Sunday, January 14, 2007

who knew?

A few weeks ago our fan in the bathroom decided it had had enough. It up and died. We could hear that something wanted to work, but the motor was just not turning. Kev and I enjoy doing things to our home. We like feeling the accomplishments of a job well done (although sometimes it is simply a job done). We purchased a new bathroom fan shortly after the old one passed away. It had sat on our kitchen table patiently waiting for its time to shine.

That time was today. Last week Kev started the process but we were out of batteries for our flashlight so the job had to be put on hold. After watching the Bears beat the Seahawks today he said he was going to get a bit of lunch and then run to Fred Meyers to get a few essentials. Batteries were on that short list. He got home about two hours ago and started straight in on that fan.

We have success. We will have to do a little patch work because the fan we bought was a bit smaller than the one we replaced, but seriously, it's in and it works. Patching is not too difficult and we'll do that in the next few weeks. I'm just thrilled to have a shower again with the fan on so I'm not in a sauna afterwards. I don't like the thick air in the bathroom after a hot shower. Call me crazy.

So, I will now start dinner so we can sit and relax the rest of this evening (although at some point when the bathtub is dry I do have to go in and lay down the new no slip strips...).

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