Tuesday, February 28, 2006

cat's out of the bag

I'm sitting on the sofa in the cave. I'm fixing up my new tool...my laptop (although I suppose now they are called notebooks). Kev's playing some game on the desktop. I've got music piping through from Giles Peterson. I look to my right and who do I see?

I can't stand how cute those two are together! I mean, look at them...oops, I guess that cat is out of the bag now, but do notice she sits on a blanket. We are training her only on the blanket! Let me tell you, on a cold winter night, she's mighty warm! :)

that dad is a sneaky man!

Well, leave it to my Dad to be sneaky and tag us while we read his latest entry...

So, here it goes:

4 things I need every morning:
1. the sound of Kev's breathing as he sleeps
2. wiggles coming from Josie as I get out of bed to feed the crew
3. a latte
4. a roof over my head

4 things that turn me off:
1. cell phone conversations in which I can hear both parties...even just hearing the person on my end is bad enough
2. inconsiderate people
3. people who are all "I'm right!" even when they are not
4. not playing fair

4 things I believe in:
1. myself
2. the love I feel for my family and friends
3. that we all make the choices that get us where we are today (and future today's)
4. yoga

4 things I am afraid of:
1. not living up to my potential
2. the trillions of icons in my task bar that I have no clue what they are there for
3. drowning
4. inheriting the macular degeneration that has taken my grandmother's sight

4 things I do every day:
1. kiss Kev and tell him I can't stand how much I love him
2. squish on some furry animals and give kisses (cuz in our house, the rules are ANYTIME WE WANT we can kiss those little faces)
3. knit (or I'm trying to every day)
4. obsessively read my friends blogs

4 things I want to do/have:
1. I want to live my life to the fullest
2. I want to always do right by others
3. I want to continue finishing every project I start to knit
4. I want zero debt, what so ever

4 people I want to see:
1. my grandpa

4 numbers that rule my life:
1. 6
2. 14
3. 17
4. 5

4 favorite colors:
1. turquoise (but not the garish color, more subtle)
2. teal (yeah, more like teal)
3. brown (chocolate brown)
4. orange (a burnt orange, or a bright, but no neon!)

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Well, I arrived home yesterday afternoon after a quick and wonderful trip. Jill and Mark were fantastic travel companions (even though during the actual act of traveling they were on different planes both ways).

The wedding was quite sweet. It was held at the Museum of Photographic Arts. One of my favorite things is that for the guest book they had an old time photo booth where we had to cram ourselves in to have four shots taken...the shots were then glued into a book that people signed. People wrote long bits of advice, "remember whens" and other silly things. We decided to keep ours simple:


We felt it really comes down to those things, marriage.

I should really ask Jill and Mark before putting their picture here, the one from the booth. So, instead I'll show you the last of the four taken, that I've amended...They were smooching to my left (the right side of the image). I was missing Kev.

it's good to be home...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

spring, sprang, sprung

It has sprung to mind that I am leaving tomorrow to head down to sunny San Diego for my friends wedding. I will be absent from this place so Russ, Reggie, all you guys...don't bug Kev about my lack of updating! I'll say something wonderful and profound, I am sure, upon my return.

Meanwhile, kick through the archives. From what I hear, my writing has gotten much more upbeat and positive (I guess I was a complaining beyotch before?).

Enjoy where you are!

this is our life as we age...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i could...

I could complain...

"Oh woe-s me...I only had one day off this past weekend. I'm so tired"

But I think I'd be slapped silly because you see, I am only here two days this week and then...I'M OFF FOR FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS!!!

It's slowly hitting me that I am going to San Diego Thursday thru Saturday. Slowly. I mean, I've packed almost everything I'm taking (I had to do a bit of laundry because a sweater and a cami were dirty that I wanted to wear while there). The makeup bag is packed (and sitting open so I can use my favorites these next couple of days). The fancy clutch my dear friend Jenn is lending me is nestled in it's protective bag (I refuse to let anything bad happen to the clutch while it's in my care and thus I've used a bag I have for one of my other purses to protect it in the carry on). I just have to pack the knitting and the yoga book, and both those things are currently being used. I suppose I could pack the mohair and the 10.5's I'm going to use for that scarf since I've not officially started it, but will when I'm there. Had thought of packing Electric Youth, but decided that I would wait to do that when I got home...still not sure though. A girl can change her mind.

Even though I only had one day off (yesterday) for my weekend I still packed that day full of wonderful things. Sadly, this did not include a hike with Josie. It was just so darn cold out and I had a closet to clean out in the sewing/knitting/crafty room. And that started me on a grand reorganization kick and we all know what happens then...you want to curl up into a ball and cry.

I got about half done when we realized we needed to start getting ready to meet our friends for dinner. We haven't seen Jess and Bran for quite some time and it was nice to catch up. We didn't stay out late since it was a "school" night for us all and when Kev and I got home we started working on a puzzle his Dad and Kathy sent us. :) We're photo documenting our progress so that we can send them the story of the puzzle. LOL

So, I suppose I could complain, but I'm not really sure where that would get me. I know, it surprises me too! ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

he's got the mad skillz

A while ago when my dear friend Chaslyn's mother was visiting we all went out to dinner at a place called Equinox in the Northeast part of town. The food was good (slightly overpriced), the drinks were fantastic, service so-so. We were the last group in the place, not really by choice, but rather because we were waiting for our server to pick up our money/cards so we could pay and leave. We waited and waited and finally I took the cards and pile of money to the bar. As I approached this rather exuberant guy says to the woman who is reaching for the money, "WOW! It's her!! She is the best person to buy clogs from! She is really good at her job!!!" I looked at him and tried to remember him, as I am want to do with customers. Blank. Mind absolutely blank.

Two minutes ago that rather exuberant guy walked into my store as I was putting a spoonful of soup in my mouth. I recognize him as the man behind the bar that night with the friends. He says, "HI!" as he enters the store. I try to say hello back, but it's hard with bean and corn soup so I wave instead. He tells me he's got the waiter skills of asking questions as people are just taking a bite to eat. I told him I was impressed with his skills because he wasn't at work this time, I was.

Oh, I found our server that night. She had retreated to the other dining room to eat dinner herself. Um, word of advice to her: If you still have a table that you have just dropped the bill off with, don't go get your dinner and forget about us. We'd like to leave so you all can go home...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

cuz THAT was fun

Yeah, just spent the better part of the evening figuring out how the hell I even did all those links before. Now, it seems to be working again. Yea!

We went out for bbq tonight at Clays Smokehouse. I got home after work and needed some comfort food. Nothing bad happened that made me need it, just felt like I wanted it.

I work tomorrow since Charles is on a mini vacation himself this weekend. I am hoping it will be slow enough to actually get some of the boxes put away. We'll see.

Okay, I know this post is lame, but I wanted to update and what not.

not my doing

Yesterday I was playing around with the template. When I noticed if I had hit change, or whatever, my blogging friends wouldn't be in the sidebar I aborted the mission to decide on things later, when I could highlight them and "take them with" to the new template...

So imagine my surprise when I logged in this am to find a different template AND no friends listed in the links. Stoopid blogger...

Friday, February 17, 2006

and jog in place, two three...

I woke this morning with the knowledge that it was going to be a really cold day. I actually fell asleep last night knowing that it was going to be really cold today. I got up to go feed the crew. Mr. Tree Frog (our thermometer) hanging on the sliding door in the kitchen tells me it's 23ยบ out there. WHAT?!?! And, it's windy (Mr. TF didn't tell me that, my keen sense of deduction did...what, there was recycling from the neighbors flitting about). So, there was a wind chill that was not known. All I knew was it was going to be one cold wait for the bus. Josie doesn't seem to mind the cold and wind, she's perfectly content with going outside and staying out there for what seems like a much longer time than normal. Because I don't want to leave her out there when I jump in the shower I am forced to wait until her little booty is ready to come back in. Also, because I want to foster this feeling of "outside is good!" in her, I don't want to call her in. When she finally bounces back to the door I can get my day really going. I had already made the executive decision that I would wear the warmest sweater I own. It's a crazy, chunky turtleneck that at one point was way too warm for me. Now, it's perfect in this weather! I get all cleaned up and dressed, hair done, make up on...and then, I have to say goodbye to the man who is all warm and snug in bed with a dog at one hip and a cat at the other so I can go stand outside in the brutal windy cold morning. Jerks.

I walk outside, my snot...freezes in my nose. Gross, I know, BUT that is the kind of cold it gets in Kansas!!! Not Oregon. WTF?!? I proceed to walk to the bus (against the wind) and when I get to the stop I do a mini calisthenics class all by myself. People are driving by looking at me and mouthing the words, "are you cold?" Gee, no, I'm just multitasking and getting in some cardio as I wait for the bus. Which I guess I kind of was, but not for that reason was I jumping around like a goon. I was cold!!!

Today as people enter the store and I greet them with my normal, "Hi! How are you today?" The answers have all been the same. "COLD!"

Now, I'm not trying to complain, I'm really not. It just caught us off guard. I do have to say that at least it's sunny here! There is that. I can deal with the cold as long as the sun is shining. The wind, that I could live without.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

because I'M the problem with today's society...

I was standing at the counter, helping Mary take her new purple clogs home. Ringing her up and ever so happy that we could find them at one of our other stores. There is another woman checking out her size section and a third woman with her daughter who is probably close to 10 years old wandering around as well.

The door slams open.

A "white woman in her thirties" bursts in and sets her plastic bags down with a lovely production. They must have weighed at least thirty pounds each by the sound she emits. She starts rustling around in the bag. She pulls out two pairs of shoes.

I am in the middle of the transaction with Mary so I say, "oh, some repair to drop off?" as they were NOT from our store.

"NO! I have to return these."

"Not here, we don't carry that brand."

"Well," huff, "do you know who does?" she says with another huff.

"No, I don't. Sorry."

"Well, what about these? Did THESE come from here?" she pulls out something else.

"No, they didn't and I don't know where they might have come from either."


I suggest she check with the Unemployment office. She asks why. I say that they can help her find work.

"Well, I have a job, but I don't get paid for another three weeks..." and she rambles on and on about the problem with today's society is people like me who abuse the system.


still here

The brain, she is overworked these days.

Many of you dear people have been so supportive and wonderful to me through this really tough time and I thank you. I still haven't heard from the place I applied at, but I only sent in my resume with cover letter on Monday and I figure I will hear within the next week...IF they are interested.

I'm sad to say that yesterday found me wanting to beat myself with a clog because of some of the questions I was getting...

1. These are going to stretch, right? (don't most shoes stretch? yes, yes they do)
2. Do you have them in leather? (as she is looking at a pair of LEATHER clogs)
3. Can you wear these in the rain? (as she is looking at a pair of MESH shoes) i answered this one with "you can, but your feet will probably get wet"
4. Are you ordering boots in still? (after we'd spoken about us getting in sandals for the spring)
5. Do you know if (store X) carries these? (cuz I work where?)

These were only a few. There are days where I want to scoop my customers up in my arms and smoosh on them all because they are fabulous. Then there are days where 6:00 can't get here fast enough so I can go home and smoosh on the critters.

Funny thing...just had a customer in for quite a while. She made a comment that wow, so many people had come and gone and she was still here. I realized, I feel the same way. I'm still here. Customers I've not seen for a year (because they only come in annually) will say to each other, "Look! She's still here!" It's in a great way, the way that tells me they are happy to see me, but that's just it...I'm still here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

am i the grinch?

**Yesterday as everyone wished me a "Happy Valentines Day!" I would look at them and state, "Yeah, I really don't believe in this holiday. I personally think it's better to share that feeling of love throughout the year whenever the fancy strikes you." I got the oddest looks all day. Towards the end I simply said, "Um, yeah, same to you."

So, what did we do for "the big day", you ask...we made fish.

I found a recipe for a parmesan crusted baked fish. Kev's only job yesterday was to find the fish. He went to some Asian market where he was the only 6'3" person there. Everyone looked at him and for a brief moment he thought about bailing. Then he decided that he would stay and find the fish for dinner. He went to the case where there was fish and other things (I am assuming there were other things since I wasn't there and he didn't really tell me) on display. He explained he needed 12 oz (or was it 24 oz) of flounder. The man said to him, "This will do and two fish will be plenty." What Kev didn't realize is that when he said "two fish" he meant TWO WHOLE FISH. So, he got home, unwrapped them and realized he was going to have to gut and clean two fish.

When I rolled in I was smacked in the face by some horrid scent. The first thing I think I asked was what one of the animals did. He just had this look on his face. Then I got the story. He ended up getting rid of the fish he was not successful cleaning or gutting and he went to another store and bought frozen rock fish fillets.

Everything worked out in the end, but there is still the slight scent of dead fish in the air. I'm sure the cats are beside themselves wondering where it is coming from (don't worry, the fish were disposed of outside...which means we will be thankful the temp is dropping to below 30 this weekend and not baking the fish in our trash can).


The people I said this to were friends or people I have seen on a daily basis for quite some time now. And honestly, most of them didn't only look at me with that odd look, but once I explained why I feel that way, most of them agreed. It's a holiday that has people believing they can get away without doing things for their loved ones throughout the rest of the year, but save up for the one big day. I say let the love show all year round...but then again, that is just my opinion.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

yeah, he is a cat

Crazy Simon

In case I've not told you before, Simon likes to be vacuumed...if the video shows up, you'll believe me.

Monday, February 13, 2006

thank the eyes

Thank you to those who have let me know that they support me. I won't tell you what is going on yet, but if/when I hear anything back, you'll be the first to know...okay, maybe not the first.

I will say that I did just hit send and my resume and cover letter were attached. Now, I will wait.

KU basketball is on right now and it's a bit closer than we thought it would be. Perhaps it was Kev's comment of, "this should be a blow out" that is making it closer? Maybe the team is just tired from so many wins? Maybe Oklahoma State feels they have something to prove with their Coach being out of commission, so to speak. Whatever it is we hope they turn it around and start really playing.

The nag is ringing (aka the laundry machine) and I have some knitting to do. Plus, my mind hasn't settled down since Thursday morning...when all this job stuff reared its head.

Much love, namaste.

the world of hypotheticals

Okay, so what would you do?

A job is listed with a company you have felt from the moment you "met" it would be an amazing place to work. The job sound PERFECT for you, according to everyone who knows you and who sees the listing.

The thing holding you back, the deep feeling of fear. Fear that you will hurt your current employer because they are quite possibly the kindest employer EVER. They have been exceptional to you, really above and beyond. However, you are feeling stifled and not challenged at work.

I think I know what I would do, but I'm wondering what the eyes think...

Friday, February 10, 2006

my random orts (what does that word mean?)

1. I have 8 cases of clogs/sandals in the storage room waiting to be unpacked. None of the new sandals look cute on my feet. :(

2. Sun Kil Moon is an amazing band and can make even the most agitated person calm and relaxed.

3. Big pasta lunches make me want to sleep sleep sleep. Think anyone would notice if I took a nap? Think I could rely on people to leave the money on the counter?

4. People can get cranky if/when their credit card company makes the merchant call for verification. Even when it really is the person's card. I try to reassure them that the company has THEIR best interest at heart. Sometimes, it doesn't help.

5. My yogi and her beau are amazing people whom I love dearly and am thrilled to be able to do some design work with/for them and their new business, Bambuseae.

6. The sun, makes people happy in the Pac NW when it comes a knocking during the middle of winter. You don't realize how much you craved it until it shows itself again after being asleep for so many months.

7. People who stand or pace in front of my store while talking up a storm on their phones kind of bug me. I mean, yeah I much prefer them to be outside and not in my store, but 9 times out of 10 the people who are doing the pacing/standing AREN'T coming into the store. They're just leaning on the wall trying to look all coolio with their headsets on and their tussled hair.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Okay, so my dear Kev and I have spoken about things in the past about women and men and what makes us all different. One topic was the public restroom. Women, we go in packs where we can totally carry on conversations while in the middle of everything. Men, won't even use the urinal next to some other dude.

Here is where that gets skewed.

Today is my dear friend Chaslyn's birthday. We went to Ya Hala for dinner (man, I can still taste the hummus and baba ghanouj). I ran to the restroom because the wine I had with dinner...was talking. Anyway. Both doors have the "occupied" or "vacant" signs and both were pointing to vacant. These restrooms were one toilet per room. The first door I opened was on two men (mind you there was NOTHING FISHY going on) where I kept saying, "the door said vacant" as they tried to reassure me everything was fine. What confuses me, two men, one toilet (not like it was in a stall) and they were peeping in front of each other...well, one peeped in front of the other and then he left as I was stammering my apologies (let's all thank the heavens above for wine RIGHT NOW!). They had been sitting at a large table next to us, I think perhaps father in law/son in law perhaps?!?! But even then, the code. It's gone against the code of the guy.

I think I need to go rock myself to sleep.


Simon has made a full recovery without having to go visit the vet. Whatever it was that was blocking him exited later Monday night. There was a bit of nervousness for me yesterday morning as he was straining, but then later when I saw that he did in fact go poop, I could understand why. I think he ate some leaves or something that came in off either our shoes or Josie's toes. We'll have to be better about getting them cleaned up quickly.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

it's about kitty constipation

Last night as we were sitting around trying to figure out what we wanted to eat for dinner we heard this sound come from the kitchen. Well, I heard it. Kev was enthralled with some random video/computer game/website/I have no clue what he was looking at, but it involved the computer.

I get up and rush into the kitchen. The only other time we've heard this deep wailing was when we ended up taking poor Simon to the emergency vet to get an enema. Although an unpleasant experience for the little guy the vet said he acted like a champ and wished all cats she saw were like him. Back to last night...

It was Simon again. If you touched him around his head he was fine, as you stroked his back and got towards his bottom, he wailed. Great, he's impacted again and would most likely need to get another enema. I call our regular vet who can hear him in the background. They are just closing up shop, but instruct me to get him to the Southeast Emergency Vet.

I'm there. I'm loading up the car and am halfway there, at least in my mind. My only boy is in pain and I want to make it stop. Kev, a bit more level headed (which I can only say now in hindsight) says we should wait and see if it passes...literally. Simon doesn't look all that thrilled with life and my heart breaks.

We wait around. I clean out the box (for some reason this makes him feel the need to go use it every time I do it!) even though it is clean already. A little while later, after Simon has stopped with the sounds of "damn, I am really uncomfortable here people" I go into the bathroom and see someone has pooped. It's a bit odd. I go in for a closer look. Yep, there is something foreign in there. Almost plant like in it's look.

By this time Simon is acting like himself again and you can pet him without him looking like he really is going to turn and take your arm off. Not that I think he would, but...there was a look he gave that made me nervous.

This morning he's acting a bit better, however when I went into the bathroom to get ready for the day he was squatting in the potty box. He was there almost the entire time I was in the shower. There was evidence of poop, and this time it looked normal. Poor little kitty tushie. I'm sure it can't feel good for the little guy to go now...

Today Kev will keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't have another issue pop up. If he starts the wailing again, I will be putting my foot down and telling Kev we have to get him to the vet so he can have an enema...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

it's done it's done it's done!

Well, knit Sunday turned out to be the best thing ever for getting me to finish Kev's scarf. I am quite pleased with it, as he is. When he picked me up from Jenn's I was wearing it, he was tired from work and didn't see it on me until we got home and I made a point to stand in front of him and just blink. Then he realized. :) He put it on and hasn't taken it off yet.

(Note: he isn't pitted out, the sweater just has an odd shadow there)

I was worried it was going to be too short, but it really is the perfect "boy" length. He doesn't wrap his neck, rather he ties it around his neck...

Oh, and the yarn is from Lorna's Laces. It's a shepherd worsted 100% washable wool. I knit it with #9 needles (this is all for my knitty friends).

Saturday, February 04, 2006

it's what time?

I'm amazed at how quickly today flew by.

Getting up at 5:45 this morning I didn't feel tired either. Perhaps I was excited about going to a yoga class this morning at 8:00 with Diana? And then after said class hanging at Coffee Plant for an hour knitting and sipping? I'm just now finally starting to feel the effects of getting up before the birds. But I can say in all honesty that I feel great.

Class was really fun. It was basic, as Diana warned me it would be, but it really felt great to become all stretchy and bendy before a full day at the store. Diana is really an amazing instructor. She helps those in need and pushes those who can take it (that would be me). I love the feeling that she's watching me with pride in her heart. I always feel that she is very excited to see Jill and myself practice in larger groups, knowing we get to share a very intimate setting usually. It's like we have our own little secret (that she tells everyone because she's thrilled to have a student she teaches privately out and showing off her skillz...yeah, that's not really true...she's just excited).

I'm getting ready to do some major PR designs for her and since I've been brainstorming I took some preliminary sketches along to show her this morning before we left her house. She was really excited about the one I really was hoping she'd like (because I really like it and think it speaks of who she is, design wise). We will chat on Monday and discuss when we can get together to get photos done (although she's speaking with the photographer who does her headshots to see if he would be interested in taking some). I can hardly wait to have this put together and ready to take to the printers. When I'm done, I'll post it here.

I am ready to head home for a low key night. Kev will get off work a bit later than normal because he's got to pick up a driving shift (not sure what the story is behind that one). We'll probably do dinner and watch the tv shows we dvr'd. Or not, who knows. :)

But, since it is nearing time to go, I should sign off and get my things together (as well as put the desk in order since I hate leaving it a sty for Charles).


Friday, February 03, 2006

when the internet makes sense...yeah, right.

The message I received when trying to visit Kristin's page to see if she'd updated...

You are not authorized to view this page
You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied.
If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page, please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or phone number that may be listed on the
spinningathena.blogspot.com home page.
You can click
Search to look for information on the Internet.
HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden Internet Explorer

My favorite part is where it tells me I can contact the web site by using any email address or phone number that may be listed on the home page...you mean the page I CAN'T GET TO? :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

kev's scarf...almost

This is Kev's scarf, or at least how much I have done of it thus far. It's probably about 24 inches long right now and I have probably another 24 left in the ball I have to the left. He has been joking about not getting to wear it this winter because it's been taking so damn long. It's a knit 2, purl 2 end on a knit pattern. It's called the "mistake pattern."

The color is camouflage (Jenn, it makes me think of JWo for some reason...).

I have enjoyed this but am ready to move on from this project. The friend who is hosting Knitting Sunday this weekend asked what I was working on these days, the scarf or Jill's hat. I told her I'm a one project at a time kind of girl. I'm beginning to wonder why. I probably should start the hat so that I don't screw this up and hate it more than I kind of already do. Okay, I don't hate it, but I'm ready to be working on something else. So my goal, to be done with this this weekend so he can have a warm neck, stop complaining (he really isn't) and I can move on with my knitting life. :)


I am checking to see what time I'd have to catch a bus to get to Diana's house on Saturday mornings in order to hitch a ride with her to yoga at Lululemon...

These are the two options I was given. I'm thinking option 1 is the way to go, don't you?

Option 1: Your best bet
Walk 0.32 mile west from (the address given) to 82nd & Holgate (Stop ID 7984)
6:36 a.m. Board 72 Killingsworth-82nd Ave to Swan Island-Anchor St
6:42 a.m. Get off at
82nd & Yamhill
Walk northwest to SE Yamhill St & SE 82nd Ave
Travel time: 17 minutes (including 11 minutes walking)
Fares: Adult ($1.65), Youth/Student ($1.30) or Honored Citizen ($0.80)
Where to buy
Show this option only Plan return trip

Option 2
Walk east from (the address given) to
Holgate & 88th (Stop ID 2768)
5:27 a.m. Board 17 Holgate to Portland
5:53 a.m. Get off at
6th & Jefferson (Stop ID 7765)
6:01 a.m. Board 6 M L King Jr to Vancouver, Washington
6:18 a.m. Get off at
M L King & Killingsworth
Go to
M L King & Killingsworth (Stop ID 5927)
6:28 a.m. Board 72 Killingsworth-82nd Ave to Clackamas TC
6:53 a.m. Get off at
82nd & Yamhill
Walk north to SE Yamhill St & SE 82nd Ave
Travel time: 89 minutes (including 3 minutes walking and 18 minutes waiting)
Fares: Adult ($1.65), Youth/Student ($1.30) or Honored Citizen ($0.80)
Where to buy
Show this option only Plan return trip

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

it's that time again

...common sense, when does that come into play?

Shoe laces:
"I was wondering, I have a customer who has gone through her laces and tried a 30" and a 36" and the first was too short the second too long. What should she do?"

JUH? I measured the laces from an actual pair of the type of shoe she has. It came to 37" long. I told my coworker to tell the customer to go to Fred Meyer's or some place that sold shoe laces and if she felt that the 30s were too short and the 36s to be too long, look for something in between. Common sense. (this time the customer is also lacking in it to be perfectly honest)

I think I'll stand in front of this business whose door is standing wide open and take my smoke break.

Really? I mean come on boys. It's beautiful out and I want some FRESH air, not stale and gnarly smoke filled air that causes my HEAD TO HURT!!! Shutting the door would solve it, but again, it's lovely out and I really need to cool off the store (the heater works, too well, even when we turn it down/off). They've since moved, but I am not above going out and telling them to move their smoky butts away from my open door. They work upstairs and I see them often so it's not like they are random people. I see them about 10 times a day outside puffing away (ugh, that just makes me sick thinking of it).

Little dogs:
I am going to bring my tiny little dog who loves to run towards the door any and every time it is opened and allow her to run run run all over the store (you know, where people come IN and open the door to do so).

Oy vey! Then when I scramble to pick the damn thing up he tells me to let her run. I have images of this little girl running out into traffic and becoming a Maddie pancake (she's not a customers dog, rather the guy who pays me). So I carry the beast around and get myself all fuzzed up by her fluffy Pomeranian fur.

I am sure there is more, but this will do for now. I must go and sit and shake my head for a little while.