Wednesday, January 17, 2007

blogging with animals

Yeah, another post so soon after that lame list. I know! What did you all do to deserve this? Nothing, but the can thank them.

I'm sitting here reading my favorite blogs, waiting for A. Kev to get home and B. for it to be 6:00 so I can feed the crew and get them off my back (I do not believe in feeding them early just to regain my sanity because it reinforces this annoying behavior). They do not care what 'time' it is, rather they want food and they want it NOW. I have Josie poking me with her wet nose in the left elbow and Simon attacking my left hand. His attack makes Josie ever so happy and excited and much more poking ensues along with wiggling and jumping up onto my lap. Chloe sits quietly and lets the other two do her bidding. Have I told you she's my favorite?


Jack K. said...

Could it be Chloe's patience and willingness to let the other's do her bidding? Hmmm

Or, does she command them to do her bidding? Hmmm. Hmmm.

bronxbt said...

you and the animals should vote next week...

jesta thought from yer lonely upper Pac Northwesterner.


we really need to also get Maddie and Josie to hook up someday.