Wednesday, January 24, 2007

new two, purl two...what's that smell?

Knit night last night was lovely. Just five of us showed up, but it had been postponed since the great snow of 2007 last week. I picked up Jenn and her neighbor, Lisa. We all headed over to Amy's where Rene was already knitting away. I started pulling out the yarn I'd made Kev's hat out of and was about to work on my wrist warmers. I'd copied off the directions (which are really easy, but since I only read them a few times I'd not yet committed everything to memory) and had put them in my bag when leaving work. Before heading over I cleared out my bag of all non-knitting things guessed it, the pattern with all the other paper.

No biggie, I had back up. I decided to work on my father in law's scarf. Made great progress. Knitting two, purling two, mistake rib looks great with Manos. Then, a smell. Kind of barnyard. Kind of nauseating. Kind of...THE SCARF! Yeah, I'll be soaking that in something before I send it to him. Can you imagine, "Here, Dad...we love you. What's that? It smells? I didn't smell anything, you must be crazy!"

The really annoying thing? I still have to FINISH it while smelling that smell. Mmmm, barnyard knitting.

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