Monday, January 08, 2007

unbearable lightness of being late

Yesterday we were going to get together with our exceptionally pregnant friend and her husband. Let's just say she is so pregnant, they're going in TOMORROW to get induced.

Anyway, we thought, according to the original plan, that the two of them would be coming out to the house and then we'd head to dinner. She called me in the morning to say they'd call us when they were on their way to the house. At the appointed time Kev got a call from her husband saying they were going to stop by Best Buy on their way. Then words about 5 and the restaurant we were planning on eating at were exchanged. Now keep in mind, Kev was in the middle of a computer game where the words, "WHAT? SHIT!" kept coming out of his mouth with the occasional, "YEAH!"

So when at 5:20 our friends called and asked us which one of the locations we were at...

We hopped into the car (after feeding the crew in record time) and headed to meet them. She's already ordered and consumed an appetizer. When you are pregnant and hungry, you eat. We felt so bad, but we all had a good laugh over it. I have told her that the next time we were trying to hook up with each other, she and I would do the calling and planning. :)

We're never on time anymore. I really don't understand it. I used to be the early one, he used to be much later than he is now. I thought we'd balance each other out and we'd actually be one of those "on time" couples. Nope, he's taken me out and we are now the Latersons.

Ah well. Makes it an adventure.

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