Monday, January 29, 2007

what day is it?

So I leave on Wednesday. I can hardly believe time has flown by since I learned I would be attending the WSA. I was good this time around and didn't obsess on what clothing I would be taking. I didn't list things out (well, I started to, but realized I didn't NEED to so I stopped). I didn't do sketches. I simply had Jill over and had a full closet of clean clothing. I am all packed and ready to go. I am simply taking one pair of shoes (well, boots). I got the question: "are you taking several different pairs of shoes so you can change between appointments?" Ummm, no. Not even close. One pair of boots. I know the rep will be thrilled to see I've chosen my El Naturalista boots.

So I'm out for a few days, back on Supah Bowl Sunday!! We'll be watching Da Bears at our until then.

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Shari said...

That sounds awesome. It's a shame I read this post too late or I would have begged for you to pack me up in one of your suitcases.

Have a blast darling!

(And even though I live in Indy, I won't give you shit for the bears.)