Wednesday, January 03, 2007

um, yeah

So I think I celebrated a bit too much and a bit too early. I got to work today and at 10:15 Charles felt the need to call downtown. The guy who we thought would be working wasn't there. Not only not there, but not answering his cell either. At first I was pissed. I was ready to jump on a plane, find him, and beat him with his own phone. Then I started getting worried. I mean, it's not like him to not call if we've called him. Then I finally got him on his phone (many hours into my day of working the floor again) and he was in CO flying home...according to his schedule. It would seem as though when he originally made the plans to go away for the holidays he was not working on Wednesdays. Also, the specific date he would return was not written down (not my department people). So he will be there tomorrow. We have no fears. I will be in the office the next two days (which makes me happy since I have an ad due on Friday that I still have to shoot and put together).

In other fun news, I got to go do surveillance tonight. Kev has to do it once a month at work. Basically we went and sat in front of his store (across the parking lot) and watched his two employees. Happily, they were working. It was a riot though. I told him next time we need walkie talkies so we could go hide behind bushes and get better vantage points. We also picked out our parking spot for next month already, too.

Now, an aside for Dad: labels...I might use them, I might not. I'm not into the beta thing and only joined because blogger said the new version was replacing the beta version. Of course the email saying "Welcome" mentioned "to the new BETA" and it turned me off immediately.

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bronxbt said...

i'm considering dropping all this crap. being forced to move on to the beta is painful. i've tried 3 X behind the scenes and it's evil.
it's lost my photos, my layouts and the text goes all "wangy" and skips outta it's own borders.


i don't wanna go.

anyhoo... omgoodness the fact that Kev has to watch his peeps in the store KILLS ME. is it due to slacker work ethics? theft? etc?

seems shady. good thing he has a cooh hat not to pull over his kisser to look all mysterious.

heh heh