Sunday, November 30, 2003

Josie and the pussycats

Well, for those of you who didn't get the email (don't know if there are any), meet Josie. She is our two year old, black lab mix. She is one of the best dogs I have ever known (besides Oscar, my sister's dog). She is such a fabulous girl. We are just a few days into this whole, dog "ownership" thing but loving every minute of it.

I told my parents and honestly, was a bit surprised by their reactions. Dad sounded like he was excited for us and Mom just said, "you're going to turn into one of those women who have 30 cats and 40 dogs who get arrested..." I assured her we wouldn't and that we would give her human grandchildren.

I can not wait for everyone to meet Josie!! She is learning new things everyday. Kev's been working with her on heeling and "giddy up" which apparentally means, let's go.

The cats are adjusting quite well. Simon and Josie are cohabitating very well and Chloe is interested, but not soo sure yet. Curiosity will get the best of her eventually!

I am so smitten with all my kids!! Josie and the pussycats!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

what i've learned

dirt needs to be cultivated (thanks, dad)

it's zummo, not zumo (sorry chris, thanks russ)

wear layers to work when expecting a shipment (must burn this into brain)

take an umbrella everywhere you go in winter in portland (duh)

laundry doesn't carry itself back to be put away (kev's working on teaching it though)

the heart has to let go, even sometimes when it hurts the most (friend from cat group~ just lost her little love)

sometimes you have to move things around to realize you liked it better where it was in the beginning (oops)

be thankful (always, even if you have to figure out what it is your thankful for)

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

tee shirt sheets

Everyone should own a set of the tee shirt sheets. They are so warm, without being suffocating, and they don't want to let you out in the morning. It has been getting rather cold here at night (nothing like the midwest I know, but it is cold for here) so we busted out the tee shirts! Nothing is as warm and inviting as those sheets, baby!!

Kev was cleaning the house last I heard. I just about repeated myself from yesterday's post. OOPS!

The bus shall prove to be tiring, I am sure. With the ol' bus buddy still there talking of fish they have cooked and packages people want him to ship. Yaaaaawn. Sorry, Dad, I should be more compasionate, but he's duller than dirt! :)

I only have roughly 45 minutes left of work. Wooohoooo. I am looking forward to going home, having a "meal in a bag," doing some more picking up (whatever Kev doesn't get done today) and getting things ready for cooking tomorrow. I have decided to make my rolls tomorrow and the cheesecake. If the rolls are a bust I have bought frozen rolls we have to pop in the oven on Thursday. I am hoping mine will turn out. I had a customer tell me that what make rolls turn into hockey pucks is people who don't let them sit long enough. I will heed her warnings and let the yeast do it's thang.

Keep safe this holiday season and remember, be thankful!

Monday, November 24, 2003

cleaning out the storage closet

Today was spent cleaning out the storage we have off of the cave. It had become a catchall for the extra crap we didn't have any place to store. So, we unloaded the whole room and I consolidated the boxes of things we want to keep and created boxes for trash and donation. We have quite a few things we are letting go of that will find new homes. A couple of coats we never wore anymore and some things that I had acquired at the yard sale we had at the apartment before we left.

We have done a bit of rearranging as well. The computer desk is along a different wall. I'm not sure if it will stay like this, but we'll see. So far we are liking the way it is feeling...

Thanksgiving food has been bought. Got me a 15 lb turkey for $3.03!!! Don't know how the girl made it happen, but it was supposed to drop to a certain price per pound after spending $25. When it didn't automatically do it she did it maunally. I'm not sure how she came up with $3.03, but I'll take it!!! :)

We have six friends coming over for dinner on Thursday. I am getting very excited about cooking for so many people. We have pecan and pumpkin pies coming to dinner with two of our guests. YUM!! I am making turkey, garlic cheese mashed potatoes, green beans with almonds, stuffing, and, if they turn out edible, parmesan and pepper homemade rolls. We bought some frozen rolls just in case the homemade ones turn out like rocks.

I am tired and going to go sit on the couch for a while. It's been a long, busy day of organizing and cleaning.

Saturday, November 22, 2003


The shoppers were waiting for Friday and Saturday to roll around! It has been busy busy busy here. I love when it gets crazy busy on Saturday since it is my last day of the work week.

I am half way through my day...lunch has been consumed and Chaz brought me a cookie for dessert. I will eat it later as I have already eatten some pears I brought from home for dessert...they just called my name louder than the cookie.

We are getting ready for the stragglers thanksgiving. We will go grocery shopping tomorrow after going out to my bosses house for Kev to take a look at his computer again and by the other store to check in. After groceries we are going to a farewell party for some people we know who are moving to Chicago.

It has gotten very cold here!! 30's today, although they said it was supposed to get up to lower 40's. BRRRRRR!

Okay, going to get ready for round number 4...come on people!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

your address

I have sent an email to most of my friends asking for their current addresses (not email, house) so that I may start compiling my holiday card list. When I told Kevin that we were going to write the letter this year he complained, but when I stated that if we don't write it we're not sending anything because I am the one who hand writes the cards. He realized that if he didn't want to get suckered in to helping with that he should just agree to the printed letter. We have had so much happen this last year that I felt the letter would be the best way to go. Of course now that I have set myself up to write it I will fail terribly and none of you will get squat from us. :) At least that is my M-O.

Boy work was slower than slow today. Not sure why. I am ready for the rush of gift buyers. WHERE ARE THEY!???

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

let it snow...

What a wild day of weather we have had today. It was a combination of rain and snow while I waited for the bus and then as we drove into the city the rain disappeared and it was just fat snowflakes. Now it's stopped snowing downtown and is just cold and wet. It's winter in the Pac NW!! Kev called saying when he woke he felt like he was back in Kansas for a minute, the flakes were huge!!

I have been busy placing orders at work, must get items in for the holidays! We have thought about a red show sale for Christmas. Not sure if we are really going to go through with it, since not everyone celebrates Christmas and red is so associated with it.

Kevin is going grocery shopping today. It will be nice to have more food in the house. I asked him to come up with three meals he'd like to have the rest of the week. Next week we can have the leftovers PLUS turkey!!! Nothing better than turkey sandwiches! Mom makes them the best though. All it is is mayo, turkey, cheese with a little salt, but she makes them better than I have ever been able to!!!

Speaking of Mom they should be in PA now dropping Grandma off at her new apartment today. I have posted that letter today. I was supposed to a couple of days ago, but I kept forgetting. I'm only human!

This weather has kept people off of the streets, which means it's slow in the store. I am supposed to be getting some things for hte windows so I can change them out today, we'll see if Ahmed remembers! :) He's prone to forget things...I swear we share the same brain half the time.

Well, I have some boxes to put away and things to inventory.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

back at work

Just as the title says, I'm at the shoe store. It's been a fast moving day, but slow as far as customers go. With the days getting cooler more people are staying inside. BUT this shall change as they get acclimated to their surroundings.

I have come up with my Thanksgiving menu, the boys will all be fed well. I found a roast turkey reciped online that sounds fantastic! If it works out well I will make it again for Christmas. It's pretty basic and there aren't too many herbs or flavors to combat the taste of the bird.

I also have found a roll recipe that I will be trying as well. It's for parmesan, pepper rolls. It sounds quite tasty, really. I forgot to talk with Ahmed about my time off I'd like to get during the time my parents are here. There is a bit of time before then though.

I warned Kev that it may get unbearable these next few weeks because of my excitment, to which he replied, "I don't see how you can talk any more about it than you already do." Trust me, I can talk MUCH more about it!!!

The house has stopped smelling of paint fumes. This is a nice thing. Kev's doing laundry right now, and will be caught up with much when I get home. I will probably still have to do some of my own things when I get home tonight, but that is okay.

We went out to sushi last night with friends for Kev's birthday. It was such a nice time. We have some great friends here!! Jill and Mark and Chuck and Marcy met up with us at our favorite place Umenoki. It was just a walk away from our apartment, but it's worth the drive!!! Boy, watch the girl get sidetracked! I was looking to see if there was a website for Umenoki and ended up on citysearch rating the place. They don't have a site, and the editorial review wasn't right in my opinion...

Well, I have a few things to take care of. Namely my desk. I don't know how, but it always looks like a tornado has run over it at the end of the day.

More later (THREE days in a row?!?!).

Monday, November 17, 2003

ummmmm paint fumes!

We have done it, we have done something I said we were going to do on the blog at the time I said we'd do it!!!

We don't have a purple wall anymore, we have a bark mulch wall!!!! Ain't it purtty? I even painted the small wall like I set out to do. It's not a huge change (Kev kept saying he couldn't tell a difference, until it was done) but it is a warm change!! The original "cream" color Kev had painted (which was the same as the ceiling) looked so grey on the wall behind the blue sofa. Now it looks like a lighter shade of what is on the rest of the walls. The picture didn't really show much so if you want to see it, you must come to the house!!!

My parents are on their way to Pennsylvania with my Grandma. They found an assisted living program back there for her to move to. She's been missing PA and it's been so much for my parents to take care of her. They say she seems slightly excited (she's not mentioned going back to the house since they started talking of her apartment). I will post a letter to her today so she gets some mail shortly after moving in. I will try to write her letters every few weeks.

The breeze comment from yesterday was spot on, well actually it was downright windy!!!

Two posts in two days, I better not spoil you all!! (Especially Russ)

Today I will plan our "straglers Thanksgiving" meal. I like having our friends who don't have family around to go home to over for a big feast. So far we have one friend who is excited about it, Chris. I think I caught him by surprise when I called to invite him. He's such a fun guy that I wish we would do more things with him, but his work schedule is a bit wonky, maybe better now that he is on full time...we'll have to ask him. Our other friend, Linsel, may have forgotten about our invite since we made it at his "denial party" the other night. He and his roommates are denying that summer is over so we all donned our summer togs and sipped cool refreshments in the heat of their overheated apartment. It was a great time!!! I'll have to remind Linsel of our invite...

Well, I'm off to plan a menu!

Sunday, November 16, 2003

sunday, rainy sunday

Well sports fans, it is another rainy day here in the Pacific NW. The temperature is in the 50's and there is a slight breeze out of the west. Okay, I don't know about the breeze, but the other stuff is true!!

I am trying to get my dear, darling Kevin to wake so we can tackle the big purple wall that awaits paint. I am getting antsy. I will be much happier when it is painted "bark mulch" like the rest of the room. I have also decided to cut the original color with white to make a lighter version so I can repaint the small wall behind the blue sofa. The cream Kev painted it looks like grey in real life and there is something about the combo that doesn't fit in my design mind.

I am going to send in the troups, I only hope they can do better than me! "Chloe, Simon it's time to wake up dad."

Wednesday, November 12, 2003


So I am sitting here at work trying to think of anything that my dear friends and family would find interesting. It's sometimes a very difficult thing to do, come up with interesting anecdotes to keep you all satiated.

Our friend, Bob, whom we stayed with in St Louis, was here overnight last night. He came by the house and he really liked it a lot. We joked with them that three of our houses could fit in theirs while we were visiting. Bob loved the cave (all men who come to see our house love the multimedia room we have so lovingly named the cave). The thing that surprised me most was he actually pet the cats and spoke to them. He grew up in a very large family and they never had animals. He never understood the feeling we have for the kits and always thought we were a bit off our rockers. Maybe there is something about being a dad that makes it easier for him to understand now?

I have run out of coffee it home which means I am draggin' my wagon!!! I had a cup from this great place around the corner from work, but unless I have it right when I wake up it is futile.

Don't you all love the big words I am using this evening? And, they are all from my own thoughts, not from the thesarus!!! (Anyone catch Friends a week or so ago?)

I have just under an hour left of work and I have things to do, so I should go do them (in theory this works, but please reference two paragraphs ago and realize most everything will be waiting for me in the morning)...

I am probably going to play a bit of solitare, pick up my desk, surf the net, maybe right an email or two (but I have pretty much used up all my brain power writing this thing so maybe not).

Monday, November 10, 2003

kitchen is clean!!

I was making breakfast for myself this morning and I decided today was the day I deep clean the kitchen. I am cleaning the oven right now. It's a self cleaning one!! :) I am thinking that I will do some deep cleaning around the house the next few weekends so that when the time draws closer for my family to visit I will not have to do the mega cleaning as I usually do. I am at a loss as to what to do for our carpet in the cave though. It is quite stained from the former owners. We are eventually going to replace the carpet, but not before Mom and Dad come. I have warned her though.

Kev's been looking in the Sunday paper for work. I don't know what he has found, if anything, yet. I know that he will find something soon. I have faith in him.

We, for once, are all caught up on laundry!! Well, I do have the sheets to do, but the clothing is all done! Woooo-hoooo!
It is an ongoing battle since our machines take a long time to do their magic. But, I shan't complain since they are in the comfort of my own home.

I have come up with the list of things to do to the house to increase it's value so when the time comes to sell we will make some $$ off of it. I am a firm believer of the "do one room at a time" theory!! I am thinking since we started on the kitchen it will be the first we tackle. We have discussed different flooring and have decided to go with the vinyl tiles, not the peel and stick, but the type you use the glue and what not. Our original thoughts were to use ceramic, but the bathroom is done in that and boy oh boy is it cold!!! Since the kitchen doesn't have a heat vent we have decided we need to go with something that will not freeze our feet in the winter. That and I think the vinyl will be much easier to keep clean. I also want to add some shelving to the wall by the fridge, it's a big empty space right now that could be used for storage! Then I think the kitchen is done. Oh, and I would personally like to replace the loud dishwasher!!

This will all start happening as soon as we are a two income family again, but in the mean time we can do some "shopping" around to see where we can find what we want and get the best price.

Will take pictures as "construction" begins and ends. Probably won't be for some time, most likely will happen after Christmas time.

Time to go get the sheets to wash...chores never end!! :)

Friday, November 07, 2003

exciting day planned tomorrow

Well, it's exciting for me at least. When we were in St. Louis Ahmed got a call from the Western Culinary Institute, whom have just moved up the road from us. The woman asked if we would be interested in having a table at their new student orientation. He said he had to check with me...

I jumped at the chance!! I said of course we would do it and have been busy getting all sorts of goodies ready to take with me. I've written up information sheets on the three brands we are taking (I must complete those tonight) and a "why clogs" q & a page.

I am quite excited about being given this opportunity. We already sell quite a few clogs to the students, they are actually told to come to us by their instructors, but with orientations every 6 weeks (yes, we will be attending them) we will gain so many new customers!!! Now we just have to make sure we have things in stock, or next challenge.

Kev's gone to see a head hunter, they helped him with his resume (just needed a bit of beefing up) and are looking for jobs within their database for him. I am glad he has taken this next step, as I am sure he is too.

Well, I'm off to go finish up some last minute things before catching my bus home for an evening of board games and pizza with Marcy and Chuck.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

fun fun fun

We are now back in Portland and I am getting ready to go to work. We had a fabulous time in St Louis. The friends we stayed with, Bob and Amy, have the most beautiful little girl! Abby has the best personality I have ever experienced! She found her toes while we were there too and just couldn't get enough of them.

The reception was fun, it was nice to see everyone again. We even had a great time with a former roommate of Kev's that I was not all that excited about seeing again. Let's just say we have all done a bit of growing up. He admited to being a jerk back then, and the two of us were sad when he and his wife left the party. I got her email and their address so we can keep in contact. Yes, Russ, Jason was actually very very cool!!

The weather while we were there was odd, very warm indeed. It is kind of nice to get back to where I have to wear a sweater!!! I am hoping things at the store didn't go haywire, I always worry when I am gone.

Kev is planning on calling a couple of places today. I will be checking in with him later in the day to make sure he has.

I am going to go pack my purse for my first day back to work. Even though it was a short, mini vacation, it was worth it for me! I needed a little time away from work and time with good friends.

ta for now...