Monday, January 01, 2007

when one doesn't listen

Yeah so I am antsy. I want to cook when I want to cook. Kev called about an hour ago to see if we had dinner plans. I told him I was cooking. He then asked if there would be enough if someone he works with joined us. I said of course!

I originally had the thought to wait until they got here to start. The two recipes are listed in the "quick and easy" section of our Cooking Light cookbook. I figured that 45 minutes after he called it would be safe to start cooking. Yeah, they're about half an hour from being done. D'oh!

So I've turned the heat off under the beef as well as the orzo. I figured if I have to redo the orzo, not a big deal. The meat, it will be fine when I turn the heat back on. I just wish I'd had listened to the inner voice that told me to wait.

Ah well. I suppose my stomach was winning that battle. And now for pennence, the smells eminating from the kitchen are sooooo amazing. I'm so hungry!!!

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