Saturday, January 06, 2007

next week

Okay, so next week will be the official beginning of my real routine (I better go knock on/touch wood right this very second). This week has been great, though. The snafu, not the employee's fault. It was the person who does the schedules fault (if we are pointing fingers). He owned up to it though (although he said it was "our" mistake).

I got a ton done yesterday at the office. I got an ad re-done (who knew I'd sent the one for Feb in already?) and re-sent in (we liked the one I did yesterday better). I got some kids clogs added to our link to the kids section at our website. I got things ordered for the kids store (receipts nothing fun). I got all puffy eyed from sitting in front of the computer. Oh, I did manage to put most of the yearly paperwork in boxes and get them labeled correctly. That was no small (or fun) feat.

Now, I just wait to go to work. I better go make a sandwich!

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