Tuesday, January 16, 2007

let it snow let it snow let it snow *UPDATED!*

So we are actually getting real! live! snow! in Portland. Usually the substance called snow by the locals resembles styrofoam balls, you know like the ones in bean bags? But this is real snow. Josie is beside herself, although has only gone out twice in the hour and 45 minutes we've been up (by we I mean me and her). There are still giant flakes falling as I type, too.

I know in years past my boss has told us to close up shop, but that is normally when it's slick. I don't think it is, but will see when I'm heading in on the bus. I think I may just take the knitting I was going to start at my friends house tonight into work. I also am not sure I will venture out tonight if it stays like this all day. I am sure she'll understand. Although a cozy fire with friends knitting sounds lovely. We'll see. I grew up in this and Dad taught me how to drive in this. I suppose it's the other people on the streets Dad didn't teach how to drive that worry me most though.

Yeah, a screwy punctuation post! :) Hell, when my neck hurts as much as it does (I have no idea why it does, either) I am not going to worry about a correctly placed comma.

So, camera...where are you?

*Oh and Dad, as for yesterdays photo of us all on the sofa, it's hard to take a self portrait with that many beings. Hopefully in May when you and Mom are here we can recreated it and you can be our photog. :)


It ended up being slick on my walk to the bus stop. I got there, barely, called Charles and told him I was bagging it. It's still snowing, many hours later. My neighbor said she'd not seen a bus go by in over a half hours. I've only seen one coming up the hill and it had chains on.

Surprise of the day, Kev got to stay home too! John, is assistant manager, came by earlier to get the keys (he'd forgotten his at home) and was saying the roads were horrible. A few hours later, Kev got a call from John saying that corporate was closing up several locations today because of the weather. This means Kev gets two days off in a row again! Tomorrow is a work at the office day for me, so really it's a work at home day I am guessing.

Stay safe and warm everyone (all who are in cold and nasty climates).

The one thing I do wish? That my neck felt better. I would be more up for snowy adventures if it were. As it is, I simply want to tuck in and work on some knitting.


Steve said...

wifee is down in your area right now. she's there at some business convention and she's reeling with the snowy-goodness too.

stay warm down there. she's gonna make her way up north today also with her workmates (thank goodness for carpooling) and land smack dab in the middle of OUR 3 inches of snow.

maybe it'll go away if it really does warm up today.

oi vey

hope you're well...

Jack K. said...

I'm glad you paid attention to the driving lessons.

You remember the drill:

Don't do anything suddenly.
Don't speed.
Leave plenty of space around you.

I will bring our camera in May.

Enjoy the snow. We got sleet and very, very, very cold temps.

Did I mention it was very cold here?

shannon said...

um, steve?

dad, bring the camera for sure! and i always pay attention to you, it's just if i put into action your words. driving, always!

Jack K. said...

It may be time to see a doctor about your neck.

PlazaJen said...

We just have ice. It sucks. JWo hasn't had school all week!