Monday, January 08, 2007


I am sooo high man. Okay, not really, but if I sit in this sewing room much longer I am going to be flying because of the fumes. Cuz you know what Jill suggested we actually do today? PAINT! She was on a roll apparently, because she'd painted her basement this morning (a small wall she decided to do after she'd really painted and redecorated the rest of it over the past week or so) She is a painting gem. She enjoys taping off. She is all about cutting in. Yeah, I was happy she suggested it and offered to come help.
Kev and I moved into this house going on three and a half years ago. We love our little under 1000 sqft home. It's warm, inviting, full of fur and 100% us. My sewing room hasn't been getting much action. The ceiling was a deep blue/black background color and there was a mural of the solar system. Quite good really, but notice the past tense I use. I only felt slightly sad claiming it as my own space and painting over the whole thing. I know, a lot of work was put into it and it wasn't done poorly, I just like to feel as though my head has a bit more clearance. That ceiling felt like it was right above my head whenever I would work back in the evenings, especially in the winter.
Now, it's light and amazing, those fumes! Duuuuuuude.

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Becky said...

I love to paint, but I think it's the taping that turns me off of it.