Friday, January 19, 2007


Tonight I get to go squish on a new baby. Henry was born last, just last week...and I've only met him once. However, I am hooked. This boy is the bees knees. He's the cat's meow. He's just beautiful.

I made him a hat. I couldn't resist, nor could I stand the sight of him wearing a yellow acrylic hat the hospital had given him (I know that somebody handmade it for the hospital, but acrylic just doesn't seem warm and cozy to me...especially in yellow). As soon as we got home Wednesday last week, I got the hat on the needles. I swore I'd have it completed by our next meeting. It only took me a few days to get it done.

After finishing the hat, I decided to find some little Robeez "shoes" for him too. I mean, we have a kids shoe store in the C-N-More family so why not?!? OMG! There are dinosaurs on them. And those dinos are green...just like the warm, snuggly, washable merino wool hat I had just made.

But I couldn't stop there. I was in Target yesterday with friends and saw these onesies that made me melt. There, on the front one of the two in the set, a monkey. A SOCK MONKEY! DRIVING! A CAR! Yeah, so those made it in my arms too. Looking back, the little blue and green and multi colored striped onesie would probably "gone" more with both the hat and the booties, but you just can't pass up sock monkeys driving. I mean seriously!

The camera will be taken. And photos will collect rapidly on it. I might even get to share (once I get permission from Henry's Mom and Dad).

SO yeah, I'm a little excited about seeing that boy again. What can I say? He stole my heart.


Jack K. said...

Isn't great to get so excited about these important, loving things in life?

That's another reason for me to be proud of you.

bronxbt said...

you are positively adorable.
driving sock monkees, melting hearts, rapidly filling camera memory cards...

jes don't let all that melting make a mess on d'a floor.