO flying home...according to his schedule. It would seem as though when he originally made the plans to go away for the holidays he was not working on Wednesdays. Also, the specific date he would return was not written down (not my department people). So he will be there tomorrow. We have no fears. I will be in the office the next two days (which makes me happy since I have an ad due on Friday that I still have to shoot and put together).

In other fun news, I got to go do surveillance tonight. Kev has to do it once a month at work. Basically we went and sat in front of his store (across the parking lot) and watched his two employees. Happily, they were working. It was a riot though. I told him next time we need walkie talkies so we could go hide behind bushes and get better vantage points. We also picked out our parking spot for next month already, too.

Now, an aside for Dad: labels...I might use them, I might not. I'm not into the beta thing and only joined because blogger said the new version was replacing the beta version. Of course the email saying "Welcome" mentioned "to the new BETA" and it turned me off immediately.

sweet, sweet routine

I know I've said it before, but I like a routine. I don't mind dabbling with occassional bouts of non-routine things every once in a while. However, when it comes to work, give me routine. In at 10 out at 6 type of thing. I don't care if what happens between those hours is all goofy and odd, just give me the knowledge that I start at 10 and end at 6.

That routine will be changing a bit, but the idea is the same. When I work at the store, I am 10-6. When I work in the office, I can go in when I want and leave 8 hours later. Today. I am going to go in at 9 so I can leave at 5. I likey!

I debated about taking the car today. Kev has off work today and tomorrow. I figured he might want it, but then remembered it was Kev and sitting around the house on one day off is a brilliant thing for him. So today I drive, tomorrow I will see if I can motivate him to take me and Jill to yoga in the morning so he can go to CostCo and do other things. Then he can just pick me up so we can go to Jenn and Dugan's for dinner. Easy Peasy.

Okay, my latte is getting cold and a shower is calling.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

my list

So, many of my friends have lists of things they would like to acheive in 2007. Mine is simple:

1. continue to be true to myself and those around me


Monday, January 01, 2007

when one doesn't listen

Yeah so I am antsy. I want to cook when I want to cook. Kev called about an hour ago to see if we had dinner plans. I told him I was cooking. He then asked if there would be enough if someone he works with joined us. I said of course!

I originally had the thought to wait until they got here to start. The two recipes are listed in the "quick and easy" section of our Cooking Light cookbook. I figured that 45 minutes after he called it would be safe to start cooking. Yeah, they're about half an hour from being done. D'oh!

So I've turned the heat off under the beef as well as the orzo. I figured if I have to redo the orzo, not a big deal. The meat, it will be fine when I turn the heat back on. I just wish I'd had listened to the inner voice that told me to wait.

Ah well. I suppose my stomach was winning that battle. And now for pennence, the smells eminating from the kitchen are sooooo amazing. I'm so hungry!!!

and away we go

Our neighbors like to celebrate. They really like to celebrate WITH fireworks. Our dog does not like fireworks. We decided to try a little something different last night. I figured if we acted like there was nothing happening and all was normal, Josie would pick up on the vibes and remain calm. And you know what? It worked (for the most part). She only grumbled a bit instead of the full on pant, pace, bark fiasco of the past. We went to bed, turned off the music and there were still some pops and snaps happening. She got up once and tried to get on the bed with us but I told her firmly to go to HER bed and she did.

The cats, they were a bit freaked out, but they just snuggled up with us and were fine.

We had a lovely evening of ordering pizza after all the cleaning I mentioned in the last post. We watched I <3 Huckabees (can't figure out how to make a little heart icon other than that way). It's over now. It was not like any movie I'd ever seen. Not good, not bad, it just simply was.

I continued working on knitting, but part way through one of the scarves I decided to call it a day with the knitting. Finishing two projects (both had been started already and one had very little left to do) as well as starting two made me tired. I may not knit today, I just don't know. Yeah. Right.

Kev is off to work and it's just me and the crew in the quiet of the house. The only sounds we hear are the heater and the clicking of the keys as I type. I like it this way. Kev thinks I'm nuts for not having music playing all the time. I tell him I like the quiet. He just shakes his head at me.

Oh, he wore the hat today. Actually, I put it on last night and told him I liked it so if he didn't I'd take it and he could go buy himself one. The look on his face! He promptly put it on and wore it the last few hours of 06. His remark to why he's not sure about it is: "It's just looser that I expected." I told him that if he wore it and he wasn't satisfied I have the other ball of yarn still and would make him another one, with 10 sts fewer still. I think he'll keep this one. :)

So yeah, I've got the rest of my day ahead of me and nothing in mind to fill it with. I'm sorry to those who had to go in to work today. It's one of my regular days off though so I'm not all that sorry.