Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what did you do today?

  • Looked at Fall 07 Dansko styles at store.
  • Attempted to work on handbook, but all attempts were foiled by the fact that the information was all on the laptop which I'd left at home.
  • Ran to bank for store.
  • Stopped by Jill's and deep cleaned her kitchen sink.
  • Drank coffee and watched silly tv.
  • Drove home in slush.
  • Chatted with my Daddy-O.
  • Now and debating what to do games with Kev or work on handbook.
  • Am also thinking about yoga tomorrow and the fact that my neck feels better now, but unsure how it will feel tomorrow.

So there you have it, a list. Not the most exciting, but it's what I've done thus far today. Exciting, no?

1 comment:

Jack K. said...

I particularly liked the part where you chatted with Daddy-O.